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Chapter 333: The Bashful Liu Ruyue

“Here is a total of thirty thousand Contribution Points. Please count them,” the clerk said enviously. Even after working in the Hall of Contributions for so many years, this was the first time he had seen someone obtain so many Contribution Points in one go.

Xiao Chen received them calmly and gave his thanks. After that, the attendant behind Xiao Chen said, “Ye Chen, the First Elder said to find some time to look for him after you came back.”

Xiao Chen stopped and turned around. He asked, “Is it urgent?”

The attendant said, “Not really. He specifically instructed me to say to go when you have time. If you don’t, then never mind.”

As that attendant was speaking, he was looking at Xiao Chen enviously. One must know that the First Elder was currently the true decision maker of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion.

The attendant had never seen the First Elder being so courteous before. He could only say that Xiao Chen’s potential was highly looked upon.

Xiao Chen nodded slightly and started leaving again. He could more or less guess the reason why the First Elder, Jiang Chi, was looking for him. Since it was not urgent, then he would put it aside for now.

After Xiao Chen finished handing in the missions, he immediately rushed toward Qingyun Peak. In the entire Heavenly Saber Pavilion, that was the only place that gave him a sense of belonging.

As Xiao Chen slowly climbed the steps of Qingyun Peak, he looked at the familiar scenery around him. He felt a certain warmth he had not felt in a long time in his heart.

When Xiao Bai, waiting inside the Spirit Blood Jade, felt the surrounding environment, it immediately came out. It leaped up on Xiao Chen’s shoulder and stretched its four limbs; it looked incredibly cute.

“Big Brother Ye Chen, when did you come back?” Shao Yang and Xiao Meng, who was preparing to go down the mountain, suddenly saw Xiao Chen. They ran over joyfully.

Xiao Chen was on close terms with Shao Yang and Xiao Meng. When it saw the two of them, it immediately stood up on his shoulder and greeted them with ‘yi ya yi ya’ sounds

This made the two of them laugh. Xiao Chen smiled helplessly and put Xiao Bai down. He nodded and said, “I have just arrived. How are Elder Sister Ruyue’s injuries?”

Xiao Meng was playing with Xiao Bai when she heard Xiao Chen’s question. She looked up and smiled, “You will know when you see for yourself. You will be pleasantly surprised. Shao Yang and I have to go down the mountain now.”

Based on Xiao Meng’s tone, it seemed like Liu Ruyue’s meridian injuries were completely healed. However, Xiao Chen felt very curious at what that so-called “pleasant surprise” was.

Shao Yang, who was standing to the side, smiled and said, “Big Brother Ye Chen, you should go quickly. When Elder Sister Ruyue sees you, she will definitely be very happy. She has been in the dueling grounds for the past few days.”

Xiao Chen nodded gently and said goodbye to the two. Then, he increased his speed and moved quickly toward the dueling grounds.


Before Xiao Chen got close to the dueling grounds, he felt a strong aura. Furthermore, he was very familiar with this aura.

Xiao Chen stopped outside the dueling grounds and muttered, “This is the aura of a Martial King. Furthermore, it is extremely pure. Did Elder Sister Ruyue make her breakthrough?”

It looked like that should be it. There was only a thin line between Liu Ruyue and the Martial King realm previously. Now that she was remade by the Tendon Refining Flower, she should have made her breakthrough.

Furthermore, this experience would propel her directly to peak Inferior Grade Martial King. Even some old Martial Kings would not be an opponent for her.

For a very long time, one of the main reasons why no one was willing to come to Qingyun Peak was because there were no Martial King holding it down. It now looked like this would be a thing of the past.

Xiao Chen sincerely felt joy in his heart. He quickly and impatiently walked into the dueling grounds.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Within the dueling grounds, strong waves of energy were exploding continuously.

Liu Suifeng and Liu Ruyue were exchanging moves. However, Liu Suifeng looked like he was in a somewhat miserable state. In better words, he was more like a punching bag.

“Sis, there is no need for you to hit so hard. I am your brother!” Liu Suifeng begged as he kept dodging Liu Ruyue’s attacks.


Liu Ruyue said calmly, “If jade is not cut and polished, it cannot be made into anything. If you cannot even withstand this little bit of suffering, how can I hand Qingyun Peak over to you in the future?”

Liu Ruyue brandished her scabbard and knocked away Liu Suifeng’s saber. The scabbard struck Liu Suifeng’s wrist heavily, causing him to shout in pain.

Suddenly, Liu Suifeng glimpsed Xiao Chen standing outside. His eyes lit up joyfully as he cried out, “Sis, Ye Chen is here. You can stop now.”

Liu Ruyue directly struck Liu Suifeng’s chest and smiled faintly, “You are using this to trick me again. Trying to be lazy…it’s useless now.” 

It was so painful, Liu Suifeng could not bear it. He coughed a few times and said, “Sis, its real. Look outside!”

Although Liu Ruyue did not believe him, she could not help but turn her head to look. She immediately saw Xiao Chen standing calmly outside. The movement of her hands immediately stopped.

Liu Suifeng took advantage of this opportunity to leave the fight, quickly running toward Xiao Chen.

“Ye Chen! You finally come back. If you were any later, my Sis probably would have beaten me to death,” Liu Suifeng said bitterly as he clapped Xiao Chen’s shoulder.

Xiao Chen was knocked back three steps by Liu Suifeng’s slap. This showed how enthusiastic he was. Xiao Chen stabilized himself and smiled, “You should be celebrating instead. Look at this, your strength has clearly improved significantly.”

Liu Suifeng smiled in embarrassment and said mysteriously, “Just so-so. I am far inferior when compared to you. I will leave first, you will be receiving a pleasant surprise later.”

Xiao Chen felt it was strange, Why was everyone talking about a pleasant surprise? What exactly is the pleasant surprise?

Liu Ruyeu gently leaped down from the arena in the dueling grounds. Her tight red robe clung to her seductive figure as she walked over to Xiao Chen slowly.

Liu Ruyue’s graceful face had a hint of embarrassment on it. She seemed to have a nervous expression. However, she seemed to have made a certain decision in her heart as she walked over to Xiao Chen.


Before Xiao Chen could react, Liu Ruyue’s tender lips quickly pecked on the side of this mouth. This action was very quick, like a dragonfly touching the water, it was a superficial contact that was withdrawn at first contact.

Outside the dueling grounds, Liu Suifeng, Shao Yang, and Xiao Meng, who were all supposed to have left already, were gathered there. They were all watching this scene without blinking.

“Haha, my Sis is really daring. However, she managed to do what she said! I like it!” Liu Suifeng was laughing at the side.

Xiao Meng giggled and said, “However, she does not seem to have any experience. There was just a light peck and nothing else.”

Shao Yang laughed, “Ha ha! Does she have any experience in the first place? This is her first time. During her first time, Ye Chen was the one taking the initiative. We should go now. Otherwise, Elder Sister Ruyue will come raging at us.”

Xiao Bai, who was behind the three of them, was looking at the two in the dueling grounds strangely. Its eyes were filled with doubts.

The moment Shao Yang spoke, Liu Suifeng and Xiao Meng both reacted. Xiao Meng carried the doubtful Xiao Bai and quickly fled.

Is this the so-called pleasant surprise? Xiao Chen thought to himself. His delicate face blushed slightly. Although this was not his first time kissing Liu Ruyue, he did not know what to do.

During the previous time, both of them were the passive parties. It was different this time. This time, Liu Ruyue initiated it.

A ripple appeared in Xiao Chen’s usually unmoving heartstrings. Xiao Chen’s words did not come out smoothly as he said, “Elder Sister Ruyue, what are you doing!?”

When Liu Ruyue saw Xiao Chen being so embarrassed, her own embarrassed expression turned into an unrestrained one. She laughed loudly and said, “This is your reward. Thank you for your Tendon Refining Flower. If it were not for your Tendon Refining Flower, I would be a cripple today. I would not have been able to break through to Martial King.”

Was it only to thank me? Xiao Chen felt slightly disappointed inside. He said softly, “That is something expected of me. It was merely a coincidence that I obtained the Tendon Refining Flower.”

This fellow is really not tactful, Liu Ruyue thought depressedly. Never mind, this blockhead quality of his is not going to change.

Liu Ruyue held Xiao Chen’s hands and said softly, “Let’s not speak about this. Let me bring you to see something.”

Xiao Chen followed her with some slight suspicions. They went to a corner of the dueling ground and Liu Ruyue let go of Xiao Chen’s hand. She said, “It is this, take a look.”

There were many plain sabers stuck in the ground. The sabers had an ancient aura coming from them. The thousands of sabers were arranged in a profound and complicated formation.

The ancient aura of the sabers was connected together. When Xiao Chen stood in front and closed his eyes to feel it, a huge army of thousands of horses and men appeared before him. Their killing Qi was surging, pouring over him.

Kill! Kill! Kill! 

The scarlet throne between his eyebrows trembled continuously. Xiao Chen opened his eyes and said in shock, “This is a miniature Ancient Absolute Saber Formation. However, why do I feel that it is different from before? The ancient aura is even denser.

“The killing Qi contained within it is not on the same level as it was before, as well.”

Liu Ruyue revealed a satisfied smile. She said, “You guessed right. Each saber here has a history of at least ten thousand years. They were truly ancient weapons. The Ancient Absolute Saber Formation assembled this time will definitely help you to comprehend Listening to the Sword and Communicating With It.”

Xiao Chen felt incredibly grateful in his heart. For Liu Ruyue to find so many ancient sabers, she must have spent a lot of effort.

Xiao Chen knew from Liu Suifeng that Liu Ruyue had owed Lu Chen a great favor when she borrowed the ancient sabers the last time. This time, she obtained so many more extremely ancient weapons, the price she paid must have been even higher.

Actually, Liu Ruyue also knew that the moment Xiao Chen comprehended Listening to the Sword and Communicating With It, it would indicate the moment he would leave Qingyun Peak.

Even so, Liu Ruyue still helped him without asking for anything in return. Xiao Chen felt it would be difficult to bear such a favor. Xiao Chen said sincerely, “Ruyue, thank you. I promise you, no matter what, I will obtain the top spot in the inner disciple Ranking War at the end of the year.”

The end-of-year Ranking War…this would be the last thing Xiao Chen would do for Qingyun Peak while he was at the Heavenly Saber Pavilion. It is only this way where he could help Liu Ruyue to restore Qingyun Peak to the best of his ability. 

A trace of shock appeared on Liu Ruyue’s face. It was like she did not hear what Xiao Chen said at the end. Her graceful face was clearly was filled with pleasant surprise. She said, “What did you call me?”

Xiao Chen realized what he said. He said, “Sorry, I misspoke. Elder Sister Ruyue.”

Liu Ruyue burst out into laughter. She said, “Oi, am I that scary? You even apologized, you did not say anything wrong. I permit you to call me Ruyue in the future. Remember, don’t address me by anything else.”

Xiao Chen felt somewhat embarrassed as he said, “Alright, Elder Sister Ruyue. Wait…no…it’s Ruyue.”  

Xiao Chen let the wrong term of address slip out. When he saw Liu Ruyue’s expression change, he quickly changed his words. Only then did Liu Ruyue smile in satisfaction.

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