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Chapter 362: The Tragic Mu Chengxue

“Wukui Supporting the Heavens!”

The red and purple petals that filled the air formed a mottled whirlpool and quickly entered Ji Changkong’s wound.


Ji Changkong fell back. The purple and red flower petals rapidly took root in his body. A purple and red Wukui Tree grew out of his wound.

Countless tree branches slowly extended from the tree trunk. After a while, leaves filled the branches. On each of the branches, several strange purple and red Wukui Flowers blossomed.

Mu Chengxue’s expression turned grave. A murderous intent appeared in his eyes. He intended to make use of the opportunity.

Mu Chengxue’s sword hummed softly. The gentle moonlight shone down, and it carried an overwhelming killing Qi as it pierced at Xiao Chen. Xiao Chen currently had his hands full; he could not dodge this attack.

In fact, Xiao Chen did not plan to dodge. He merely continued to focus on making hand seals to control the growth of the Wukui Tree.

The wind from the sword somewhat pained Xiao Chen’s cheeks. The tip of the sword was now ten meters away from him.


A jade pendant on Xiao Chen’s chest lit up with resplendent light. A formless shield encased him. This was the Secret Treasure he had won at the auction.

When Mu Chengxue’s full power attack struck the shield, the barrier reflected thirty percent of its force back at him. The force knocked him back, and he vomited a mouthful of blood.

After the shield withstood the strike, it slowly started to shatter. After Xiao Chen completed his hand seals, he turned and chased after Mu Chengxue.

The Wukui Tree behind Xiao Chen had completely formed. Countless roots extended throughout Ji Changkong’s body and meridians. They locked him in place, causing him enough pain that he wished he was dead. No matter how he struggled, it was useless.

Mu Chengxue wiped his mouth clear of blood as he watched Xiao Chen leap over. He smiled coldly, and the moonlight on his sword started to ripple.

The surrounding space began to blur. As Xiao Chen flew through the air, the distance between him and Mu Chengxue appeared infinite; there was no way for him to get near.

“Now that I used a Holy Weapon and changed the natural laws to create a small realm, let’s see how you break it. There are now more than a thousand kilometers between us; you can forget about catching me.”

Mu Chengxue’s voice resonated throughout the space. It sounded as if he were very close, yet so far away.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and said, “I have said it before; as long as you haven’t comprehended the natural laws yourself, changing the natural laws is useless in front of absolute power.”

“Listening to the Sword!” Xiao Chen shouted, and a light flashed on the Lunar Shadow Saber. Its snow-white blade turned pitch-black, showing off its sharpness wantonly; it had turned into a true Heavenly Weapon.

Wukui Breaks the Heavens can even break the heavens; your measly natural laws are nothing before it!

An ancient divine tree rapidly manifested above Xiao Chen. Thunder roared in the sky above the drill grounds. He exhibited the state of thunder to its limits.


A bolt of lightning descended from the sky; the sound was ear-splitting. The growth of the divine tree completed. A resplendent light appeared on Xiao Chen’s saber.

The light extended quickly, heading toward Mu Chengxue. Screw the natural laws of heaven and earth; with the aid of the state of massacre and the Heavenly Weapon, everything shall break!

The moonlight on Mu Chengxue’s sword dimmed. The beam of light struck his chest in an instant; it was even faster than the blink of an eye.

The crowd in the spectator stands only saw a flash of light. Then, Mu Chengxue was thrown into the distant sky, disappearing from everybody’s sight.

Before Xiao Chen could catch a breath, he immediately felt a cold Qi spreading quickly through the drill ground.

Duanmu Qing had completely dodged the fast Purple Thunder True Fire and currently executed her own sure-kill techniques.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The cold Qi on the ground quickly gathered and formed a huge ice prison, encasing the entire arena. In an instant, the people outside could only see a thick wall of ice; they could not see what occurred inside.

Within the ice prison, a pitch-black saber rested against Duanmu Qing’s neck. Xiao Chen wiped off the blood from the corner of his mouth and said indifferently, “Give up. I still have one of my Wukui Saber Techniques that I have not executed yet. You do not stand a chance.”

The instant the ice prison formed, Xiao Chen executed the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art to its peak and executed the Azure Dragon Tail Whip. Right as Duanmu Qing was about to unleash her sure-kill technique, he rushed over and placed his saber on her neck.

After a moment of silence, the ice-attributed energy in Duanmu Qing’s hands faded. The ice prison immediately melted. Her white hair returned to black.

There were no traces of blood in Duanmu Qing pale complexion. A look of fatigue flashed in her eyes. She said softly, “Actually, from the very start, you had won. Duanmu Qing’s skills are not up to par. From here on, the grudges between the Duanmu Clan and you are at an end.”

After Duanmu Qing spoke, she slowly walked out of the drill grounds. After a while, a figure descended from the sky and landed heavily on the ground. That figure bounced on the ground a few times miserably before stopping.

This was Mu Chengxue, previously thrown into the sky by the Wukui Breaks the Heavens.

Mu Chengxue had already suffered injuries. When he fell from several thousand meters, he sustained further injuries. He could not even speak. Blood obscured his vision; he was in an extremely tragic state.

The entire drill grounds fell completely silent. Xiao Chen fought against three but still obtained victory. Earlier, he defeated the Holy Land’s disciples; then, he defeated the disciples of the various noble clans.

From the start, he did not stop to rest. All of his opponents were not only strong, but they were also all outstanding talents of their regions.

However, this white-robed bladesman had defeated them all. No one was his match, even when they fought three against one.

After his battle, Xiao Chen’s name would shake the world. He would become the strongest person in the younger generation of the Great Qin Nation.

Xiao Chen was the true main character of today’s event. Even the glory of Leng Liusu, who became a peak Inferior Grade Martial King, paled in comparison.

Many people felt excited. Perhaps after many years, they could witness a legend’s rise to glory.

As Xiao Chen walked, he stepped on the ice in the arena, the shards crunching under his feet.

Every step Xiao Chen took gave him a headache. However, he needed to move forward. There were some things he had to clear up with the person laying on the ground. He had to force this person’s words from his own mouth!

Mu Chengxue, who was on the ground, had blurry vision and could not stop coughing. When he heard footsteps, he wanted to struggle to stand. However, a scabbard forced him back to the ground.

“You once said: the higher you fly, the harder you will fall. Looking at you now, I do not doubt these words. Thank you for reminding me; I will always remember this. I will never let myself succumb to the danger of falling.”

When Mu Chengxue heard this, he coughed violently. However, he laughed mournfully in his heart. He, how had fallen from the sky, now completely understood the meaning of these words.

Perhaps I should not have made enemies with this person. There are some people who are destined to rise. Even if you can pull them down temporarily, you would only become a stepping stone for them, allowing them to fly higher.

“Xiao Chen managed to defeat all of them; how unexpected.”

“First he defeated the Holy Land disciples with four palms. Then he defeated the noble clan heirs. No one can defend against his sharpness. No one within the younger generation is a match for him.”

“Our Great Qin Nation is the weakest among the five nations. This time we might have a demonic genius.”

After the silence, the crowd in the spectator stands exploded into chatter. They were all excited; their discussions were unending.

Only the other side, where Liu Ruyue and the others watched. Liu Ruyue smiled sincerely as she quickly walked over to Xiao Chen.

At this point, all the noble clan elders on the platform were sullen. They could not take him down in this fight. This Xiao Chen might be the shadow in their hearts in this life.

They had such a talented opponent; merely thinking about it made them fearful, frustrating them.

However, the most frustrated person was none other than Song Que. Currently, he was very depressed. He originally thought that it was a dead end for Xiao Chen. Yet, he had survived. Furthermore, his fame even grew.

No, this brats strength is already sufficient to threaten me. We have a death grudge between us. He will definitely come back and seek revenge.

Song Que’s expression was hesitant as if he mulled over a difficult decision.

I will just kill him. He is currently at his weakest; this is the best opportunity. He is no longer a Heavenly Saber Pavilion disciple. With my status as Peak Master, I can avoid the death penalty.

Thinking of this, a murderous intent appeared in Song Que’s eyes. As he looked at Liu Ruyue, whose back faced him as she walked, and the defenseless Xiao Chen, he tightly clenched his fist.


Song Que shouted and used his remaining arm as a saber. He carried a sharp killing Qi and leaped toward Xiao Chen.

When the smiling Liu Ruyue saw the berserk Song Que, her expression immediately changed. She called out loudly, “Xiao Chen, watch out!”

Xiao Chen felt the assault of the killing Qi. He wanted to execute the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art and dodge. However, he discovered that he had run dry of Essence. There was nothing left. He felt alarmed.


Liu Ruyue quickly flew over and took the strike for Xiao Chen, a strike powered by Song Que’s peak Martial King Cultivation realm.

“Pu ci!”

The difference in strength between an Inferior Grade Martial King and peak Martial King was vast. Furthermore, Song Que had stored power for a long time to execute this strike.

Liu Ruyue vomited a mouthful of blood and felt excruciating pain in her chest as she flew back.

Xiao Chen’s expression suddenly fell. He rushed to catch Liu Ruyue and checked her pulse. He sent in a strand of Spiritual Sense and discovered her heart vessels had shattered and her lifeforce quickly faded.

The situation’s sudden change shocked everyone. They did not expect such a development.

“Xiao Chen, Don’t…be rash.” Liu Ruyue collapsed in Xiao Chen’s arm. She was frail and pale.

It was like a bolt of lightning had struck Xiao Chen’s mind. His eyes turned scarlet and the scarlet throne in his sea of consciousness trembled. Scarlet strands of the state of massacre extended out.

When Xiao Chen looked back, he discovered that Song Que was still not willing to let go and rapidly headed for him. He was determined to kill Xiao Chen.

Seeking death!

Xiao Chen’s heart turned cold and killing intent filled his entire body. The Azure Dragon tattoo on his right arm started moving. A horrifying energy accumulated.

After a while, that realistic looking tattoo started to move. A realistic Azure Dragon circled Xiao Chen’s arm.


A dragon roar shook the earth. The white clouds in the sky separated. The Holy Might of an ancient Holy Beast spread throughout the drill grounds. Song Que’s expression massively shifted mid-rush.

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