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Chapter 364: Ancient Desolate Treasure Map

The continent itself was so vast that it could be considered boundless. Not to mention the countless islands in the boundless oceans, the Icy Continent in the extreme north, and the legendary Raging Flame Abyss from which it was said the sun rose.

The world was so large. Most people would not ever see half in their lifetimes. One might be a super genius in their nation, but when one left, they might realize they were merely a drop of water in the ocean.

One had to maintain a humble and calm heart, no matter what the world said about their talent or future. In Xiao Chen’s eyes, all was in vain.

Only when Xiao Chen truly grasped strength would he be satisfied. Regardless of when, he could not allow the world to influence his heart. He would not worry, doubt, fear, or feel prideful.

“Didn’t I tell you before? You are not allowed to use this bottle gourd for buying wine. Why are you so disobedient?” Xiao Chen gently smacked Xiao Bai’s head as he scolded her.

Xiao Bai lowered her head. She felt somewhat wronged as she said, “But the other bottle gourds are really small. I empty them after two mouthfuls.”

Xiao Chen shook his head helplessly. It was just his luck to meet this girl who loved drinking; he felt really helpless. He handed the bottle gourd back to Xiao Bai and said, “No more next times. This time, I will punish you by not letting you drink until nightfall.”

Xiao Bai happily received the bottle gourd and tied it to her waist. She nodded and said seriously, “Xiao Bai will not drink; Xiao Bai guarantees it.”

Xiao Chen left money for the food on the table. Then, he walked toward the road with Xiao Bai.

Not long after Xiao Chen left, a few cultivators at another table chatted with each other. One of them said, “The youth earlier…he seemed to be the recently famous White-Robed Bladesman, Xiao Chen. His purpose is not the same as ours, right, targeting that treasure?”

Another person laughed and said, “You are overthinking this. Wearing white robes and tying a blue strip of cloth on the head is a norm for bladesmen now. Which bladesman is not dressed like that at the moment?”

A third person chimed in, “Indeed. Since the day of that fight in the Heavenly Saber Pavilion, which bladesman does not dress like this? I can only say that Xiao Chen is too famous; there are too many people following his style. Don’t overthink this.”

“Perhaps I really did overthink this. There are too many white-robed bladesman wearing a strip of blue cloth on their heads. Let’s quickly finish eating and continue our journey,” the first person who spoke concluded.


High in the sky, a silver warship quickly advanced against the strong winds in the clouds.

Xiao Chen was in the ship’s hold carefully examining a map. There were detailed drawings of topography of the Xihe Province and the seas near it. There were detailed marks for every river, mountain, town, and city.

A small map flickering with a spiritual light sat next to the massive map. This was the treasure map that Xiao Chen had previously obtained.

According to the fatty, the location of the treasure was on an island at sea. Surging waves battered the island throughout the year. Even Martial Monarchs experts could not reach it.

In the past, a Martial Sage had changed the natural laws around the island. Even after a thousand years, the altered natural laws had not recovered.

Every two years, there would be a brief respite. The huge waves would recede significantly, allowing Martial Kings a chance to enter.

Having calculated the time carefully, Xiao Chen realized that now was coincidentally about the time people could travel to the island.

When Xiao Chen left the Heavenly Saber Pavilion, he did not have a definitive destination. Since he had this treasure map, he should give it a try; perhaps he could take advantage of a fortuitous encounter.

After Xiao Chen compared the maps, he muttered, “It looks like the river on the treasure map is really the Black Dragon River in Xihe Province. The sea route marked by the red line is probably the way to the island.”

Xiao Bai sat at the stern of the warship. She occasionally snuck sips from her bottle gourd when she saw Xiao Chen fully focused. Her flushed face was very attractive.

Xiao Chen saw all this clearly with his Spiritual Sense. However, he only smiled helplessly. He picked up the map flickering with spiritual light and examined it carefully for a long time.

Xiao Chen’s finger slowly moved around the treasure map until it stopped it at the island nearest to the treasure. This island was the Green Wind Island.

The Green Wind Island was about two times the size of Xihe City. It was an extremely famous island that people would visit when heading into the boundless sea.

All merchant ships that wished to head to the boundless sea would stop at this island, making a final restock of their supplies before the long journey.

“Xiao Bai, stop sneaking in sips. It’s time to disembark,” Xiao Chen said gently, carefully putting away the map.

Xiao Bai’s pretty face slightly flushed as she stood. She nodded gently and smiled, “Alright!”

To reach the Green Wind Island, they had to catch a ride on one of the merchant ships. If Xiao Chen controlled the silver warship for such a long distance, it would be a great drain on his spirit and body.

Xiao Chen put Xiao Bai back in the Spirit Blood Jade and retrieved the silver warship into his right eye. Then, he quickly fell from the sky. Soon, a small city appeared in his vision.

That small city was the end of the road in the desolate wilderness. Because there was a harbor to the Black Dragon River near, even though the city was small, it bustled; people filled every space.

Xiao Chen landed on the ground firmly. He paid the entrance toll before heading to the harbor adjoining the city.

There were many huge merchant ships in the harbor. After Xiao Chen asked around and found a ship preparing to head for the boundless sea, he immediately rushed over.

“So, you are going to Green Wind Island? The fee is one hundred Inferior Grade Spirit Stones, non-negotiable,” the person on the bow who negotiated with Xiao Chen said.

Strange; why is it so expensive? I remember the fee to ride the merchant ships in the past being only a few gold. Now, it’s a hundred Spirit Stones.

Xiao Chen had the hundred Spirit Stones to spare. However, he did not want to waste them foolishly. He was about to find another ship to ask.

The fellow on the ship laughed and said, “Don’t bother looking elsewhere; the other merchant ships are all offering the same price. Even if you only want to reach the next harbor, it is still the same price.”

When things happened out of the ordinary, something strange must be going on. Xiao Chen felt suspicious and stopped. He took out a hundred and fifty Spirit Stones and said, “The remaining fifty Spirit Stones are a reward. Tell me why the prices are so high?”

When the fellow saw the extra fifty Inferior Grade Spirit Stones, a smiled immediately filled his face. He explained, “It’s all because of that treasure map passed down in the Devil Savanna. According to rumors, a fatty had managed to obtain this map in the Devil Savanna.

“He had taken it to the big auction house in the Ancient Desolate Land and earned a large sum. Then, he made a thousand copies and sold them. This treasure map has now become common. The first person who bought it has felt very wronged.

“Not only those from our Great Qin Nation, but many cultivators from the Great Tang Nation, Great Xia Nation, and Great Chu Nation also obtained the map. There are many people going to the Green Wind Island.”

After that person said this, Xiao Chen understood what was going on as well. He smiled to himself, It looks like the treasure map that I saw as precious has already become common.

However, with the fatty’s character, this is definitely possible of him. After he lost so much in the Devil Savanna, he would try to find a way to recoup his losses.

After that, Xiao Chen followed that fellow and boarded the ship, going to the deck. He immediately felt countless strong auras. He saw about a hundred cultivators seated on the deck.

About half of them were peak Martial Saints; the remaining were Martial Kings. Half the Martial Kings were Medial Grade Martial Kings, and a small portion was Superior Grade Martial Kings.

Xiao Chen swept through the place with his Spiritual Sense and discovered that there was one peak Superior Grade Martial King. He had hidden his aura and quietly mingled with the crowd.

It looks like it was as that fellow said. Everyone has discovered the secret of the treasure map. Anyone who with some strength will try their luck.

“It’s yet another bladesman imitating Xiao Chen. Why do the youths of these days enjoy imitating others so much? Do they think that they will become experts by wearing white robes and a blue strip of cloth?”

Several cultivators mocked Xiao Chen when they saw him board.

Xiao Chen looked around and discovered there were indeed many cultivators dressed similarly. They all wore white robes with a saber hanging at their waist and a blue strip of cloth around their foreheads.

Xiao Chen could only ignore these people. Such a situation was acceptable to him; it was better than being recognized.

Xiao Chen smiled gently and signaled that person to come to the ship’s hold. Then he said, “Help me prepare a top-notch double room; the bigger, the better.”

“Young Hero, this must be your first time hitching a ride on ship. We are not a passenger ship but a merchant ship, so…” 

Before that person finished, Xiao Chen tossed him a thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Stones. Then, he took out another hundred Spirit Stones and said, “The bigger pile is for your boss. The smaller one is for you.”

That person immediately smiled and said, “Young Hero is very clear on the system. With Spirit Stones, everything becomes easy to manage. A double room, right? I will give you the largest. Wait for a while.”

Xiao Chen was very clear that there were no empty rooms on the merchant shop. Aside from making great contributions to the merchant ship, he could only use Spirit Stones to establish a relationship.

Inferior Grade Spirit Stones were no longer useful for Xiao Chen’s cultivation. He could only use them to recover some Essence; he did not mind spending them.

Not long later, that person came running over and guided Xiao Chen to the second floor, showing him to a large guest room.

“Young hero, if you have any further instructions, just tell me. My humble self is ready to serve you at any time.” This person had already started to see Xiao Chen as the heir of some big clan and tried to benefit as much as he could.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly; he knew what that person thought. He handed over ten Inferior Grade Spirit Stones and said, “You can take your leave first. If there are any matters, I will call you. Don’t interrupt me if I do not call you.”

After that person took the Spirit Stones, he happily took his leave.

Xiao Chen closed the door and immediately released the stifled Xiao Bai. There was more than enough space for two people.

Xiao Chen instructed Xiao Bai to not run about before taking out a Medial Grade Spirit Stone. Then, he sat cross-legged and entered a state of cultivation. He prepared to make a breakthrough to Superior Grade Martial Saint.

After the continuous battles in the Heavenly Saber Pavilion, within the Qi whirlpool in Xiao Chen’s dantian, the purple Essence liquid stirred restlessly. This signaled that he could reach a breakthrough soon.

Furthermore, with his recent cultivation, Xiao Chen was very close to becoming a Superior Grade Martial Saint. He just needed some time before he could smoothly become a Superior Grade Martial Saint.

That huge fight gave Xiao Chen a better understanding of his own strength.

Xiao Chen’s current combat prowess lay between peak Medial Grade Martial King and Superior Grade Martial King. He could defeat ordinary Martial Kings and could hold his own against Superior Grade Martial Kings.

However, Xiao Chen was definitely not a match for a peak Superior Grade Martial King. If he ran into one, he could only do his best to escape.

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