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Chapter 334: Xiao Bai Changing Form

“You have just come back from a long journey. You should rest for a day first. Come back tomorrow to try out this strengthened Ancient Absolute Saber Formation,” Liu Ruyue suggested.

Xiao Chen thought about it and agreed. This was the strengthened version of the Ancient Absolute Saber Formation. Compared to the previous version, it would definitely be more dangerous. He had not completed comprehensive mental preparations yet.

It would be fine trying it out after resting for a day. Xiao Chen took his leave and headed for his courtyard.

The yard was kept very clean and tidy, the fallen leaves were swept to a side and there was no dust on the stone table. Clearly, in the time Xiao Chen had left, there were people coming frequently to clean the place.

Xiao Chen sat at the stone table somewhat absent-mindedly. Ever since he walked out of the dueling ground, he felt that could not calm down.

Earlier, when he was in front of Liu Ruyue, Xiao Chen had suppressed his emotions. Now, he could not longer hold them back and they were bursting out.

Xiao Chen had never experienced such a state. If it were in the past, he would definitely make full use of the time before it became dark. He would not waste any time and spend it all on cultivation.

Xiao Chen would not spend time having wild thoughts running through his head like he was doing now.

Actually, the last time Liu Ruyue got injured, it made him very distracted. Xiao Chen already had a vague feeling that she had occupied a very important place in his heart without him realizing it.

Xiao Chen was not even sure when he had started having this feeling. Perhaps it was from when Liu Ruyue attacked Song Que for his sake.

Since Xiao Chen had kissed Liu Ruyue, this feeling had already unknowingly sunk in. As he spent more time with her, it was entrenched even deeper. It was just that he had focused on cultivation and had ignored it. In another manner of speaking, he had overlooked the deepest feelings in his heart.

It was only when Liu Ruyue got injured, this feeling exploded out intensely. Her injuries were reflected on Xiao Chen, he could not remain calm at all.


Night slowly fell. There was no moon tonight, the sky was only filled with flickering stars. Xiao Chen had sat in the yard for more than half the day.

The kiss Liu Ruyue gave Xiao Chen during the day disrupted his thoughts once again. It was at an even more intense level than when Liu Ruyue was injured.

This was a kind of longing that could not be overcome. At this moment, Xiao Chen’s mind was filled with Liu Ruyue’s figure. 

Xiao Chen did his best to try and calm his thoughts. He looked at the starry sky and took a deep breath. Then, he leaped up and over the courtyard walls, heading over to Liu Ruyue’s courtyard.

Xiao Chen moved like a flood dragon, moving as fast as lightning. In the blink of an eye, he arrived and stopped at the huge tree outside Liu Ruyue’s courtyard.

There were shouting sounds coming from the courtyard. Xiao Chen’s eyesight was very sharp. With the weak starlight, the darkness of night was not an obstruction to him, he could see the situation in the courtyard very clearly.

Although it was late at night, Liu Ruyue was not asleep. She was fully focused on practising a set of Saber Techniques. Wind blew in the courtyard, the sharp saber Qi flew everywhere in the air.

However, with Xiao Chen’s sharp eyesight, he could tell there was some instability with her mental state. This resulted in many openings in her Saber Technique. If she were facing an enemy, it would result in dire consequences.

As Xiao Chen quietly watched Liu Ruyue practice her saber in the courtyard, a faint smile appeared on his face. HIs heart slowly calmed down.

After an hour, Xiao Chen quietly descended from the tree and started to head back to his courtyard.

Xiao Chen finally got an answer to what was that hazy feeling he was experiencing. However, he was not confident of how to proceed from here. Perhaps this was for the best.

“Weng! Weng!”

Suddenly, just as this moment, the Spirit Blood Jade on his chest started trembling. Xiao Chen’s expression changed. He exclaimed, “What’s happening with Xiao Bai? Why is the Spirit Blood Jade moving with so much activity?”

The warning from the Spirit Blood Jade greatly astonished Xiao Chen. The Spirit Blood Jade was the link between Xiao Chen and Xiao Bai. Unless something there was grave danger to one’s life, it would not move like this.

Xiao Chen activated the Windwalk Shoes and raised his speed to the limit. Then, he rushed in the direction of where the feeling came from. After a short while, he had already left the boundaries of Qingyun Peak. He felt that it was still a distance away from where he was.

Xiao Chen came to a stop in a dense forest. This forest was familiar to Xiao Chen. He frequently cultivated and experiment with Martial Techniques here.

This was because this place was extremely desolate. Furthermore, there were not many people in Qingyun Peak in the first place. No matter how much activity, it would not be discovered by others.

Since Xiao Bai came here, it was definitely not being attacked. Xiao Chen’s heart slowly calmed down. However, the activity of the Spirit Blood Jade became even greater.

What exactly is happening? Xiao Chen frowned tightly. He could not understand what was going on. Could Xiao Bai be attempting suicide?

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Huge waves of energy came sweeping by. Xiao Chen decreased his speed significantly. Bright lights occasionally flickered in the pitch-dark forest.

This made the forest alternate between bright and dark. The horrifying energy spread through the air. Strong winds blew and caused the trees to shake the trees.

Countless fallen leaves flew everywhere, dirt filled the air. Xiao Chen focused his Essence shield in front of him. The fallen leaves and dirt that blew at him were turned into dust.

There seemed to be a calm spot in the middle of the forest, like the eye of the storm. The strong winds and waves of horrifying energy originated from there.

“What is going on? This energy wave is already touching the boundaries of a Rank 7 Spirit Beasts. Furthermore, it is rising continuously!”

Xiao Chen thought sullenly to himself, Regardless of the situation, I have to quickly go over. Only then will I understand what is going on.

“Sou! Sou! Sou!”

Xiao Chen moved through the forest like an arrow. He could not be bothered to dodge the trees in his way, so he simply punched them and shattered them to bits. He forcibly carved a straight path through the dense forest.

The Spirit Blood Jade on Xiao Chen chest started to give off a dazzling scarlet light. He felt some heat on his chest, it was so hot it was scary.

“Hu chi! Hu chi!”

In a short time, Xiao Chen had finally rushed to the center of the storm. The entire body of the snow-white Xiao Bai was flickering with a jade-like light.

Within its body seemed to be a weak human figure. That human figure was struggling non-stop, like it was suffering from tremendous pain.

Under the light from the starry sky, it gave off a different kind of radiance, it was very beautiful. There were ripples moving through the air in the surroundings, like crystalline silk ribbons.

As the silk ribbons danced, a strong wind blew, forming ferocious tornados scattering in the surrounding forest.

When Xiao Chen saw all this, he was completely stunned. He exclaimed in disbelief, “This is changing forms! Could Xiao Bai be trying to change forms whenever it sneaked out at night in the past? It is too dangerous!”

Xiao Bai was not strong enough. Most regular Spirit Beasts would need to be Rank 8 before they could try changing forms.

A Rank 8 Spirit beast was equivalent to a human Martial Monarch. Furthermore, the success rate was only about fifty percent. Most of the time, they would gain true Spiritual Intelligent first before deciding to change their forms.

To Spirit Beasts, changing forms was the greatest fortuitous encounter they could have. However, this fortuitous encounter came with boundless danger.

“It’s really stupid, causing trouble like this. If I had known, I would not have passed the Mysterious Nine Heavenly Revolution Transformation to it.” Xiao Chen said, feeling somewhat vexed. If Xiao Bai did not have the Mysterious Nine Heavenly Revolution Transformation, it would not be able to risk its life like that.

Unfortunately, it was currently already at the crucial moment. It was too late to stop it. Forcibly trying to stop it would result in the changing form failing and Xiao Bai being reduced to ashes.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

As Xiao Chen was thinking, a resplendent pillar of light lit up on Xiao Bao and rose to the sky. A horrifying energy came sweeping across, causing all the surrounding trees to be crushed into powder.


Xiao Chen sent out a palm strike, shattering the energy ripple moving toward him. However, he had just shattered one wave and there were several other flickering beams of light appearing behind it. Then several waves of energy flew at him.

This was comparable to a peak Rank 7 Demonic Beast’s attach. The energy contained within was too huge. Xiao Chen was forced to retreat for several hundred meters. He leaped into the air and stopped on the tree branch.

The Spirit Beast’s changing form could actually incite such intense energy waves. Xiao Bai was only a Rank 6 Spirit Beast. If it were a true Rank 8 Spirit Beasts changing forms, the amount of energy incited would be even more horrifying.

Xiao Chen stated at Xiao Bai within the pillar of light. His heart was filled with worry. If was not careful, such strong energy could shatter its bones into powder.

The resplendent pillar of light rushing to the sky flickered for a long time. The surrounding Spiritual Energy of the heaven and earth was all moving toward Xiao Bai.

Eventually, the Spiritual Energy became overly dense, and countless motes of starlight appeared in the air, all made up of Spiritual Energy.

They filled the air densely, flickering in the darkness. They were like bright shining stars.

The tiny human figure within Xiao Bai’s jade-like body became more distinct with the infusing of Spiritual Energy.

Xiao Bai was now only left with the final step—receiving the baptism of heaven and earth—before it could successfully complete changing form.

The so-called baptism of heaven and earth referred to the punishments from the heavenly Daos. Furthermore, this was the most dangerous step.

Both Spirit Beasts and human beings were creatures made by the heavenly Daos. Be it humans becoming Spirit Beasts or the reverse, it was a great challenge to the heavenly Daos.

If one could survive the fight with the heavenly Daos, not only would they succeed in changing forms, they would seize a trace of the heavenly Daos. They would obtain luck and unlimited potential in the future.

Xiao Chen looked up and saw boundless layers of clouds churning. Thunder crackled, it looked like the baptism of the heavenly Daos was forming.

The delicate figure within Xiao Bai seemed to have felt the might of the heavenly Dao. It sat cross-legged and circulated the Mysterious Nine Heavenly Revolution Transformation.

Thin golden halos of light appeared around Xiao Bai. This gave its jade-like crystalline body a dignified divine feel.

Xiao Chen frowned tightly as he looked at the increasingly horrifying electrical might accumulating in the sky. He felt like his heart had jumped into his throat; he was incredibly nervous.


The building lightning finally reached a critical point, and exploded. A silver snake of electricity broke through the sky and descended toward Xiao Bao on the ground.

The berserk bolt of lightning struck the golden halo and exploded loudly. The dirt of the surrounding ground was blasted into the air, obscuring Xiao Chen’s vision.

The ground started trembling. The tree Xiao Chen was in started to shake wildly.

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