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Chapter 360: Dual Between Geniuses

Hua Yunfei took advantage of the time spent Xiao Chen dodging the scarlet sword Qi, quickly following up with his killing move. 

Flying scarlet lights filled the air like countless scarlet figures continuously executing Sword Techniques. Strands of scarlet sword Qi moved with a strange rhythm like the waves of the sea.

The horrifying state of massacre spread throughout the entire arena. Anyone who felt it experienced fear in their hearts and trembled.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

Xiao Chen activated the Windwalk Shoes and moved through the sky filled with sword images. He brandished his saber and hacked apart any sword Qi that flew at him.

Each sword image was like a cultivator holding a sword and attacking, either piercing, hacking, chopping, or using uppercuts.

The angles of the swords were varied and unpredictable. It was very tiresome to deal with.

“Hua Yunfei has learned the ancient Martial Technique completely. He lives up to his reputation of the Hua Clan’s once-in-a-hundred-years genius. Xiao Chen will lose at this rate.”

“Indeed; the ancient Martial Techniques are completely different from the modern Martial Techniques. Even if one manages to obtain an ancient Martial Technique manual, it would be very difficult to learn. Its execution also feels out of place. It is hard for it to have practical combat applications.”

“Look at the torrent of boundless sword images in the arena. Even a Martial King would have difficulty dealing with this.”

When the crowd in the spectator stands saw the scarlet sword images fill the air of the arena, they recognized the attack as an ancient Martial Technique. They could not help but worry for Xiao Chen.

Hua Yunfei’s figure hid among these sword images. Occasionally, a sharp strike would lash out, hard to defend against.

In a short period, numerous sword wounds covered Xiao Chen’s limbs. No matter how fast he was, it was impossible to dodge all of these unpredictable and torrential sword images. Xiao Chen could only do his best to avoid any major injuries.

Furthermore, the state of massacre interfered with Xiao Chen’s mind. A killing move hid within the killing move. They layered on top of each other; this Martial Technique was truly interesting.

“Ha ha! Xiao Chen, this move is not easy to deal with right? Thanks to you, I have awakened the ancient Evil Spirit in my body. This Martial Technique is an inheritance from that Evil Spirit.

“In the Ancient Era, when this technique was used, the torrent of sword images could cover a span of a hundred meters, including the sky and ground. If deities stand in the way, they will die; if demons block the way, they will die.”

As Hua Yunfei watched Xiao Chen tiresomely deal with his move, he laughed maniacally. He wanted to deal a blow to Xiao Chen’s fighting spirit, causing him to fall faster.

Xiao Chen kept his mind clear. He did not panic, worry, doubt, or fear.

Xiao Chen simply ignored Hua Yunfei’s words. He moved all throughout the arena, executing the state of thunder to its limits.

As Xiao Chen defended against the countless scarlet sword images from every direction, he did his best to find a pattern to these sword images’ movements.

Xiao Chen’s state of thunder infused with Holy Might could barely defect these sword images; it could not destroy them completely.

The state of massacre is indeed challenging to deal with, Xiao Chen thought. Fortunately, I also have the state of massacre.

After defending for a while, Xiao Chen finally discovered the pattern of the sword images’ movements. It was time for him to make his move.

Xiao Chen gently removed the blue strip of cloth from his forehead, and the scarlet mark between his eyebrows appeared. Xiao Chen’s handsome, clearly-defined, fair face immediately became enchanting.

The scarlet throne between Xiao Chen’s eyebrows released a strand of red light. The light from it enhanced that enchanting quality.

“Wukui Transforms to Qi!” Xiao Chen shouted and merged his state of thunder and state of massacre. The divine Wukui Tree transformed into countless strands of purple saber Qi, occasionally flicking with a red light.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

When the scarlet sword Qi and the reddish-purple saber Qi clashed in the arena, there were strings of explosions, rumbling continuously.

Hua Yunfei’s expression changed slightly. He grasped the scarlet sword in his hand tightly. He said with some disbelief, “How could you have comprehended the state of massacre as well?”

The string of continuous explosions created intense shockwaves through the air. They shattered the fencing around the arena.

Xiao Chen’s hair and white robes fluttered. He smiled gently and said, “Who ruled that only you can comprehend the state of massacre?”

“Qi Breaks Wukui!”

The reddish-purple saber Qi contained the berserk state of thunder and the attacking powers of the state of massacre. It sliced through the boundless shockwaves and flew at Hua Yunfei.

Hua Yunfei swung his sword and gathered all of the scattered red light onto his sword. He thrust his sword forward, and a spot of red light appeared, blocking the saber Qi.

“Zi zi!”

The two states intensely contested against each other in the air, neither giving way. There was a crackling sound and scarlet ripples in the air; the states gushed forth.


When the confrontation’s intensity reached its peak, a crackle of thunder roared in the sky. The reddish-purple saber Qi suddenly released a bolt of lightning.

Hua Yunfei’s state immediately shattered. He quickly retreated backward. However, the saber Qi still penetrated his right shoulder, leaving a bloody hole the width of a finger.

So, Xiao Chen had only competed with me using the state of massacre. He had not used his state of thunder, Hua Yunfei realized, afraid.

“You are far from being able to challenge me with states. Regardless of whether you have an ancient Martial Technique or not, break for me!”

Xiao Chen leaped up, and his figure flashed through the air. The state of massacre fully merged with the state of thunder. Saber lights flew everywhere; Hua Yunfei could only passively resist.

The situation instantly turned around. Xiao Chen dashed about. Strands of reddish-purple saber Qi broke all of Hua Yunfei’s killing moves.

“Blood Shadow Chop!”


“Sea of Blood, Mountain of Corpses!”


“Blood Covering Mountains and Rivers!”


Regardless how many moves you make, I will merge my state of thunder and the state of massacre and break them with one saber strike! Break! Break! Break!

Hua Yunfei vomited three mouthfuls of blood. Xiao Chen shattered each of his three killing moves with a single strike. The overwhelming energy knocked him backward.


The ferocious energy came surging again. Hua Yunfei’s sword flew from his hand. Xiao Chen stepped forward and struck his chest with a palm strike, sending him flying as well.

Hua Yunfei’s body slid across the arena. Soon, he reached the edge. Hua Yunfei paled and quickly struggled to stand up.

Suddenly, Hua Yunfei felt something cold on his neck. It was Xiao Chen, who had raced over and placed his saber on his neck. Xiao Chen said expressionlessly, “Hua Yunfei, you have lost!”

“I did not lose. How could I lose to trash like you? Back then, I could have easily killed you with a finger. This is impossible.”

Hua Yunfei pushed the saber away from his neck. He quickly stood and launched himself at Xiao Chen.


Xiao Chen simply kicked Hua Yunfei in the face. The huge force caused him to tumble through the air. He fell head first outside of the arena.

“He won again! Xiao Chen won again! Who can obtain victory over him?”

“Hua Yunfei’s strength is at the peak of Martial Saint. He grasped ancient Martial Techniques. He could probably kill an ordinary Martial King with ease. Yet, Xiao Chen still defeated him. How many trump cards does this Xiao Chen have?”

“The state of massacre, I think that is his final trump card. However, even if you know about it, it is not easy to contend with!”

Xiao Chen had another overwhelming victory. This greatly excited the crowd. Some people were resolute in their faith that Xiao Chen could defeat the remaining foes.

Xiao Chen had battled continuously on this Heaven Viewing Platform. Be it with the Holy Land’s people or the noble clan’s geniuses, none were weak.

However, Xiao Chen had suppressed all his opponents without exception. With such strength, even if he were defeated, his talent and strength were undeniable.

If Xiao Chen could survive this calamity, he would inevitably rise to power someday. By then, to the noble clans, he would be like a fleeting cloud.


High in the clouds, Nangong Lie watched the situation on the Heaven Viewing Platform. He smiled faintly and said, “It looks like we do not have to do anything. This fellow might deal with this calamity alone.”

Ying Yue’s eyes wandered as she said softly, “That will depend on the Holy Land’s people. Perhaps these noble clans cannot do anything to him.”


Back on the platform, the noble clan elders had unsightly expressions. They wanted to make a move but could not. They felt extremely sullen.

The First Elder of the Misty Sword Sect asked softly, “Chaoyun, how confident are you that you can defeat this person?”

Chu Chaoyun said softly, “I will have victory within one move. First Elder, what do you think?”

“Ha ha. Then I can rest assured,” the Misty Sword Sect’s First Elder smiled happily.


Back in the arena, Xiao Chen gazed at Duanmu Qing, Ji Changkong, and Mu Chengxue below the arena. He said, “The three of you should face me together. Otherwise, you will not stand a chance.”

The moment Xiao Chen spoke, everyone felt their hearts leap into their throat. Is this Xiao Chen crazy? He actually asked for all his opponents to come together.

Ji Changkong smiled coldly, “Xiao Chen, if you truly seek death, I am not afraid of granting your wish.”

Duanmu Qing’s cold, beautiful face had no expression. She asked, her voice frosty, “Do you really think you are qualified?”

Mu Chengxue held the Beauty Under the Moon in his hand and revealed a playful smile on his handsome face. He smiled gently and said, “If that is all the strength you possess, you don’t even qualify to make me draw my sword.”

These three were extremely proud; they stood out from the rest. Since they were young, they had received others’ admiration. They enjoyed glory and fame. There has never been a moment when others looked down upon them.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Three strong auras rushed into the sky. Resplendent starlight appeared as countless stars flickered. This was Ji Changkong’s state of stars.

A bone-chilling cold Qi flickering with a sharp cold light spread into the sky. This was Duanmu Qing’s Great Perfection state of ice.

Gentle, warm moonlight shone down, moving like a cool breeze. This was Mu Chengxue’s strange state of bright moon. Under its calm exterior, it hid an overwhelming aura.

The three auras merged and scattered the clouds. Strong winds blew, and the weather changed.

Everyone in the drill ground could feel a strong pressure on their shoulders like a large mountain pressing down on them.

Xiao Chen held a two-meter-long saber with a sharp saber light as he faced the strong auras. He smiled faintly and gently raised his right leg before stepping down.

The Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art was at peak Great Perfection. Xiao Chen could achieve 50,000 kilograms of physical force with a casual strike. At full power, he could achieve 75,000 kilograms of force. When he infused his Essence, he could achieve 100,000 kilograms of force.

Most importantly, Xiao Chen could freely control this force, manipulating it perfectly.

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