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Chapter 645: Breaking into the Proud Son of Heaven Ranking

"Ha ha! The Sky Dome Realm's people are here to attempt the Proud Son of Heaven Ranking as well. Wait for a while. Let's take a look."

"Anyway, it will be fast. Those guys will be leaving as fast as they came. We won't have to wait long."

The surrounding local cultivators of the Tianwu Domain all stood at the side, watching in silence, waiting for a joke to happen.

"Damn it! A bunch of snobs looking down on others. I will break into the ranking to show them up."

Immediately, two people felt extremely upset. They picked up their lanterns straightaway and dripped their blood into it. Flames instantly lit up in the lanterns.

The flames gathered and mirrored the appearance of the two. They looked exactly the same, just significantly smaller.


The two felt a strong suction force coming from the wall. Shouting a warcry, they tossed their lanterns towards the wall.

When the two lanterns got within two hundred meters of the wall covered with countless paintings of Sages, the images of two Sages leaped out of the wall.

The images of the Sages shrank to the same size as the flames in the lanterns. Then, they each leaped into a lantern.

The palm-sized space in the lanterns seemed to turn into a realm of its own. The image of the Sage and the miniature flame person quickly exchanged moves.


However, in just a breath of time, the flame person in each lantern shattered. The lanterns, which lost their flames, promptly wobbled and crashed to the floor.

The two Sky Dome Realm cultivators attempting to enter the Proud Son of Heaven Ranking immediately revealed a look of horror in their eyes. They both paled and vomited a large mouthful of blood.

"Ha ha ha! They can't even pass the foundation test. To think they shamelessly declared that they would break into the Proud Son of Heaven Ranking!"

The young local cultivators of the Tianwu Domain all guffawed, their expressions full of mockery.

Bai Yu and Bai He were almost doubled over in laughter. They said loudly, "These two trash nearly made me laugh myself to death. They can't even block one move from the Sage. To think they are not embarrassed to say they want to break into the Proud Son of Heaven Ranking! It is was me, I would find a piece of tofu and smash myself to death with it."

The faces of those two from the Sky Dome Realm turned into shades of green and purple in extreme embarrassment from the mocking laughter of the many local cultivators.

The subsequent Sky Dome Realm cultivators attempting to break into the Proud Son of Heaven Ranking felt driven. They wanted to prove themselves with all their might. However, they returned empty-handed.

The foundation test managed to defeat them all. Even the best of them only lasted ten moves. However, they still could not avoid the shattering of their flames and their lanterns falling miserably to the floor.

Gong Yangyu and Yue Chenxi stepped up to give it a try as well. In the end, the Sage images defeated their flames, and their lanterns fell.

Afterwards, Bai Qi and Xuanyuan Zhantian stepped up, and they finally managed to regain some face for the Sky Dome Realm. The two lasted twenty moves, passing the foundation test.

However, when they attempted to break into the Proud Son of Heaven Ranking, the last lantern on the lowest row defeated and shattered their flames.

The surrounding people revealed expressions that said they had expected this. How could the people from the last ranked Sky Dome Realm manage to break into the Proud Son of Heaven Ranking on their first try?

"Make way, make way. You Sky Dome Realm 'geniuses' can stop embarrassing yourselves here. You should go back and train for a few more years before trying."

Beiming Palace's Bai Yu and Bai He held up their lanterns, waving off Bai Qi and the others.

"Hey, you brat, you still have not made your move yet!" the two said after they parted the crowd and saw Xiao Chen preparing to make his attempt.

Bai Yu and Bai He had already waited for some time. They felt that they had milked the joke long enough already and did not want to waste any more time.

They said impatiently, "Don't overestimate yourself. Do you still think this is your last-ranked Sky Dome Realm? You will never be able to rank on the Proud Son of Heaven Ranking. Just scram!"

As they spoke, Bai Yu and Bai He prepared to make their attempt as well. They tried to push Xiao Chen directly aside. However, just when they were about to touch him, Xiao Chen suddenly turned his head.

Xiao Chen released his peak state of massacre. It seemed as if a multitude of malicious spirits screamed from within his pitch-black eyes.

"I do not like people touching me when I'm attempting to break into the ranking."

Xiao Chen's tone was very calm; he did not release his aura, either. Only that boundless state of massacre passed through his eyes and entered Bai Yu's and Bai He's minds.

Bai Yu and Bai He felt fear in their hearts for some reason. They could not help taking a step back from that scary gaze.

The two exchanged glances filled with disbelief. They definitely had the same cultivation, so why did they feel scared of this person?

Seeing that the two already retreated, Xiao Chen immediately withdrew his peak state of massacre. He had just arrived in the Kunlun Realm and was not strong enough yet. He did not wish to stir up any trouble and wanted to maintain a low profile.

Bai Yu felt fear in his heart, but he did not wish to compromise on his pride. So he said, "I'll let you make your attempt first, then. Let's see what tricks you can pull out. I don't believe that any trash from the Sky Dome Realm can break into the Proud Son of Heaven Ranking on their first try."

The surrounding local cultivators did not believe that Xiao Chen could succeed in his attempt, either. After all, most of the people on the ranking were more than thirty years old.

In the Kunlun Realm, the average lifespan of cultivators was more than two hundred years old. So anyone under the age of forty was considered part of the younger generation.

Currently, Xiao Chen was twenty-one years old. A definite gap between his accumulations and those of these people who had been in the Kunlun Realm since childhood would only be natural.

Old Feng watched as Xiao Chen prepared to make his attempt. He secretly held some anticipation in his heart. He had expected the rest to fail in their attempts to rank on the Proud Son of Heaven Ranking.

The Tianwu Domain was vast and boundless. There were several millions of cultivators from the younger generation. For the top thousand people to stand out from these millions, they could not have been weak or mediocre.

Furthermore, considering the age and accumulations of the Sky Dome Realm's cultivators, they would definitely not have any success on their first attempt. Broadening their horizons here was just good enough.

As for the humiliation the Sky Dome Realm cultivators suffered, this was done on purpose by the elders of the various sects. Many of these cultivators who came to the Tianwu Domain for the first time were proud youths. These elders wanted to show these youths their place and standing.

However, Xiao Chen was the miracle-producing White Robed Bladesman. Old Feng believed that Xiao Chen would not disappoint him.

Xiao Chen looked calmly at the Sage Wall and the thousand lanterns on it. Then, he took a deep breath and made a cut on his right palm.

Blood flowed along Xiao Chen's palm lines and slowly dripped onto the lantern. With a 'pu' sound, the blood immediately ignited and became a beautiful flame.

Suddenly, Xiao Chen felt the Mental Energy in his sea of consciousness drain together with his blood.

When the flame in the lantern took human shape, Xiao Chen was surprised to discover himself standing in the lantern.

What seemed to be a palm-sized lantern turned into a world at this moment. It did not feel off or weird.

"Interesting. I wonder who made this lantern?"

After making an attempt, Xiao Chen discovered he could even control the body in the lantern. He could also end such a state with a thought, so there was nothing to fear.

When Xiao Chen felt the suction force from the Sage Wall, he stood in the lantern and shouted a warcry. After that, the lantern flew over, carrying him along with it.

"You are overestimating yourself. To think this fellow still wants to attempt to enter the Proud Son of Heaven Ranking! He probably cannot even pass the foundation test."

"That's right. To think he even dares to obstruct us! He is simply wasting everybody's time."

Seeing Xiao Chen's lantern fly over, Bai Yu and Bai He heckled him loudly. Earlier, Xiao Chen's gaze had forced them to back down. For them to back down from what they considered a small character was very embarrassing. They hated that they could not smash Xiao Chen's lantern before it flew over, so they could ease their anger.

Bai Xi, who had kept her head down all the while, looked up. She discovered that her First Senior Brother was watching seriously as well. She could not help but feel curious and asked, "First Senior Brother, will that Xiao Chen be able to succeed?"

The blue-robed youth with an extraordinary air had a solemn look. He was no longer as confident as he had been initially.

While no one else noticed Bai Yu's and Bai He's actions earlier, that blue-robed youth had seen the entire incident clearly. Bai Yu and Bai He had already attempted to get on the Proud Son of Heaven Ranking three times before this. They had long since advanced to Inferior Grade Martial Monarch as well. When comparing cultivation, they could only be superior to Xiao Chen.

Furthermore, the blue-robed youth was very familiar with the two's temperaments. A simple word from Xiao Chen could not have forced them back. Something strange was going on here.

The blue-robed youth said, "It is hard to say. He should be able to clear the foundation test of this Sage Wall. As for whether he can break into the Proud Son of Heaven Ranking, I can't tell for sure."


When Xiao Chen's lantern reached a certain distance from the Sage Wall, an old man with white hair and eyebrows in one of the drawings suddenly came to life. Then, he shrank and entered the lantern.

In the world inside the lantern, Xiao Chen placed his right hand on his saber. He did not dare to be careless when facing this old man.

"I will suppress my cultivation to be one grade lower than yours. If you want to get into the Proud Son of Heaven Ranking, you have to receive twenty moves from me first!"

Right after the white-haired old man spoke, he immediately drew a sword. His figure flashed and left behind many afterimages as he sent an attack at Xiao Chen.

The sword had a muted glow. As the old man attacked, he sent out seven sword lights. Then, each sword image split into three sword images. In an instant, twenty-one sword images surrounded Xiao Chen.

As the wind blew and a fiery light flickered, the boundless sword images looked like a blazing sea of fire.

Xiao Chen thought to himself, What an exquisite Martial Technique! Not only does the Sword Technique contain a strong technical aspect, but it is also perfectly merged with his state of fire.

This raised the original Martial Technique to an entirely different level. This was a tremendous eye-opener for Xiao Chen; he had not realized that Martial Techniques could be used this way.

"Excellent. Senior, your move is truly excellent. In this case, this junior will make his move and disgrace himself."

Seeing such exquisite Sword Technique, Xiao Chen was ecstatic. He had already forgotten all about the foundation test of the Proud Son of Heaven Ranking. He only wanted to experiment and try to discover the truth behind this Sword Technique, to see what he could learn from it.

Xiao Chen instantly drew his Lunar Shadow Saber. He did not create any saber image. He only used speed to obtain victory, sending out a total of twenty-one attacks.

As he swung the saber, he followed the old man's example, infusing his state of thunder into every one of his attacks. The boundless saber images produced formed a sea of lightning with arcs of electricity leaping around the surface.

However, since this was Xiao Chen's first attempt at using this sea of lightning, it seemed incredibly crude. It only had an indistinct outline, far from that sea of fire's charm and natural appearance.

The white-haired old man raised his eyebrows. He smiled faintly and said, "Little fellow, you are quite interesting. However, this Sea of Fire Sword Light Chop is not as simple as it appears."

"Dang! Dang! Dang!"

The saber and sword clashed, producing incessant clanging. Xiao Chen blocked all twenty-one of the white-haired old man's sword images.

However, that Sword Technique did not end there. The blazing sea of fire erupted, swallowing up Xiao Chen's sea of lightning. As it surged over, it felt like the sea of fire would swallow up Xiao Chen as well.

A greater danger still lay behind it. A fiery and sharp sword light moved in the middle of the sea of fire, building up power for the right moment.

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