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Chapter 812: Demonic Race's Contingency Plan

"With more than a hundred seals, if they do not open it personally, any of the Demonic Monarchs would be stuck in there, unable to come out."

"Ha ha. It is just as I guessed long ago. Let's wait for him to come out. Have you prepared the Plane Transposition Formation yet?"

"It is already prepared. I'm just waiting for him to come out."

Within the Heavenly Dew Divine Spring, the tremblor had already stopped. However, everyone was still in shock and at a loss, unsure what had happened.

"Gurgle…! Gurgle…!"

Strings of bubbles burst to the surface at the center of the spring, attracting everyone's attention.

The speed of the bubbles' appearance slowly accelerated, eventually becoming startlingly fast. Everyone's expression sank, and all the cultivators in the water leaped out to wait in midair, quietly circulating their energies.

A pillar of water shot into the air with a loud 'bang.' A figure in a sorry state appeared at the top of the water pillar, tumbling over.

The water pillar exploded forth with tremendous force, tossing this person up. Then, he quickly fell back down and landed with a large golden splash.

Xiao Chen looked very carefully. The clothes that this figure wore were the same as those of the mysterious swordsman, Duan Yi, whom he had noticed long ago.

The figure's left hand was clenched tightly like he was clutching something incredible.

While the object was not clearly visible, light escaped from between his fingers. Furthermore, based on how tightly that figure was gripping it, one could tell with one glance that it was an extraordinary item.

When Xiao Chen managed to make out this person's face, his pupils could not help but contract. He exclaimed in shock, "Chu Chaoyun!"

Chu Chaoyun touched his face and revealed an expression of sudden comprehension. He smiled and said, "I nearly forgot. Swallowing the Void Jade Pendant also negated the disguise. Brother Xiao Chen, it's been a long time."

Not many things in the world could truly astonish Xiao Chen. Unexpectedly meeting Chu Chaoyun here was one of them.

He had not seen Chu Chaoyun in about two years already, ever since the final battle of the Five Nation Youth Competition.

Chu Chaoyun was the opponent that had left the deepest impression on Xiao Chen in the Sky Dome Realm. Originally, Xiao Chen thought that he would not meet him on his cultivation path anymore. However, the encounters of life were always filled with many coincidences.

Xiao Chen had not expected to meet Chu Chaoyun in the Heavenly Dew Divine Spring of the Kunlun Realm's Kunlun Mountain. Moreover, it was now clear that Chu Chaoyun had not entered using the normal route. He no doubt had something to do with the strange commotion earlier.

Di Wuque's gaze swept across the mysterious object in Chu Chaoyun's left hand. Then he said, "Hand over the thing in your hand. I can sense the aura of the Deep Abyss Demonic World on you. How did you sneak in here?"

Chu Chaoyun smiled and said calmly, "Haha! Your nose is rather sensitive, just like the dog I have at home."

Di Wuque's face sank, but his expression remained calm. He ignored Chu Chaoyun's mockery and said, "This person is definitely a spy of the Demons. He must have some hidden purpose in entering the Heavenly Dew Divine Spring. Capture him!"

The thirteen Deity Race geniuses shouted and gave off bright lights. Golden Heavenly Sage Laws danced behind them.

When connected, their Heavenly Sage Laws looked like a boundless golden sea. A nation of deities rose up from the sea.

A flood of golden light emanated from within the nation. Auspicious and peaceful but magically sagely music came from it, like songs of praise resounding without end.

The thirteen Deity Race cultivators seemed like divine generals and soldiers, each circulating their vast Mental Energy. Then they combined it with their physical bodies to execute surging golden Deity Race Martial Techniques.

"Deities' Nation, Inextinguishable Sword!"

"Deities' Nation, Eternal Spear!"

"Deities' Nation, Glorious Shield!"

"Deities' Nation, Divine Halberd!"

This seemed to be a combination Martial Technique. They connected their Heavenly Sage Laws, forming the mysterious phenomenon of a nation of deities, and then unleashed their techniques individually.

They looked scattered, but coming from a common nation linked their auras.

When Xiao Chen saw this, he entered deep thought. The Deity Race Martial Techniques were really an eye-opener. It looked like the Deity Race had a good reason for being able to dominate wherever they went.

However, Chu Chaoyun's eyes did not reveal any panic. He still had a calm, indifferent look like before, a look that said that even if the sky fell, he would find a way to prop it up.

"What a very interesting Martial Technique! However, it is not sufficient to stop me."

A white sword appeared in Chu Chaoyun's right hand. This sword had ancient talisman scripts etched on it.

Chu Chaoyun's left eye turned bright as a golden light poured out. His right eye turned dark, pitch-black like ink. Unexpectedly, he comprehended the will of light and the will of darkness simultaneously.

Behind Chu Chaoyun, the bright multicolored light and the boundless black Qi quickly merged, forming an aura of primal chaos like when the world had just begun.

"He combined the will of light and the will of darkness!" one of the cultivators in the air exclaimed.

Light and darkness naturally opposed each other. It was already incredible that Chu Chaoyun could comprehend these two wills at the same time. Unexpectedly, he even merged them—this was truly heaven-defying.

"Everlasting Sword Dao, first move: Origin of Light!" Chu Chaoyun shouted.

He shook his wrist, thrusting his sword forward. A gentle light emanated from his sword as it moved towards the combined Martial Technique of the Deity Race youths.

The beam of light no longer looked gentle. However, it seemed faintly compatible with the great Dao. Everywhere the light passed seemed to revert to its origins.

The Martial Techniques that the thirteen Deity Race youths sent out all unraveled silently. When the light swept across, the protective divine light on them disappeared entirely.

Tall waves formed on the sea of the Heavenly Sage Laws behind the Deity Race youths. The nation of deities bobbed up and down like a small boat on the waves, looking like it would shatter at any time.

Di Wuque's expression turned utterly grave. That mysterious phenomenon of the nation of deities contained the Mental Energy source of the thirteen youths. If it shattered, their cultivation would suffer severe damage.

"Deities' Nation, Invincible, Inextinguishable, and Unbreakable!"

Di Wuque pointed, and an image of a deity descended from above. Then it lifted its hand at the same time as he did, sending a holy light into the nation of deities.

After this, the golden sea stabilized, and the rocking nation rose up once more, radiating a bright holy light.

The thirteen Deity Race cultivators regained their momentum and charged over.

That deity image gave off a vast Divine Might. The instant it landed, all the cultivators around felt an immense pressure on their seas of consciousness.

This felt like hypnosis, the imposition of a belief in the glory of the deity and the invincible light. This made them want to prostrate themselves in worship.

Such pressure startled Xiao Chen. Was the master of this image a real deity?

Ao Jiao, who was in the Immortal Spirit Ring, smiled and said, Some deity! It is just a Martial Emperor of the Deity Race calling himself a deity to cheat ordinary people, making them hand over their faith and become his slaves. Sang Mu chopped down many such things in the past.

Seeing the thirteen Deity Race cultivators resuming their charge, Chu Chaoyun shook his sword as he smiled. "You are still coming? Unfortunately, I do not have much time to play with you. Let's settle this now!"

Chu Chaoyun shouted a warcry, and the light and darkness mixed together, forming an indistinct chaotic world.

The result felt like the origin of all things and yet also the end of all things. Light and darkness competed with each other, standing out in turns.

"Everlasting Sword Dao, second move: Life without Limit!"

A sword light with boundless lifeforce flowed on the plain long sword. Chu Chaoyun's body extinguished the light and darkness in the air, turning them ethereal and formless.

The thirteen Deity Race youths, who had just recovered, all prepared to send out their Heaven Ranked Martial Techniques to block this sword light.

In the end, they were horrified to discover that this sword light was substantially different in profundity and technique from ordinary Martial Techniques.

The moment the weapons of the thirteen Deity Race youths touched that sword light, the might stored in their bodies for executing their Martial Techniques soared frantically. Soon, the horrifying amount of energy within them scared them pale.

The Martial Techniques the thirteen Deity Race youths were about to execute strengthened tenfold. However, they could not complete their moves. If this might continued growing, it would explode disastrously.

Even the nation of deities in the golden sea behind the Deity Race youths started rising uncontrollably. Eventually, it became as bright as the blazing sun; people could not look at it directly.

Frowning, Di Wuque quickly formed hand seals. Then, another holy light struck the nation of deities, which immediately broke apart into thirteen beams of light that returned to the Deity Race youths' seas of consciousness.

Chu Chaoyun felt somewhat disappointed. If Di Wuque had been slightly slower, Chu Chaoyun would have been able to make that nation of deities explode, settling this once and for all.

It looked like this Di Wuque's eyes and reactions were extraordinary and very difficult to deal with.

Chu Chaoyun's left hand, which was holding the mysterious object, relaxed two fingers. Then, he tapped on his plain sword before replacing his fingers.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

Thirteen intense explosions resounded. The thirteen Deity Race cultivators charging over vomited blood and crashed on the ground, coughing miserably.

Every time these Deity Race youths coughed, intense pain racked their chests and heads. The golden armor they wore was obliterated. Their faces were so covered in wounds that they were unrecognizable, a terrible sight to behold.

This was the first time the mighty Deity Race suffered so terribly from an attack. The geniuses of the other races all felt fear when they looked at this mysterious Chu Chaoyun.

Di Wuque's expression did not change. A flicker of light flashed in the depths of his eyes. No one could tell what he was thinking.

Suddenly, he said, "He is holding a small piece of the Rock of Origin in his hand."

The moment Di Wuque said that, everyone's expression changed. The Rock of Origin! Incredibly, this person managed to snatch away a small piece of the legendary Rock of Origin.

"Attack together! A small piece of the Rock of Origin is enough for all of us to share."

Di Wuque gently leaped up without saying anything else. He took the lead in charging towards Chu Chaoyun. As he flew, a divine light descended from above and encased him.

Chu Chaoyun swung his sword back and executed another Life without Limit. However, Di Wuque's gaze flickered, and he formed hand seals. The divine light on Di Wuque and his aura all silently disappeared. Suddenly, Di Wuque became like an ordinary person who did not know Martial Techniques.

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