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Chapter 78: Night of the Massacre

The crowd in front of the Tianwu Emperor statue also noticed Tang Feng and Zhang He walking over; they all noticed the two clan elders leveled characters following behind them. With the approach of the Promise of Ten Years, the three clans attached heavy importance to the protection of their participants.

In front of the Tianwu Emperor’s statue, under the bright sun, the people of the Xiao Clan were standing across from the people of the Zhang Clan and Tang Clan.

“Xiao Chen, it’s been a long time,” Zhang He said slowly as he walked up to the front.

When Xiao Jian first saw Zhang He, the flames of anger lit in both his eyes. He clenched his right fist tightly, and it gave off a cracking sound. When he thought of the scene from that day, his  heart suffered torment.

Hearing Zhang He’s voice, he could no longer restrain himself, “Zhang He, do you dare to have a duel with me?”

Zhang He smiled coldly, “Who do you think you are? I am talking to Xiao Chen, why are you interrupting me? Just a piece of trash... Do you think that you are still Mohe City’s number one person?”

When Xiao Jian heard this he was startled, and angrily said, “Zhang He! Don’t go overboard…”

Xiao Chen looked at Zhang He coldly as the Lunar Shadow Saber suddenly appeared in this hand. His feet shifted slightly, then his aura changed abruptly. There was harmony between himself and the saber; only he and the saber existed.


There was a flash of saber light as Xiao Chen suddenly made his move. Zhang He was startled; he had not expected that Xiao Chen would make a move against him in front of everyone without even saying a single word.

He rapidly moved his body backwards. It was a pity that this saber was too fast. Furthermore, it was under the situation of a surprise attack.

He utilized the movement technique, Heavenly Roc Spreading Wings, to its extreme. However, a bright red wound still appeared on his right arm, and blood instantly flowed out.

The Zhang Clan and Tang Clan elders immediately rushed forward anxiously. However, when they saw Liu Fengyin standing silently behind, no one dared to take another step.

The elders of the Xiao Clan also immediately rushed forward. In an instant, their bows were drawn and arrows ready. The atmosphere was extremely tense.

Zhang He said angrily, “Xiao Chen, you actually dare to injure me in front of everyone!”

Xiao Chen put aside his saber and stood up straight. Smiling indifferently he said, “With regards to the barking of dogs, I have always taken action instead of trying to reason with them. Could it be that if a dog bites me, then I should bite it back?”

This insult did not contain any obscenities, but it managed to infuriate Zhang He completely. Xiao Jian instantly felt a significant relief of his anger.

“Brother Zhang, there is no need to get into a conflict with them here. They won’t be able to continue bragging for long,” Tang Feng, who was beside him, advised.

Zhang He calmed himself down and thought about the things his father briefed him on that morning. Then he said to Xiao Chen, “Xiao Chen, I’ll make you pay sooner or later. The humiliation of that day... I will return it manifold.”

Xiao Chen said nothing. Instead, the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation circulated rapidly in his body and his right hand suddenly pointed at Zhang He; a small thread of purple flames fired out.

Due to the fact that Xiao Chen shot out this thread of flames in a hurry, he did not revolve it around his finger first before firing it; thus, the strength of the flames was not strong. The flames brushed by Zhang He’s head before dissipating. All this happened in an instant; it was as though nothing had happened at all.


All of a sudden, there was a stream of fire that went by his head. The hair that Zhang He had painstakingly grown over the past month burned up again.

Xiao Chen did not infuse much Essence into this flame, so while it was very quickly executed, it also disappeared very quickly too; it was extinguished after just two seconds. However, Zhang He’s hair was completely burned. There was a certain burning stench coming from his head and azure smoke coming off it.

The surrounding people quickly scattered and hid. The Xiao Clan’s crowd all started to laugh out loud. Even some Tang Clan disciples who were with them, secretly snickered.

“Xiao Chen!” Zhang He shouted out with a cracked voice. He could no longer keep his emotions calm.

Under instruction from the elder leveled cultivators, some of the Zhang Clan disciples beside him were holding on to the raging Zhang He, preventing him from rushing out.

Tang Feng was unable to continue just watching. He held the Ice Fire Bow in his hand and said to Xiao Chen, “Xiao Chen, don’t go overboard. Don’t you think this is too much?”

Overboard? Too much? Xiao Chen smiled coldly in his heart. After pointing to my nose and threatening me in front of so many people, you actually say that I’m going overboard? Does the world revolve around them in the eyes of these people?

Xiao Chen said coldly, “I said it before, I will not try to reason with a dog. When a dog barks at me, I will take action instead of trying to reason with it.”

Seeing Tang Feng’s state of disbelief, Xiao Chen sighed quietly in his heart, Indeed, everything in this world is decided by strength.

If his opponent did not see that Liu Fengyin was here, he would be the one humiliated. He did not believe that Zhang He came over to greet him because he had not seen Xiao Chen for a long time and had missed him.

Zhang He and Tang Feng obviously wanted to make use of their advantage in numbers to thoroughly humiliate him. Only, they did not expect that Liu Fengyin would be present too. Thus, they ended up suffering a huge disadvantage.

After a long time, The burnt odor on Zhang He’s head faded away. He truly no longer wished to remain here. He appeared to want to say something before he brought his people away from this place.

However, when he thought of what happened earlier, he suppressed the words he wanted to say. Instead, he glared at Xiao Chen fiercely.

Xiao Yulan and the others were no longer in the mood to shop after that bunch of people caused such trouble. Before they left, Xiao Chen looked at the hundred meter tall statue of the Tianwu Emperor behind him.

Thinking to himself, He had the supreme Heavenly Flame that was capable of burning down the entire continent. With his own personal strength, he was able to unite the continent and establish his own dynasty. These were the legends about the Tianwu Emperor.

Even after ten thousand years, after the Tianwu dynasty was destroyed, the people were still unable to forget the Tianwu Emperor. This was how awe inspiring the Emperor of that generation was.

During his generation, there were many other outstanding people. However, they were all overshadowed by him, turning into stepping stones for him before their existences were finally lost in the river of time.

Would I, Xiao Chen, be like the Tianwu Emperor after ten thousand years? Standing tall for a long time, achieving immortality? Or would I become a stepping stone for others?

It was late at night, the moon was high, and stars filled the sky.

Xiao Residence, Within Xiao Chen’s Courtyard:

After Xiao Chen came back, he immediately continued to draw talismans. As night approached, he examined the hand written Manual of the Rushing Thunder Saber Technique carefully.

Ever since this book was handed to Xiao Chen, he had not had the time to take a look. At this moment, after he began looking it over, he was immediately absorbed in it.

Rushing Thunder Chop… It was originally just a Superior Grade Yellow Ranked Martial Technique. However, the next few moves that were chained after it increased its might by several times, causing it to reach the standard of a Superior Grade Profound Ranked Martial Technique.

He had inherited the Battle Sage Origin’s Changing Character Formula from the Thunder Emperor. As long as a Martial Technique was executed in front of him once, he would be able to imitate at least 80% to 90% of it.

Although its power would be slightly decreased, once he comprehended the essence of it, it would even be possible to surpass the original might of the Martial Technique.

The Rushing Thunder Chop was something that Xiao Chen had practised for quite awhile. After he saw Feng Feixue use it that time, he immediately understood the essence of this Rushing Thunder Saber Technique. Thus, he was able to rapidly and completely replicate it using the Changing Character Formula

Now that he had the complete manual of the Changing Character Formula, his comprehension of its essence went up by another level. He was even able to comprehend the final move in the saber technique, the Rushing Thunder Third Chain Chop.


In the silence of the night, suddenly there was a muffled scream. This was the cry of a person who had his mouth covered shortly before his death.

Although the sound was very soft, after Xiao Chen became a Martial Master, his five senses were raised significantly. He was slightly startled in his heart, Could it be that the Zhang Clan and Tang Clan came to kill them?

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The sounds of battle grew louder and louder. Miserable cries echoed continually. Xiao Chen hurriedly released his Spiritual Sense, and in that instant everything in the Xiao Clan was visible to him.

Via his Spiritual Sense, there were three shadows killing openly. The speed of the three was  extremely fast, and practically no one was a match for them. The elite guards of the Xiao Clan were as weak as paper to them; with just a light hit, they would be shattered into pieces.

Martial Saints! There were actually three Martial Saint Experts. Xiao Chen was startled and his heart was thrown into turmoil, Why would there be three Martial Saints Experts appearing in Mohe City?

The faces of the three of them were masked, and they did not indulge in the battle. They were very fast, and they only dealt with the people directly in their way.

Xiao Chen checked the direction they were travelling in and suddenly realized their targets were Xiao Yulan, Xiao Jian, and himself. These were all the participants of the Promise of Ten Years.

It was indeed the work of the Zhang Clan and Tang Clan. Seeing the disciples that died miserably, Xiao Chen clenched his fist furiously. He was bleeding in his heart; there was a strong killing intent in his heart.

Where was Liu Fengyin?

Xiao Chen turned his attention to another area and he saw Liu Fengyin’s figure. He was currently occupied by a blue clothed person. He was already having difficulties protecting himself and was unable to get away.

At an even further location, the First Elder led a group of Martial Grand Masters. However, they were delayed by a powerful Martial Saint. That person did not kill them, but when someone came to provide assistance, he would immediately hold them back.

There were actually five Martial Saint Experts here. The situation was bad. Xiao Chen hurriedly left his room and rushed to Bao`er’s room.

“Young Master, what’s going on?” Bao`er said with a panicked expression as she walked out from the room; she had heard the miserable cries of the people coming from the outside.

Xiao Chen was about to explain when suddenly an overwhelming killing intent came over. That shocking aura was about to put pressure on someone, even though they were not near yet.

Xiao Chen pushed Bao`er back into her room and quickly told her, “Quickly go back to your room. Remember, regardless of what you hear, do not come out.”

“Remember, regardless of what you hear, you absolutely must not come out.”

Although Bao`er was slightly confused, she had never seen Xiao Chen reveal such an anxious expression before. Thus, she obeyed his words and ran back to her room.

Suddenly, a figure appeared on the walls of the courtyard. There was a sword dripping with blood in his hands. A black cloth covered his face, preventing people from seeing what he looked like; His eyes were glowing, glaring at Xiao Chen.

“Pu Ci!”

The black clothed person waved his sword, and a 66 centimeter long blue sword Qi was sent flying at Xiao Chen. This was the true sword Qi, a characteristic of a Martial Saint sword user, unlike the sword Qi that Zhang He used by means of his Holy Sword Martial Saint.

[TL note: 66 centimeters is 2 zhang. It's a Chinese unit of measurement where 3 zhang is one meter.]

The sword Qi surged over, and very soon it arrived in front of Xiao Chen. Xiao Chen knew he could not defend against this, so he hurriedly retreated backward.


Xiao Chen’s front foot shifted and the sword Qi slashed the area where he was standing just a moment prior. With a loud exploding sound, a deep pit was created on the ground.

Streams of Qi waves scattered in all directions, and dust flew everywhere. Xiao Chen was still in midair, and had not yet landed, when he was caught up in the Qi wave. His body was blasted backward, crashing onto the ground with a loud ‘bang’.

This was the might of just one sword slash. A Martial Saint Expert was indeed strong. Xiao Chen was very startled in his heart. The figure on the wall suddenly disappeared.

In the next instant, he reappeared above Xiao Chen, his sword emitting a 66 centimeters long sword Qi. The might of this strike was matchless as it descended down from the sky.

At this moment, no matter how powerful a Martial Technique was, it would be useless because there was no time for him to use them at all. Xiao Chen’s hand moved quickly and the wooden sculpture, that was carved from the Spiritual Wood, was thrown up above his head.

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