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Chapter 79: Xiao Xiong


With a ‘shua’ sound, the wooden sculpture turned into a girl wielding a long golden spear in mid air. When her long spear moved slightly, the surrounding space seemed to freeze up.

Yue Ying blew a long whistle and the nine dragon shadows behind here surged forward. The streams of dragon shadow and the supreme might of the dragon entered the spear, causing its golden glow to rise to its peak. The spear was sent towards the sword strike the black clothed man sent from the sky.


As the golden light came in contact with that 6.6 meters long sword Qi, it gave off a loud sound. A Qi wave that was visible with the naked eye blasted out in all directions.

After the black clothed man landed, he quickly backed off. He looked at Yue Ying, who had suddenly appeared, with a cautious expression. He could not understand... How did a girl with a strength at least equal to a Martial Saint appear beside Xiao Chen?

“Who are you? How are you related to the Xiao Residence?”

Yue Ying did not answer, nor was she able to. She raised the spear in her hand, and nine streams of dragon shadow flew up again. The black clothed man struck out in retaliation, fighting with Yue Ying at close quarters.

Seeing the two of them fight, Xiao Chen did not know whether to join the fight or retreat. This Life Bestowal Spell may be strong, but it could not be sustained for long. Against a Martial Saint Expert, it definitely would not be able to kill him.

If he left here now, it would mean leaving Bao`er here alone; that was too dangerous.


Suddenly, a white colored firework rose high in the sky above Xiao Yulan’s courtyard. Xiao Chen’s heart stopped for a second; he had a bad feeling about this. His hurriedly sent his Spiritual Sense in that direction.

In the middle of the courtyard, many Xiao Clan disciples laid on the floor, dead. Xiao Yulan was lying in the middle, and her face was pale as fresh blood continuously flowed from the corner of her mouth. It was unclear whether she was alive or not. There was a black clothed man leaving rapidly at the back.

Cousin Yulan! Xiao Chen felt a pinch in his heart. He wanted to execute the Lightning Evasion to hurry over to take a look.

“Thinking of running? That’s not going to happen,” the black clothed man saw that Xiao Chen was intending to leave. He hurriedly used his sword to brush away Yue Ying’s attack and leaped forward fiercely. A lightning fast sword strike was chopping towards Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen hurriedly executed the Lightning Evasion, retreating backwards quickly. His eyes were bloodshot as he shouted, “You bastard, don’t force me!”

The black clothed man laughed coldly, “Just an insignificant Martial Master. What qualifications do you have to say this to me?”

After he said this he ignored Yue Ying, who was rushing over to attack him, and raised his sword to kill Xiao Chen. The earlier white firework meant that one of them had already succeeded.

Feeling anxious in his heart, he did not wish to delay this. Even if he had to suffer an attack, he wanted to severely injure Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen continued to retreat backward as he casually threw out a grade three talisman. The talisman rapidly opened up in midair before turning into an intense fireball, exploding in the air.

With the talisman as the center, a large amount of flames and shock waves blasted out in all directions. The air was instantly burnt up as an earth shattering, surging heatwave engulfed the area.


A biting cold energy exploded out from the black clothed man’s body. The flames that were nearest to his body were immediately dispersed. The black clothed man felt disdain in his heart. It seemed this powerful flame was not even worth mentioning in his eyes.

However, the talisman in the air did not disappear when the flames were dispersed. It continued to hover, giving off a bright radiance, before exploding again.


An extremely cold Qi blasted out into the surroundings. This air seemed to have frozen up. The surrounding temperature instantly decreased by more than a hundred degrees celsius. The cold air caused one to tremble when they breathed.

The black clothed man quickly stopped, feeling shocked in his heart, but he did not panic. He circulated the Essence in his body, and instantly expelled the cold Qi from himself.

“Pi Ci!”

The heatwave that was dispersed earlier suddenly came surging back from all directions, interacting with the cold Qi in the air. The black clothed man suddenly felt uneasy. There was an endless cold Qi on his left side and a surging heatwave on his right.


The incompatible elements came in contact with each other. When the two opposite energies reached a certain level, they exploded abruptly. It was much stronger that the earlier ones. With the black clothed man as the center point, there was an explosion.

The black clothed man was caught off guard, and was blasted out. Although he appeared to be in a sorry state, he did not suffer any major injuries.

Before he was able to stand stable, nine streams of golden dragon shadows were heading towards him rapidly. These nine dragon shadows contained the Dragon Qi that Xiao Chen infused within Yue Ying’s sculpture. Its strength was not weak. If struck by it, even a Martial Saint would suffer a serious injury,

“Martial Technique, Pushing Clouds Gazing At Sun

The black clothed man did not dare to be careless as he hurriedly executed his own Profound Ranked Martial Technique. A bright radiance blossomed from his sword blade, cutting apart the darkness as though he was slicing apart dark clouds. The sword blade was as bright as the sun.

The strong Martial Techniques of the two of them collided with each other. The stone table in Xiao Chen’s courtyard was shattered into dust as a result of the energy waves.

Xiao Chen was not in the mood to continue zealously fighting. He sent out his Spiritual Sense again and discovered that Xiao Yulan’s originally open eyes were already closed. His complexion turned even more pale. There were a few people rushing over from the side, picking her up in a fluster, and bringing her to the Xiao Clan’s dispensary.

Xiao Chen’s heart was now completely at a loss. He wanted to immediately send over a Blood Replenishing Pill. He raised his legs with the intent to leave.

“I said before, you cannot leave!” the black clothed man threw off Yue Ying again, and chased after Xiao Chen.

Just then, another firework rose high into the sky. Another person had succeeded. According to the plan, it was time to retreat. However, he still had yet to even touch Xiao Chen’s body.

Xiao Chen’s eyes were bloodshot as he shouted lividly, “You bastard! I said not to force me any further! Did you not hear me?”

“Martial Technique, Wind From All Directions!”

The black clothed man raised his sword and countless sword shadows appeared everywhere. A whirlwind was formed, blowing up all the dirt on the ground instantly.


The whirlwind came to the black clothed man, causing him to fly high in the air. He shouted angrily in the sky and the sword shadows all returned. The light on his sword grew longer by a fold.

“Heavenly Lightning Shield!”

With the assistance of the whirlwind, the speed of the black clothed man was incredibly fast. Xiao Chen would not be able to evade in time; he could only use the Heavenly Lightning Shield to defend. A shield, made out of electricity and in the shape of the ‘金’ character, instantly wrapped around Xiao Chen.


The sword light attack struck the Heavenly Lightning Shield and gave off a muffled sound. There were tiny cracks appearing in the Heavenly Lightning Shield and after a short moment, it was completely broken down.

The huge force of the sword light immediately blasted Xiao Chen flying. A bloody wound appeared on his right shoulder. If Xiao Chen’s Heavenly Lightning Shield had not blocked that attack, it would have been sufficient to chop Xiao Chen into halves.

As Xiao Chen took out a Blood Replenishing Pill and placed it in his mouth, he smiled bitterly to himself. In front of absolute strength, all strategies and tricks are useless, no matter how ingenious they are.

Just like now, he could imitate the Wind From All Directions. However, before he would be able to fly up in the the air, he would be sliced into two halves.

Only by using the Return of the Azure Dragon could he possibly injure this person. Or else, even when he was killed, he would not be able to injure him at all. In front of absolute strength, one could only use a strength that was stronger.

With just a single thought, Yue Ying’s body glowed with a magnificent golden light. The nine dragon shadows continuously circled around her, and she issued a dragon’s hiss.

The black clothed man looked coldly at Yue Ying. He did not pay too much attention to her. After exchanging blows with her, he had already figured out her weak point. She was not agile enough, she did not have the movement techniques and reactions of a Martial Saint Expert, only her strength was at the Martial Saint level.

Seeing blood flowing from the wound on Xiao Chen’s right shoulder, the black clothed man said to himself indifferently, “Just one more strike and I can leave this place.”

“Boundless Azure Sea!”

Suddenly, a boundless sea appeared behind Yue Ying. An azure dragon broke out from the sea and roared loudly. It circled in the sky for a while, before rushing at the black clothed man.

It actually was an Earth Ranked Martial Technique, the black clothed man thought in shock. It’s a Martial Technique from the Imperial courts; how did this girl obtain it?


What a fast speed! This was the final thought in the black clothed man’s head before he was hit by the azure dragon’s attack. With a loud sound, a three-meter pit appeared on the ground. Countless cracks extended out in all directions.


When the cracks extended to the walls of the courtyard, the walls immediately crumbled. In the next instant, all the buildings in the courtyard collapsed. This was because the foundations were damaged, causing all of them to fall over abruptly.

Xiao Chen protected himself with his two arms in front of him. After he was forced by the Qi wave a few steps, he managed to slowly stabilize himself. He looked towards Bao`er’s room with some worry and discovered that she was trapped beneath a beam. Xiao Chen looked at the scene with eyes filled with fear and worry.

As long as everything is fine, Xiao Chen breathed out in relief.

After Yue Ying used this move, she immediately turned into a beam of golden light and flew to Xiao Chen’s hands, turning back into a wooden statue.

Seeing that the glow of the wooden statue had dimmed significantly, Xiao Chen felt distressed in his heart. The Boundless Azure Sea can only be used two more times before the wooden sculpture was used up.

Within the deep pit, the black clothed man slowly stood up. Blood trickled out from the corner of his mouth. He had not expected that he would actually get injured on this mission.

With a gentle leap, the black clothed man was standing back on the ground. What caused him to feel surprised was that he was no longer about to sense that Martial Saint Expert.

He suddenly thought of something and spoke to Xiao Chen, “The person earlier… That is some kind of secret treasure, right? Now that the secret treasure has vanished, you still did not leave? I’m surprised.”

Xiao Chen gently waved his hands and the Lunar Shadow Saber, laying on the ground in the distant corner, flew back into his hands. An electrical glow radiated from the saber blade, and the energy of the Rank 6 Demonic Core was released completely.

The eyes of the black clothed man brightened and he said indifferently, “I will be taking this Demonic Weapon!”

Xiao Chen looked coldly at the black clothed man walking slowly toward him. The Essence in his body was circulating according to the methods of the Dragon Subduing Slash. The Essence circulated rapidly as he stored up strength and waited for an opportunity to use the Return of the Azure Dragon.


Just as Xiao Chen was about to use the Return of the Azure Dragon, there was the sound of ground breaking coming from the distance. A human figure broke through layers of barriers, and flew high into the sky.

Martial King?

The two of them stopped what they were doing, but the expressions on their faces were different. Xiao Chen knew that he was saved. However, the black clothed man did not hesitate to quickly flee, executing his movement techniques to the extreme.

The human figure in the sky was the Xiao Clan Head that had been in isolation training, Xiao Xiong. There were rumbling sounds coming from around him continuously. In an instant, he flew to the front of the black clothed man.

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