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Chapter 91: Su Xiaoxiao

Should I go over just because you said so? Who do you think I am? Xiao Chen thought coldly in his heart.

Xiao Chen wanted to ignore him, but when he saw that the manservant did not leave he asked, “Who asked you to pass on the message?”

The manservant replied honestly, “The First Young Master of the Jiang Clan. Young Master Jiang Muheng said he wanted to invite you over for some wine and introduce you to his friends.”

Xiao Chen picked up his cup and drained it in one gulp. He said indifferently, “Tell him to come over himself. Honestly, I do not actually know him.”

The manservant revealed an unsightly expression; he did not know what to do. If he passed on this message, those people would definitely be upset at him. Furthermore, those people were not the kind of people who ought to be provoked.

Fatty Jin laughed, “Since when are the people of Liushang Pavilion so gutless? Just follow the instructions of this brother and pass on the message exactly as he said it.”

Since Fatty Jin said something, the manservant had no other choice but to do as he was told.

This fatty truly has bad intentions. He is clearly helping himself, trying to quietly stir up conflicts between myself and them, Xiao Chen thought to himself. However, he did not mind this since Jiang Muheng did not respect him. There was no need for Xiao Chen to belittle himself.

Fatty Jin raised his cup and toasted Xiao Chen, “Brother Xiao, you are very bold. Do you know who those people are?”

Xiao Chen said indifferently, “Tell me the details.”

Fatty Jin raised his cup and then pointed at one of them, “That is Duanmu Qing, her clan is the top Noble Clan in Sishui Prefecture. They are one of the three powers of Dongming Province and have an innate bloodline. Their hereditary Martial Spirit is the Ice Phoenix; it has already been passed down for thousands of years.”

“The male sitting to her right is Hua Yunfei. The Hua Noble Clan is also one of the three powers of Dongming Province. Their clan’s Martial Spirit is a gushing holy river. However, his Martial Spirit had a mutation. The holy river turned into a horrifying blood river.”

“The last one is even more terrifying; he is the last disciple of the Misty Sword Sect Master, Chu Chaoyun. Haha! I suppose I do not have to introduce the Misty Sword Sect, since they have existed for even longer than the Holy Lands.”

“However, the most frightening is not one of these people. Instead, it is that fellow called Jiang Muheng; he is from the Bai Clan, the strongest power in White Water City. As they said, it is better to deal with King Yama than the little demons. You did not give him face in front of these people; with his character… haha!”

[TL notes: It is better to deal with King Yama than the little demons: this means that the lackeys are even more difficult to deal with. According to Chinese folklore, King Yama is the one in hell.]

The meaning of Jin Dabao’s final two laughs was obvious. Xiao Chen was very clear on the consequences of offending that lackey. However, he had the ability to protect himself and was not afraid.

He only had a few doubts in his heart, Why did the younger generation of the three powers of Dongming Province come to White Water City? Xiao Chen asked, “You should know why this group of people are here, right?”

Fatty Jin fanned himself and put on an appearance of knowing what was going on. He smiled, “It would be useless to tell you. Aside from Jiang Muheng, all of them have already surmounted the Martial Master Realm and are already Martial Grand Masters. With your current cultivation level, it is best you do not know.”

Fatty Jin stopped halfway through; it was clear that he was trying entice Xiao Chen to continue asking him, then pretending that he was put on the spot and had no other choice but to divulge what he knew. He wanted Xiao Chen to owe him a favor.

Although Xiao Chen was curious, it was not to the point where he had to know at any cost. Furthermore, it was clear that this fatty was no ordinary person. Thinking of the plan he mentioned earlier, Xiao Chen felt it was better that he did not mix with him too much. Who knows? He might die as a result of this fatty and would not even know about it.

Seeing that Xiao Bai already had its fill, he smiled faintly in his heart and prepared to take his leave.

“This brother, do you dare to state your name?” just as Xiao Chen was about to say something, Jiang Muheng led two servants over, walking with a gloomy face.

Xiao Chen took a look behind him and discovered that the group seated at the table across had already finished their meal. Duanmu Qing and the other two had already left. He thought about it for a moment and guessed Jiang Muheng’s motive.

Since they had already left, Jiang Muheng no longer needed to maintain his previous elegant demeanor.

Seeing that Xiao Chen did not immediately answer Jiang Muheng’s question, a cultivator behind him pointed at Xiao Chen and said, “How arrogant! You did not even give our Young Master face when he invited you over to have a drink. Who do you think you are? Looking down on the Jiang Clan of White Water City.”

Xiao Chen got up and formed a fist with his right hand; it gave off a reserved purple light. Without saying any useless words or wasting any time, he directly punched the chest of this cultivator.

With a loud bang, the purple light burst out fiercely and a huge force knocked the servant flying back. The servant kept trying to grab onto something with his hands, but he was not able to do so.


The servant landed on a table, smashing it into two halves. However, the huge force did not weaken, and the servant continued to roll on the floor before finally crashing into the wall. He vomited a mouthful of blood before fainting.

Xiao Chen dusted his hands off and stared at Jiang Muheng. He smiled indifferently, “My apologies. When a dog barks at me, I will always take action instead of trying to reason with it. Let me answer your question now. My name is Xiao Chen. It’s the Xiao with a grass ‘head’ and the Chen of Morning.”

[TL note: Sometimes in China, when introducing their names, people will explain which chinese characters make up their name, as there are many characters that have the same sound. In this case, the Xiao is written as 萧; the grass head refers to the top of the character for grass 草. You will notice that they share the same ‘top’ or ‘head’. As for Chen 晨, morning in chinese is Zao Chen 早晨.]

“Goodbye!” Xiao Chen leaped over the fourth floor railing once he said that, directly jumping out. When the Spirit Fox on the table saw that Xiao Chen had left, it hurriedly jumped after him.

When Xiao Chen saw that Xiao Bai jumped after him, he was startled. He immediately turned his body over in midair and caught the Spirit Fox, hugging it. He scolded it, “You jumped when I jumped... Are you not afraid of falling to death?”

Xiao Chen carried the Spirit Fox and took a deep breath, before leaping in mid air and landing on the roof of a house. The total distance he vaulted down was about a hundred meters. After a few more bounds, he disappeared from the crowd’s view.

“Brother Xiao, you still have not told me if you agree to my plan?!” Fatty Jin leaned on the railing and shouted towards the distant Xiao Chen in a loud voice.

Jiang Muheng punched out suddenly, his fist landing on the table where Xiao Chen was drinking at earlier. The table immediately broke into four pieces, and the tableware shattered with tinkling sounds upon hitting the ground.

After the customers on the fourth floor saw what happened, they were no longer in the mood to continue eating. They threw down stacks of banknotes and left after they paid their bills.

Jiang Muheng stood where he was with an ashen complexion; as he watched Xiao Chen leave, his eyes were full of anger. He had never seen anyone so arrogant in White Water City before.

How dare he actually injure his man in front of him and then calmly report his name, before leaving immediately? The people on the fourth floor were all of some status in White Water City. Probably by the next day the entire White Water City would see him as a joke.

“First Young Master, you have to take revenge for me!” The servant in the corner woke up in a dazed state; he was not clear on the current situation and grumbled as he walked with a tremble towards Jiang Muheng’s side.


Jiang Muheng was currently angry, and he raised his leg to kick the servant away. He scolded himself ruthlessly, “You trash! You caused me to lose all my face.”

Jiang Muheng turned around, wanting to leave this place immediately; he wanted to use his clan’s spies to find out Xiao Chen’s place of residence. He wished he could hack Xiao Chen into thousands of pieces immediately.

“Young Master Jiang, please wait for a bit. It seems that you have not paid your bill yet,” Fatty Jin blocked Jiang Muheng with a gleeful face.

Jiang Muheng could not be bother with him and just took out a wad of banknotes, throwing it on the floor. Fatty Jin took a quick look and smiled, “Young Master Jiang, the amount does not seem to be correct. Take a look. You have damaged two of my tables and chased away all the guests on the fourth floor. 3000 taels of silver would not be enough!”

Jiang Muheng looked at Jin Dabao in disdain and took out a few gold banknotes, throwing them angrily on the floor before trampling on them before cursing out, “Damn fatty! Is that enough?!”

Jin Dabao saw the gold banknotes, and his eyes lit up. His eyes narrowed as he said, “That is definitely enough, Young Master Jiang is indeed Young Master Jiang. This amount is a huge sum! Take care! I will not send you off further. You are welcome to come and smash my tables again.”

“Ah! Look at my mouth. I start rambling when I get happy. Don’t be angry; I meant we welcome Young Master Jiang to come back for a meal.”

Jin Dabao did not mind Jiang Muheng’s mockings at all. He only knelt down and happily picked up the banknotes on the floor, piece by piece. Every time he picked up a piece, the expression on his face seemed as though he became more and more drunk.

“Young Master, let me pick them up. This shameless chore is not befitting of your status,” a manservant of Liushang Pavilion said, after he could no longer bear to continue watching.

Jin Dabao pushed aside the manservant, saying, “Go to the side. Do you not see that I am enjoying myself? Not everyone can meet a foolish spendthrift who is willing to compensate ten thousand taels of silver for two tables, like I did. Haha!”

The sounds of the zither on the fourth floor had stopped at an unknown time. From behind the screens a young girl in a pink dress walked out leisurely, carrying a zither.

She was a beautiful woman, with her hair tied into a bun at the top of her head and fastened with a hair pin; her skin was as white as snow, and it seemed so fragile that even the wind could break it. These things made her seem incomparably fresh and pure. However, when she walked over leisurely, a flirtatious expression appeared on her naturally. It was very charming, making her look tender, beautiful, and alluring.

When Fatty Jin saw this girl, he immediately stopped picking up the money. He immediately leaped over. If Xiao Chen was here, he would definitely have the same impression of a male pig in heat.

“Miss Xiaoxiao, I did not expect that you would be here. Dabao missed you so much!” Fatty Jin’s plump body was moving fast, as though he was flying. He spread open his arms and ran toward the girl. If Xiao Chen saw this, he would blush with shame.


The seven-stringed zither in Xiaoxiao’s embrace moved forward slightly, stopping on the fatty’s lower jaw. Fatty Jin immediately covered his mouth in pain, kneeling on the ground.

Xiaoxiao hugged her zither as she looked at the fatty on the ground. Smiling coldly, she said, “Fatty Jin, you really do not change your ways. Always using the same moves every time.”

Fatty Jin stood up gleefully. Unfortunately, his lower jaw was now swollen. His originally vulgar look actually managed to turn even more vulgar when he smiled.

“Fortunately, this fatty has hard teeth. Otherwise, if I were jabbed by you like this every time I would have lost all my teeth.” After Fatty Jin got up, he shamelessly laughed.

As he spoke, he unconsciously walked to Xiaoxiao’s side and placed a fat hand on her tiny shoulder. Xiaoxiao was currently looking in the direction where Xiao Chen had just left; it seemed as though she did not notice the fatty’s actions.

The fatty’s heart rate sped up several times; this goddess was right in front of him, and he could finally touch her. The fat on his face quivered.


Xiaoxiao suddenly turned around, and the seemingly ordinary zither headed towards the fatty’s face. A strong wind followed it as it ruthlessly struck towards him. The fatty was startled and quickly ducked to evade.

Seeing Xiaoxiao glaring angrily at him, the fatty straightened himself and smiled, “I could not help myself. Every time I see Miss Xiaoxiao there is this impulse in me. This is a normal reaction for men. Miss Xiaoxiao, please do not pay any mind to it.”

Impulse my ass, how can there be someone as shameless as you? Xiaoxiao scolded the fatty furiously in her heart ten thousand times. However, she knew that with the fatty’s thick skin, the more you scolded him, the more smug became. The best method was to just ignore him.

Xiaoxiao looked around for a clean table before she took a seat and said, “Damn fatty, how is that youth from earlier related to you?”

When the fatty heard this, he was startled and extremely astonished. He said in an incredibly serious tone, “Could it be that your Elder Brother Jin, alone, is insufficient to satisfy you? Xiaoxiao, your appetite is too big.”


Xiaoxiao could no longer resist any more, so she slapped the zither with her palm. The zither rose into the air and caused a Qi wave to smash ruthlessly into the fatty.

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