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Chapter 761: Heavenly Ice Sword

Xiao Chen frowned and looked over. Many cultivators gathered at the exit of the passageway, fighting a spider-type beast with a bizarre aura.

This beast was strange because even though it had no traces of life energy, it gave off a horrifying aura.

"Interesting, it is actually a Demonic Puppet refined from an Astral Venom Spider. I want this Demonic Puppet."

When Nangong Qiong saw this beast, her bright eyes immediately revealed a trace of joy.

She waved her hand, and an elegant wooden umbrella appeared in her grasp, giving off an ancient aura. Xiao Chen looked carefully and noticed several hundred Heavenly Sage Laws the width of a human arm around the plain-looking wooden umbrella.

"A high-quality Sage Grade Secret Treasure!"

Xiao Chen's pupils constricted as heavy astonishment flashed in his eyes. This girl was really mysterious. Unexpectedly, she could casually take out a high-quality Sage Grade Secret Treasure.

Xiao Chen, be careful. Don't end up getting sold off by this girl. If I'm correct, she probably comes from a Sovereign Noble Clan. Her name might not even be real. Ao Jiao reminded him from the Immortal Spirit Ring.

Xiao Chen nodded calmly. Don't worry. I still have not used the Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram and Strength Character Formula. After all, she is not a Martial Sage. I still have some trump cards against her.

Nangong Qiong left quickly and returned quickly. In no more than fifteen minutes, she was back at Xiao Chen's side.

Her hands now grasped an exquisite Astral Venom Spider figurine. After carefully putting it away, she smiled. "Let's go. It seems there are treasures in front that the Heavenly Roc Race has not taken away yet. No wonder there is an Astral Venom Spider blocking this group of people."

Hearing that there were treasures, Xiao Chen took the lead and went through the entrance. His field of vision immediately broadened.

A majestic and grand hall appeared before him. The cultivators coming from the various entrances all gathered at this place.

Aside from the true inheritors from Hunluo Province's major factions, the Fiend Race geniuses that Nangong Qiong paid attention to—the Little Heavenly Monkey Feng and the Silver Moon Spirit Fox Xuan Yu—were here as well.

However, this place was very silent at the moment. Despite so many people gathering, no one said a word. The atmosphere was strangely quiet.

A tall stone platform stood in the center of the hall. An entirely black sword with a muted brilliance and overwhelming cold Qi was stuck into the top of the stone platform. With one glance, anyone could tell that it was extraordinary.

"Heavenly Ice Sword!" Nangong Qiong exclaimed softly.

Then she came to a realization. "No wonder Yan Shisan traveled so far to come here. I already said he mainly cultivates the way of the massacring sword. The painting pieces would not hold much attraction for him."

The Heavenly Roc King had used the origin of the Heavenly Ice Star to forge it. Unfortunately, after he completed it, it lacked spirituality.

Bitterly disappointed, the Heavenly Roc King set it aside and never used it.

Even though the Heavenly Roc King did not care for this sword, it was still a supreme treasure to others. Once this weapon nurtured a weapon spirit, it would be a superior-quality Sub-Divine Weapon.

Just one broken piece of the Thunder Emperor's Sub-Divine Weapon could already prompt all of Hunluo City's Martial Sages to make a move.

Now, here was a sword that only required nurturing for it to become a Sub-Divine Weapon. The attraction it held went without saying.

Everyone wanted to obtain the Heavenly Ice Sword, but no one dared to act rashly. The normally arrogant geniuses all turned cautious as well.

Whoever made the first move and grabbed the Heavenly Ice Sword would end up offending everyone else, becoming a common target.

All the cultivators waited for a melee so that they could make their moves in the chaos.

"Hu Chi!"

In this strangely quiet atmosphere, a black figure drifted down without a care. Despite everyone's murderous gazes, he boldly stood on the stone platform.

That person was a black-clad young swordsman with a slender figure and a stern expression, the very person Nangong Qiong feared the most—Yan Shisan.

The many talents around did not dare to incite the public anger, quietly waiting for a chance. However, the black-clad swordsman simply went up nonchalantly.

"Not bad! This is a good sword! I'll be taking it."

The crowd glared ferociously, boiling over with murderous intent. However, Yan Shisan ignored them and extended his hand towards the pitch-black sword hilt.

"Who is this nameless brat?! How dare you spew such nonsense here?!"

"The Heavenly Ice Sword is a treasure of our Heavenly Roc Race. No one can take it!

Yan Shisan was not very famous. Or perhaps it was more that his reputation was too great that one would not hear of him unless one reached a certain level.

Seeing Yan Shisan stretching his hand out to grasp the sword, the three half-Sage Elders of the Heavenly Roc Race immediately raged and revealed their true form.

The bones on the backs of these half-Sages moved, and a pair of Heavenly Roc Wings unfolded on each of them. They flapped their wings vigorously, and a strong wind blew.

The three old men moved as fast as light, sending out overwhelming flames as they charged at Yan Shisan.

Yan Shisan raised his eyebrows as if he had not expected these three Heavenly Roc Race Elders to feel displeased at him for grabbing the sword.

"Since you don't practice the sword, why do you want a sword? The greedy die the fastest."

Yan Shisan's feet remained in place. He merely glanced around and moved his finger. A chorus of buzzing came from the air like countless hidden swords trembling.

The strong and pure sword intent spread everywhere inside the hall, forming a strong current of swords. The entire space started shaking nonstop.

Several cultivators lost their grip on their swords, which flew into the air uncontrollably, making these cultivators panic.

"This is a peak Great Perfection sword intent!" someone said in disbelief with horror on his face.

A peak Great Perfection sword intent was already very close to a perfect sword intent and might form a sword soul at any moment.

This was something that quite a lot of Martial Sages that had lived for a hundred years could not do. Unexpectedly, they saw this in a youth.

Suddenly, Yan Shisan's finger stopped moving, and the buzzing disappeared. The strong current of swords rampaging everywhere immediately ended and calmed at this moment.

Everything turned quiet, absolute silence.

Such a big difference caused people to think they were hallucinating, to wonder whether that mighty and vast peak Great Perfection sword intent had been real.

The moment the crowd had such a suspicion, Yan Shisan moved and raised his hand.


Countless loud sounds rang out, rumbling like an onrushing flood. The multitude of hidden swords in the air all pierced over.

When gathered together, they formed a berserk dragon made of swords. Ten thousand swords buzzed in the body of the berserk dragon, spreading out a boundless state of massacre.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

The massacre berserk dragon hurtled past the various Martial Techniques of the three Heavenly Roc Race cultivators who had revealed their true form. These attacks vanished like smoke.

As the sword lights shot by, bright scarlet splattered. The three old men did not even have time to scream before the sword light cut them into countless bloody blossoms.

When the blood landed on the berserk dragon, a faint scarlet mist dyed the berserk dragon made of sword lights. It now looked like a blood dragon with overwhelming killing Qi.

With a casual wave of his hand, Yan Shisan had killed three half-Sages. The entire hall turned silent; all the onlookers were flabbergasted.

"Where did this fellow come from?!"

The Yan clan was a hidden Sovereign Noble Clan. Ordinary people would not know of such clans. When the crowd saw the horrifyingly strong Yan Shisan, no matter how hard they thought, they could not figure out where such an expert came from.

"Acting all mysterious! I, Teng Peng, will come and test you."

A cold wind blew in the hall, and a figure flew towards Yan Shisan. This was Teng Peng, the top true inheritor of Blood Shadow Sect, one of Hunluo Province's six major factions.

Seeing Teng Peng in the cold wind, Yan Shisan frowned slightly and said, "Interesting. Finally, someone who uses the sword arrives. However, you don't seem to be cultivating an orthodox method."

Yan Shisan placed his right hand on the sword scabbard without drawing the sword. Then, he pointed with the sword still sheathed. A dense black sword Qi shot out from the scabbard, moving as fast as a meteor.

The sword Qi contained the way of the massacring sword, which exterminated all things. Everywhere it passed, it seemed like even the air lost its life force and withered.

"Ka ca!"

The sword Qi easily broke the cold wind. It pierced through Teng Peng's protective Quintessence and his Superior Grade inner vest, infiltrating into his body.

The black sword Qi spread out, and the state of massacre surged. No matter how Teng Peng resisted, he could not suppress the aura of massacre that eliminated everything.

Teng Peng paled, and the cold wind around him dispersed. He became fatigued and completely drained of life.

Unexpectedly, not only did this attack injure Teng Peng's physical body, but the sword Qi of the way of massacre also directly harmed his life force.

"Young Master!"

The Blood Shadow Sect Elders all showed great shock on their faces as they quickly rushed forward and caught Teng Peng.

"Attack together!"

The few half-Sage Elders all showed rage on their faces as they charged at Yan Shisan.

Bone Mausoleum Sect's Wang Ying and Magnificent Fiend Hall's Xiang Fei did not hesitate to lead their Elders in joining the assault on Yan Shisan.

If they did not attack now and defeat Yan Shisan, they would no longer have a chance to obtain the Heavenly Ice Sword.

Yan Shisan smiled faintly when he saw the twenty-odd half-Sages flying towards him, not evincing any fear. He did not even draw the black sword as he casually brandished it around.

"Weng! Weng! Weng!"

Quintessence swelled as the scabbard danced around. Resilient berserk dragons formed of massacre surged everywhere under Yan Shisan's control.

Swords buzzed incessantly in the hall, sounding like a gushing waterfall raging continuously. As a strong wind howled, the place trembled. The various half-Sages barely managed to resist the berserk sword dragons, much less get near Yan Shisan.

Just by himself, Yan Shisan repelled so many half-Sages without needing to draw his sword.

A bit of astonishment flashed in Xiao Chen's eyes. This person was powerful. Of the seven giants, probably only An Junxi could match him. If his First Senior Sister could put some distance between them, she might stand some chance.

If the other seven giants had not run into any fortuitous encounters in the past few months, none of them would be a match for him.

No wonder Nangong Qiong considered him their greatest enemy.

Xiao Chen thought to himself, Fortunately, I use the saber and not the sword. I do not need to compete with this person. Otherwise, I will end up exposing my trump cards.

No swordsman would be able to resist the temptation of the Heavenly Ice Sword. If Xiao Chen used the sword, no matter how strong Yan Shisan was, he would go forward and give it a try.

Xiao Chen did not fear anything and would try his best. Otherwise, he would end up feeling regrets. Such a treasured sword could not be found just anywhere.

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