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Chapter 88: Goodbye, Mohe City!

The Tang Clan Martial Grand Master’s saber sliced open another wound on Ye Lan’s chest. Ye Lan ignored the wound, as he said anxiously to Xiao Ling`er, “Quickly go! If you don’t go now, then it will be too late.”

Just as Ye Lan said this, the Martial Grand Master craftily changed the angle of his saber and pierced toward his chest. Ye Lan’s heart went cold, and his eyes filled with despair.


In the blink of an eye, Xiao Chen instantly executed the Lightning Evasion. The Lunar Shadow Saber chopped at the head of the Martial Grand Master. If he wished to continue attacking, then his own head will be forfeit.

The Martial Grand Master had no other choice but to withdraw his attack. After checking out Xiao Chen, who appeared suddenly, she revealed an expression of joyful surprise, “I caught a big fish. I wonder how the Clan Head will reward me after I kill you?”

“Captain Xiao Chen, weren’t you in the great hall? Leave quickly! This place is too dangerous,” Ye Lan exclaimed in shock as he looked at Xiao Chen, who had saved him.

Xiao Ling`er saw Xiao Chen materialize unexpectedly, and after being pleasantly surprised she chimed in, “Elder Brother Xiao Chen, you should leave quickly. This place is too dangerous.”

Xiao Chen stared at the Martial Grand Master in front of him and did not turn his head around. He said indifferently, “You should leave first. Trust me. I’m your captain right?”

“Still not leaving? Are you trying to cause me to be distracted?” Xiao Chen said sternly, his expression turning cold as he saw that the two of them had not moved yet.

“Take care, Captain!”

“Elder Brother Xiao Chen, you must be careful,” the two of them exhorted him before hurriedly turning around and dashing away.

Sensing these words with his Spiritual Sense, Xiao Chen did not bother to waste time on the person in front of him, and retreated to the gate between the front yard and the courtyard.

This was the only entrance leading to the courtyard and the great hall. As long as Xiao Chen defended this spot completely, then no matter how strong these people were, they would not be able to get in.

After this delay, a few Xiao Clan disciples managed to withdraw from the front yard. When the front yard was completely cleared of Xiao Clan disciples, the Leng Clan Head led a group of Martial Saints, and more than a hundred Martial Grand Masters, to the front of Xiao Chen.

“Clan Head, this is Xiao Chen,” Leng Yunze explained to Leng Zhengyun as he looked at Xiao Chen angrily.

Lan Chaoyang said in an indifferent manner, “Just an Inferior Grade Martial Master. To think he could actually escape from Elder Leng’s hands... How unimaginable.”

When Leng Zhengyun heard these words, he frowned slightly before saying in a stern tone, “The two of you, deal with him quickly. If you are not able to deal with him within three moves, I will give you a demerit and will punish you later.”

Xiao Chen’s eyes were bloodshot as he looked at the crowd in front of him. The hands of all these people were stained with the blood of the Xiao Clan disciples. They should all be killed!

Suddenly a boundless killing intent exploded out from Xiao Chen’s eyes. His right hand quickly formed a hand seal and the blood essence that was buried deeply in the talismans was instantly activated, creating a strange connection.


The clear and boundless sky was suddenly covered in dark clouds, rolling around endlessly, and the crackle of thunder rang out unceasingly.

In an instant, the sky turned dark!

In eight directions of the Xiao Residence, scarlet pillars rose up into the sky. Xiao Chen immediately flew up thousands of meters in the sky.

Countless lightning bolts surrounded him as claps of thunder resounded, turning Xiao Chen’s face to flash between dark and bright. He was like a thunder god standing in the sky, giving of a supreme might.

Xiao Chen cautiously controlled the electricity around him, and the Ninth Heaven’s Thunder Formation unceasingly pulled in that armageddon-level energy frantically. If Xiao Chen was even slightly inattentive in his control of this energy, he would suffer from a rebound and be immediately blasted into dust.

“Clan Head, what is going on?” this new situation instigated indescribable panic in the people from the Leng Clan.

The lightning in the dark clouds was like a sharp blade that carried a deathly aura, ready to descend at any time.

Leng Zhengyun revealed an extremely grave expression; after a long time, he said in a dazed manner, “This is a formation, a formation that has not been seen since ancient times. Why is there someone who can lay a formation?”

“Quick! Shoot him down! Or else we will all die here,” Leng Zhengyun suddenly shouted out.

A group of cultivators aimed their bows toward the sky, but the arrows that sped towards Xiao Chen did not get anywhere near him. Before they came remotely close, they were smashed to smithereens by the lightning in the clouds.

Outside the front yard, Xiao Xiong led the Xiao Clan’s elite members and rushed over. Seeing Xiao Chen in the sky and the countless lightning bolts in the dark clouds, his complexion changed, “There is no more need to rush forward. That is the long lost formation from the ancient times. If we step into it, we will be killed by mistake.”

When Xiao Qiang heard those words, his complexion changed, “The formations of the legends require a person to be of a high cultivation realm. Will the Second Young Master be able to sustain it?”

The expression on Xiao Xiong’s face was incomparably grave. He turned his head to Liu Fengyin and said, “Elder Liu, if anything happens to Xiao Chen, please bring him away the moment it is possible. This is my plea to you; you must agree to this.”

Liu Fengyin just nodded his head and said nothing, agreeing to Xiao Xiong’s request.

Leng Zhengyun looked at the arrows that were turned into dust, and a trace of fear appeared in his eyes. After a long time, he shouted out loudly and bent his knees. Pushing off the ground fiercely, he leaped into the sky.

Before Leng Zhengyun made a move, the countless lightning bolts in the dark clouds, under the direction of Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense, broke through the sky and struck Leng Zhengyun immediately.

The strong electrical energy crushed Leng Zhengyun down, causing him to land heavily on the ground. His body was charred black and was seizing continuously.

“Clan Head, are you alright?” the people beside rushed over to help him up. They checked his wounds and fed him Medicinal Pills.

After Leng Zhengyun ate the Medicinal Pill, his complexion became better. He said weakly, “Quick, run! Before the Eye of the Formation is formed. Leave here quickly! Don’t bother about me. My internal organs have all been shattered by the electricity already. There is no more chance for me to survive.”

Right after Leng Zhengyun said that, he fainted, “Clan Head! Clan Head! Are you alright?!”

“Might of the brilliant sky, guided by Qi. Thunder gods of the nine heavens, head my call and Smite!”

Xiao Chen’s hands ceaselessly made hand seals as the lightning in the sky surged. It was like there were thousands of horses and men. It was vast and mighty, without boundaries, and its aura shook the heavens.

Just as Xiao Chen’s voice sounded out, countless lightning bolts descended towards the ground. They crashed down loudly, the dark and gloomy sky flickering and flashing brightly every time there was a thunder clap.

“Ah!” a Martial Grand Master was struck by lightning and in the time it took for him to let out that miserable shriek, his flesh became badly mangled, and he died on the spot.

“Quick! Run!”

Everyone was frightened by the horrifying might; they all rushed backward in panic.

Xiao Chen smiled coldly in his heart, You think you can run? With the assistance of the Ninth Heaven’s Thunder Formation, his Spiritual Sense covered the entire Xiao Residence and left a hidden mark in the body of everyone in this crowd. The lightning would automatically chase after the people with hidden marks in them.

“Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!”

After countless lightning bolts descended, the place became like hell. The sounds of miserable cries rang out without end. Every time there was a crash of thunder, that meant a life was reaped.

Xiao Chen had no pity for them in his heart. When he thought of that girl earlier, the girl whose body kept running for a bit even after her head was chopped off, his heart was unable to remain calm.

Using his Spiritual Sense, he made a quick scan of the sky, and he quickly discovered Leng Yunze. This fellow was jumping around and actually managed to dodge a few lightning strikes.

The corner of Xiao Chen’s mouth curled up as his body flashed through the sky, arriving at the front of Leng Yunze.

Seeing Xiao Chen appear suddenly, Leng Yunze was startled in his heart; he said in a stern voice, “Xiao Chen, you actually dare to appear in front of me, how reckless…”

Xiao Chen said nothing; he merely stretched out his finger. A lightning bolt as thick as a bucket descended from the sky. Before Leng Yunze could finish what he wanted to say, he was struck by lightning and turned into meat paste, giving off a barbecued smell.

Xiao Chen laughed coldly, as he kicked Leng Yunze’s body into the air. With a flash of his saber, Leng Yunze was chopped into two halves.

Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense continued to expand out as he proceeded to find the Martial Saint Experts. The Movement Techniques of these people were shocking; they were actually able to evade the fast lightning bolts.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Under Xiao Chen’s direction, another few lightning bolts, which were also as thick as buckets, struck those Martial Saints. None of them managed to escaped, and they were all turned to mush.

After half an hour, Xiao Chen slowly descended from the sky. There were charred bodies everywhere in the front yard. None of the offending Martial Grand Masters and Martial Saints had escaped.

The dark clouds scattered, and the eight scarlet light pillars in the Xiao Residence’s surroundings slowly sank into the ground. The instant the light pillars disappeared, the horrifying energy of heaven and earth also disappeared, and sunlight shined on the ground once again.

A piercing pain shot through Xiao Chen’s brain. Veins could be clearly seen on his pale countenance. Amidst the pain, Xiao Chen could feel the energy in his body rapidly decreasing.


An explosion occurred in his Dantian area. Xiao Chen’s cultivation actually decreased by a realm, turning him back into a Superior Grade Martial Disciple once again.

After the pain in his brain slowly disappeared, Xiao Chen ate a Qi Returning Pill. He smiled bitterly to himself, To kill this group of people, I have wasted the cultivation of an entire realm.

However, he did not regret it at all. For such a bunch of people as these, even if Xiao Chen’s cultivation level dropped back to Spirit Refinement, he would not hesitate to use the Ninth Heaven’s Thunder Formation.

“Shua! Shua!”

XIao Chen could hear the sound of footsteps rushing over, as Xiao Xiong led the Xiao Clan’s people. Xiao Qiang rushed forward and checked the condition of Xiao Chen’s body. There was a startled expression on his face, “To think that you actually dropped a cultivation level. This is too strange. It is simply unheard of.”

When Xiao Xiong saw that Xiao Chen had not suffered from any major injuries, he breathed out in relief. He returned back to the previous topic, “Xiao Chen, is your Martial Spirit the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit?”

“So what if it is, and so what if it is not…” Xiao Chen only felt incredibly fatigued. When confronted with this question again, he had already lost all patience for it.

Xiao Xiong’s expression turned cold; he had never expected that Xiao Chen would use such a tone to speak to him. Speaking in a sullen tone, “If it is so, then you can leave already. Never come back to Mohe City. The further the better.”

Xiao Chen was startled. Although he had already planned to leave the Xiao Clan after the Promise of Ten Years, he never expected that there would be such an ending... that Xiao Xiong actually wanted to banish him.

Xiao Yulan was astonished and said, “Clan Head, Xiao Chen has just done a great service for us, why are you chasing him away?”

Xiao Xiong took out a stack of banknotes as well as two bottles filled with Medicinal Pills. He said to Xiao Chen, “Here are banknotes worth one hundred thousand silver taels and two bottles filled with Grade Three Medicinal Pills. Keep them.”

Ye Lan suddenly knelt on the ground, “Clan Head, please retract that order. Don't chase Second Young Master away.”

Xiao Ling`er also suddenly knelt, “Eldest Uncle, don’t chase Elder Brother Xiao Chen away. He is now the hero of our Xiao Clan!”

“Clan Head, please retract that order! Don't chase Second Young Master away.” Those people who were with Xiao Chen in the Trial of Gloomy Forest as well as the people who were just saved by Xiao Chen all knelt down.

Xiao Xiong said angrily, “What are you all doing? Rebelling?”

Xiao Chen said nothing and slowly walked over, helping everyone up.

Afterwards, there was a ‘bang’. In front of everyone, Xiao Chen knelt in front of Xiao Xiong and kowtowed heavily in front of him.

“This kowtow represents my gratitude to you. Without you, I, Xiao Chen, would not have been born into this world. Regardless of the decision you make, I will not blame you.”

“Bang!” Xiao Chen kowtowed heavily again, saying, “This kowtow, is to thank the elders of the Xiao Clan for the care you have shown me after I arrived into this world.”


“This kowtow is for the the brothers and sisters who pleaded for me. Real men have gold under their knees; they may only kneel to heaven and earth, and their parents. I, Xiao Chen, am not worthy of you kneeling for me.”

After Xiao Chen said this, he dashed away frantically, not taking the money and pills that Xiao Xiong prepared for him. He continuously used the Lightning Evasion, and his figure quickly disappeared from everyone's views.

Chasing after him was Xiao Yulan. As she watched Xiao Chen gradually getting further, her eyes filled with tears and she sobbed silently.

Outside Mohe City, Xiao Chen looked at the tall city walls and used the Life Bestowal Spell to make a small bird. He took out a recipe he had prepared in an envelop long ago and tied it onto the bird’s legs, sending it to Mo Fan’s residence.

The recipe was of a Medicinal Pill that could treat broken legs. Due to the fact that Xiao Chen was not able to find the ingredients, he was not able to refine it.

Since he was leaving Mohe City, he could only give him the recipe. He also made a request of him in the letter, hoping that he would protect the Xiao Clan for the next three years.

Although Xiao Chen was unable to see thorough Mo Fan’s strength, it was at least that of a peak Martial Saint. With his protection, even if the Xiao Clan met with a calamity, they should be able to sail over it.

Watching the small bird gradually disappearing into the sky, Xiao Chen said in a somewhat sentimental manner in his heart, Goodbye, Mohe City!

When he turned around, he saw a face that somewhat surprised him. Xiao Chen did not know why, but the depressed feelings he had in his heart lightened when he saw that beautiful and elegant figure.

“Feng Feixue, is this part of your calculations? That I would be chased out of the Xiao Clan today? So you have been waiting for me here.”

Wearing men’s clothes and holding a fan in her hand, the elegant Feng Feixue smiled faintly when she heard this, “I do not have any other intentions; I just wanted to send you off, as well as to give you something.”

Her hands made a quick motion and suddenly a Martial Technique manual flew towards Xiao Chen. Xiao Chen suspiciously received it and looked at the words on the cover, slowly reading it out loud, “Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art!”

Xiao Chen was astonished in his heart. The expression on his face did not change as he smiled faintly, “To others, this Martial Technique would be worthless. To me, this is a priceless treasure. I do not believe that you would give me something so good for free.”

“Just be direct and tell me of your requests. The thing that you are giving me is something that I really need. As long as I am capable of doing it, I will do it to the best of my abilities.”

Feng Feixue felt that Xiao Chen’s words were very interesting. This was the first time she saw a man that dared to be so direct with her. She smiled, “In the future, when I run into difficulties, I want you to come and help me. I will not tell you about how you will help yet, but you are definitely able to do it.”

“Deal! In the future, if you can find me, I will come when you call.” After saying that, Xiao Chen turned and walked away without looking back.

Seeing Xiao Chen agree to it so fast, Feng Feixue was stunned. By the time she reacted, she discovered that Xiao Chen was already a distance away. She shouted loudly, “Xiao Chen! Are you not afraid that I’m taking advantage of you?”

Xiao Chen, in the distance, did not stop or slow down. He held the Martial Technique manual and waved his hand. His voice resounded slowly, “I trust you!”

End of the Promise of Ten Years arc, thank you for reading.

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