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Chapter 71: Suspicions

This Universe Ring contained an independent space; it was different from the Spatial Rings of this world. Living things could be put into it as well, as long as they were willing or unconscious. This was the might of the magic treasure.

Seeing the ruins around him, Xiao Chen was no longer in a mood to carry on hunting. Furthermore, after they had caused such a huge commotion, there would be many strong Demonic Beasts that would be attracted. If he remained here, death would be the only thing awaiting him.

When Xiao Chen returned, Xiao Yulan and the others were all awake and at the campgrounds already. Apparently, the commotion from earlier had woken them up.

“Cousin Xiao Chen, what did you go out to do? Everyone was worried about you,” Xiao Yulan said to Xiao Chen somewhat angrily.

Xiao Chen blushed with shame, “Nothing, I just felt something, so I went out to check.”

“However, the people on night watch said they did not see you. If you are going out, you should say something,” Xiao Yulan said as she pointed at two people.

Xiao Chen felt a headache coming on suddenly as he noticed Xiao Jian in the crowd, and hurriedly said, “I told Xiao Jian, isn’t that right Xiao Jian?”

Xiao Jian was startled and nodded his head, “En, he indeed told me about it.”

Xiao Chen smiled, “I did not lie to you right? Go and sleep. The night watch should continue their shift. I just checked it out, and it was nothing.”

On the second day of the trial, Xiao Chen was afraid they would run into that terrifying dark figure. He decided that the ten of them would carry out their activities together.

The scene of that dark figure consuming the internal organs of another person to treat his own injuries left a deep impression on Xiao Chen. Furthermore, the dark figure was injured so heavily last night, Xiao Chen did not dare to risk splitting up the group.

Over the next two days, they met Rank 3 and Rank 4 Demonic Beasts running out suddenly during their trial. Although Xiao Chen used his Spiritual Sense to avoid them, he felt that something was not right.

“Bang! Bang!”

On the third day of the trial, Xiao Chen felt a banging sound coming from his Universe Ring. He was dazzled; it seems like the space in the Universe Ring was about to shatter.

It seemed that the girl in white was about to wake up. He had been so busy in the days leading the group and training himself at night that he forgot about this.

Xiao Chen quickly took out all the Rank 2 Demonic Cores from the Universe Ring. He was afraid that if he did not take them out, they would be destroyed by the girl in there. If that happened, it would be a great pity. With the effort of the past few days, they were already nearing two hundred Demonic Cores.

“Cousin Yulan, I entrust these items to you first; you should also hang on to the Demonic Core we obtain later. I have to leave for a bit.”

Xiao Yulan looked at Xiao Chen’s action in shock, “Cousin Xiao Chen, what are you doing? We are about to depart.”

“I have no time to explain; I have to leave soon,” Xiao Chen quickly said. There was a drop of his blood essence in the Universe Ring. Every time there was a bang, it felt like an explosion going off in his mind.

The remaining people saw Xiao Chen execute the Lightning Evasion and was quickly very far away. They did not understand what was happening. Xiao Yulan stomped on the ground angrily as she watched his swiftly disappearing figure.

After Xiao Chen went far enough away and ensured there was no one around, he released the girl from the Universe Ring.

“Scoundrel! Die!” the girl held her golden spear, and immediately attacked Xiao Chen when he was released her.

This attack that was filled with anger and contained a flourishing energy. It flew at Xiao Chen ruthlessly, startling him, and causing him to jump in a hurry to evade.

“Hey hey, check yourself first to see if you lost anything before calling me a scoundrel,” Xiao Chen hurriedly said when he saw that she was preparing to make another move.

The girl saw that she was only left with a bra on her body and a tinge of red appeared on her pale face, “Things have already gotten this far and you still want to deny it. I’ll kill you!”

She grasped the golden spear in her hands once again, and a thick killing intent appeared in her eyes; she was preparing to make a move.

Xiao Chen saw that there was no use explaining. This girl had strong battle capabilities. He had expected this earlier, and already prepared to run.


There was the sound of someone tripping behind him. Xiao Chen turned his head to take a look, and discovered that before the girl made a move, she fell on the ground. He quickly turned around and walked over.

“Don’t touch me!” the girl said fiercely.

Xiao Chen said helplessly, “I won’t touch you, I promise. I just want to tell you I really am not a scoundrel. Look at the wounds on your body; see if there are any scars left. I only applied some medicine to you. I did not do anything else.”

“Don’t look at me so fiercely. Consider your situation. If I truly wanted to do anything to you, you would have no way to resist.”

After a long time, the girl finally said, “Alright, I’ll believe you once. However, why did you imprison me in that space?”

Xiao Chen hurriedly explained his situation to her before the girl finally believed him, “Help me up first; I trust you now.”

Xiao Chen released his breath in relief and helped her up, then he leaned on a tree, “That’s right, I have not asked you for your name yet.”

“Name? I’m Yue Ying,” the girl said gently. After she said that, a rumbling sound came from her stomach. She could not help but blush.

After Xiao Chen heard it, he could not help but smile and took out a Fasting Pill from the Universe Ring, “Eat this. After you eat this, you will not be hungry.”

Receiving the Fasting Pill, Yue Ying did not hesitate and swallowed it. After a short while, she felt that her empty stomach did not feel hungry anymore. She said in surprise, “You are an alchemist? This pill is miraculous.”

Xiao Chen nodded his head, “You are really daring; are you not afraid that I gave you poison?”

At this point in time, Yue Ying already recovered some of her strength. She got up and stretched her body as she said, “Since I have chosen to believe you, I will not hesitate. Furthermore, if I want to kill you, as long as I have a breath left, it would be easy for me to do so.”

Xiao Chen quietly smacked his lips, Why was it that the women he met were all so strong? Ao Jiao was strong and now there is this Yue Ying. It was suffocating.

“How long was I in that space for?” Yue Ying asked suddenly.

“About three days.”

Yue Ying’s complexion changed, “Oh no! Those people from the Qizi County have probably been killed by Ye Chenzhou already. You better bring the people participating in the trial away quickly. The Demonic Beasts are about to attack.”

Xiao Chen thought about it. He remembered that he kept running into higher ranked Demonic Beast in the past few days, Could it be that those experts that the Qizi County sent to the core of Gloomy Forest were all dead?

“Hu Chi!”

Suddenly, there were three different colored flames rising into the dark sky of Gloomy Forest. These were the emergency signals of the Zhang Clan, Xiao Clan, and Tang Clan.

What happened? Why did the three clans release emergency signals at the same time? Xiao Chen thought puzzledly.

“I’m going back, what are you going to do?” Xiao Chen said to Yue Ying.

Yue Ying smiled indifferently, “Go. I’m not seriously injured. Just that I have exhausted myself too much by using that technique. I just need to recuperate for one hour, and I will be able to leave.”

Xiao Chen thought for awhile before saying, “Then let me guard you for an hour.”

“Thank you,” Yue Ying said sincerely. She was currently at her weakest, and needed someone to guard her.

Yue Ying sat down cross-legged, and nine dragon shadows circled around her. Streams of golden dragon Qi were emitted from her body continuously. Her aura grew stronger, bit by bit.

After an hour, Yue Ying suddenly opened her eyes. All her previous injuries were healed. She no longer gave off the weak feeling she had before; she was now filled with a tyrannical aura.

She nodded at Xiao Chen, and a small golden dragon entered into Xiao Chen’s body. It swam in his body for a cycle, before integrating with the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit.

“You saved my life. When necessary, this dragon Qi will protect your life,” after she said that, she soared into the sky and flew into the distance, leaving Xiao Chen with the sight of a beautiful figure.

Xiao Chen was not reluctant to leave. Based on the fact that she could use Dragon Flames, Xiao Chen had guessed her identity. Yue Ying, when he reversed her name, it was Ying Yue. It was obvious that she was from the imperial family of the Great Qin Nation. The distance between him and her was too far.

After retrieving his gaze, Xiao Chen headed back towards the Xiao Clan camp site. The three clans fired off emergency signals together; something major must have happened.

“Why is there no one here at all?”

When Xiao Chen rushed to the camp, he discovered that the campsite had been packed up. Even the Demonic Beast corpses in the storehouse were all taken away.

Could they have retreated already?

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