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Chapter 361: All Three Together

Xiao Chen had infused his Essence and physical strength before stomping. The broad arena, with a foundation of Heavenly Mountain Stones and coating of Frost Iron, slowly and unexpectedly sank into the ground.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The ground could not withstand the pressure of the arena sinking. Deep cracks formed and quickly expanded.

The cracks expanded relentlessly. As the ground tore apart, the other arenas on the drill grounds immediately cracked and shattered.

The thousand-meter-long drill ground shook endlessly. Even the surrounding spectator stands trembled.

The quaking lasted for a period before coming to a slow end. The arena under Xiao Chen was already level with the ground.

A surging aura came from Xiao Chen, rushing to the sky without end. He contested it with the three’s auras, revealing its sharpness.

“Do I qualify for the three of you to attack together now?”

Xiao Chen’s tone was calm as he spoke. He revealed his sharpness on his well-defined face. He was like a treasured saber, drawn and seeking someone to test his edge on.

Xiao Chen had wanted to test his true strength long ago. He wanted to know exactly how strong he was. The earlier few fights did not allow him to express himself fully.

The feeling was similar to that of being very excited and preparing to launch a full-powered strike, yet having an already defeated opponent, with no outlet to vent one’s strength.

This had happened to Xiao Chen over and over again. He had enough of this. He only wanted an enjoyable fight, utilizing his full strength.

On the platform, Feng Xuanyi, who had been silent, suddenly said, “If this fellow can emerge victoriously, he will probably steal all the Luck of these noble clan heirs. Who knows; he might really become a legend.”

[TL note: Luck, this is slightly different from the luck we know. At this point in time, all I can figure out is that it can be stolen from others or gained from certain events. This Luck is apparently for cultivators and is probably related to luck as we know it as well.]

The strength that Xiao Chen displayed and his strong aura made the three change their expression. They were alarmed and afraid.

“Silent? In that case, I will take it as your agreement.” Xiao Chen said indifferently and pushed off the ground. He relied purely on his physical strength and shot toward the three like an arrow.

Ji Changkong shouted coldly and said, “Since you seek death, I can’t be bothered to talk about righteousness and justice with you. Astral Swordplay, Resplendent Starlight!”

The sky above the arena grew dark; countless stars flickered in the sky. Day had instantly become night.

Starlight shone down, and a deep starry sky appeared in Ji Changkong’s eyes. He brandished his sword and rushed forward while carrying the power of the starlight.


At the same time, Mu Chengxue drew the Holy Weapon, the Beauty Under the Moon. The sword reflected a golden full moon.

There seemed to be another world within that moonlight. There was a drawn-out hum, like the pleasing voice of a girl; it pulled at the heartstrings of those who heard it.

Duanmu Qing, who had been silent for a long time, also made her move. Her fine black hair turned white instantly. Her eyes completely lost all human emotion; it was extremely cold.

A slender sword appeared in her hand. It was infused with a bone-chilling state of ice as she pierced it toward Xiao Chen.

At this moment, even though she would not willingly admit it, she was no longer a match for Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen looked at the three who made their moves at the same time and smiled faintly. He suddenly stopped and landed firmly on the ground.

Xiao Chen brandished his saber, and a flower bud appeared below his feet. After a while, a Wukui Flowerbud, flickering with alternating purple and red lights, enveloped Xiao Chen.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The attacks of the three struck the flower bud. However, the bud did not move at all. It flickered between a purple electric and scarlet light; it was incredibly odd.

The three exchanged a look. They quickly circulated their Essence before sending even more ferocious attacks at Xiao Chen.

They had infused their respective states with their Sword Techniques. The force was directed to the ground, and deep cracks appeared. However, that strange flower bud still did not move.

Within the flower bud, Xiao Chen’s expression did not change. He suppressed the surging Qi and blood in his body, and he made hand seals.

“Wukui Blossoms!”

When the third wave of attacks was about to land, the purple and red flower bud suddenly released a surging shockwave.

The three could not react in time. The shockwave struck them all and threw them backward. Countless flower petals danced in the wind.

The purple and red flower petals filled the drill grounds; it was gorgeous to behold. Xiao Chen pushed off the ground and chased after the slower Ji Changkong.

As Xiao Chen traveled through the flower petals, his speed increased explosively. In an instant, he caught up to Ji Changkong.

Ji Changkong’s expression turned grave. He suddenly leaped up a hundred meters and turned around.

Countless stars appeared above them. The star that represented Ji Changkong in the boundless river of stars suddenly shone brightly, and a resplendent pillar of light descended from the sky.

“Astral Swordplay, Eternal Light!”

A vast sword light appeared on his blade as Ji Changkong fired it at Xiao Chen with lightning speed.


The sword light was very bright and dazzling. A seemingly bottomless pit appeared in the ground of the drill grounds. The sight was frightening.

All this happened in the time for a spark to fly. It was so fast that the crowd could not react to it.

“Did I hit him?” Ji Changkong frowned slightly and heaved a sigh of relief. After executing this move within a short span of time, he was already spent.

“That move is pretty strong. Unfortunately, it is useless if it does not hit.”

Suddenly, Xiao Chen’s calm voice came from behind Ji Changkong. Ji Changkong’s face fell, and he quickly raised his sword to block his chest.


A saber hacked out, and Ji Changkong slid back several meters. The vibration of his sword made his right hand feel numb. So, he switched to a two-handed grip.

The flower petals filling the air gave off an invisible light. When the light shone on Xiao Chen, his speed increased by thirty percent.

Ji Changkong had just retreated, but Xiao Chen arrived beside him once again. Xiao Chen’s saber light flickered, moving relentlessly; he sent out more than a hundred strikes in an instant.

Retreat! Retreat! Retreat! Retreat again!

Ji Changkong could barely block Xiao Chen’s attacks. He was suppressed to the point where he had no opportunity to take a breather. In a breath of time, he retreated several hundred meters.

“Hu chi!”

A strand of killing Qi came from behind Xiao Chen. He twisted his body to the side, and he saw that it was Mu Chengxue, charging forth and brandishing the Beauty Under the Moon. Ji Changkong took a prolonged breath as he retreated a hundred meters.

Right after Xiao Chen dodged Mu Chengxue’s attack, an intensely cold aura came from above. Duanmu Qing charged ahead as well.

Xiao Chen smiled gently and swept his saber across. He deflected Mu Chengxue’s sword before performing a somersault and dodging the two’s attacks.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

The two sent attacks at Xiao Chen relentlessly. The state of ice exhibited to its limits. A cold Qi seeped into Xiao Chen’s body via his skin, slowing him slightly.

Occasionally, a gentle hum would come from Mu Chengxue’s sword. It was very pleasing to the ear, making one to want to listen. This distracted Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen infused the state of massacre into his Saber Techniques. He maintained his frame of mind as he waved his saber, blocking the two’s attacks.

Although Xiao Chen could block the sword, he could not block the sword light. Bloody wounds appeared on his fair skin.

Duanmu Qing and Ji Changkong were not in better positions. Xiao Chen’s saber light had two different kinds of states infused into it. When it struck their bodies, the damage was obvious.


A ray of starlight descended behind Xiao Chen. Ji Changkong had rested and rejoined the fight. The three formed a circle and surrounded Xiao Chen.

The four of them battled in the petal-filled air. Dust was kicked up from the ground. There were ice, starlight, moonlight, and the electric light that flickered between red and purple.

Dust filled the air; shockwaves flew all over the place. The spectators’ eyes widened as they watched the fight nervously.

The intensity of this fight had far surpassed their expectations. Xiao Chen was surrounded by the perils of fighting against three at the same time.

It was like a small boat in a torrential storm and surging sea. It shook like it could sink at any time. However, it did not do so in the end.

Just when everyone thought that Xiao Chen would die, he dodged the killing move and made a sharp counter attack at the same time.

Xiao Chen’s white robes were already stained with blood. He smiled bitterly to himself, This was very enjoyable, but the price was high.

We, cultivators, are born in this age full of geniuses, this age full of violent developments.

Without defying the heavens and welcoming difficulties, how can we stand out from the crowd? How else can we climb to the peak of cultivation?

Xiao Chen laughed toward the sky. A heroic spirit was born in his heart. The movements of his hands became slightly faster, deflecting the attacks the three sent at him.

“I want to see how long you can last. Again!” Ji Changkong roared, and dazzling starlight burst around him as he charged Xiao Chen again.

From the start of the battle, both sides fought at full-force. This was no longer a competition of strength. It was a competition of their perseverance and willpower. Whoever could hold on the longest would not fall. Who would have the last laugh?

Duanmu Qing’s hair fluttered around her face; her expression did not change. There were no signs of any fluctuations. Her whole body emitted a cold Qi. Even though it was it was bone-chilling, Mu Chengxue and Ji Changkong were willing to be close to her.

It was hard to image how Xiao Chen held on, given that this cold Qi was directed at him.

It was frigid. However, Xiao Chen had already cultivated to the Dragon Tendon Tiger Bone; his body had already experienced a rebirth. The cold Qi could not penetrate his meridians. Although it did not feel good, he could endure it.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

The battle continued for another hour. Under the sharp attacks, all four of them had wounds of various sizes.

However, the weapons in their hands did not stop. Such a high-intensity fight was a great test of their perseverance.


A fierce flame started burning in Xiao Chen’s right eye. Eventually, all of the fire gathered before elongating into a purple arrow.

The biggest threat to Xiao Chen was Duanmu Qing. So, Xiao Chen launched it at her. Duanmu Qing’s expression changed slightly; she felt a dangerous aura. She quickly retreated and surrounded herself with a screen of ice.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and ignored her. How damaging could this purple light be? He immediately turned his gaze and attacked Ji Changkong.

Xiao Chen had already waited for this opportunity for very long. Of the three, Ji Changkong was the weakest. He could only start looking for a weak point.

After Xiao Chen diverted the strongest, Duanmu Qing, he broke out of the enclosure of the three and quickly made his move.

The moment Duanmu Qing left, the cold Qi within Xiao Chen’s body decreased significantly. His unpredictable movements appeared again. He spun around and stabbed his saber into Ji Changkong’s chest.

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