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Chapter 351: Seven Emotions and Six Desires

Doubt appeared in Xiao Bai’s eyes, and she felt it was strange. She asked, “'Great pressure?' Is Xiao Bai very heavy?"

Liu Ruyue slowly walked over and smiled gently, “How can Xiao Bai be heavy? It means that someone is embarrassed.”

Xiao Chen laughed embarrassedly. He looked at the two and said, “Sorry; I made you two worry.”

While Xiao Chen was cultivating, he had immersed himself completely. However, his Spiritual Sense had always extended out; he was very aware of what happened around him.

Liu Ruyue’s actions made Xiao Chen feel guilty. He had allowed the people who cared about him see him do something so dangerous. They would worry about him.

Liu Ruyue said softly, “There is no need to feel unease between you and me. Let’s go back and rest properly first.

The group slowly made their way back. Along the way, Xiao Bai was the most lively. She talked aimlessly and asked some questions that made them unsure of whether to laugh or cry. The atmosphere was very relaxed.


Time passed quickly. Soon, it was the end of the month. During this period, Xiao Chen did not cultivate as madly as he had before.

Xiao Chen would only cultivate for half the day. Then, he would spend the rest of the time accompanying Liu Ruyue and Xiao Bai, strolling through the Heavenly Saber Pavilion.

After staying at the Heavenly Saber Pavilion for so long, Xiao Chen had not really wandered around the place yet. Perhaps he might not have the luxury to do so in the future. So, when Liu Ruyue suggested they visit all the places, he agreed immediately.

As the end of the month drew near, the Heavenly Saber Pavilion had a busy atmosphere. Occasionally, experts from other places arrived.

These were the independent cultivators or those from smaller sects and clans. They had not received an invitation and brought impressive gifts in hopes that the Heavenly Saber Pavilion would invite them. They hoped to be present during the welcome ceremony and to attempt to leave an impression on the people from the Holy Land.

If the sect or clan had particularly excellent disciples, they would be even hungrier for this invitation. If the Holy Land took note of their disciples, that clan or sect would rise to a first-rate or second-rate power in the Great Qin Nation.

Traditionally, every time the Holy Land took someone, they gave the related powers great benefits. They would receive high-ranked secret manuals, Spirit Stones, Secret Treasures, and Spirit Weapons; they would receive plenty of them. The most important thing was that they would receive the protection of the Holy Land. No one would dare seek trouble with them.

The unending stream of people resulted in the disciples with flying Spirit Beasts at the foot of the Heaven Viewing Platform earning many Spirit Stones.

There was so much business that the moment they returned from transporting someone, more waited for them.

It would take a normal cultivator at least half a day to walk up to the Heaven Viewing Platform, even if they rushed at full speed.

For these anxious people, how could they bear to spend so much time? Naturally, they all fought for the chance to ride a flying Spirit Beast.

Xiao Chen looked at the foot of the Heaven Viewing Platform. He watched the numerous people full of hope and said ruefully, “The charm of the Holy Land is indeed extraordinary. Just the news of their arrival managed to move the entire Great Qin Nation.”

Liu Ruyue stood at the side and said softly, “They can’t help it. In the eyes of the ordinary person, the Three Holy Land are like gods. This idea has been passed down for several ten thousand years. This fear and respect for them are ingrained deep in their bones.” 

When Xiao Chen heard this, he frowned slightly. He asked softly, “How can one put their hopes in gods on the path of cultivation? Let’s go elsewhere. There is nothing much to see here.”

Liu Ruyue could feel Xiao Chen’s sharpness and drive in his words. She felt somewhat astonished. It was like Xiao Chen did not care for the Holy Land at all.

“Let’s go then. We can go to other places to take a look. There is a nice place in the Heavenly Saber Pavilion you have not seen yet.” Liu Ruyue said as she smiled faintly.

After a while, the two reached the summit of a peak. The summit was more than ten thousand meters high. This astonished even Xiao Chen.

Clouds covered the peak after reaching a thousand meters past the middle of the mountain. When they arrived at the summit, it was like walking on clouds.

The two had rushed over, and both felt somewhat fatigued. When they reached the summit, they immediately sat down and rested.

As Liu Ruyue gazed at the boundless churning clouds, a looked of melancholy appeared in her eyes. She said softly, “Ye Chen, the Holy Land’s people will arrive in three days. You will be leaving the Heavenly Saber Pavilion after the competition, right?”

To Xiao Chen, the Heavenly Saber Pavilion was only a pitstop. Liu Ruyue discovered this long ago. He would not remain at the Heavenly Saber Pavilion.

Actually, Xiao Chen should have left after he learned Listening to the Sword and Communicating With It. Liu Ruyue was clear on the reason behind him staying. He stayed because of his gratefulness to her and perhaps some reluctance to leave.

When Xiao Chen heard this, his expression did not change. This was a problem that had bothered him for a long time.

However, on the night Liu Ruyue chopped down that tree, he had thought it through. Humans had seven emotions and six desires. If he suppressed one of them, a heart demon would manifest.

Love, to a cultivator, was not a blocking stone on the path of cultivation.

Xiao Chen was unaware, but the moment the came to this conclusion; he had cleared one of the biggest hindrances of cultivation—the test of passion.

The test of passion was hard to pass. There were many strong cultivators in history who stumbled over passion. They were absolute geniuses, but they had suppressed their emotions. There were even some extreme cultivators who completely broke away from this emotion and walked the path of cultivation alone.

When they reached the bottleneck separating them from their peak, a heart demon was born. In the end, they could not cross that final hurdle and never managed to reach the peak.

After being silent for a long time, Xiao Chen looked at Liu Ruyue. He said, extremely serious, “Ruyue, I like you. One day, I will make it such that Qingyun Peak will no longer burden you, and we can leave together.”

When Liu Ruyue heard this, a slight blush appeared on her pretty face. She did not expect for the normally reserved and somewhat introverted Xiao Chen to say such bold words.

Liu Ruyue was stunned for quite a while, unable to speak. When Xiao Chen saw Liu Ruyue speechless with her head lowered, he suddenly laughed.

Liu Ruyue looked up at Xiao Chen. Doubt filled her gaze as she asked, “What are you laughing at?”

Xiao Chen did not stop laughing as he continued, “Ruyue, I really like you. I really am a fool. Only now do I realize that I like you more than I thought.

“I should have said it long ago. Regardless of if you willing or not, I will always like you. If you are willing to wait for me, someday, I will remove the burden that is Qingyun Peak with my strength.

“I like you Liu Ruyue. I like you. I really like you. I like your every smile and word. I like everything about you. I like how you treat me well. I really like you a lot!” Xiao Chen suddenly shouted. His voice was like thunder roaring in the ten-thousand-meters high sky, reverberating endlessly.

The words ‘I like you’ caused the boundless clouds to scatter. It reverberated in Liu Ruyue’s ears.

Liu Ruyue blushed heavily and held her hand over Xiao Chen’s mouth, “Don’t be so loud. I know you like me already.”

Xiao Chen looked at the slightly teary Liu Ruyue. Then, he gently pulled away the hand covering his mouth and held it tightly.

Liu Ruyue held Xiao Chen’s hand. When she felt his warmth, her tears turned into laughter and said softly, “I believe you can do it. I will wait for you at Qingyun Peak.”

Xiao Chen pulled gently and tugged Liu Ruyue into his embrace. Neither of them said a word;, they simply held each other tightly.


Three days later, the grand welcoming ceremony finally began. The entire Heavenly Saber Pavilion basked in a joyous atmosphere. All the inner disciples woke up early on this particular day.

The same went for Xiao Chen. Before the sky brightened, he had already dressed and began his saber practice in the yard.

There would be a massive battle today. Be it Duanmu Qing, Mu Chengxue, Shi Feng, Yan Chixie, Hua Yunfei, or Ji Changkong; they were all outstanding talents whose names would shake a region in the Great Qing Nation.

Although Xiao Chen was confident of defeating them all, he did not dare to be overly careless.

A gentle breeze blew, and saber lights flashed. Xiao Chen executed all his Martial Techniques once.

Of course, Xiao Chen only executed them casually and did not use too much Essence. Otherwise, if he executed them all at full force, his courtyard would turn into rubble.

After Xiao Chen finished practicing, Liu Ruyue, who had appeared at an unknown time, held a neatly folded set of long, white robes out to Xiao Chen with a faint smile.

When Xiao Chen looked at the white robes in Liu Ruyue’s hands, he could feel a strange energy from them. He asked suspiciously, “Ruyue, what is this?”

Liu Ruyue explained, “This Secret Treasure is one of Qingyun Peak’s most valuable treasures. Its name is the Clear Wind Robes. While you wear them, you can raise your speed by ten percent in an all-rounded manner. Be it dodging speed, attacking speed, or running speed, they will all raise by ten percent.

“The most important thing is that they do not consume any energy. Their effect will automatically be active at every moment.”

Xiao Chen received the Clear Wind Robes and revealed a joyous expression. If he had only heard the first bit, it would be nothing; it was merely a ten percent increase.

However, the last bit changed everything. The Clear Wind Robes deserved to be the most valuable treasure. They could be active at every moment without using any energy. This was like a permanent increase of a cultivator’s Movement Technique.

Furthermore, the amount increased would advance with the growth of the cultivator’s speed. There were no upper limits. When combined with Xiao Chen’s Windwalk shoes, it was perfect.

“Stop staring at them. Quickly put them on and familiarize with them, “Liu Ruyue said as she pushed Xiao Chen gently.

Xiao Chen smiled and nodded. He brought the white robes to his room and removed his clothes, replacing them with the Clear Wind Robes.

After Xiao Chen was completely dressed and tied his belt properly, he looked in the mirror. A figure in long, white robes with a blue strip of cloth tied around his forehead stared back at him.

The strip of cloth hid the scarlet throne. This made him looked very ordinary. There was only a feeling of elegance on top of his ordinary looks. It completely covered Xiao Chen’s leaking killing intent.

This was merely the surficial changes. What astonished Xiao Chen were the changes inside. 

When Xiao Chen wore the robes, an invisible thread of energy connected the cloth to all of his cells via his pores and skin.

Xiao Chen waved, and he immediately felt that the speed of his waving hand was faster than normal. He raised his leg up to take a step forward. However, this step was faster than he imagined. His balance was unstable, and he nearly fell.

Xiao Chen had not adjusted to the sudden ten percent increase in speed yet. He quickly understood its cause.

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