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Chapter 375: Birth of a Secret Treasure

The surface of the ocean was scarlet. When one looked carefully, they would see a large number of sea creatures crushed into a pool of blood by the whirlpool; they had no means of resisting.

No wonder large ships refused to stop here. Even the strong warships would not dare stop here in fear of the ferocious undercurrents and whirlpools.

Xiao Chen looked up; the clouds hid the peaks of the massive waves. There even seemed to be waves above the sea of clouds.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The waves’ crashing resounded relentlessly. It was ear-splitting like an unending chain of thunder reverberating on the surface of the sea.

Xiao Chen flew around the huge waves and discovered that the waves formed four walls around Qianduan Island. When they combined, it looked like a cage, trapping Qianduan Island within.

There are only four walls of water. Does that mean that, as long as I can pass over the barrier of these boundless waves, I can pass through? Xiao Chen wondered to himself.

Although Xiao Chen knew that it could not be this simple, he still wanted to try. He used the Gravity Spell and flew upwards.

“Hu! Hu!”

Strong winds blew past his ears; Xiao Chen had already exhausted a significant amount of his Essence. He had unknowingly flown close to ten thousand meters high.

However, the massive waves about a thousand meters above him showed no signs of weakening. They surged like before, creating an ear-splitting noise.

Xiao Chen flew for another five thousand meters. The air was already very thin. The strong wind that blew beside his ear became even more intense.

Xiao Chen no longer dared to fly higher. The higher he flew, the thinner the air became; the amount of Essence he exhausted also increased.

If Xiao Chen continued flying up, he would probably soon enter the void and arrive at the mysterious world above the heavens. That was not a place that Xiao Chen could go yet.

However, the huge waves still showed no signs of weakening. They continued to surge upward like they would break through the void and extended all the way to the mysterious world above the heavens.

“Ha ha, young man, stop flying up. These huge waves have changed the natural laws of heaven and earth. No matter how high you fly, you are actually still within a small realm.”

Just as Xiao Chen was feeling doubtful, a straightforward voice entered his ears. When he turned around, he saw that it was a middle-aged man in black robes with a large saber. He looked very crude; his aura was simple, but his strength was unfathomable.

“The huge waves have already weakened significantly. Come back in another half a month. With your strength, you should be able to break through his huge wave then.”

The middle-aged man did not wait for Xiao Chen to respond. He simply headed to the surface of the sea like a sharp arrow piercing through the air; he vanished from Xiao Chen’s sight very quickly.

Xiao Chen laughed in self-mockery, “It looks like I did something foolish. Time to go down, then. I will return after circling this place once more. I do not believe this person’s words are false; I will come back in another half a month.”

Xiao Chen took out an Inferior Grade Spirit Stone and absorbed its Spiritual Energy to replenish his exhausted Essence as he headed down.

Right before Xiao Chen approached the surface of the sea, he drained the Spirit Stone in his hand; his Essence had, more or less, recovered.


Just at that moment, a multicolored light broke through the huge waves, flying out from the inside of the Qianren Island and heading far away.

“It’s a Secret Treasure!” Many cultivators below were astonished before they chased after it in droves.

“Why are there Secret Treasures flying out already? This huge wave has weakened ahead of schedule.”

That middle-aged bladesman, who had left, flew back again. He moved like an arrow fired through the air. Everywhere he passed, he seemed to create a hole in the air.

The middle-aged man looked at the Secret Treasure that shot into the air. Then he muttered to himself for a while before chasing after it with lightning speed.

Several peak Medial Grade Martial Kings stopped when they saw the middle-aged man. They said in shock, “That is the Bloody Bladesman, Sun Guangquan. Unexpectedly, he is here as well.”

Someone to the said exclaimed, “Sun Guangquan?! The one of the ten great bladesman of the Ancient Desolate Land, Sun Guangquan?!”

“Aside from him, who else can it be? There is that Dragon Tooth Saber. Rumor has it that his entire body is a Secret Treasure; his strength is unfathomable. If a Martial Monarch does not appear, no one can match him. We can forget about this secret treasure.”

“He is already so strong, yet he came here to compete for the fortuitous encounter in the Qianduan island with us. It looks like we cannot obtain anything this time.”

“Never mind; since the first Secret Treasure already flew out, there will be a second one. We will see the situation at that time.”

“Now that you mention it, the situation is strange. There is still half a month before the huge waves completely weaken. It began earlier this time.”

The Secret Treasure that broke through the huge waves and rushed off attracted all the nearby cultivators. Some of the cultivators who had just left also rushed back.

Xiao Chen stayed to the side and listened for a long time before he understood the situation.

It turned out that every time the huge waves weaken, some Secret Treasure would fly out from the Qianren island. When Secret Treasures stopped appearing, that was the moment the huge wave had completely weakened.


While Xiao Chen pondered, a loud sound came from the south side of Qianren Island. It was another Secret Treasure flying out.

When the many cultivators heard it, they all chased after it. There were no less than a hundred people, and they were all Martial Kings.

There were simply too many people competing for the Secret Treasure. Even if Xiao Chen managed to snatch it, it would be hard to leave. Hence, Xiao Chen lost interest.

I should test these waves strength, Xiao Chen thought to himself. When the strength of the huge waves weakens, I will be better prepared.

This will prevent the situation of being unprepared and missing my chance to enter the island.

Xiao Chen’s figure flashed through the air a few times, and he arrived before the north side of the huge waves. The intense waves rushed up restlessly. It did not look like they had the possibility of stopping.

Furthermore, it looked like they had inexhaustible strength. The sound of the gushing water was like a huge army marching, rumbling relentlessly in Xiao Chen’s ears.

There was also an extremely strong will contained within the huge waves. The closer Xiao Chen got, the clearer he could feel this strong will.

“This is the endless will of water!” Xiao Chen said softly as he looked gravely at the waves and felt the will.

They gushed unceasingly, endless huge waves with an extraordinary will of water.

Xiao Chen thought to himself, It is possible that the Martial Sage that once ruled the Devil Savanna was not an ordinary Martial Sage.

This Martial Sage could change the natural laws of heaven and earth for such a long time, its might not vanishing after a thousand years. He was very possibly just a step away from becoming a Martial Emperor.

When Xiao Chen was a hundred meters away from the huge waves, he stopped. He clenched his fist and circulated the Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art. Instantly, immense strength poured into his fist.

The Qi whirlpool in Xiao Chen’s dantian also started spinning rapidly. The purple liquid flowed along his meridians. His Essence and physical strength instantly merged.


Xiao Chen released a loud warcry and pushed against the air. He turned into a purple arc of light and moved a hundred meters in the blink of an eye.

There was the illusion of a tiger and dragon in his fist wind. The dragon hissed, and the tiger roared, causing Xiao Chen’s momentum to rise to its peak. This was the final move of the Great Dragon Tiger Fist, Dragon Hisses Tiger Roars.

By merging physical strength and Essence, plus using the Great Dragon Tiger Fist, Xiao Chen’s punch achieved one hundred thousand kilograms of force. It was sufficient to blast away half of a mountain.


The fist wind was like a roar of thunder, causing the air to tremble. Space was like white paper tearing layer by layer.

Xiao Chen’s punch carrying one hundred thousand kilograms of force struck the huge waves violently. The massive waves acted like a solid metal wall.

There was a dull sound, and a large hole opened in the waves. However, before Xiao Chen could rejoice, the hole quickly mended, becoming solid again.

A wave reflected the intense force, and Xiao Chen’s organs trembled. He flew back like a fired cannonball.

Xiao Chen had prepared long ago; his body spun through the air. After a long time, he slowly dissipated the force.

Xiao Chen’s complexion was incredibly pale. He stopped spinning and looked at the huge wave. He muttered, “Not fast enough. Insufficient explosive power. The unending will of water will give me, at most, a second to react. After it weakens, I might get two seconds, but I should have, at best, three seconds.


Just as Xiao Chen muttered to himself, a hole suddenly appeared on the huge wall before him. A Secret Treasure flickering with a multicolored light launched from the hole.

Xiao Chen’s expression turned grave, and he quickly chased it. At this moment, he was the only person in front of this huge wave, and the Secret Treasure was so close to him. Since there was an opportunity, he should snatch it first and play it by ear after that.

“Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art, Azure Dragon Tail Whip!”

Xiao Chen executed his Heaven Ranked Movement Technique. He moved like an azure flood dragon swinging its tail in the sky. He managed to grab the Secret Treasure flicking with a multicolored light quickly.

“So, it is an inner vest. Based on the aura of this inner vest, it should be a top quality Inferior Grade Secret Treasure” Xiao Chen said softly to himself.

According to that introductory book on Secret Treasures Xiao Chen once found in the Fire Li Sect remnants, Secret Treasures were separated by grades. From the lowest to the highest, they were Inferior Grade, Medial Grade, Superior Grade, and Immortal Grade.

Secret Treasures like the Clear Wind Robes, Windwalk Shoes, and the jade pendant on his chest were all Inferior Grade Secret Treasures. Furthermore, there were lousier ones; they were not worth too much.

It was very hard to see the truly valuable Secret Treasures at a regular auction.

“Brat, leave the Secret Treasure behind. This is not for someone like you, a Superior Grade Martial Saint.”

“Xiu! Xiu!”

Some people had noticed the appearance of this Secret Treasure. They quickly headed over to Xiao Chen. Based on their auras, they were Medial Grade Martial Kings.

Some of the cultivators who chased after the first two Secret Treasures saw that Xiao Chen was only a Superior Grade Martial Saint. They felt that he was easier to deal with and went for him.

Since Xiao Chen had already obtained the Secret Treasure, there was no reason for him to give it away. Xiao Chen ignored that group of people and turned into a purple flash of light, rapidly heading away.

“A Superior Grade Martial Saint obtained a Secret Treasure and is trying to run; chase him!”

The group of people did not believe that a mere Superior Grade Martial Saint could be faster than them. They laughed coldly.

However, not long after the chase began, only half of the initial hundred-odd people were left. The figure they chased darted up and down like an azure dragon.

Xiao Chen’s speed was shocking fast. Furthermore, there were no signs of him stopping to rest. It was hard to imagine a Superior Grade Martial Saint could be this fast.

“Lightning Evasion!”

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Bolts of lightning flashed across the surface of the sea. Xiao Chen’s position changed with each bolt of lighting. In a short while, half of the fifty people remaining were left behind.

When Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense felt that there were only twenty-odd people remaining behind him, he smiled and activated the Windwalk Shoes. His speed increased by twenty percent, and he achieved more than twice the speed of sound. He was only slightly short of reaching Mach 3.

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