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Chapter 75: Rushing Thunder Saber Technique

Facing Feng Feixue’s sudden attack, Xiao Chen felt flabbergasted in his heart. However, he was not overly panicked. Feng Feixue’s attack was incredibly sharp, but he could not detect a trace of killing intent.

“Rushing Thunder Chop!”

Facing the fiery-red lotus in front of him, with just a thought, the Lunar Shadow Saber appeared in his hands and instantly executed the Rushing Thunder Chop. The black saber light was like rushing thunder, as it chopped toward the red lotus.


The lotus flower scattered turning into countless red sparks. Under the bright sun, it was like a butterfly dancing around.

Seeing Xiao Chen execute the Rushing Thunder Chop, a gleam appeared in Feng Feixue’s eyes. Following that, with a wave of her hands, the folding fan changed out for a slender long saber.

Feng Feixue grasped the long saber in her hand and her feet shifted slightly as she took up a stance. Her aura changed suddenly, and there was harmony between her and the saber; only herself and the saber existed.

Feng Feixue shouted lightly, “Draw!”

A saber light flashed, like a laser show; it was fast and graceful. In an instant the saber light reached the surprised Xiao Chen. Regardless of the speed or the force behind this saber, it all had reached the pinnacle of Martial Master.

Xiao Chen’s brain moved as fast as lightning. When he saw Feng Feixue take up that stance, he immediately thought of the strike that Ao Jiao used when they went to forge his weapon.

Although Feng Feixue did not achieve the same level of aura as Ao Jiao did back then, she had pretty much achieved a good portion of its grace. Xiao Chen did not dare to be careless, and quickly retreated.

However, this saber was too fast. Even though Xiao Chen had retreated in advance, the wind caused by the saber light nimbly cut Xiao Chen’s forehead, leaving behind a small wound; fresh blood flowed out.

What a fast saber, Xiao Chen thought in his heart as he took a breath of cold air. However, with Feng Feixue’s second saber strike already coming, he did not have time to let out even a sigh.

“Arclight Chop!”

Feng Feixue gently twisted her hands and pointed the tip of the saber downwards. An azure arc of light appeared; this was the arclight caused by the pure saber light.

Everywhere the arclight passed in the garden, flowers flew around and petals scattered everywhere, flying without the wind blowing.

With the settling of countless of fresh flowers, Feng Feixue’s graceful temperament was currently like that of a fairy from the heavenly palace, pure and without a speck of impurity.

However, Xiao Chen did not have the time to enjoy this hard to come by view; he had to retreat. The angle of this attack had sealed off all paths of attack, leaving him with no other choice but to retreat.

“Rushing Heaven Chop!”

Feng Feixue shouted gently and her feet softly pushed off the ground. She turned into a streak of light, rushing towards Xiao Chen with her saber pointing at his head. The aura of this saber pressed forward, as though it was hastening toward the heavens, seeming very graceful.

What a strong aura, Xiao Chen exclaimed in his heart. This surging saber was not fancy at all; it went directly for his head, forcing Xiao Chen to clash with it. However, Xiao Chen had already retreated by two steps, and his aura was also diminished significantly, causing him to lose his opportunity.

Furthermore, this saber had almost reached the level of being one with the saber. Xiao Chen could not find any weak points, and did not know how to deal with it or how to block this soaring saber.

Retreat; he could only continue to retreat.

However, Feng Feixue was rocketing forward. If he continued to retreat backwards and his body rose into the air, just by a little bit, he would naturally run into her saber blade.

Xiao Chen felt incredibly sullen. He could only roll backwards in a sorry state, avoiding the surging saber strike. This was the most direct method, and the most effective method, but it was also the method that made him look pathetic.

“Rushing Thunder Chop!”

Feng Feixue twisted her perfect body in the air, and it rose higher into the sky. There was a sudden clap of thunder that crackled behind her, and she seized the opportunity to descend downwards, bringing with her the might of the wind and thunder.

At this moment, Xiao Chen, who was crouching on the ground, did not have enough time to get up. Seeing Feng Feixue sending a saber strike at him containing the might of wind and thunder, Xiao Chen felt incredibly terrified.

Is this the true Rushing Thunder Chop? Xiao Chen thought in his heart. From the moment the saber was drawn, its aura was rising unceasingly while the opponent was forced to continually retreat.

When the opponent’s aura reached rock bottom, its aura would be raised to its peak. Using a sure kill strike at this moment, filled with surging thunder; it was unblockable.

Just then, Xiao Chen could not waste time considering this; he had no way to avoid this saber. As long as he retreated just by a step, he would be chopped into halves. He could only passively block. When his aura was at its weakest, he had to block the saber, whose aura would be at its peak.

What a great saber technique! Although the situation was urgent, Xiao Chen could not help but praise it in his heart.

“Pu Ci!”

Xiao Chen stood up bravely and raised his Lunar Shadow Saber. An electrical glow shone in all directions, and the Rank 6 Demonic Core released its boundless might without holding back. He had to raise his aura up as much as he could in the shortest time possible.


Feng Feixue’s saber, which was filled with the might of rushing thunder, ruthlessly hacked on Xiao Chen’s Lunar Shadow Saber. A resplendent electrical light blasted the blade of the two sabers apart.


 Huge force traveled down from the blade of the saber, instantly transmitting it to both of their arms, and then their legs. Xiao Chen staggered and retreated backward by two steps.

“Rushing Thunder Second Chain Chop!”

Feng Feixue landed on the ground and shouted loudly. Both of her hands were grasping the saber as she stepped forward, chopping horizontally at Xiao Chen. This saber had a supreme aura to it, which was originally already raised to its peak, and continued to rise even further, finally reaching a shocking level.


All of a sudden, Xiao Chen’s defenses were unable to withstand this saber and he was knocked into the air.

His body continued to fly backwards as Xiao Chen did his best to turn himself around, barely managing to land on the ground stably.

The blood and Qi in his body were surging, and his internal organs all seemed to be shakened. However, Xiao Chen knew that this saber strike did not contain all of Feng Feixue’s capabilities. Otherwise, he would not have been able to block it.

Feng Feixue wielded the sword as she stood up straight. She said in a somewhat apologetic manner, “Young Master Xiao, I have offended you. There is a complete record of this Rushing Thunder Saber Technique at the Heavenly Qin School.”

“As long as you decided to go to the Heavenly Qin School, there are plenty of such techniques scattered around. There, you would gain tremendous benefits.”

Xiao Chen smiled bitterly to himself. After fighting for so long, she was actually attempting to convince him to join the Heavenly Qin School, Feng Feixue, you are interesting.

After listening to Feng Feixue’s explaination, the anger in Xiao Chen’s heart now disappeared.

Xiao Chen also knew that Feng Feixue had held herself back from the very first strike. Furthermore, she had not revealed any killing intent throughout the entire battle. It can only be said that she was sincere. This kind of straightforward method was also to Xiao Chen’s liking. It's a pity that Xiao Chen truly could not go.

Xiao Chen stood up. After he was stable, he suddenly drew his saber. It was the same stance that Feng Feixue had used earlier. Feng Feixue revealed an expression of shock, as this move was not much slower than hers.

Throwing aside the saber in her hands, the folding fan appeared in her hands once more. A fiery-red lotus flower appeared at her feet. Within moments, it spread to an area of ten meters around her; everywhere her feet landed, red lotus flowers would blossom.

“Young Master Xiao, …”

Feng Feixue was about to say something after she stood up straight, but Xiao Chen did not give her this opportunity. He instantly used the Lightning Evasion and appeared in front of her. Seizing a good opportunity, he used the Arclight Chop; a long arc of light appeared in the air.

Feng Feixue was different from Xiao Chen; she had been practising the Rushing Thunder Saber Technique for a period of time already, and understood the essence of this saber technique very well. She knew that she could not retreat. Once she started, she would not be able to stop, finally resulting in her aura reaching rock bottom.

She turned her body to the side gently and sent the folding fan forwards, meeting the Lunar Shadow Saber in Xiao Chen’s hands.


However, Feng Feixue was shocked by the huge force that came from the saber blade. She had always thought that Xiao Chen was only a Peak Martial Disciple. Thus, she had controlled her Essence to remain at the level of an early Martial Master, in case she injured Xiao Chen accidently.

However, she did not expect that Xiao Chen’s strength was greater than a regular peak Martial Disciple. Stepping on the red lotus flower under her feet, Feng Feixue retreated backward by quite a few steps.

“Rushing Heaven Chop!”

Xiao Chen did not wait for her to stabilize herself before rushing over, pointing the saber tip towards her head. This move that put Xiao Chen in a such sorry state earlier was not working on Feng Feixue.

What caused Xiao Chen to be mildly disappointed was that even though Feng Feixue was retreating, she was doing so in a much more relaxed manner than Xiao Chen did. As the lotus flowers blossomed, the air was filled with a radiance, following Feng Feixue as she retreated by three steps.

“Rushing Thunder Chop!”

Xiao Chen shouted out in midair, and a clap of thunder crackled behind him. The might of thunder and wind followed him as he moved. This move was something that Xiao Chen had used many times, only executed in a different manner. Xiao Chen could clearly feel the difference between the two.

Release! Feng Feixue shouted lightly in her heart. Two fiery-red lotus flowers appeared in her eyes. The folding fan that was originally giving off a faint glow in her hands turned complete dull, looking like it was completely ordinary, and its brilliance was reserved.

She swung it up lightly, catching onto Xiao Chen’s saber as it descended from the sky. There was no heaven shaking sound or any Qi waves that would result from a collision. It just smoothly blocked Xiao Chen’s thunderous saber.

She managed to scatter away the aura that had built up to its peak. This was similar to someone having cold water poured on him as he was about to climax.

Xiao Chen landed on the ground feeling incomparably depressed. He did not even have the opportunity to use the Rushing Thunder Second Chain Chop. The taste of being beaten up by someone like this was unbearable.

The red lotus flowers in her eyes faded away and Feng Feixue smiled mildly, “How is it? you have experienced the might of the complete technique for yourself. It is not something an incomplete technique can compare to, right?. The Heavenly Qin School still has many more Martial Techniques like this. With the talent you displayed here, your cultivation is sure to advance by leaps and bounds.”

“Furthermore, this set of Rushing Thunder Saber Technique still has a Rushing Thunder Third Chain Chop. Even I’m not able to use it. After you go there, you would be able to learn it immediately.”

Xiao Chen recovered his calm and sincerely felt that it was funny. This Feng Feixue was like a wolf grandmother, continually enticing him.

[TL notes: I have to admit, I was very surprised at the use of this term ‘Wolf Grandmother’ and had to look it up. Apparently it is referring to the wolf in Red Riding Hood, where it pretended to be the grandmother and kept trying to get little Red Riding Hood to come nearer so it could eat her.]

Based on his instincts, he was sure that Feng Feixue did not have any bad intentions. It was a pity that, although Feng Feixue’s cultivation was high, she was not able to hear the sound of the saber.

Xiao Chen walked to the side and picked up the saber Feng Feixue threw aside, “Miss Feng, can you hear its voice?”

Feng Feixue was stunned for a while, and was slightly confused before she said, “You are talking about listening to the sword, and communicating with it? I am not able to do it.”

The ability to create a resonance with weapons had nothing to do with cultivation, and relied entirely on one’s comprehension.

Many of the ancient leveled seniors of the Heavenly Qin School were not even able to comprehend that level. It was natural for her to not be able to hear the sound of the saber, as that was not her primary weapon.

Xiao Chen cupped his hands in thanks, “I sincerely thank Miss Feng for the recommendation. However, I, Xiao Chen, am only looking for a place where I can hear the sound of the saber. I already have my own plans; I can only accept your kind intentions.”

Xiao Chen turned around and left after he said that. Feng Feixue looked at the image of his back as he left, frowning slightly. Thinking in her heart, If he is not going to the Imperial Capital, then this is going to be difficult. With this course, there would be no way to guarantee his safety.

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