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Chapter 338: Lunar Shadow Saber’s New Weapon Spirit

The white-clothed girl frowned as she held the Lunar Shadow Saber. A clear and emotionless voice sounded, “Who are you? How are you able to approach the Lunar Shadow Saber’s Saber Spirit?”

Xiao Chen felt it was strange. He said, “You asked who am I? I want to ask who are you, too! I am the master of the Lunar Shadow Saber. Do I not have the qualifications to awaken its Saber Spirit?”

The white-clothed girl’s exquisite face remained emotionless. She held the saber in her hand horizontally across her chest. Her empty voice sounded out again, “What a joke. I am Lunar Shadow. Why do I not know when I obtained a master? Whether you have the qualifications or not will be decided by the saber.”

Xiao Chen’s expression changed slightly. The situation was different from what he expected. For some unknown reason, the girl in front of him became the Lunar Shadow Saber’s Saber Spirit. Furthermore, she did not recognize him as her master.

Xiao Chen grasped the saber in his hand tightly and his expression calmed. He said in a sullen voice, “As you wish. I will use the saber in my hand to make you acknowledge me.”

The white-clothed girl’s face still remained expressionless. Her empty voice sounded out as she said indifferently, “Then let me see your saber, see if it could make me submit.”

“Hu chi!”

The white-clothed girl flashed in the air. Her body tore through the air, it was like she moved instantly, appearing beside Xiao Chen’s left side.

“Glittering Wukui!”

The Lunar Shadow Saber in her hand released a purple electric light. A purple saber Qi containing the state of thunder flew toward Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen was astonished. He did not expect this Saber Spirit to know the Martial Techniques he knew. Furthermore, the most astonishing thing was that this Glittering Wukui also contained the state of thunder.

Xiao Chen’s body flashed in the air and he quickly dodged in the direction of the lake. After his feet touched the water surface, he quickly retreated backward.

As Xiao Chen retreated, a huge energy caused the calm lake water to split and rise up like two walls of water.

Two sets of thunderclouds were starting to gather in the night sky above. One set belonged to Xiao Chen and the other to the white-clothed girl.

The two of them started to compete with their states of thunder. When the thunder clouds met, loud cracks of thunder roared in the quiet night sky. Pillars of water rose up from the lake.

Countless arcs of wandering purple electricity were moving around in the air.

My state of thunder that is infused with Holy Might is actually unable to do anything to her state! Xiao Chen was astonished.


The two thunderclouds that knocked into each other had accumulated energy to their limits and gave off a loud boom. A hundred-meter tall pillar of water appeared on the lake’s surface.

“Wukui Transforms to Qi!” The white-clothed girl shouted and a divine Wukui Tree appeared from nowhere. Then, it turned into hundreds of dense purple saber Qi. They pierced through the water pillar and headed for Xiao Chen.

“Wukui Transforms to Qi!”

Xiao Chen quickly retreated backward and, likewise, used the Wukui Transforms to Qi. “Bang! Bang! Bang!” The two of them sent out saber Qi that clashed in the air.

A string of intense explosions rang out. The berserk lightning-attributed energy raged in all directions. Like before, this move ended in a stalemate, neither could triumph over the other.

The thunderclouds of the white-clothed girl started to churn quickly. After a while, it turned into a huge whirlpool of thunderclouds. The sound of a huge army came from within the whirlpool, making the sky tremble.

She actually knows this move as well. Xiao Chen’s face turned ashen. This move combined all the moves in the Rushing Thunder Saber Technique. Xiao Chen was very clear on the might of Rushing Thunder Roars.

The thunderclouds above Xiao Chen started churning as well. The boundless thunderclouds turned into a huge electrical whirlpool. The auras of the two were rising ferociously.

“Rushing Thunder Roars, Ten Thousand Horses Galloping!”

The both of them shouted at the same time, countless knights on horses came from the electrical whirlpools above them. It was like thousands of horses and men rushing to war. They carried the might of thunder and surged forward.

Their electric knights fought above the lake.

After a while, there was a chain reaction. A total of more than two thousand electric knights all exploded.

The knights were infused with the state of thunder. The entire lake was tossed into the air by at least a hundred meters by the combined energy generated by explosions.

Xiao Chen was unable to dodge the huge shockwave, and vomited out a mouthful of blood. However, the white-clothed girl was not in a good state, either. Her face turned extremely pale.

At the same time, back in the real world, the Lunar Shadow Saber beside Xiao Chen was trembling violently. All the sabers in the entire formation were trembling non-stop.


A huge energy wave extended out in the dueling ground. The ground shook left and right.

Xiao Chen, whose body was still in the Ancient Absolute Saber Formation, had a pained expression. Then, he vomited up a mouthful of blood.

Liu Suifeng’s expression changed. He asked in shock, “Sis! What’s going on? Ye Chen seems to be in danger. Should we stop the Ancient Absolute Saber Formation?”

A worried expression also appeared on Liu Ruyue’s pretty face. However, a resolute look appeared in her eyes as she shook her head. “No need, I believe Ye Chen will be able to withstand it. The Lunar Shadow Saber is starting to show some changes. If we gave up at this moment, then all will be for naught.


Xiao Chen’s fighting spirit was completely ignited. He did not believe that he would lose to a Weapon Spirit from the Lunar Shadow Saber.

The two leaped across the rising waters. Two figures clashed against each other, one white and one purple.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

Saber lights flickered under the full moon and strong winds blew. The two were equally fast. Within an instant, they exchanged hundreds of moves in the air. When their weapons clashed, countless sparks were generated,

Although the white-clothed girl was not able to execute the exclusive Movement Technique of the Azure Dragon, she had an unpredictable Movement Technique. Indeed, it seemed like she was able to suppress Xiao Chen slightly.

Xiao Chen thought to himself, I cannot carry on like this. Her Essence seems inexhaustible. She knows all the Martial Techniques I know, it is hard to gain an advantage over her.

If I drag this out, I will exhaust my Essence and will be defeated by her sooner or later. I have to think of another way.


Xiao Chen’s sharp saber gave off a dazzling saber light. The saber strike the white-clothed girl sent out was knocked back. After that, he quickly performed a somersault.

Xiao Chen executed the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art to its limits. In the blink of an eye, he created a distance of several hundred meters between them.

Then, Xiao Chen pulled off the blue strip of cloth on his head. The scarlet throne mark in between his eyebrows was revealed. It looked very alluring and beautiful, even more gorgeous than blood. It made his delicate face gain a demonic charm.

Within Xiao Chen’s sea of consciousness, the scarlet throne started to flare up. Strands of red light came from within it. He finally used his true trump card—the state of massacre from the scarlet throne.

A red light flashed in Xiao Chen’s eyes. The state of massacre gradually infused into the Lunar Shadow Saber in his hand. Strands of red lines that spiraled around the saber slowly appeared.

The white-clothed girl’s emotionless face finally revealed an expression of shock for the first time, she felt a trace of fear.

“Hu chi!”

Xiao Chen pushed off the water surface heavily. He merged his state of thunder together with the state of massacre, charging forward with a boundless killing intent.

The girl had a cautious expression as the Lunar Shadow Saber in her hand exploded forth with light. She sent out many resplendent purple saber Qi, trying to stop Xiao Chen from advancing.


Xiao Chen shouted and a saber light flashed, breaking the sharp saber Qi sent by the white-clothed girl like snapping dead branches off a tree, blasting them into nothing.

Xiao Chen twisted his wrist and tilted his body to a side. Then, he pierced his saber towards the white-clothed girl’s chest from a weird angle.


The white-clothed girl used her saber to block the front of her chest. When the huge force struck the saber, she was sent flying, hurled a large distance back across the water.

Xiao Chen had no intentions to spare the girl after gaining an advantage. He quickly rushed downward and relentlessly sent out all sorts of powerful attacks at her.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

On the water surface, the white-clothed girl executed many of Xiao Chen’s powerful techniques. However, after Xiao Chen used the state of massacre, they were meaningless; all of them were broken easily.

As each one was broken, the white-clothed girl kept retreating backward. Her originally solid body started to turn indistinct, giving one the impression of an illusion.

They were already approaching the end of the fight. If the white-clothed girl had not fired out a multitude of moves, she would have been completely defeated by Xiao Chen. However, even though the fight was at its end, she did not acknowledge her allegiance to Xiao Chen. Instead, she did all she could to resist Xiao Chen’s moves.

Xiao Chen lost all his patience. He no longer wished to drag this fight out. He only wanted to obtain the Lunar Shadow Saber in the girl’s hand and quickly awaken Ao Jiao.

Just as Xiao Chen was about to make his killing blow, a strong aura came from the water surface. It was earth-shattering and overwhelming as it spread throughout this space. 

This aura managed to completely suppress Xiao Chen’s and the white-clothed girl’s state of thunder in an instant. Even Xiao Chen’s state of massacre was affected and could not be used normally.

A huge whirlpool appeared in the center of the lake. After a while, a huge pillar of water rushed up into the sky.

The pillar of water was more than five hundred meters tall. The splashes it created fell like rain on the lake’s surface.

A petite figure was standing on the top of the water pillar. It was Ao Jiao, who had awaken.

Ao Jiao slowly floated down from the top of the water pillar. Her voice came from above, “Xiao Chen, don’t kill her.”

Now that Ao Jiao had spoken, naturally, Xiao Chen would not kill the girl. He withdrew his saber and retreated. Then, he looked at Ao Jiao, who was slowly descending. He said, “Ao Jiao, what’s going on? Why are there two Weapon Spirits in the Lunar Shadow Saber?”

Ao Jiao was about to say something when she saw the throne mark on Xiao Chen’s forehead. Her expression immediately changed and she said, “Wait for a while, I will explain it to you in detail. At that time, you have to explain the Massacre Throne on your forehead to me as well.”


After Ao Jiao spoke, she looked at the white-clothed girl and stretched out her hand and pointed at her. Xiao Che only saw the girl turning fainter and more indistinct.

The Lunar Shadow Saber fell from the girl’s hands and the indistinct girl slowly sank into the depth of the lake.


Ao Jiao stretched out her hand and grabbed the Lunar Shadow Saber. “Boom!” The surging water pillar suddenly crashed down. Waves rippled on the surface of the lake for a long time before they slowly calmed down.

“We will speak when we get to shore.” After Ao Jiao spoke, she pushed off the water and headed to the shore.

When Xiao Chen heard Ao Jiao’s words, he did not say anything and quickly followed after her. The two of them went to a rock at the side of the lake and looked for a clean spot to sit on.

The lake surface was gleaming, reflecting the bright moonlight. The waves from earlier had calmed down. Under the moonlight, it was quiet and peaceful.

Ao Jiao smiled gently and said, “Alright, idiot master, you may now ask any questions you have.”

Xiao Chen smiled softly. Ao Jiao is still the same as before, completely showing no regard for me at all. Not caring for the master before her.

However, her attitude was much easier to get along with than the earlier white-clothed girl. Her tone sounded more like the casual callings of a spoiled child.

Xiao Chen organized his thoughts for a moment before asking, “Let’s start with the earlier girl in white. How did she become the Weapon Spirit of the Lunar Shadow Saber? Furthermore, why does she not recognize me as her master?”

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