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Chapter 367: Bitter Resentment

Xiao Chen was surprised that Wu Shangxuan already been to the island twice. For him to return safely twice, he must possess more strength than Xiao Chen had thought.

“The first time this old man went there, I obtained three thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones, two Secret Treasures, and two bottles of Rank 7 Pills. The second time, I walked away with five thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones, three Secret Treasures, and one bottle of Rank 8 Pills before obtaining my current cultivation.”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and said, “It looks like Old Wu has made ample preparations; you should gain a great harvest.”

“Difficult!” Wu Shangxuan sighed softly, “I don’t know which damn fatty distributed the treasure map. Now, aside from the cultivators from the Great Jin Nation, the cultivators from the four Great Nations with some strength will all rush to the island.”

Fortuitous Encounters were hard to come by. The treasure left by the Savanna King was no doubt a great Fortuitous Encounter; it was very tempting. It would not be odd if there were many heading there as well.

It was likely that most of the cultivators, if not all, on the other merchant ships also hunted the Savanna King’s treasure.

However, based on Wu Shangxuan’s expression, it looked like he still had something to say. Xiao Chen thought for a while before saying, “Senior, just tell me what you have on your mind.”

Wu Shangxuan laughed when he heard this, “The youths today are really direct. This old man has said too much already. Actually, I wanted to work with you to try to obtain the treasures the Savanna King left behind.”

To Xiao Chen, working with Wu Shangxuan would be a great help. Wu Shangxuan had been to the island where the treasures were twice in the past. He was much more familiar with the situation on the island than others. He could save time when facing a lot of challenges.

However, this was someone who Xiao Chen did not know. Furthermore, the other party was stronger than him; Wu Shangxuan would be in the dominant position. If he obtained something good, and Wu Shangxuan wanted to kill him for it, he would be helpless against him.

“I’m sorry; I’m used to being alone. I’m afraid I cannot accept Senior’s kind intentions.”

Even if there were more benefits, Xiao Chen would not agree; there was too much risk.

Then, Wu Shangxuan made promises of several more benefits, doing his best to convince Xiao Chen to work with him. However, Xiao Chen was not moved; he would not agree regardless of what was promised.

“Ha ha! Since Littler Brother does not agree, then never mind. When we meet each other again in the future, we will still be friends. This old me shall take my leave first.” A subtle, bitter resentment flashed in Wu Shangxuan’s eyes as he smiled gently.

Xiao Chen’s eyes were very sharp; he noticed this bitter resentment. This future made him more resolute regarding his decision. This old man was definitely not a good person.

However, if Wu Shangxuan wanted to play some trick, Xiao Chen was not a good person to offend. Even if Xiao Chen could not kill him, he could make him suffer.

“Elder Brother Xiao Chen, that person from earlier was very hypocritical. Xiao Bao could clearly feel his killing Qi. Yet, he smiled so happily,” Xiao Bai said softly as she walked over.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and said, “Just ignore him. Don’t come out during these few days. This person is not easy to deal with.”

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Just at this moment, strong waves suddenly appeared on the calm sea. The waves were over a hundred meters tall. The huge merchant ship shook under the bombardment.

The situation’s sudden change shocked the cultivators on the deck; they nearly fell to the ground.

“What’s going on? We are still close to the continent. There are very few storms during this season. Why did such huge waves appear so suddenly,” several cultivators who had traveled across the sea frequently said suspiciously.

The ship still shook, but the cultivators had already recovered their wits. After they circulated their Essence, they could barely maintain their balance.

Xiao Chen stood as if glued to the deck. Despite how strongly the merchant ship shook, he did not move. He supported Xiao Bai and extended his Spiritual Sense off in the distance.

With the increase of Xiao Chen’s cultivation, his Spiritual Sense could now cover an area of five thousand meters. If he used it in a straight line, he could see the situation ten thousand meters away.

Soon, Xiao Chen understood what was going on. There were two warships engaged in an intense battle about eight thousand meters ahead.

Ancient Demonic Energy Cannons fired at each other, sending out energy shells and not holding back anything. Resplendent lights filled the sky.

The aftermath of the battle resulted in a huge storm, stirring up the huge waves moving out across the sea.

“The aftermath of the battle is so strong. Each warship is outfitted with at least a hundred Ancient Demonic Energy Cannons. No wonder the aftermath still had such might after ten thousand meters.”

Xiao Chen withdrew his Spiritual Sense. He thought to himself with mild shock, That blue warship seems to have the banner of the Golden Roc Merchant Association.

Golden Roc Merchant Association…isn’t that the merchant association of Jin Dabao’s clan? 

The other warship was pure black and had a banner at the bow of the ship. There was a sinister hydra embroidered on the flag with open jaws.

There were spherical shields of light around both warships; they defended against the Energy shells they fired at each other. They were about equally matched. At this rate, the two warships might sink at the same time.

“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

A group of people came out of the merchant ship’s hold. It was the caption and the guards of the ship. Clearly, the strange waves had startled them.

The captain of the merchant ship was a middle-aged man. He was tall and appeared impressive. He wore yellow robes with golden threads. His aura flourished; he was actually a Superior Grade Martial King.

There were eight other guards near the captain. They were all Martial Kings and no more than forty. This was the peak of a human’s life. The drive and sharpness of such Martial Kings were much stronger than the old Martial Kings on the deck.

If they fought each other, the old men’s Essence would not last as long. This was because the young Martial Kings’ Qi and blood were in excess; their sharpness was still present. Hence, their odds of victory were higher.

The captain looked at the rough sea and frowned. He said to a person beside him, “Liu Sheng, your perception is comparable to a half step Martial Monarch. Help me see what’s going on?”

The cultivator known as Liu Sheng nodded. He walked to the bow and closed his eyes. His body emitted ripples of blue light; the light infused into the water and extended forward.

This person’s Martial Spirit should be special. Furthermore, he has comprehended the state of water. Hence, his perception is the equivalent of a half-step Martial Monarch, Xiao Chen thought.

“Captain, it is the Black Dragon Group’s Hydra Warship fighting the Golden Roc Merchant Association’s Nether River Warship,” Liu Sheng said softly as he opened his eyes.

“This is the coastal region; why are there ships from the Black Dragon Group? Did they get it wrong?” some of the older Martial Kings on the deck exclaimed in shock.

Liu Sheng walked over and said, “Captain, should we go around?”

The captain frowned heavily and muttered to himself for a while. Then, he asked, “Are you sure there are only two warships? Are there any other merchant ships or passenger ships?”

Liu Sheng nodded and said, “I did not see any of the Golden Roc Merchant Association’s merchant ships or passenger ships with fifty kilometers. There are only the two warships fighting.”

The captain’s expression relaxed. He said, “In that case, ignore them. Raise the banner of the merchant association and let’s continue on our way!”

“The Black Dragon Group normally operates in the Shallow Seas of the four regions. Why are they in the coastal seas? This is strange.”

“The Golden Roc Merchant Association’s warship is there as well. Don’t they normally operate in the Shallow Seas of the North Sea? Why did they come to the west?”

“Perhaps they came for the sake of the treasure left by the Savanna King. If that is true, our chances have grown slimmer.”

When the many cultivators on the deck thought of this possibility, their expressions all changed.

The Savanna King’s treasure had attracted many cultivators from four Great Nations. Now that the Golden Roc Merchant Association and Black Dragon Group participated in this, the chances of them running into a fortuitous encounter had lessened.

Wu Shangxuan’s expression became very unsightly as well. He glanced at Xiao Chen, and a strange light appeared on his face. It was like a venomous snake flicking its forked tongue.

The merchant ship raised their merchant association banner and moved at full speed. After two hours, they drew near to the core of the battle.

The waves became more ferocious. They were now at least two hundred meters tall; it was very frightening.

When the resplendent energy shells moved across the surface of the sea, they created a surging wall of water on either side, making the roaring sea look even more chaotic.

“How wasteful. One shot from the Ancient Demonic Energy Cannon would exhaust one thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Stones. They make it seem like Spirit Stones are not valuable,” some cultivators on the deck sighed.

When the two warships saw the banner raised by the merchant ship, they ceased fire at the same time. The rough surging sea slowly calmed after a long moment.

The merchant ship sailed calmly through the middle of the two warships.

This is really strange; the firepower of the merchant ship is certainly not as ferocious as the warships. Yet, it unexpectedly moves between them so peacefully, Xiao Chen thought doubtfully in his heart.

This could be one of the rules of the sea. Maybe warships cannot attack merchant ships. Otherwise, if the rule is broken, all powers would turn on them.

“Xiao Chen! Over here!”

Just as Xiao Chen was thinking, a joyful voice came from above. When Xiao Chen raised his head and looked at the Nether River Warship’s bow about two hundred meters up, Fatty Jing waved frantically at him.

Xiao Chen hesitated for a while before he said to Xiao Bai, “Come; let’s go.”

The two pushed off the bow and leaped up to the bow of the Nether River Warship while many cultivators on deck stared at him in astonishment.

“What did Jin Dabao call him earlier? I did not hear wrong, right? Did he say ‘Xiao Chen?’”

“Then, it should be correct. I did not expect that person to be the White Robed Bladesman, Xiao Chen. He kept too low a profile.”

“It’s over; I mocked him for imitating the White Robed Bladesman earlier. How embarrassing.”

When the people on the deck verified Xiao Chen’s identity, they all chatted passionately. They did not expect the legendary bladesman from the Heavenly Saber Pavilion to appear before them.

When Wu Shangxuan watched Xiao Chen leaping up the Nether River Warship, a look of deep disappointment flashed in his eyes. He muttered, “How unfortunate. I planned to make a move tonight. This fellow has at least three Secret Treasures on him. If I can get my hands on them, that would be a good harvest.

“However, if he goes to Qianren Island, there is still a chance. It is not that easy to obtain the treasures of the Savanna King.”

As the merchant ship moved further away, Wu Shangxuan stared at Xiao Chen. The greedy look in his eyes slowly faded.

“Haha, White Robed Bladesman, Xiao Chen, now you are very famous. Legends of you are even starting to spread in my Great Tang Nation. This Fat Bro is going to hang out with you from now on.” Jin Dabao said, smiling with squinted eyes and patting Xiao Chen’s back.

Xiao Chen felt his shoulders sink and was embarrassed in his heart. Now that he had cultivated Dragon Tendon Tiger Bone, without having to try, he could withstand a strike of five hundred kilograms of force.

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