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Chapter 358: If You Want to Fight, Let’s Fight

Xiao Chen’s originally withdrawn aura completely unleashed, wantonly showing off his sharpness.

Xiao Chen pushed off the ground and leaped into the air. He circulated the Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art with full force. The sound of a tiger and dragon’s roars from his acupoints. A tiger and dragon circled him as he clenched his fist; crackling sounds came from the bones in his fingers.

Xiao Chen leaned back slightly and dodged Shi Feng’s attack. Then, he punched Shi Feng’s chest.

“Ka ca! Ka ca!”

The mottled rocks that Shi Feng used to defend his chest shattered, and he vomited a mouthful of blood in the air. He was knocked back and coincidentally landed on the tea table of the Night Spirit Palace.

Mu Chengxue was about to set his teacup down when Shi Feng shattered the tea table. Mu Chengxue’s hand hovered helplessly in the air.

When Mu Chengxue saw the miserable and pale Shi Feng standing up with difficulty, he laughed. He said, “Junior Brother Shi, your strength is insignificant. Why do you want to join in the excitement?”

Shi Feng felt depressed. He had broken at least five ribs and suffered injuries to his internal organs. Adding his internal and external injuries together, he had completely lost his ability to fight.

“What a disgrace! Stand in the back. Stop embarrassing the Night Spirit Palace!” the Night Spirit Palace’s First Elder scolded with an extremely sullen expression.

Shi Feng struggled to stand. He felt guilt and lowered his head. He did not dare make any rebuttal.

Mu Chengxue slowly relaxed the hand holding the teacup, letting it fall to the ground. However, unexpectedly, it did not shatter but landed firmly without moving.

“Not just anyone can exploit some matters.” Mu Chengxue picked up his sword, Beauty Under the Moon, and leaped into the air. Then, he appeared in the arena.

He looked at the revealed Xiao Chen dressed in white and smiled. He said, “We have not finished out fight yet. Let us finish it today!”

Xiao Chen looked at Mu Chengxue expressionlessly. He did not expect this person to be so shrewd. Mu Chengxue discovered his real identity long ago but had not exposed him.

Mu Chengxue waited until today to expose him in front of everyone, forcing him into a corner.

The crowd in the spectator stands was shocked. Six noble clans worked together and put up wanted notices for Xiao Chen. In the history of the Great Qin Nation, Xiao Chen was the first to accomplish that.

Unexpectedly, the top disciple of the Night Spirit Palace, one of the great sects, Mu Chengxue, also had grudges against Xiao Chen.

If they considered that Xiao Chen had just defeated the people from the Holy Land, he had probably offended them as well. Another person so imposing would probably not appear in the future again.

With so many powers moving against Xiao Chen, even if the Heavenly Saber Pavilion wanted to protect him, they would have to consider it carefully.

The three strongest noble clans, the Guiyi marquis who held a high position in the royal courts, and the Night Spirit Palace, which was one of the three great sects, with so many strong factions, they could level anything they wanted in the Great Qin Nation.

Aside from Xiao Chen, who else would dare offend them? There were no precedents in the past and would likely be no subsequent occurrences like this in the future.

“Anyone who wants kill Xiao Chen will have to go through me, Liu Ruyue, first!” A beautiful figure on the platform drew her small saber. She stood before Xiao Chen, shielding him and unleashing her overwhelming, Martial King aura.

Xiao Chen looked at Liu Ruyue’s back and could not help but feel warmth in his heart. One of the few people who would protect him immediately was Liu Ruyue.

“Although, I, Liu Suifeng, am not strong, if anyone wants to kill my brother, they have to go through me first.” Liu Suifeng rushed over.

“If the noble clans want to kill in out Heavenly Saber Pavilion, we will not allow it.” Zhang Lie and Mu Chen leaped out from the crowd and shielded Xiao Chen.

“Xiao Bai wants to protect Elder Brother Xiao Chen too. Xiao Bai will beat up anyone who wants to kill Elder Brother Xiao Chen.”

On the platform, Xiao Bai was originally in high spirits. When she saw the sudden change, she was confused; she did not know what had happened.

When she realized that there were people who wanted to kill Xiao Chen, her delicate face sank.

“Hu chi!”

Another white figure moved quickly and landed without making any sound like leaves floating down gently. Yun Kexin had arrived.

Yun Kexin placed her right hand on her saber hilt hanging at her waist. She said nothing, but her intentions were clear from her attitude.

If anyone wanted to kill Xiao Chen, they would have to go through her as well.

Two groups of people quickly appeared in the broad arena, releasing a boundless killing intent.

Their auras clashed in the air, not giving way to the others. Winds blew, and the clouds churned; the weather changed.

The situation kept changing. The crowd originally thought that Xiao Chen faced a dead end. They did not expect so many people to step up and defend him.

Of everyone here, there was one person who was very pleased. This person was none other than Song Que. Everyone felt at a loss; only Song Que was thrilled.

Originally, Song Que thought that the Elders’ Assembly paid notice to Xiao Chen’s talent; he was untouchable.

However, Song Que now discovered that Xiao Chen was a fugitive. Furthermore, several big powers of the Great Qin Nation desiring his head had posted their own bounties. He had obtained his chance once again.

Heaven really played people for fools. In one's darkest hour, a glimmer of hope appeared. There was nothing more worth joy.

The more Song Que thought about it, the more pleased he became. He could not help but laugh. He said loudly, “First Elder, this Xiao Chen had concealed his identity and infiltrated our Heavenly Saber Pavilion, harboring unfathomable motives. He intends to drag the Heavenly Saber Pavilion into conflict with the Holy Land and the other noble clans.

“He clearly intends to destroying our Heavenly Saber Pavilion, wrecking ten thousand years of heritage. He has sinister motives and is really ruthless. We have to kill him!”

Song Que used his status as the Biyun Peak Master and laid several accusations on Xiao Chen, intending to make the relationship between the Heavenly Saber Pavilion and him irreconcilable.

Jiang Chi looked at Song Que coldly and ignored him. He focused his voice and communicated secretly with Xiao Chen, “I don’t care about your identity; I will only ask you one question. Will you join the Divine Saber Camp? If you agree, my Heavenly Saber Pavilion will deal with this for you.”

When Xiao Chen heard Jiang Chi’s words, he shook his head. It was impossible for him to stay in the Heavenly Saber Pavilion. “Many thanks for First Elder’s kind intentions. My apologies; I cannot accept this.”

“In that case, this is your own choice. Don’t blame me for being merciless.”

No matter how talented Xiao Chen was, if they could not retain him in the Heavenly Saber Pavilion, his glorious future would not have anything to do with the Heavenly Saber Pavilion. If that were the case, there was no need to spend so much effort shielding him from this disaster.

Jiang Chi said sullenly, “All Heavenly Saber Pavilion disciples on the platform, hear my orders. Step back now. This is a personal grudge; our Heavenly Saber Pavilion will not interfere.”

After Jiang Chi spoke, no one on the platform moved. Instead, when the noble clan elders on the platform heard Jiang Chi’s intentions, they rose up to their feet.

However, the moment they stood, they felt a formless killing intent assault them.

“Let the young settle their own matters. Elder Ji and Elder Hua, what do you think?” Jiang Chi looked at the elders of the noble clans and smiled. However, there was a killing intent intertwined with his smile.

In the end, Jiang Chi wanted to protect Xiao Chen and not allow the situation to reach the extreme.

Feng Xuanyi, who had been silent, also smiled faintly and said, “I agree with this. Let the youths settle their own matters. Let us, old fogeys, just watch.

“Such an interesting youth has not appeared within the Great Qin Nation for a long time. This old man is willing to give him a hand. How this turns out will depend on him.”

While Feng Xuanyi spoke, the sharpness that belonged to a Sword Monarch instantly locked down on the noble clan elders on the platform. Every one of them felt like a sword hovered about their heads.

The noble clan elders smiled bitterly. Even if they wanted to stand, they did not dare. Although they were dissatisfied with the attitude of these two old men, they did not dare express it.

When Xiao Chen noticed the situation on the platform, he felt warmth in his heart. He did not express his gratitude but would pay it back in the future.

“Suifeng, Ruyue, Kexin, Mu Chen, and Zhang Lie, I, Xiao Chen, am grateful to all of you. You should step down. Today’s matter is a personal grudge between these noble clans and me. I have to deal with this myself.”

Xiao Chen cupped his hands and advised the others. Before Yun Kexin left, she said softly to Xiao Chen, “Xiao Chen, after this battle, I believe you will become a true bladesman.”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and said, “Are you sure that I can survive this today?”

Yun Kexin’s delicate face was very calm. She smiled gently and said, “I said it long ago. I am a good judge of people.”

After Xiao Chen sent off Yun Kexin, he walked over the Liu Ruyue. He felt somewhat guilty, and he said with difficulty, “Ruyue, I’m sorry for lying to you for so long.”

Liu Ruyue’s eyes were somewhat moist. She said, “You fool, why didn’t you tell me earlier? Why would I blame you? Regardless whether you are Xiao Chen or Ye Chen, it makes no difference in my eyes.”

The final knot in Xiao Chen’s heart was undone. His handsome face immediately revealed a happy smile, “You should step back first. This is my fate; I need to deal with this myself. Trust me.”

Liu Ruyue knew Xiao Chen was determined. She silently nodded and stepped back.

After everyone left, aside from the noble clan heirs, only Xiao Chen remained.

Xiao Chen wore white robes, and his Lunar Shadow Saber was already unsheathed. His swept his gaze over all these people’s faces, Duanmu Qing, Ji Changkong, Hua Yunfei, Mu Chengxue, and the Guiyi Marquis.

For over a year, Xiao Chen had changed his appearance and hid his true self to hide from these people.

Even the most low-profiled person would not willingly hide their true self, sneaking around like a rat.

Who did not want to live forthrightly, walking around openly? The noble clans already had enough of this, and so had Xiao Chen!

Xiao Chen would end everything today. He would let the name Ye Chen become history and leave only the name Xiao Chen for the world to remember.

Xiao Chen focused his gaze forward. His expression did not change as his right hand grasped the saber tightly. He asked indifferently, “Are you all attacking together or one by one?”


When Duanmu Qing, Ji Changkong, Hua Yunfei, Mu Chengxue, and the Guiyi Marquis heard Xiao Chen’s words, they all jumped from the arena. These were proud people; joining hands to deal with Xiao Chen was impossible.

Only Yan Chixue and Xiao Chen remained in the previously lively arena.

Yan Chixue felt depressed. His strength was the lowest of the group. Originally, he had prepared to work with the others to deal with Xiao Chen.

Even if they did not work together, Yan Chixue planned to wait until they rest had fought before he made his move.

However, given the current situation, Yan Chixue could not retreat even if he wanted to. Otherwise, his reputation would suffer.

There is no need to worry; he has already fought continuous battles. He must have exhausted a lot of Essence. I should have a fifty percent chance of victory. Yan Chixue consoled himself.

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