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Chapter 394: Genius Cultivator’s Utopia

“Ka ca! Ka ca!”

The purple sabar Qi was like an actual saber. After it shattered, it fell to the ground in pieces.

After that, the two exchanged several dozen moves. Xiao Chen discovered that, after he had advanced to Martial King, he had not closed the gap between himself and Yue Chenxi.

It looked like, with the aid of the Daybreak Flower, Yu Chenxi’s strength had risen. Like before, she did not need a state to be an equal match for Xiao Chen,


One hour later, Xiao Chen sheathed his saber and stopped fighting. The situation was the same as before.

If the two fought to the death, and Xiao Chen used all his trump cards, the Palm Sword, the Wukui Saber Technique’s eighth move, and the Azure Dragon’s Qi, it would be easy to force Yue Chenxi to use her state. After that, the odds would become fifty-fifty. However, these were Xiao Chen’s trump cards; there was no need to expose them all.

“Congratulations, you managed to advance from Superior Grade Martial Saint to Martial King within two months. You are probably the only one with such shocking cultivation speed.”

Yue Chenxi landed beside Xiao Chen and said softly, her voice sounding melodious and pleasing.

Xiao Chen replied, just as softly, “That is nothing; after wasting so many Spirit Herbs, if I still didn’t break through, something would be wrong.”

This person is as humble as before. He speaks of this matter so dismissively. However, if a regular cultivator had many treasures, they will not be as bold about it either.

At this moment, Xiao Bai came running over. She looked at Xiao Chen and said happily, “Elder Brother Xiao Chen, you became stronger again. However, Xiao Bai was not lazy. Elder Sister Yue says that I have the strength of an Inferior Grade Martial King already.”

Xiao Chen looked at Yue Chenxi, feeling somewhat suspicious. He did not really believe Xiao Bai’s words. He remembered that, in the past, her strength was only the equivalent of a regular Superior Grade Martial Saint. How could she have improved so fast?

Yue Chenxi nodded and said, “I was not lying. Xiao Bai does indeed have the strength of a Martial King. Her Heart Nourishing Universe Sword Technique is even somewhat of a headache for me to deal with.

“Furthermore, she even condensed a Sword Heart. If she goes to the Great Jin Nation’s Drifting Snow Sword Pavilion, many supreme elders will fight to take her in as a disciple.

“I am good friends with the Drifting Snow Sword Pavilion’s Young Pavilion Master. If you are interested, I can help Xiao Bai enter the sect.”

Xiao Chen had heard of the Drifting Snow Sword Pavilion before. It was one of the peak sects on the continent famed for their skill with swords. There were many experts there, and it could compare to the Supreme Sky Sect.

When Xiao Bai heard this, she said softly, “Xiao Bai won’t go to any sword pavilion. I just want to follow Elder Brother Xiao Chen. After I become powerful, I will help Elder Brother Xiao Chen beat up the bad guys.”

Xiao Chen smiled and said, “Thank you for your kind intentions. Xiao Bai already has a place where she wants to be. Never mind about the Drifting Snow Sword Pavilion!”

When Yue Chenxi saw that the two were very uninterested, she no longer spoke of it. It was already late at night; after they spoke for a while more, they took their leave from each other and rested.

“Dong! Dong!”

After Xiao Chen closed his eyes and started cultivating, he suddenly heard footsteps. When he opened his eyes, he saw Yue Chenxi, standing not far from him.

“White Robed Bladesman, can we talk?” Yue Chenxi said quietly as she looked at Xiao Chen under the moonlight.

Xiao Chen glanced at the soundly sleeping Xiao Bai and nodded gently. Then, he went with Yue Chenxi to a faraway place.

The two stopped at the edge of Qianren Island. The sea breeze blew gently on the two of them; it was extremely comfortable.

Xiao Chen casually looked for a clean place to sit before he asked, “Why are you looking for me?”

Yue Chenxi took a deep breath before making up her mind. She said seriously, “In a few days, the supreme elder of my sect should arrive. I would like to invite you to follow me to the Great Jin Nation.”

Xiao Chen raised his eyebrows and said calmly, “Follow you to the Supreme Sky Sect?”

Yue Chenxi nodded and said, “That’s right. Now is a golden age for cultivators that no one has seen for a thousand years. There are all sorts of geniuses, each with outstanding talent. If you go to the Great Jin Nation, you can see this even more objectively.

“That is the utopia of all genius cultivators. I have been traveling everywhere in the past year, even the boundless sea. Nowhere can compare to the Great Jin Nation.

“Not only do we have many Spirit Veins that remain intact from the Ancient Era, but there are also many Martial Techniques left behind from the Ancient Era. There are numerous strong sects, resulting in much more intense competition than other places. If a cultivator does not go to the Great Jin Nation, they would never know how narrow their vision is.”

A fiery gaze flashed in Xiao Chen’s eyes. He was clearly interested in the Great Jin Nation Yue Chenxi described. This was a place that he certainly had to visit after leaving the Great Qin Nation.

From the time Yue Chenxi exchanged moves with Xiao Chen to when she asked him for help, Xiao Chen had guessed that this girl tried to get close to him for a reason.

Yue Chenxi had finally stated her motives. She wanted to invite him to join the Supreme Sky Sect. It looks like her position in the Supreme Sky Sect is not simple.

However, Xiao Chen had his own thoughts. Joining a great sect would mean taking sides before he had planned to do so.

However, how strong exactly was the Supreme Sky Sect? Were they worth siding with? Without gaining a proper understanding, Xiao Chen would not make such a decision easily.

Xiao Chen muttered to himself for a while before he asked, “With your talent and strength, your rank among the youths of the Great Jin Nation is quite high, right?”

When Yue Chenxi saw that Xiao Chen seemed somewhat interested, she smiled and said, “I have a high rank, but I am still a distance away of the top. However, with the Daybreak Flower, I should be able to close the gap.”

Given that such a demonic talent like Yue Chenxi was not at the top, the competition in the Great Jin Nation must reach an intense level.

Yue Chenxi continued, “The peak powers on the continent are always seeking genius youths. Have you ever wondered why Jin Dabao and Su Xiaoxiao are so nice to you?”

“Why?” Xiao Chen asked with interest.

As Yue Chenxi brought up her main point, she smiled gently, “The powers behind them are also the peak powers of the continent. They have the true power on the continent. As long as you come with me to the Supreme Sky Sect, you will understand everything.”

Xiao Chen could not help but laugh hoarsely when he heard this. Yue Chenxi could not understand what was going on. She felt it was strange as she asked, “Why are you laughing?”

Xiao Chen got up and patted the dust of his body. He laughed gently, “I am laughing because your recruitment skills are too poor. Since you are trying to recruit me into the Supreme Sky Sect, why don’t you start with telling me the benefits of joining rather than beating around the bush? What is the point of that?”

Yue Chenxi suddenly felt enlightened. She said, “Right, I forgot to mention that. The Supreme Sky Sect has all sorts of Immortal Grade Pills and countless Spirit Herbs above a thousand years old. We even have many Heaven Ranked Martial Techniques and Cultivation Techniques. We also have…”

Xiao Chen interrupted Yue Chenxi and patted her shoulder. He smiled and said, “Miss Yue, this must be your first time recruiting someone, right?”

Yue Chenxi was stunned for a while before she said, “How did you know? Wait! No! I…”

“The sky is about to brighten. Go to sleep and don’t disrupt my cultivation.” After Xiao Chen spoke, he immediately turned to leave.

As Yue Chenxi watched Xiao Chen leave, she felt a headache coming on. She stomped her foot violently.

Yue Chenxi had met all sorts of outstanding talents on her experiential training.

Yue Chenxi had seen at least fifty, if not a hundred, people like Jin Wuji. However, none of them caught her eye.

Yue Chenxi finally found someone who captured her attention after much difficulty, but Xiao Chen was hard to deal with. Furthermore, he was not like the others, all polite when they saw her.

Xiao Chen did not care about his attitude and treated Yue Chenxi like an ordinary person. This even caused her to suspect her own charms.

“It looks like I cannot complete the mission First Martial Uncle passed to me,” Yue Chenxi heaved a long, drawn-out sigh.

The second morning, when the first rays of sunlight shone on the earth, waking the three.

After they had breakfast, Yue Chenxi brought up the topic from last night again, “Xiao Chen, I am sincere about this. There will be people from the Boundless Sea and the Ancient Desolate Land attending the next Five Nation Youth Competition.

“This will be the most magnificent competition in the history of the Tianwu Continent. You must have thought about participating before. However, this round will be even more intense than before. If you do not have the strength of a Superior Grade Martial King, you will not make it to the top hundred.

“Join the Supreme Sky Sect. Only peak powers like the Supreme Sky Sect receive news of fortuitous encounters. Only these fortuitous encounters will raise your strength that quickly in two years.”

After thinking through the entire night, Yue Chenxi finally thought of a great benefit. After she spoke, she watched Xiao Chen in anticipation.

Xiao Chen was about to answer when his strong Spiritual Sense detected an overwhelming energy flying toward them.

“The elder of your sect should be arriving,” Xiao Chen said softly when he looked at the huge wave ahead.

When Yue Chenxi heard this, she quickly looked in the same direction.

Yue Chenxi saw the towering waves open up like a roll-up door. They slowly opened from the bottom to the top, leaving the sea and soaring into the sky.

An old man walked calmly on the surface of the sea.

The surging waves suddenly grew calm as the old man walked over.

Without the force from the surging wave, the sea was gentle. The old man simply approached serenely after breaking the huge waves, which even a Martial Monarch could not.

From a distance, it looked like a huge gate being pulled open by a formless force.

This is the power of a Sage?

He can easily flip the sea with a wave of his hand and change the natural laws.

Xiao Chen was not too astonished as he watched that old man slowly approach. He merely felt shaken…shaken to the core.

This was a true expert, one who stood at the peak of this world. Xiao Chen finally got to see one.

“Hu chi!”

The old man had been a thousand meters away, but he instantly arrived at the island. It looked like the few steps he took surpassed the limitations of space, moving a large distance in an instant.

“First Martial Uncle, why are you here?”

Yue Chenxi looked at the old man and revealed a joyous expression as she ran over.

The old man smiled and looked at Yue Chenxi, “You have no idea how anxious we old men were when we received your message. If it were not for the fact that the sect needed someone to hold down the fort, your Grandmaster would have come personally.”

Yue Chenxi stuck her tongue out mischievously. She smiled and said, “It’s not like we could never escape. We were merely stuck here temporarily. You are all too hasty.”

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