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Chapter 383:  Two-Hundred-Year-Old Golden Flowing Light Fruit

“This Xiao Chen is really horrifying. At such a young age, he can compete with an expert of the older generation.”

It seemed like Xiao Chen had used only his physical strength to block Bai Lixi’s strike. The surrounding people were all shocked.

This was especially so for the outstanding talents present at the gathering in the restaurant. They were all filled with shock; they did not expect Xiao Chen to be this strong.

Although Xiao Chen managed to pull a draw with Yue Chenxi, most people thought that she had held back.

In their opinion, Xiao Chen’s strength was about the same as theirs, even slightly lower because of his cultivation realm. However, the scene here destroyed that image.

Jin Wuji’s expression also turned grave. He now considered Xiao Chen as someone he needed to get rid of. Otherwise, his opponent would surpass him in the future.

Xiao Chen did not give Bai Lixi anytime to feel astonished. He clenched his right fist, and crackling sounds came from his fingers; he quickly gathered all the energy in his body.

The image of a tiger and dragon circled his arm. The Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art circulated quickly as he punched at Bai Lixi.

This punched contained Xiao Chen’s full power. He released the full power of his physical body without holding back. Since he made a move, he did not intend to hold back.

The instant Bai Lixi was stunned, Xiao Chen’s fist wind had already arrived. He quickly took a step back and sent out a punch as well.


A loud sound rang out. Surprisingly, Xiao Chen’s fist wind pushed Bai Lixi’s punch back. The attack struck his massive body, and he flew back.

Bai Lixi flew back over a hundred meters before could set his foot firmly on the ground. He held the ground with one hand and looked up at Xiao Chen. Shock filled his coarse face.

The force from Xiao Chen’s small frame had reached 125,000 kilograms. This was more than double the strength that he sent out.

“So far, no one has pushed me to such a miserable state using their physical strength. You are the first, and the last,” Bai Lixi said indifferently as all the bones in his body squirmed around. In a short period, his grew large and taller.

Bai Lixi’s aura became extremely berserk. A strong aura spread around him, forming an intense tornado, blowing away the sand, stone, and dust.

Just as Bai Lixi prepared to make his move, the Bloody Swordsman arrived before him in a flash. He said indifferently, “Bai Lixi, don’t forget why you are here. If you keep fighting, others might take advantage.

“You plan on finding a thousand-year-old Spirit Herb that will strengthen your body, Qi, and blood. If there are none left, you will have to wait for several decades before you can make another breakthrough.”

Sun Guangquan’s words helped calm Bai Lixi’s berserk heart. He slowly relaxed his right hand that held his axe, and his body returned to its previous form.

Bai Lixi withdrew his aura and said, “Brat! I will remember you. Regardless of where you go, I, Bai Lixi, will return this punch to you.”

Xiao Chen relaxed his right hand, which held his saber, and said softly, “Anytime!”

This was for the best. Xiao Chen did not wish to fight Bai Lixi here. It would only result in the two sustaining injuries.

Bai Lixi’s true strength was stronger than Xiao Chen’s. If they really fought, Xiao Chen was only confident of a forty percent chance of victory.

Furthermore, there was still a group of people around them, watching greedily. If the two were injured, it would only result in others taking advantage of them.

As long as the seven peak Martial Kings did not pursue the archer, it would be fine. Otherwise, if they forced him, he could only bow out of the fortuitous encounter.

The seven peak Martial Kings ignored Xiao Chen and headed for the herb garden with great strides. The black-robed man with an unsightly scar on his face followed.

The others followed excitedly as well. It was as if the treasures that filled the place were theirs for the taking.

However, could these treasures be that easy to obtain?

Xiao Chen followed the rushing crowd and entered the garden. He was coincidentally about to force open a minor meridian. He could use this opportunity to find a Spirit Herb for nourishing the meridians.

As for Spirit Herbs that could increase his cultivation, replenish his Qi and blood, or temper his physical body, they were second priorities.

Xiao Chen closed his eyes, and his Spiritual Sense, including that Spiritual Core hidden in his consciousness, instantly extended throughout the herb garden.

In that instant, all the Spirit Herbs in the entire herb garden appeared within Xiao Chen’s mind.

There were simply too many Spirit Herbs. There was a sea of information. After exhausting his spirit, he finally managed to find some of the Spirit Herbs that he needed.

After a while, Xiao Chen opened his eyes and revealed a faint smile.

Xiao Chen started moving quickly through the garden. While the others searched for Spirit Herbs, Xiao Chen no longer needed to; he had already found the Spirit Herbs he needed.

“I found it, two-hundred-year-old Golden Flowing Light Fruit; it can nourish the meridians by directly eating it. It has an even stronger effect on new meridians.”

Xiao Chen revealed a faint smile as he stopped below a golden fruit. There were nine mature fruits of the tree branch.

Xiao Chen took out a jade box and carefully picked the fruit before storing it carefully. Then, he looked into the distance; there was a rare Tendon Refining Flower.

Xiao Chen did not intend to give up on that. He quickly passed a few excited cultivators and rapidly picked the Tendon Refining Flower before fleeing immediately.

“Ha ha! I unexpectedly found a thousand-year-old Snow Ginseng! It can advance my cultivation by twenty years! I struck it rich this time!”

A middle-aged cultivator held a completely snow-white ginseng that seemed like it was covered in ice. He shouted excitedly as he held it.

This person seeks death. If you have found something good, keep it quiet. Is there a need to shout so excitedly about it?

Xiao Chen revealed an expression of slight pity. He ignored him and continued on his journey to pick herbs.

When the middle-aged cultivator finished speaking, he noticed the cultivators around looking at him. He realized that he said the wrong things. He quickly placed the thousand-year-old Snow Ginseng into his Spatial Ring and fled.

However, that middle-aged cultivator was not fast enough. When several cultivators heard his shouts, they blocked his way menacingly. Even the group that he came with had turned on him.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The continuous sounds of battle resounded in Xiao Chen’s ear. The middle-aged cultivator was not resigned and fought the crowd.

Soon, the middle-aged cultivator was beaten back till he could no longer retaliate. This person hardened his heart and tossed out the thousand-year-old Snow Ginseng.

“Hu chi!”

Xiao Chen heard a sound coming from behind him. He checked with his Spiritual Sense and immediately felt something flying toward him. He could not help but reveal a helpless smile.

Xiao Chen spun around and gently stretched his hand to catch the item. It was that thousand-year-old Snow Ginseng.

It was very hard for Spirit Herbs to live to a thousand years old. There were so many factors involved, such as light, temperature, Spiritual Energy, position, and many others.

The first thousand years was a big hurdle for Spirit Herbs. This hurdle was similar to the hurdles of human cultivators. Once it overcame this hurdle, it would become an Immortal Ranked Spirit Herb.

If the Spirit Herb could not overcome this hurdle, it would become fertilizer for the other Spirit Herbs.

Within the entire herb garden that was 3300 meters long, Xiao Chen only found ten Spirit Herbs that were more than a thousand years old. However, there were many Spirit Herbs that were eight or nine hundred years old.

It was easy to imagine the value of this thousand-year-old Snow Ginseng.

However, this was not the time to obtain this. When that fool shouted earlier, he attracted half the people in the herb garden. Even a peak Martial King could not fight against a force this large.

Actually, at this time, if there were anyone that you did not get along with, you could hand the Snow Ginseng to that person. However, there were not many people as wise as Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen turned around and looked at a place several hundred meters away. He looked at Bai Lixi, who searched for a Spirit Herb that could temper his physical body. Xiao Chen smiled faintly and shouted, “Bai Lixi, look here!”

Bai Lixi looked up and was mildly stunned. He saw Xiao Chen smiling gently at him and felt that it was weird. He was about to shout angrily when a white object flew toward him.

Bai Lixi stretched out his hand, and when he looked at the object, joy appeared on his face. “It’s a thousand-year-old Snow Ginseng. Although it is useless to me, I can exchange it for a treasure of similar value.”

Before Bai Lixi could stop smiling, he saw at least two hundred people rushing at him. His expression changed greatly, and he cursed, “Damn!”

Bai Lixi took out his axe and used it to smash a person away. However, there was an unending flow of people. The allure of the thousand-year-old Snow Ginseng was too great.

The thousand-year-old Snow Ginseng was the equivalent to twenty years of cultivation. If one could get hold of it, it could save them twenty years. Such an item had a great attraction to cultivators.

Even the ferocious Bai Lixi could not hold back this group of people. He had no choice but to put away his axe and rush out of the herb garden.

“White Robed Bladesman, I, Bai Lixi, will remember you. After I leave this Qianren Island, I will tear you in half.”

Bai Lixi shouted and cursed as he dodged the attacks sent at him. He thought of giving up on the Snow Ginseng, but he could not bear to.

If Bai Lixi tossed it away, who knew whether he could obtain another thousand-year-old or older Immortal Ranked natural treasure. This felt like the mingling of love and hate.

“Fortunately, I managed to toss away this troublesome item. I should look for other Spirit Herbs that can increase my cultivation. A thousand-year-old one is quite rare, but there are many eight or nine hundred-years-old ones.”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly as he spoke softly. Furthermore, when he threw the Spirit Herb, he did not flinch. Hence, he did not attract any attention.

Eight-hundred-year-old Deer Antler Herb, nine-hundred-year-old Lingzhi, seven-hundred-year-old Fragrance Retaining Fruit, five-hundred-year-old Seven-Colored Falling Leaf Grass…

Xiao Chen picked all of the Spirit Herbs that could increase cultivation. He had accumulated an immense wealth by himself.

Occasionally, people fought over Spirit Herbs in the distance. Xiao Chen could not be bothered with them and ignored them.

The herb garden was vast. At one glance, it was full of one or two hundred years old herbs. However, herbs of a few hundred years old required some time to find.

However, Xiao Chen had the assistance of his Spiritual Sense. He did not need to waste time searching. He could pick a Spirit Herb and immediately move to the next one. No one else had as great a harvest as he did.

After a while, Xiao Chen stopped picking Spirit Herbs that improved cultivation. He muttered, “I already have ten stalks of Spirit Herbs for cultivation. This is sufficient to become a peak Superior Grade Martial Saint. I should look for some Spirit Herbs for tempering the body before others pick them all.”

Following that, Xiao Chen systematically moved around the herb garden, picking the Spirit Herbs that tempered the body.

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