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Chapter 337: He is Only a Passerby

Xiao Bai’s immature voice made everyone laughed. Xiao Meng pulled Xiao Bai over and said, “Come, Xiao Bai. I will bring you to plait your hair. If a girl’s hair is loose, it will not be nice.”

Before Xiao Chen could stop Xiao Bai, she was dragged out by Xiao Meng. Liu Ruyue smiled and said, “Let her go, nothing will happen to her on Qingyun Peak.”

Xiao Chen was not actually afraid of that, he was only worried that Xiao Bai would learn some strange things from Xiao Meng.

Xiao Chen smiled helplessly and withdrew his gaze, “Thank you. I have already made my preparations to enter the Ancient Absolute Saber Formation.”

Liu Ruyue showed some restraint and stopped smiling. She said seriously, “Come with me. This Ancient Absolute Saber Formation is much more dangerous than before. It has higher requirements for the cultivation of your mental state. There are some things you need to know beforehand.”

Liu Ruyue led Xiao Chen over to the corner where the Ancient Absolute Saber Formation was. Then, she carefully explained some of the things Xiao Chen needed to pay attention to.

Under Liu Ruyue’s direction, Xiao Chen slowly entered the Saber Formation. The killing Qi of several ancient weapons came surging over, crashing against Xiao Chen’s soul relentlessly.

If it were a lesser person who had a weaker soul, the instant they stepped in, their soul might have been shattered.

Xiao Chen guarded his dantian with his consciousness and used his Spiritual Sense to protect his body. The surging killing Qi was warded away outside of his body as he sat down cross-legged in the middle of the formation.


A melodious buzzing came from the small saber in Liu Ruyue’s hand. The saber came out of its scabbard and trembled continuously.

Liu Ruyue was slowly using the Listening to the Sword and Communicating With It she had comprehended. The weapons stuck to the ground all immediately trembled.

The buzzing sounds reverberated in the entire dueling ground. When the thousand of ancient sabers trembled and the sound of it gathered together, it became an ear-splitting noise.

A strong wind blew around the saber formation, coming from no apparent source. Liu Ruyue’s pretty face was filled with a grave expression as she shouted out a battle cry.

The small saber in her hand gave off a dazzling light. The strong winds immediately gathered together and focused on Xiao Chen, who was in the middle of the formation, forming into a pillar of wind.


The light left the saber and infused into the pillar of wind in the blink of an eye. The pillar of wind immediately gave off a resplendent light. After that, it scattered. All the weapons started to glow.

After Liu Ruyue completed all this, color drained from her face. She became very pale and her body became unsteady.

When Liu Suifeng, who was at the side, saw the situation, he revealed a grave expression. He stretched out his hands to support Liu Ruyue.

“Sis, is it worth helping him like this? With your current cultivation realm, just activating this strengthened version of the Ancient Absolute Saber Formation once will exhaust half a year of cultivation.”

Exhausting half a year of cultivation meant wasting half a year of time. To an apex cultivator, lazing around for one month could result in them leaving the ranks of the apex cultivators. One can only imagine how much damage wasting half a year would do.

Liu Ruyue massaged the Taiyang Acupoint on her forehead with her right hand. After a while, she opened her eyes; she was already feeling much better.

A shallow smile appeared on Liu Ruyue’s pretty and charming face. She said softly, “He came to Qingyun Peak with the sole purpose of learning Listening to the Sword and Communicating With It. He has already done so much, yet he asked for nothing in return. If I don’t help him, who else can?”

Liu Suifeng said softly, “However, if he learns Listening to the Sword and Communicating With It, he will definitely leave this Heavenly Saber Pavilion, and Qingyun Peak.”

When Liu Ruyue heard this, a difficult to detect a trace of loss flashed in her black eyes. She said softly, “I knew this from the first day he came to Qingyun Peak. With regards to the Heavenly Saber Pavilion and Qingyun Peak, he is merely a passerby.”

Liu Ruyue paused for a while. Then, she laughed somewhat helplessly and revealed a calm expression as she continued, “In this world, there are some people destined for greatness. Their names will shake the heavens, shaking the old and illuminating the new. Instead of holding him back, stopping him from soaring, why not give him a hand to climb to the peak of the world.”

When all the light from the weapons appeared, Xiao Chen, suddenly discovered the scene in front of where he sat in the middle of the Ancient Absolute Saber Formation had changed. He had entered into a gray world.

There were countless sabers piercing through the air, flying quickly at Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen had entered the lesser Ancient Absolute Saber Formation many times. He kept a calm expression and did not panic at all.

With a thought, a snow-white saber immediately appeared in his hand. The saber was two fingers wide and about 2.7 meters long. The blade of the saber was flickering with a cold light.

Xiao Chen had tempered himself in the miniature Ancient Absolute Saber Formation for several months. He had already made some progress in the Listening to the Sword and Communicating With It. All he was lacking now was an opportune moment.

An opportune moment that would allow Xiao Chen to completely grasp Listening to the Sword and Communicating With It.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

As the sabers moved, a saber light moved in all directions, causing all the sabers in the air to be knocked away.

As Xiao Chen stood in this illusionary space, he had an expression that indicated he was deep in thought. He murmured, “In the past, within the miniature saber formation, I could already completely shatter the weapons that flew at me in the air. However, this time, I had to use seventy percent of my strength and could only barely knock them back.”

Looks like it was as Liu Ruyue had said. This strengthened miniature Ancient Absolute Saber Formation was at least five times mightier than the previous one.

The sabers flickered with sharp saber lights as they relentlessly flew at Xiao Chen. It was like they wanted to swallow him up.

“Faster! Faster! Find your Saber! Find your Saber!”

The familiar voice rang beside Xiao Chen’s ears again. He remained calm and ignored it. As he was in the middle of the illusionary space, he moved all around. His saber light was bright as he practiced the Wukui Saber Technique.

“Glittering Wukui!”

“Wukui Transforms to Qi!”

“Qi Breaks Wukui!”

Xiao Chen shouted out three techniques and he executed the Wukui Saber Technique infused with the state of thunder at full force. Strands of purple saber Qi shattered all the sabers flying around him.

The illusionary space slowly turned quiet, but that only lasted for a moment. Almost immediately, countless sabers flickering with dazzling saber lights flew at Xiao Chen with even more ferocity.

The gray space instantly exploded out in light. It was so bright, it was dazzling.

“Wukui Blossoms!”

A purple flower bud appeared below Xiao Chen’s feet and enveloped Xiao Chen’s body, releasing a strange purple light as it appeared.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The sabers crashed into the surface of the flower bud, attacking relentlessly like a raging storm, giving off metallic crashing sounds.


The flower bud blossomed and purple petals filled the air. When the sabers crashed into the flower petals, they gave off an intense explosion. Instantly, the air was jolting like firecrackers going off incessantly.

Xiao Chen leaped through the air filled with flower petals. When he went through the flower petals, his speed would increase explosively. The ferocious sabers were not able to catch up with him.


Currently, there were no specific targets. Naturally, Wukui Supporting the Heavens could not be executed. It could only cause all this energy to explode.

Xiao Chen shouted and all the flower petals exploded. When the huge energy gathered together, the entire gray space seemed to tremble.

“Faster! Faster! Find your saber!”

After breaking this wave of attacks, that urgent voice sounded out in Xiao Chen’s ear again. He looked at the saber in his hand and then ignored the voice.

The last time, after Xiao Chen deciphered the meaning of these words, he found the so-called saber in his own heart. Ever since then, he was able to summon out the Lunar Shadow Saber easily.

However, the voice in Xiao Chen’s ear still rang out like before. It was obvious the saber in his hand was not the saber in his heart.

While standing in this gray space, Xiao Chen ignored the voice in his ear, breaking the waves of sabers each time they came.

Each wave of sabers was more ferocious than the last. Wounds started to appear on Xiao Chen. Soon, Xiao Chen would no longer be able to withstand the waves of attacks.

After breaking one hundred waves of attacks, the scene in front of Xiao Chen changed. His consciousness felt hazy for a moment, and then he appeared at a lakeside.

A full moon hung high in the air. Waves rippled gently in the water, it was extremely peaceful. In the middle of the lake was a saber floating in the air above the water.

The snow-white saber reflected the full moon above. It was like there was a full moon in the saber. The peaceful, melodious, and gentle lake water seemed to be extremely harmonious with the saber; it was splendid and magnificent.

The wounds on Xiao Chen’s body strangely disappeared. Xiao Chen ignored all this. Instead, he was fully focused on the saber in the lake.

Xiao Chen revealed a joyful expression. He muttered, “Did I succeed? This is the true Lunar Shadow Saber in my heart? How beautiful!”

“Pu! Pu! Pu!”

Xiao Chen leaped into the air then walked on the air, heading toward that saber floating in the water quickly. Each time he pushed off the water, he moved a hundred meters. After a moment, he arrived under the saber.

Ripples appeared in the lake and Xiao Chen stopped. When he stood on the water, he could clearly see the full moon reflected on the saber. 

When Xiao Chen was about to leap up and grasp the saber with his hand, he suddenly discovered there was a girl sleeping quietly inside the lake.

“Ao Jiao!”

When Xiao Chen saw the girl’s appearance clearly, his expression changed. He immediately turned around and headed for the nearby girl in the water. However, when he stretched his hand into the water, he only felt the refreshing lake water.

The rippling lake water made the sleeping girl looked blurry. Xiao Chen stopped what he was doing and quickly calmed down. 

Ao Jiao is currently in a deep sleep as a result of sealing herself. What I am seeing is merely an illusion. I have to obtain the saber in order to truly wake her up.

After Xiao Chen made up his mind, he leaped out of the wave. He created a large splash and headed for the Lunar Shadow Saber.

Just as Xiao Chen was about to grab the Lunar Shadow Saber, a dainty hand appeared from nowhere and grabbed the Lunar Shadow Saber before he could.

Xiao Chen was startled. When he looked up, he saw a white-clothed girl appearing in front. 

She had a seductive figure and somewhat resembled Ao Jiao. Her exquisite facial features together with the rest of her body made her extremely beautiful.

However, her facial expression seemed somewhat out of the world. There were no emotions on it. It was like she was an immortal who was above the common populace. Comparing her to Duanmu Qing, who used the Profound Ice Incantation, there were some similarities. However, she was even more extraordinary than Duanmu Qing.

Xiao Chen was astonished. This girl was the girl he met when he first entered the Ancient Absolute Saber Formation. Who is she? Why did she take away my Lunar Shadow Saber?

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