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Chapter 368: Heavenly Craft Manor’s Young Manor Lord

However, this fatty’s pat felt heavy. One could imagine how much force he used.

“There is no need to exaggerate,” Xiao Chen said, feeling somewhat speechless.

Jin Dabao laughed loudly and said, “This is too unlike you. Duanmu QIng, Ji Changkong, and the others are slightly famous in the Great Tang nation; in the previous Five Nation Youth Competition, they qualified for the second round.”

Xiao Chen had heard of the Five Nation Youth Competition before. It was a Youth Competition conducted by the Great Jin Nation once every three years.

However, in the past few Five Nation Youth Competitions, there were very few people from the Great Qin Nation entering the top hundred. Hence, news of this competition in the Great Qin Nation was sparse. After all, they had not achieved outstanding results. If they talked about it openly, it would be like a slap to the face.

“That’s right. Who is this beauty? Why don’t you introduce her to this Fat Lord?” When Jin Dabao saw Xiao Bai standing behind Xiao Chen, his eyes immediately lit up.

Xiao Bai looked at Jin Dabao and smiled gently, “I recognize you; you are Jin Dabao.”

Jin Dabao felt it was strange. He said, “How did you recognize me? I don’t remember us meeting.”

“Xiao Bai met you before. When I first saw you, you took one of Elder Brother Xiao Chen’s sculptures and…”

Xiao Bai was about to continue when Xiao Chen quickly stopped her. If she continued, Jin Dabao’s scandalous matter would come to light.

When Jin Dabao heard Xiao Bai’s words, an incredulous look flashed in his eyes. He muttered, “Brother Xiao Chen, this is…”

“I’ll tell you in the future. I cannot explain properly in a short while.” Xiao Chen did not wish to explain too much about Xiao Bai.

When Jin Dabao noticed this, he smiled and said, “No problem; no problem. I’ll bring you to meet someone first. Miss Xiao Bai, please join us.”

They followed Jin Dabao into the hold and walked to the top. Xiao Chen took the opportunity to ask, “What’s up with the Black Dragon Group’s warship?”

Jin Dabao smiled casually, “Nothing much. The merchant associations vie for the trade routes on the east side of the sea. The Black Dragon Group is not willing to negotiate yet. We will fight a few battles first. Otherwise, no one will willing step back. However, now that I have seen you, we won’t be able to fight today.”

They certainly had different worldviews. The way Jin Dabao looked at the problem was different. As for the cultivators on the deck, they were extremely nervous about the fight between the Black Dragon Group and the Golden Roc Merchant Association, making all sorts of speculations.

However, the people involved did not seem tense at all. They were incredibly casual about it as if it were a child’s fight.

“Ding! Ding! Ding!”

A drawn-out zither sound came from above. The zither sounded pleasing like an expanse of clear water pouring down the side of one’s ears. A melodious tune accompanied the sound.

It created a state of calm and peace. Xiao Chen now had a feeling that he knew who the fatty was taking him to see.

When the fatty opened the doors, it was as Xiao Chen expected. Su Xiaoxiao occupied the elegant top floor. She wore a peaceful expression as she played the zither.

When Su Xiaoxiao finished the song, she picked up her zither and smiled gently, “Young Master Xiao, it’s been a long time.”

It had indeed been a long time. Since they parted in White Water City, Xiao Chen had not seen Su Xiaoxiao for a year.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and said, “Miss Xiaoxiao’s zither is as moving as in the past.”

“It’s merely a cultural piece; I embarrassed myself before Young Master Xiao,” Xu Xiaoxiao said softly.

Jin Dabao led the few people to the table in the room and ordered the servants to prepare wine and food. The group started to chat as they drank.

“Who is this young lady?” After they chatted for a while, Su Xiaoxiao could no longer resist and asked about Xiao Bai.

Xiao Chen thought for a while and said, “This is my sister; you can call her Xiao Bai.”

When meeting familiar people in the future, Xiao Chen planned to introduce Xiao Bai as such. This would help him to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Xiao Bai took a sip of wine. She said happily, “Xiao Bai met Elder Sister Xiaoxiao before. Xiao Bai enjoys Elder Sister Xiaoxiao’s zither as well.”

Xiao Bai was innocent and lively; her voice was melodious and cute. The moment she spoke, it made Su Xiaoxiao laugh.

“Ha ha. If you want to learn in the future, Elder Sister can teach you,” Su Xiaoxiao smiled gently as she looked at Xiao Bai.

Xiao Bai said excitedly, “Thank you, Elder Sister!”

Following that, they spoke of their encounters. After that, Su Xiaoxiao asked, “Young Master Xiao, I’m guessing that you are going to Green Wind Island for the sake of the Savanna King’s treasure?”

Xiao Chen nodded and said, “Yes, I’m going to try my luck, see if I can find a fortuitous encounter for myself.”

“After that?” Su Xiaoxiao continued asking.

Xiao Chen thought for a while and smiled gently, “After that, I will go to all the nations for experiential training. I cannot be content with what I see. I have to go out and see the world. If there is an opportunity, I hope to travel all over the entire Tianwu Continent, get to know the outstanding talents and geniuses of every region.”

Actually, Xiao Chen still had something in mind that he did not say. He wanted to defeat all of these geniuses and climb to the peak of cultivation, never stagnating.

When Su Xiaoxiao heard this, she was not surprised. She said, “This time, for the sake of the Savanna King’s treasure, there are many talented geniuses of many nations on Green Wind Island. They have a small gathering on the island. If you wish to go, I can introduce you to them.”

Xiao Chen was tempted. The Great Qin Nation ranked at the bottom of the four nations regarding strength. They only had three big sects within the Great Qin Nation.

This was far from comparable to the other Great Nations. The purpose of Xiao Chen exploration was to see the world. Su Xiaoxiao’s suggestion excited him slightly.

“However, before you agree, you better be mentally prepared. These people are rather arrogant and unyielding; they all have high opinions of themselves. It is difficult to avoid a clash of words.”

When Su Xiaoxiao saw that Xiao Chen was interested, she warned him.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly, “Not a problem; I understand.”

It was hard for youths to be modest. This was especially so for these talented geniuses; they all viewed themselves highly.

Since Xiao Chen arrived at the Tianwu Continent, he had seen many such instances. He could completely understand Su Xiaoxiao’s meaning.

However, Xiao Chen was no longer that impatient youth of the past. Xiao Chen still shone, but now, he was more withdrawn. His one year experience in the Heavenly Saber Pavilion allowed him to become more mature.

Su Xiaoxiao could also see that Xiao Chen had matured through his eyes, so she did not say any more.

Jin Dabao said seriously, “Xiao Chen, there are many sects within the four nations. The competition between them is more intense than to what you see in the Great Qin Nation. Even though the talent is on a similar level, because of their different environment, the cultivation is not on the same level.

“In this small gathering, there are five people whose strengths are definitely not beneath yours. The host of the gathering, Jin Wuji, is one of the top hundred in the Five Nation Youth Competition.”

Xiao Chen understood what Jin Dabao meant. He was reminding him to be careful. Otherwise, he might stumble.

Actually, without Jin Dabao’s warning, Xiao Chen also knew that. This world was so big. There were many geniuses, especially during this age.

The fight in the Heavenly Saber boosted his confidence, polishing his sharpness. However, had not become bigoted enough to think that he was unrivaled, looking down on all the heroes in the world.

After the group ate, at the request of the three, Su Xiaoxiao played the zither for them once again.

Su Xiaoxiao’s zither music was ethereal and moving; it was hard to tire of it. They could clearly feel the intent of the song.

Be it green mountains, small brookes, cool breezes, or huge armies, all sorts of changes occurred, flowing naturally with each other.

After the Su Xiaoxiao finished her performance, the melody continued to reverberate in the group’s ears; the elegant melody lingered.

After Xiao Bai heard the music, she immediately pestered Su Xiaoxiao to teach her. Su Xiaoxiao liked her a lot and immediately accepted her as a disciple.

When Xiao Bai kept addressing Su Xiaoxiao as master, it tickled her, making her laugh gently.

Jin Dabao pulled Xiao Chen to the terrace on the rooftop. He took out a bag of Spirit Stones and handed it to Xiao Chen, “One thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones. Consider it payment for saving this Fat Lord the last time.”

Xiao Chen frowned slightly; his expression was that of disbelief. Since when this fatty has become so generous?

“I’m feeling very depressed. Old Brother Xiao Chen, please stop making such an expression. Does this Fat Lord really appear to be that stingy? It is merely a thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones,” Jin Dabao said exasperatedly.

Xiao Chen replied, indifferent, “It is not that you appear to be; it is your original nature. However, I will still accept these Spirit Stones.”

Although the fatty made himself up to be generous, when he handed the Spirit Stones over, the fat of his face trembled, revealing his pain.

Xiao Chen smiled gently and placed the Spirit Stones in the Universe Ring. Then, he said, “I got something to ask you. This Su Xiaoxiao…what kind of status does she have? She seemed to be very well connected. She can casually invite people to the gathering of the four nations’ geniuses.”

According to Jin Dabao’s explanation, this was a prestigious gathering. The organizer was even one of the top hundred in the previous Five Nation Youth Competition.

Without a certain status or position, there was normally no way to get into this kind of small gathering.

As the sea breeze blew, Jin Badao smiled gently. He said, “I have no problems telling you that. Her true identity is the Heavenly Craft Manor’s Young Manor Lord. She can be considered the successor of the Heavenly Craft Manor.”

The Heavenly Craft Manor’s Young Manor Lord…now it was clear. Wu Shangxuan had once said that the Heavenly Craft Manor had a great influence in the continent, much stronger that of the three great sects.

With her identity as the Young Manor Lord, it was easy for her to gather the geniuses of various nations.

Jin Dabao said, “Don’t overthink this. Just prepare yourself. The speed of the warship is double that of the merchant ship. We will reach the Green Wind Island after three days.”


Three days passed very quickly; the days at sea were peaceful.

Due to some reasons, the Jin Clan’s warship could not dock at the harbor of Green Wind Island. The four changed to a small boat to head to the Green Wind Island’s harbor.

The Green Wind’s Harbor was more lively than any of the harbors Xiao Chen had seen in the past. With one casual glance, he saw that it was densely packed with big merchant ships from various nations.

The small boat the four rode was like an ant traveling among a pack of elephants; they seemed small and insignificant.

When the group reached the shore, Su Xiaoxiao said, “The gathering will begin around noon. We should enter the city quickly and not waste any time.”

Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Dabao displayed shocked gazes when a silver warship came out of Xiao Chen’s eye. He said softly, “If we are in a rush, let’s use my Secret Treasure.”

The silver warship resized itself to suit Xiao Chen’s will. After that, he took to the skies with a ‘sou’ sound, moving swiftly through the clouds.

The fatty stood on the bow and shouted, “Damn, Xiao Chen, the flying formations of this warship are completely intact. It can fly without using Spirit Stones. Are you selling this Secret Treasure? I will buy it at any price.”

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