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Chapter 336: The Attractive Xiao Bai

Zhua Yan said softly, “Big Brother means…?”

Ximen Ying nodded and said, “Investigate the identity of this person thoroughly. I want this person.”

As Xiao Chen carried Xiao Bai back, he suffered the physical contact from Xiao Bai and accompanying mental torture. Finally, he managed to reach his own courtyard. There, he heaved a sigh of relief.

However, another problem arose. Although there were many rooms in this courtyard, for a long time, Xiao Chen was the only person living here. So, there was only one room that could be stayed in. The other rooms were empty and did not have beds.

If it were in the past, there would naturally be no problem. Xiao Chen could sleep on the bed and Xiao Bai would enter the Spirit Blood Jade. If not, Xiao Bai could sleep beside him.

However, it was different now. Now that Xiao Bai changed forms, it was not very humane to shut her in the Spirit Blood Jade.

However, Xiao Chen was afraid that he would not be able to calm down and cultivate if a beautiful girl that occasionally teased him was around, despite not knowing anything.

It looked like Xiao Chen could only spend the night outside in the courtyard for tonight. He carried Xiao Bai into the room before putting her down on the bed. Then, he said, “You should sleep first. I’m going to cultivate.”

Xiao Bai buried herself in the covers and stretched her body. Then, she looked at Xiao Chen with big watery eyes and said in a melodious voice, “Elder Brother Xiao Chen, come sleep with me.”

When Xiao Chen looked at the innocent and serious Xiao Bai who took everything for granted, he revealed a troubled expression.

After a long time, Xiao Chen finally squeezed out these words, “Xiao Bai, you have already changed forms and become human. There are some things that cannot be done as casually as you did in the past. If a man and a woman are not lovers, they cannot sleep together. You do understand?”

Xiao Bai’s cute face shown an expression of being deep in thought. Her brain was doing its best to digest what Xiao Chen said. It was hard to tell whether she understood or not.

When Xiao Chen saw Xiao Bai’s expression, gentle feelings arose in his heart. She was like a little child, ignorant and wanting people to pamper her. He knew he could not rush some things, he had to slowly teach her.

“Just listen to me. Sleep early, I will be cultivating in the yard. Don’t think too much. You can take it slowly,” Xiao Chen said gently.

Xiao Bai nodded gently and said, “I will listen to you. I’m going to sleep first. However, when Elder Brother Xiao Chen is tired, you can come and sleep.”

Xiao Chen smiled gently and did not say anything else. Then he gently closed the doors after leaving the room.

Xiao Chen turned around and looked at the sky full of stars. He thought of when he had first obtained Xiao Bai and the mature Six-Tailed Spirit Fox that had protected Xiao Bai with her life. His heart was filled with complicated emotions. This was the felt time he felt regret for something he had done.

“Regardless of the situation, since I took away your most beloved, I will do my best to make sure she does not suffer any harm,” Xiao Chen promised as he looked at the starry sky with calm eyes.


It was late at night, Xiao Chen sat cross-legged on a rock in the yard. The gentle night breeze blew and Xiao Chen’s restless heart slowly calmed down.

The Purple Thunder Divine Incantation slowly circulated. The Spiritual Energy poured over like it was water. The Spiritual Energy below the mountain was not comparable to on the mountain.

It would probably be difficult for him to find such a good cultivation ground again after leaving the Heavenly Saber Pavilion. Xiao Chen intended to do his best to raise his Purple Thunder Divine Incantation to the sixth layer before leaving.

While Xiao Chen cultivated, time flew by. The starry sky slowly faded and a faint radiance slowly appeared at the horizon. Dawn was approaching.

When the first light of dawn struck Xiao Chen’s face, he opened his tightly shut eyes. A brilliant light flashed in his eyes.

The first thing Xiao Chen saw was Xiao Bai. It was unknown when she woke up. One of her hands was placed on the stone table as she stared at him.

Xiao Chen waved his hand and absorbed all the remnant purple electricity in the surroundings back into his body. Then, he got up and walked over to Xiao Bai. He smiled faintly and said, “When did you wake up? Why don’t you sleep a little longer?”

Xiao Bai slowly stood up and said, “I woke up long ago. Today is my first day as a human, I cannot be lazing around.”

The moment Xiao Bai stood up, Xiao Chen discovered she was still covered in the long robes that he gave her the last night. Furthermore, they were merely draped over her.

When Xiao Bai stood up, it exposed a lot of skin on her chest. Xiao Chen blushed slightly. During the night, it was not very obvious. However, it was now day and clearly inappropriate.

Then, Xiao Chen fortunately remembered that there was a set of clothes in the Universe Ring that he had bought for his maid, Bao`er, in the past

Bao`er’s figure is very similar to Xiao Bai’s. This set of clothes should fit her well. Xiao Chen used his Spiritual Sense to search around in his Universe Ring and he finally found them,  quickly taking them out.

“You should wear these clothes first. In the future, when you go out, you have to clothe yourself properly.” Xiao Chen handed the clothes to Xiao Bai. Then, he looked at her bare feet. He added, “Remember, you have to wear shoes.”

Xiao Bai received the clothes joyfully. However, after she thought for a while, her young face revealed a vexed expression. She said, “I don’t know how to wear them. Elder Brother Xiao Chen, please help Xiao Bai to wear them,” Xiao Bai asked with a look of anticipation. 

Xiao Chen took a deep breath. There are some things that he had to harden his heart on. Xiao Bai was now an ordinary girl. She had to learn these things on her own.

“You must learn this by yourself. You cannot rely on anyone’s help. Otherwise, you are not allowed to go out,” Xiao Chen said gravely.

Xiao Bai looked at Xiao Chen’s serious expression and solemnly nodded. She said, “Xiao Bai is smart. Elder Brother Xiao Chen, rest assured, I will learn it.”

Xiao Chen nodded and smiled, “Then, quickly go. After you put on your clothes, I will bring you out.”

As Xiao Chen watched Xiao Bai brought the clothes to his room, a grave expression appeared on Xiao Chen’s face. Explaining Xiao Bai’s identity to the others would be a problem.

However, the people on Qingyun Peak would believe Xiao Chen. He would just tell them directly. After all, he could not keep Xiao Bai holed up in his room forever. Sooner or later, she would have to meet someone.

Xiao Chen took out some food for breakfast from the Universe Ring. Then, he sat down on the stone table and ate at an unhurried pace.

After some time, the doors opened. Xiao Chen put down the teacup in his hand and turned his head to take a look.

Xiao Chen only saw Xiao Bai wearing a long green skirt. When accompanied with her pure and cute face, it was like he had obtained a little sister.

Xiao Bai’s elegant, almond-shaped eyes added a enticing feel to her pure aura. The two contrasting auras naturally merged together, resulting in her looking charming.

Xiao Bai spun around for Xiao Chen to see. Then she said happily, “Am I pretty?”

Xiao Chen became slightly absent-minded. However, he quickly recovered his wits and nodded, “Pretty. Come, eat something first.”

Xiao Bai walked over to the table feeling satisfied. Then she demurely ate the breakfast on the table with small bites. Then, her eyes looked around for a while before she said, “Elder Brother Xiao Chen, I want to drink wine.”

Xiao Chen laughed helplessly and took out a bottle gourd. Then, he poured her a small cup and said, “You are only allowed to drink one cup. It is not a good thing for girls to like drinking.”

Xiao Bai happily took the wine cup into her hands. Then, she placed it under her nose and smelled it. After that, she elatedly took a small sip. It seemed like it was not sufficient. Finally, she finished the rest of the wine in a big gulp.

After Xiao Bao finished drinking, she looked pitifully in Xiao Chen’s direction. Before she had changed forms, she had frequently used this move on Xiao Chen. At this moment, she subconsciously used it again.

I cannot give in to her anymore, Xiao Chen stopped smiled and said, “No, you can only have one cup. Eat something.”

Seeing Xiao Chen not agree to it, Xiao Bai could only helplessly eat her breakfast. She had a pitiful expression on her face, making it hard to reject her.

In the end, Xiao Chen was firm on his stance and did not agree. He had to slowly set the rules down. Otherwise, it would be difficult to teach her.

After finishing their breakfast, Xiao Chen brought Xiao Bai to the dueling grounds of Qingyun Peak. Xiao Chen was full of anticipation for the strengthened Ancient Absolute Saber Formation.

All along, Xiao Chen had never forgotten his purpose in coming to the Heavenly Saber Pavilion. It was all so that he could learn Listening to the Sword and Communicating With It, and awaken Ao Jiao as soon as he could.

As they were walking up Qingyun Peak, Xiao Bai was very active and lively. She was flitting about in front of Xiao Chen, moving like the wind. There was no way to stop her, she was very excited.

When Xiao Chen saw this, he thought to himself, Looking at a familiar world from another angle would get anyone excited. This was especially so for Xiao Bai, who is still a child.

However, when they approached the dueling grounds, Xiao Chen turned quiet. It was like she was afraid of meeting other people.

Xiao Chen consoled her, “It will be fine. The people on Qingyun Peak are all friends. Friends would not care about this matter.”

Xiao Bai nodded as though she understood. However, she was still hiding behind Xiao Chen’s back. She was not as lively as she was earlier.

Xiao Chen shook his head slightly and took the lead in entering the dueling grounds. There was shouting coming from within the dueling grounds. Surprisingly, the rarely seen Shao Yang and Xiao Meng were practicing in there, as well. They were currently exchanging moves.

Liu Suifeng, who was currently exchanging blows with Liu Ruyue, saw his savior and immediately revealed a smile. He quickly ran towards Xiao Chen.

With one glance, Liu Suifeng saw Xiao Bai, who was behind Xiao Chen. It was like he had seen a celestial being. He was immediately stunned, the smile on his face froze. He was staring relentlessly at Xiao Bai.

Xiao Chen coughed twice before Liu Suifeng reacted. He said embarrassedly, “Sorry, sorry. Ye Chen, who is this beauty? Why do I find her to be somewhat familiar? Will you introduce us?”

When Liu Ruyue and the others discovered the situation, they came over curiously. Their eyes were full of astonishment.

Xiao Chen thought about it for a while before deciding to tell the truth. There was no need to hide this from them. “She is Xiao Bai. She changed forms last night.”

Liu Suifeng’s expression changed slightly. He smiled embarrassedly, “Ye Chen, you must be joking with me.”

Xiao Chen said with a calm expression, “Do I look like I am joking?”

When Xiao Chen saw Liu Ruyue’s suspicious gaze, he nodded his head and said, “Her circumstances were quite special. I will tell everyone more about it in the future. However, I hope everyone will help me to keep this a secret for now.”

Liu Ruyue was the first to recover her wits. She said seriously, “Ye Chen, you can rest assured. This is absolutely a safe place for Xiao Bai.”

Xiao Chen gently pushed Xiao Bai before everyone and said, “Xiao Bai, say hi to everybody.”

Xiao Bai was not as afraid as she was before. She smiled widely and said, “Elder Brother Suifeng, Elder Brother Shao Yang, Elder Sister Ruyue, and Elder Sister Xiao Meng, good morning!” 

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