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Chapter 369: Yue Chenxi

Xiao Chen said indifferently, “Stop dreaming. Even if I gave it to you, you need the corresponding controlling method before you can control it.”

Xiao Chen only full grasped this silver warship after he eliminated the ancient Spiritual Sense within it. He had spent a great deal of effort restoring it back then; how could he sell it to others?

Not long later, the silhouette of a city double the size of Xihe City appeared in Xiao Chen’s vision. He slowly decreased the speed and descended, landing outside the city.

Only an hour had passed; there was still a lot of time before noon. Under Su Xiaoxiao’s lead, after they entered the city, they headed for the most bustling restaurant in the city.

The moment the group arrived at the inn’s entrance, a waiter in the restaurant looked at the portraits and compared them with the group. He immediately went before Su Xiaoxiao and lowered his head. He smiled and said, “You must be Miss Xiaoxiao. Young Master Jin has booked the entire fourth floor. We have been waiting for you; please come with me.”

The interior of the restaurant was large; it was more than two hundred square meters. Even so, the first floor was packed with people; it was incredibly bustling. People even filled the second and third floors.

There were few empty tables. Shouting and discussions reverberated throughout the inn. This situation only improved when they reached the third floor.

Booths and private rooms took up the third floor. Ordinary people could not reach this floor. Even so, there were almost no empty booths.

“The Savanna King’s treasure unexpectedly managed to attract so many cultivators. This is somewhat surprising.”

The person who caused all this, Fatty Jin, shamelessly laughed.

The waiter leading them also smiled and said, “Indeed, this is thanks to the damn fatty who made the treasure map public. Everyone curses this fatty, but for so much business, the restaurant is grateful. Since last month, we have experienced a boost in business.”

When the group heard this, Xiao Chen and Su Xiaoxiao laughed softly. The fatty immediately looked at a loss; his smile was completely frozen.

When the waiter saw something wrong with Jin Dabao’s expression, he quickly said, “Sir, I am not referring to you. I am talking about that damn fatty who sold the treasure map. Someone like you is not fat; your stature is glorious and magnificent. That damn fatty cannot compare to you.”

When the group heard this, even the normally aloof Su Xiaoxiao could not help laughing. She said, “You can leave now; we can go up ourselves.”

Fearing that the fatty would be angered and could not suppress it, Su Xiaoxiao quickly said something to send the waiter away.

Jin Dabao was very depressed. However, the waiter was already far away. Even so, the waiter had said a lot of good things about him; even if he wanted to be angry, he could not find an excuse.

This depressed and at a loss expression made anyone who saw it unable to restrain a smile.

The group went up the fourth floor. Compared to the third floor, it was very quiet. There was no noise at all.

All the tables in the large space had been cleared away, leaving a large, empty space.

Tables sat along the surrounding walls. The cultivators of various nations sat at the tables, discussing Martial Cultivation in soft voices.

Xiao Chen took a quick glance and saw that there were around a hundred people here. Most of these people were Inferior Grade Martial Kings; only a few had not become Martial Kings yet.

However, their auras were extremely strong. They were clearly peak Superior Grade Martial Saints and had been stuck there for a long time. They were merely a step shy of becoming Martial Kings.

These people were already over twenty; compared to Leng Liusu, they were inferior. However, to become Martial Kings before 25, they were worthy of the term ‘genius.’

This was especially true for a young seated in the middle. He was handsome with a deep gaze. His aura was as ferocious as a tiger. As he sat there quietly, he gave off a faint pressure.

This person was already a peak Inferior Grade Martial King. Out of the hundred people here, he was the only peak Inferior Grade Martial King.

The increase in grade within the Martial King realm had a more distinct difference than the Martial Saints. Without high-ranked Martial Techniques or a strong state, it would be extremely difficult to overcome opponents of a higher grade.

If Xiao Chen did not guess incorrectly, this person should be the person Jin Dabao spoke about. One of the top hundred in the previous Five Nation Youth Competition, Jin Wuji.

As Xiao Chen measured the crowd, there were countless gazes that measured him as well. However, when they saw that he was only a Superior Grade Martial Saint, disdain flashed in their eyes. Soon, they looked away, shifting their gazes to Xiao Bai. A few gazes were unrestrained and filled with intense desire.

“Ha ha, I thought that Miss Xiaoxiao would not arrive. Brother Jin! You came as well. Who are these two behind you?” When Jin Wuji saw Su Xiaoxiao’s group, he quickly got up and walked over.

Su Xiaoxiao smiled gently and said, “These two are my friends from the Great Qin Nation. I apologize for not informing you in advance.”

Jin Wuji smiled casually and said, “It's not a problem; Miss Xiaoxiao’s friends are my friends too. Please, take a seat. After one more person shows up, the gathering will officially begin.

Su Xiaoxiao looked around the spacious room and had doubts. She asked, “Who is not here yet?”

Jin Wuji smiled mysteriously, “Its a secret, for now. You will know when she arrives; she is a major player. However, she is merely passing by.”

“Brother Jin, stop hyping it up. Just tell us!”

“Indeed, indeed! Who in the world can make you, Brother Jin, adopt such an attitude? Just tell us all!”

Jin Wuji was the first disciple of the Great Chu Nation’s Heavenly Sword Gate. They had several supreme elders in the Heavenly Sword Gate that became Martial Sages. They were considered a first-rate power within the entire continent. Furthermore, they ranked quite high.

The status of Jin Wuji was very high already. Otherwise, he could not gather all these geniuses of the various nations.

However, a person that Jin Wuji had to respect, this person had to be someone of really high status. This intensely stirred the crowd’s curiosity.

Just at this moment, a strong aura suddenly surged wildly in the direction of the restaurant. Everyone was stunned, and they quickly looked toward the window.

Jin Wuji rejoiced. He said softly, “She is here!”


A short figure entered from a window on the fourth floor. It was a curvy girl with a pretty face and a warm smile. She wore a green dress as she flew in.

When the green-clothed girl landed, she withdrew her aura and revealed an apologetic smile.

The girl looked at her surroundings and said, “Yue Chenxi apologizes to everyone. Something cropped up, making me late.”

Unexpectedly, it was Yue Chenxi. When everyone on the fourth floor heard her, they all revealed astonished expressions. This was really a major player.

In the previous Five Nation Youth Competition, she was in the top fifty, ranked 36th.

Moving from the top hundred to the top fifty was a big hurdle. From the top fifty to the top ten was another hurdle. Each hurdle indicated a qualitative difference in their combat prowess.

The most important thing was that, in the previous Five Nation Youth Competition, Yue Chenxi had only been sixteen. At the age of sixteen, she was an Inferior Grade Martial King.

Furthermore, Yue Chenxi made it to the top fifty. Such talent and strength could only be described as demonic.

The Supreme Sky Sect, which Yue Chenxi belonged to, was one of the ten great sects of the Great Jin Nation. In the continent, they were a first-rate sect and one of the peak powers. They had dozens of Supreme Elders who became Martial Sages.

Such horrifying talent was nurtured by one of the finest sects and had access to the dense Spiritual Energy of the Great Jin Nation. Her future was already assured; she was a bright rising star.

When Jin Wuji saw that Yue Chenxi had arrived, he heaved a sigh of relief. He thought that she might not come. He smiled and said, “Miss Yue, it is not noon yet. So, you are not late. Merely, we are all early.”

“Indeed, Miss Yue doesn't have to feel bad; we just arrived ourselves.”

The moment Yue Chenxi arrived, she became the focus of everyone’s attention. No one minded her arriving late.

Jin Wuji led Yue Chenxi to the table in the middle. After she sat, he got up and said softly, “I believe everyone is here today because of the treasure left by the Savanna King. I am honored that everyone is willing to participate in this gathering for my sake.

“I have two purposes in this gathering. One is to avoid any fights to the death over a treasure. I wanted everyone to become familiar with each other and take what they need as according to their abilities. We will set a gentlemen’s agreement never to use sneak attacks or despicable moves.

“We all are from different places and of different sects of the various nations. It is very rare for us to meet. My second purpose is to take advantage of this opportunity to exchange moves with each other, helping each other improve and gaining what we all need.”

As for the first purpose, Xiao Chen felt that it was not practical. Not to mention the people here, there were still many experts who were not present.

Even if all of the people here set a gentlemen’s agreement, Xiao Chen did not believe that, when a true treasure appeared, anyone would care about the agreement.

However, Xiao Chen believed that everyone would agree to it on the surface. They would say one thing and do another.

“I, Liu Meng, supports Brother Jin’s suggestions. I will be the first to make the gentlemen’s agreement. If there is anyone here who obtains a treasure first, I will not use any sneak attacks.” A stout cultivator with a huge saber took the initiative and spoke.

“I, Wang Hao, also support Brother Jin’s suggestion…willing to make the gentlemen’s agreement.”

“I, Li Yu, also support Brother Jin’s suggestion…willing to make the gentlemen’s agreement.”

As Xiao Chen had expected, all the cultivators indicated that they willing supported Jin Wuji’s suggestion, one after another.

Soon, everyone expressed their intentions. Only the four people at Xiao Chen’s table remained. Everyone looked at them.

Jin Dabao and Su Xiaoxiao had special statuses and could be ignored. Based on aura, Xiao Bai appeared to have just become a Martial Saint; such weakness could be ignored as well.

The one they truly paid attention to was Xiao Chen. He was a Superior Grade Martial Saint, and his aura was strong. He was strong enough to break through the weakened waves of Qianren Island.

Even after a period of silence, Xiao Chen still said nothing. He could bring himself to make such a hypocritical statement.

“Just ignore him; there are no experts in the Great Qin Nation. A mere Superior Grade Martial Saint is just here to get in on the action. There is no problem with him not making the gentlemen’s agreement.”

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