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Chapter 350: A Tempting Reward

This was the influence of the Three Holy Lands. Merely the news of their visit the Heavenly Saber Pavilion cleared away all of the unfavorable rumors about them.

When people walked by Saber City’s gates and saw the heads of the Divine Dragon Palace’s seven Sage Envoys, the shock in their hearts were indescribable. This caused them to strengthen their intent to establish a good relationship with the Heavenly Saber Pavilion.

Xiao Chen, who had heard all of this from Liu Ruyue beforehand, was not surprised nor shocked. He merely acknowledged it with a ‘hmmp’ and ignored it.

When Liu Suifeng saw Xiao Chen’s calm expression, he asked, somewhat depressed, “Ye Chen, why do you not seem surprised. The Phoenix’s Passion Palace is one of the Three Holy Lands. This is also one of the biggest events for the Heavenly Saber Pavilion in recent years.”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and said, “Don’t act so outraged; your sister discussed this with me long ago. I was excited once already. Am I supposed to feel excited again?”

Liu Suifeng felt even more depressed at this news, “Why is Sis so biased. She actually kept this from her own brother, not telling me anything.”

Xiao Chen smiled and said, “After she tells you, Chu Xinyun will know immediately. Then, the entire Jade Maiden Peak will know. Following that, the entire Heavenly Saber Pavilion will know.”

Liu Suifeng said innocently, “Am I really a person who enjoys the limelight?”

Xiao Chen countered, “Is that not so?”

Liu Suifeng was speechless. Then, he said, “Never mind; let's not talk about that anymore. I heard that, during this welcoming ceremony, aside from the Royal Courts, there will be people from almost all of the major powers. All of the outstanding talents of the entire Great Qin Nation will gather there. At that time, they will hold a competition between all the inner disciples. They also invited the other cultivators to participate as well.”

Xiao Chen asked suspiciously, “Why? There is no prize. What is the point of holding a competition.”

“Prize?” Liu Suifeng laughed, “What prize can be better than being noticed by the Holy Land? This is a very tempting prize. Such matters have happened before.

“The Three Holy Lands are always on the lookout for genius cultivators. As far as everyone knows, the Three Holy Lands are the only places that still possess the knowledge from the Ancient Era.

“According to rumors, the location of the Three Holy Lands contain the densest Spiritual Energy in the world. When cultivating there, your cultivation will soar rapidly. Once you enter the Holy Land, your clan and sect will receive their protection.”

Xiao Chen frowned slightly. If that was the case, Duanmu Qing, Shi Feng, Hua Yunfei, Ji Changkong, Chu Chaoyun, and the others would show up as well. They would come to put on a good show in front of the Holy Land for their clans.

“I feel that you should do your best to compete. With your talent, it is possible that the Holy Land will notice you,” Liu Suifeng suggested seriously.

Xiao Chen thought for a while and said, “Thinking about this is not practical. One should rely on oneself for cultivation. It is better to advance steadily and surely. There are no shortcuts on the path of cultivation.”

Liu Suifeng thought about it and agreed. He said, “I shall not hold you up then. You should continue to cultivate. Even if you don’t enter the Holy Land, if will still be useful for obtaining a better result in the competition, getting the top spot among the inner disciples.

When Xiao Chen heard this, he pondered, The reason I want to get the top position is to help spread the name of Qingyun Peak. It looks like there is now a better method.

If I represent Qingyun Peak and defeat all the outstanding talents in the Great Qin Nation, the effects would be better.

Hmm, it is decided then, Xiao Chen thought to himself. He would consider this the last thing he would do before leaving the Heavenly Saber Pavilion.

Now that Xiao Chen had a target, he cultivated even harder than before. He spent all his time on breaking through to the final layer of the Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art.

Xiao Chen was trying to finish cultivating the Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art by the end of the month. This would allow his body to experience a rebirth.

As the waterfall gushed, it carried a huge force. Xiao Chen quietly sat under the waterfall.

The gushing waterfall struck Xiao Chen at every moment. At every moment, its force achieved at least five thousand kilograms. Even a regular Martial King would not dare endure the water’s strikes continuously for a long time.

However, Xiao Chen was as still as a rock. He squeezed his eyes shut as he allowed the waterfall to strike his body. The Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art circulated continuously within his body.

It was only under such high pressure that Xiao Chen’s body maintained an agitated state. Only then could the Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art break through within a short period. Otherwise, if he relied on the ordinary method, he would need at least three months before he could succeed.

After Xiao Chen ate the Fasting Pill, he did not have to eat or rest. This way, he could sit under the waterfall for the whole day and night.

The sun rose and set. Xiao Chen continued to cultivate bitterly in this manner, day after day. It was like he had forgotten about time.

Xiao Chen had numbed to the pain long ago. All that remained were the thoughts of victory, to do his best and persevere.

In the forest beside the waterfall, Liu Ruyue watched Xiao Chen, who had not eaten or drunk anything for fifteen days. Her eyes were slightly moist, and she felt pained.

“Pa! Pa! Pa!”

Liu Ruyue clenched her right hand into a fist and struck Liu Suifeng’s back forcefully and continuously, “It is all your fault, you scoundrel. Who told you to tell him about the competition? Now, he is cultivating so hard. What if something happens to him?”

Liu Suifeng begged for mercy, “Sis, I was wrong. Please stop hitting me. It was merely a casual remark. I did not expect Xiao Chen to cultivate like his life depended on it.”

“Pu ci!”

Xiao Bai rushed over and joined in the ‘beat up Liu Suifeng’ squad. She pouted and said, “Elder Brother Suifeng is bad. You made Elder Brother Ye Chen not eat anything for fifteen days. It is all your fault.”

When Liu Suifeng saw the livid Xiao Bai, he wanted to cry. He remembered the days when Xiao Bai would mess around with him. He knew that he should remain here any longer, so he quickly left.

However, how could Xiao Bai let Liu Suifeng off so easily? She continued to chase after him through the forest.

“Damn it. Why am I so unlucky? Indeed, offending a woman is the most horrifying thing ever, yet, I managed to offend two in one go.”

As Liu Suifeng dodged Xiao Bai’s attacks, he sighed, “Ye Chen, you better wake up soon. If you don’t, I'll be dead.”


Just at this moment, Xiao Chen, who was under the waterfall, suddenly opened his eyes. He roared, and his aura rose to the sky.

As Xiao Chen roared, the gushing waterfall actually reversed its flow, forming a huge wave that rushed into the sky.

The Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art reached Great Perfection.

“Bang! Bang!”

The final two acupoints on Xiao Chen’s right arm opened. Now, all sixteen acupoints on his right arm had opened. Strands of azure light illuminated Xiao Chen’s Laogong Acupoint on his palm.

Following that, the Daling Acupoint, Neiguan Acupoint, and all the remaining acupoints opened. The azure light formed an azure dragon.

The azure light shredded the clothes on Xiao Chen’s right arm, revealing his smooth arm.

After a while, all the azure light gathered back on the flesh of his arm. It transformed into a tattoo of the azure dragon winding around his arm.

The dragon head rested on his wrist; the body coiled around the arm, and the tail rested on his shoulder.

When Xiao Chen looked carefully, the azure dragon tattoo seemed alive. All its scales were vivid and lifelike. Its eyes were tightly shut, as though they would open at any moment.

The Dragon Qi was quiet and calm as if it were in a deep sleep. However, Xiao Chen could feel a surging energy. When the dragon eyes opened, it could overturn seas and rivers, move mountains and split rocks; not even heaven and earth could stop it.

After Xiao Chen’s energy was completely consumed, the waterfall that rushed into the sky fell once again. The higher it went, the greater force it would carry when it descended. This time, there was at least 25,000 kilograms of force.

Xiao Chen did not feel fear. He watched the descending waterfall, and a smile appeared on his face. He opened his hand and suddenly clenched it.

The instant Xiao Chen clenched his fist, the bones in his arm made a crackling sound. With a thought, Essence flowed through his meridians and surged.


Xiao Chen punched toward the sky. The berserk wind from his fist carried a boundless force. A formless shockwave split the falling waterfall in half, falling on either side of Xiao Chen.

The shockwave did not dissipate and continued rushing to the sky after the waterfall spilt.

The shockwave pierced through all the flying Spirit Beast in its way. They cried miserably and fell to the ground.

When Xiao Chen saw the might of his fist, he said, “With my previous strength, a casual punch carried a force of 25,000 kilograms. It was sufficient to break this waterfall.

“However, it was impossible to create a pure shockwave as dense as Essence. Now, it is possible. This will generate a great might in combat.”

The waterfall gushed unceasingly. After it split in half, it quickly mended. Xiao Chen pushed off the ground and turned into a beam of purple light, landing firmly on the shore.

The Essence around Xiao Chen’s body trembled, and the water on his body and in his clothes immediately evaporated. He was instantly dry.

Xiao Chen, who had soaked in the water for half a month, felt incredibly comfortable. There was a carefree feeling throughout his body.

When Liu Suifeng saw Xiao Chen leap out of the water, a smile immediately filled his face. He quickly rushed over to Xiao Chen, like he was flying, and he smacked Xiao Chen’s shoulders hard.

“Ye Chen, you finally emerged. If you still had not come out, I would be dead. Ouch…why is your shoulder so hard?” 

Liu Suifeng only half finished his statement before he shouted in pain. He flung around his right hand that had smacked Xiao Chen’s shoulder.

Earlier, Liu Suifeng had used about seventy or eighty percent of his strength. In the end, it felt like he struck a heavy piece of Frost Iron; his entire hand was swollen and red.

Xiao Chen’s expression changed slightly and checked his body with his consciousness. He realized the Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art still circulated automatically.

Xiao Chen, whose body had experienced a rebirth, had an extremely sturdy body. After the Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art was circulated, his body was even harder than metal.

If he did not control it, it would automatically rebound the attacks of others. After Xiao Chen checked the situation, he immediately stopped the automatic circulation of the Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art.

Xiao Chen had an apologetic smile as he said, “Sorry, I forgot to cancel out my technique. It is fine now; you can hit me again.”

Liu Suifeng looked at his swollen hand; how could he dare to make a move? He would only seek trouble for himself.

Liu Suifeng shook his head vigorously. He smiled embarrassedly and said, “There’s no need. I understand your kind intentions. I will take my leave first. I nearly died because of you.”

“Elder Brother Ye Chen, you finally came out. Xiao Bai was worried about you.” Xiao Bai, who followed Liu Suifeng, immediately leaped over and hugged Xiao Chen.

When Xiao Chen felt the soft body of the girl, he felt somewhat embarrassed. Furthermore, it happened in front of Liu Ruyue. He blushed slightly and set Xiao Bai down. He said, “Don't hug me like that when there are others around. I feel very pressured when you do.”

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