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Chapter 379: Meeting Wu Shangxuan Again

The room was spacious. Xiao Chen gazed around his surroundings and found three wooden crates. A layer of dust covered each crate.

Xiao Chen retreated about ten meters and sent out wind from his palm, smashing the crate’s lid into dust.

The wooden crate emitted a gentle light. There were more than five thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Stones sitting in the crate.

He similarly opened the other two crates. The results somewhat disappointed Xiao Chen; they were Inferior Grade Spirit Stones as well.

Xiao Chen put away all the Inferior Grade Spirit Stones into his Universe Ring. Then he started to wander around the fifty layer. Along the way, he met some short-sighted Martial Kings.

When these Martial Kings saw that Xiao Chen was alone and that he was merely a Superior Grade Martial Saint, they tried to kill him for his treasures.

Without hesitating, Xiao Chen killed them decisively. The cultivators who lingered in the fifth layer would not be very strong.

Not only they would lose their treasures, but they would also die and help Xiao Chen increase the pool of blood in the scarlet throne.


Xiao Chen dealt with a combat puppet once again and opened the wooden crates in the room. He obtained another three crates of Inferior Grade Spirit Stones, disappointed.

Xiao Chen had broken into at least ten rooms. The results were some Inferior Grade Spirit Stone and some trashy Martial Techniques. They were useless to him.

“No, I cannot keep wasting my time with caution. The harvest is equivalent to the danger encountered. I have to go further in.”

Xiao Chen put away the Spirit Stones properly and muttered to himself.

After Xiao Chen made up his mind, he did not hesitate and prepared to head for the sixth layer.

The further he went in, the fewer rooms he would encounter in each layer. The danger increased, but the rewards were greater.

Xiao Chen quickly looked through the crowd in the sixth layer and decided not to stay. He did not find any experts among them, so he forged ahead.

A place where experts did not bother to stay meant that there was nothing of value. In that case, there was no need for Xiao Chen to remain.

As Xiao Chen made his way forward, there were many Martial Kings who blocked his way, trying to rob him. He quickly swung his saber and dealt with the problem. This continued until the tenth layer before Xiao Chen stopped.

Throughout the tenth layer’s circular path, there were, at most, one hundred rooms. However, none were sealed.

Cultivators’ corpses littered the ground. Their blood had not dried yet. There were even some cultivators still alive, moaning in pain.

Xiao Chen looked at the corpses on the ground and frowned. These people’s strength was quite similar to his.

That was to say that if Xiao Chen kept walking forward, he would run into something that could threaten his life. Perhaps he would end up like these people on the ground who could no longer stand.

Go! Continue to go on!

Xiao Chen made up his mind. His placed his right hand on his saber’s hilt and headed further in.

When Xiao Chen arrived at the eleventh layer, there were no sealed rooms like before. There were even more corpses lying on the ground. He did not explore and moved on.

The twelfth layer, thirteenth layer, and fourteenth layer…the treasure rooms in the core area were all open. The treasures within them had been stolen away. 

I can only go into the fifteenth layer, Xiao Chen thought to himself. I have already reached the point of no return.

Xiao Chen focused himself and headed for the fifteenth layer. There were many corpses at the entrance to the fifteenth layer.

These cultivators were killed with one strike. Their spatial rings were gone. It was clear that someone waited here.

Xiao Chen scanned the area with his Spiritual Sense and saw a mysterious old man hiding in the shadows behind the doors.

Xiao Chen smiled coldly and sent out a strand of purple saber Qi. It pierced the doors and headed for that mysterious old man.

A dagger appeared in the old man’s hand, and he moved it gently across the air. He tore the saber Qi in half like a piece of cloth.


The mysterious old man’s figure flashed and the wooden doors shattered; he appeared before Xiao Chen.

“Wu Shangxuan!”

Wu Shangxuan looked at Xiao Chen and smiled sinisterly, “Little Brother, I did not expect us to meet again. How about it? Will you reconsider this old man’s previous request?”

Xiao Chen sheathed his saber and smiled faintly, “So, it is Old Wu. I’m sorry for making a move against you.”

Seeing Xiao Chen sheath his saber, Wu Shangxuan lowered his guard. He thought to himself, In the end, he is merely a greenhorn, new to the world. I can use him for a while first.

Thinking of this, Wu Shangxuan laughed and said, “There is no need to mind the small matters. This treasure hunt has surpassed this old man’s expectation. Young Hero should have seen the tragic situation of the earlier layers.

“It looks like we have a chance to open the gates to the main hall. Will you consider my previous suggestion again?”

Xiao Chen slowly stepped closer to Wu Shangxuan. He discovered that when this person spoke, he was still in a state of high alert. Furthermore, the way he stood revealed no weakness.

Regardless of what direction Xiao Chen attacked from, the other party would dodge; it was clear that he was cautious.

Xiao Chen maintained a five-meter distance from the other party. He said indifferently, “Since we met, let’s take a look together. Senior, please tell me about the situation ahead.”

Wu Shangxuan nodded and smiled, “There are seven treasure rooms in the fifteenth layer. Because fewer people had explored this layer in the past, no one has broken past the guards of the fifteenth layer.”

Xiao Chen peered through the entrance of the fifteenth layer. There was indeed a pile of puppet beasts among the corpses. When he thought about it, he had also seen some combat puppets and puppet beasts at the entrances of the other layers.

There should have been guards at every entrance to the next layer. However, Xiao Chen was slightly late, and the guards had already been defeated. Hence, Xiao Chen could move unhindered.

“Let’s go. Currently, there are groups of four or five people in each treasure room. With the two of us working together, we don’t have to wait around for scraps,” Wu Shangxuan downplayed the situation.

There were at least fifteen corpses on the ground; Xiao Chen assumed he had killed them. This person was truly insidious.

Wu Shangxuan led the way as they walked through the passageway. He was clearly familiar with the way as he led Xiao Chen to a treasure room. A sinister look appeared in his eyes when he stopped.

Fighting sounds came from within the room. Evidently, there was a group of cultivators inside already.


Wu Shangxuan kicked down the door and entered. There were four Superior Grade Martial Kings fighting a ferocious Rank 7 Demonic Beast in the spacious room.

There were three heavy-looking golden crates sitting quietly in the corner.

When the few of them saw Wu Shangxuan suddenly appear, they were all startled. The leader of the group knocked back the Demonic Beast with a palm.

The leader leaped out of the fight and came to Wu Shangxuan. He looked at Xiao Chen behind and said, “Wu Shangxuan, what are you doing here? Didn’t I tell you to scram?”

Wu Shangxuan smiled and said, “Yang Wen, this old man was clearly the first to find this room. Why else would I be here? Obviously, I am here to chase you all away.”

Yang Wen looked at Xiao Chen and smiled with some disdain, “Just by relying on him? You are too naive!”

“Distract this person first. I will deal with the other three. After that, we will split the treasures in this room equally. Otherwise, with your strength, you could not gain any benefits from this fifteenth layer.”

Wu Shangxuan focused his voice beside Xiao Chen’s ear while he spoke.

Xiao Chen thought very quickly. After a moment, while the two spoke, he made a decision. He drew his saber.

Xiao Chen sent out a dense purple saber light at Yang Wen. Yang Wen smiled faintly and casually released his palm wind.

As the palm wind howled, a tornado appeared in the air. This casual palm strike was not weak.

“Chi! Chi! Chi!”

However, Xiao Chen’s saber light was very dense. The strong state of thunder easily chopped through the palm wind. Xiao Chen took advantage of this opportunity to get closer to Yang Wen.

Wu Shangxuan chuckled and quickly headed for the other three. “Yang Wen, take your time and have fun. I will play with your brothers first.”

Damn it! He has actually comprehended the state of thunder. It will be impossible to deal with him with two or three moves.

Yang Wen’s expression changed. He wanted to stop We Shangxuan, but a saber light blocked his way. 

Yang Wen dodged a few times, but the saber light followed after him. There was no way he could escape. He could only use caution and focus his attention on Xiao Chen.

“I will kill you today for spoiling my matter!” Yang Wen bellowed and violently sent out a palm strike at Xiao Chen.

A few strands of cold Qi spread throughout the palm wind. The cold Qi crowded together like a bundle of thread. This Yang Wen had comprehended the state of ice.

A Superior Grade Martial King with the state of ice, this person is not easy to deal with. Wu Shangxuan is still here, who is not easy to deal with either. I will go with the flow for now.

Xiao Chen made up his mind and executed the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art. He did not clash head-on with Yang Wen’s strong attacks and moved around him like a slippery mudfish.

However, when the other party wanted to slip away, the saber light chased after him like a venomous snake. This forced Yang Wen to deal with it.

There were a few times when Yang Wen pretended to slip away but in fact, planned to capture Xiao Chen and attack him. However, his skills were too weak, and Xiao Chen saw through them instantly.

There were even a few times that Yang Wen fell for Xiao Chen’s tricks, confounding him.


There was a miserable shriek. Wu Shangxuan finally made his move and sneak-attacked one of the three Martial King fighting with the Demonic Beast, killing him.

Yang Wen was very anxious. However, Xiao Chen stuck close to him, not allowing him to go and help.

After the four Martial Kings surrounded the Rank 7 Demonic Beast, victory was already at hand. They would have been able to kill it.

However, they were currently missing one person. So they could not kill the Demonic Beast and could barely defend. Hence, Wu Shangxuan’s successful sneak-attack was expected.

Lacking yet another person, the remaining two were no longer a match for the Demonic Beast. The Demonic Beast took up the chase; they did not even have the chance to flee.

“Hu chi!”

There was another flash of scarlet light. The dagger in Wu Shangxuan’s hand took the life of another person. Then, he vanished again, hiding in the shadows.

Wu Shangxuan’s aura disappeared completely. He did not attract the Demonic Beast’s attention.

One more person, then, I will deal with Yang Wen. After that, that brat will have no more value. By then, the entrance to the main hall should be open. I will go there and try my luck. Miraculous pills and treasures can only be found there.

Wu Shangxuan, who was hidden in the shadows, smiled to himself. Everything was under his control.

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