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Chapter 366: Extreme Danger

“How strange; there were no deaths or injuries this time. This is the first time I have seen this happen despite going through the Thunder Emperor Valley,” said an older Martial King on the deck.

Another old man chimed in as well, “Indeed, I felt that it was strange as well. It looked like the Thunder Emperor Valley is calmer than usual. I could clearly feel someone resisting that will. However, the Thunder Emperor did not punish him.”

Xiao Cheng was startled. Could it be because of him, or Ao Jiao?

Some of the younger cultivators were confused; they asked, “Senior, what’s going on? Can you explain?”

The first old man who spoke said, “The Thunder Emperor Valley is also known as the Valley of Life and Death. Every time a ship passes through this valley, cultivators will usually die or sustain injuries. Exceptions are very rare.”


The old man smiled faintly, “This is because someone always resists the will of thunder. In the past, there was even a strong Martial Monarch who tried to snatch away this will of thunder. There was only one result for everyone: death!

“As long as one has any wild thoughts or intentions to resist, the will of thunder will, at least, injure them. If they resist stubbornly, they will definitely die. Regardless of how high their cultivation is, this is an unchangeable result. Maybe only the Sages could attempt this.”

When the cultivators on the deck that had carelessly resisted the will of thunder heard this, they felt afraid.

“Is the Thunder Emperor that strong? He has been dead for a thousand years; why has his will of thunder not faded yet? Furthermore, it is still so mighty,” these young cultivators asked; the old man’s words had excited them.

The old man smoothed his beard and laughed. He said, “There are seven kinds of energy. The tyrannical lightning-attribute is the most berserk and has the high attacking power. It is also the most difficult to cultivate. This is because lightning represents the punishment of the Heavenly Daos of the natural world.

“Following the same principle, the state of thunder and will of thunder are the hardest to comprehend. The Thunder Emperor comprehended the will of thunder into an immortal will of thunder; it is now no longer inferior to the Heavenly Daos.

“With such strong attacking power, even the older Martial Emperor experts whose cultivation was higher than the Thunder Emperor did not dare reveal their sharpness. Ha ha! Fighting him was the equivalent of going through a lightning calamity. Who would be so bored to get themselves into such trouble?”

The old man spoke frankly with assurance. It was clear that he traveled extensively and had seen many things. He spoke of all the achievements of the Thunder Emperor left in the continent.

This made the cultivators on the deck yearn for such power. They imagine themselves as that glorious Thunder Emperor, punishing deities and exterminating demons, trampling over geniuses and climbing to the peak of the world.

“What’s with the sculpture in the ravine? It was so huge; it almost spans across the entire ravine. This cannot be accomplished without having at least a thousand people. However, if there were several thousand, how could they have coordinated perfectly to make this almost perfect sculpture?”

When someone finally brought up the topic of the sculpture, the old man smiled. “If I told you that this sculpture was formed naturally, will you believe me?”

“How is that possible?” all the young cultivators shook their heads.

When the old man heard this, he laughed, “All of you young people have pretty good talent. You are all peak Superior Grade Martial Saints in your mid-twenties. However, you are all still too weak if you want to get your hands on the treasure.”

The other old man, who was a Superior Grade Martial King, said indifferently, “In the future, if you have the chance to go to the Ancient Desolate Land, you should go see the sculpture of the first generation Tianwu Emperor. Then, you will know the truth.”

“Indeed, You young people are still too inexperienced. You will meet many experts from other nations on this treasure hunt. By then, even staying alive will challenge you,” another old Martial King said.

“Also, don’t think that by dressing up like that, you are the White Robed Bladesman. How juvenile!” someone brought up this topic again.

The bladesman wearing white robes and blue strips of clothes felt somewhat embarrassed when they heard this; they did not know what to say.

The topic of discussion slowly returned to everyone’s destination. The older cultivators said things to discourage these youths.

Actually, even when these people were reminded of the experts of the other nations, they were still restless. They would probably die without realizing the cause.

However, these old people had good intentions. As for this group of youths, very few could calm their restless hearts. The old men had already done their part; it was not for them to worry about the youths anymore.

The words of these old men had opened Xiao Chen’s eyes. This was especially true for the stories of the Thunder Emperor. It gave him a better understanding of this legendary man.

While on the deck, Xiao Chen had split his attention and paid attention to the peak Superior Grade Martial King hiding his aura.

There were many cultivators seated on the deck; they were quietly trying to appreciate the will of thunder they had just experienced.

These were lightning-attributed cultivators. The immortal will of thunder the Thunder Emperor left behind could greatly benefit lightning-attributed cultivators.

It would, more or less, aid them in advancing their states, or could help comprehend the state of thunder.

Of all these cultivators, there was an old man dressed in gray robes. He looked ordinary like a typical old man.

His aura was that of a Superior Grade Martial King. There were many of such old men; it was not surprising that he was a Superior Grade Martial King at his age.

However, Xiao Chen could clearly feel that this person was a peak Superior Grade Martial King. He was a step shy of becoming a half step Martial Monarch; he was very strong.

This person was neither silent nor boasting about his past accomplishments. When a topic he felt was interesting popped up, he would input his ordinary suggestion, not attracting anyone’s attention.

If Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense were not sharp, he would not have discovered him. When looking at the surface, he would not have realized he was a peak Martial King expert.

“This person is extremely dangerous,” Xiao Chen kept an eye on him. The biting dog was never the loudest barking.

At this moment, the merchant ship had completely left the Tianwu Continent. The Thunder Emperor Valley slowly disappeared from their sight; they slowly pulled further away from the continent.

There were many merchant ships slowly emerging from the ravine’s entrance.

Xiao Chen withdrew his gaze and ignored the chatting crowd on the deck. He directly made his way to the bow of the ship and gazed at the distant sea.

When Xiao Chen looked, all he saw was the Boundless Sea. The sea was calm, without waves. The sky was clear, and flocks of birds occasionally flew by. The sea was currently very gentle.

When standing in front of the calm sea, it seemed very vast, broadening one’s mind.

The huge ship quickly moved to the sea. Now that it was on the sea, there was nothing to worry about; they could move at full speed.

Xiao Chen muttered, “Is this the Boundless Sea? It is indeed boundless. Chances are, even if one spent their whole life, they could not explore every inch of it.”

“Ha ha! This is not the Boundless Sea. This is merely the sea near the coast of the Tianwu Continent. Only after passing the Green Wind Island will one arrive at the edge of the Boundless Sea. Even so, that is merely the shallow waters. The true depths of the sea are even further out.”

A drawn-out voice suddenly entered Xiao Chen’s ears. When Xiao Chen turned, he discovered that it was the peak Martial King that he had paid attention too. He had walked over without Xiao Chen realizing it.

Xiao Chen was mildly startled. His expression did not change as he smiled faintly, “Old Senior, you seemed very experienced. You must have a good understanding of the Boundless Sea. Will you tell this junior about it?”

The old man smiled gently and said, “I'm not worthy of being called Old Senior. The world of cultivators respects the strong and not age. This old sir is Wu Shangxuan. If little brother does not mind, you can just call me Old Wu.”

“Old Wu, please explain it to me,” Xiao Chen softly requested. He really wanted to know about the Boundless Sea. So, he did not mind chatting with him.

Wu Shangxuan looked towards the vast sea and said sullenly, “There are a total of four regions in the Boundless Seas; the East Sea, West Sea, South Sea, and the North Sea. The merchant ship we are on is going to the East Sea.”

“The true Boundless Sea is also separated into the Deep Sea and Shallow Sea. The only place humans have a grasp of is the Shallow Sea. As the for the Deep Sea, it is too mysterious. This old me does not understand much about it.”

“In the Shallow Sea of every region, there are countless islands and strong sects. Aside from the East Sea, the Shallow Seas of the other three regions each have a ruling sect. So, they are relatively stable.”

Xiao Chen pondered for a while before asking, “Then how does the strength of the sects in the Boundless Seas compare to the sects in my Great Qin Nation?”

“If comparing to the Shallow Sea of the East Sea, you can barely qualify as a second-rate power. However, the Heavenly Saber Pavilion was once considered a first-rate power. However, it is merely second-rate now. Perhaps if you include the Heavenly Craft Manor, its standing would be slightly better.”

Xiao Chen was somewhat surprised, The Heavenly Craft Manor forges weapons; could they be stronger than the Heavenly Saber Pavilion? “What do you mean?”

“Ha ha. If you explore the world, you will discover that the Heavenly Craft Manor has forged many of the Spirit Weapons available in the continent. This is also clear in the Great Jin Nation.”

“Regarding fame, the three great sects are not as famous as the Heavenly Craft Manor. Think about it carefully. If such a sect that earns so much money did not have a certain level of power, why did the royal courts or the other sects try to swallow them up?”

Xiao Chen had not considered this aspect. Unless they had strong backing, there could only be one other reason; the Heavenly Craft Manor also had their own strong hidden force.

Wu Shangxuan suddenly paused. Then, he said, “White Robed Bladesman, you are so interested in the powers of the Boundless Sea. Could it be that, aside from going to Green Wind Island, you are interested in going to the Boundless Sea?”

Xiao Chen was slightly stunned. He smiled and said, “Old Wu is joking. What ‘White Robed Bladesman?’ I merely wear white robes.”

“Don’t deny it. While you observed me, why would I not observe you as well?” Wu Shangxuan asked calmly as he looked into the distance.

Xiao Chen’s heart sank. It looked like this person had discovered his identity. Otherwise, he would not have come over and started a conversation without any reason.

Wu Shangxuan continued, “You don’t have to worry. The old me came to look for you because I wanted to discuss the matters of the Savanna King’s Treasure. I have been to that island twice, and this is my third time.”

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