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Chapter 332: Meeting a Beauty at Night

After Xiao Chen calmed himself, he gently pushed the door open. The instant the door was open, he could see a cross-dressed Feng Feixue with a folding fan in her hand.

She looked like the same as she had in the past, there were no visible changes, her temperament was the same as before. Her fine black hair was bundled up together. Being dressed in men’s clothing gave her delicate face a distinctive flavor. It was very graceful and outstanding.

Xiao Chen tried sensing Feng Feixue’s cultivation, and discovered that she was a peak Superior Grade Martial Saint. This surprised Xiao Chen.

Feng Feixue had a gentle smile on her face. As Xiao Chen was measuring her up, she was also carefully observing Xiao Chen.

When Feng Feixue saw Xiao Chen this time, she felt Xiao Chen’s temperament to be more stable and withdrawn. Furthermore, there was a trace of an aura she could not understand, it was very mysterious.

The two of them walked to the table and sat across from one another. Feng Feixue picked up the teacups and poured a cup of tea for him. She said softly, “It’s been a long time. Your strength has increased again, congratulations.”

Xiao Chen received the teacup and took a sip. Then, he followed up on the topic, “You are the astonishing one. Despite running around the continent, your cultivation is still higher than mine.”

Feng Feixue smiled and poured a cup of tea for herself. Then, she changed the topic, “This is the first time you have come looking for me so urgently. I rushed over through the night from the Imperial Capital. What’s the matter?”

Xiao Chen had too many things he wanted to ask Feng Feixue. However, now that he was before her, he did not know where to start.

Xiao Chen put down the teacup and organized his thoughts first. Then, he said, “After some time, I might possibly leave the Great Qin Nation. Can you tell me why you sent Ying Yue to bring me to the Imperial Capital a few months ago?

“If I am able to help you, I will definitely do all that I can. However, if I leave the Great Qin Nation, I might not come back for a long time.”

Feng Feixue smiled and felt a slight warmth in her heart. She did not expect Xiao Chen to remember his promise when he was about to leave the Great Qin Nation.

“Indeed, with your strength, you should go and undergo some experiential training. There is no need for you to worry about our agreement. No matter how far away you are, I will be able to find you at the fastest time,” Feng Feixue said softly.

It looked like Feng Feixue was still not willing to tell Xiao Chen her secret. That was fine for Xiao Chen, so he did not press on. He continued asking, “How is Cousin Yulan doing in the Heavenly Qin School?”

When Feng Feixue heard Xiao Yulan’s name, a complicated look appeared in her eyes. She said, “She has received your Flowing Light Flower. Now, she is doing her best to cultivate. She places strict requirements on herself. She has shown high talent and an elder of the Heavenly Qin School has already accepted her as a disciple.”

When Xiao Chen heard news of Xiao Yulan doing well, he relaxed a little. After that, the two of them continued chatting for a long time before he mentioned the matter of the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron.

Feng Feixue hesitated for a while before saying apologetically, “The Feng Clan does indeed have the method for refining Secret Treasures. However, this is a top secret level piece of information. Only the Clan Head has it. Even I myself do not know.”

Xiao Chen felt surprised at this. However, when he thought about it, it made sense. If a clan grasped the method to refine Secret Treasures, the strength of that clan would definitely soar.

Such an important secret would definitely be held in the hands of the Clan Head. Otherwise, if it leaked out, the consequences would be dire.

As for whether there was some other reason for Feng Feixue and her difficulties, Xiao Chen did not care. All along, he did not like forcing others. Furthermore, she had already helped him sufficiently.

Just the Heaven Ranked Movement Technique, the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art, had saved Xiao Chen’s life at many crucial moments. It was more valuable than priceless treasures; there was nothing more he could ask of her.

Feng Feixue said, “I am really sorry about this. However, when you leave the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron with the Feng Clan, I can pay rent to you on a daily basis. Every day would be ten Medial Grade Spirit Stones, until you take it away.”

Xiao Chen waved it off and said, “Don’t say that. Just take it as I’m storing it in your Feng Clan. If it were left on my hands, it would merely be a hot potato.”

As far as Xiao Chen was concerned, this was really the case. If he could place it in his Universe Ring, it would be fine. However, he was not able to. So, it was very inconvenient.

The two continued chatting for some time. Feng Feixue spoke about some strong experts she had seen in the various nations, as well as strange Martial Techniques. All of this was an eye-opener for Xiao Chen, causing him to look forward to visiting them.

In the end, just as Xiao Chen was about to leave, he could finally no longer resist and voiced out a doubt in his heart, “Feng Feixue, I have always wanted to ask you this; why are you so good to me?”

During the first time they met, Feng Feixue wanted to give Xiao Chen the Azure Dragon Medicine Cauldron. The second time they met, she invited him to study at the Heavenly Qin School. The third time they met, she directly gave him a Heaven Ranked Martial Technique.

After that, Xiao Chen had caused so much havoc and Feng Feixue helped him care for the Xiao Clan and dealt with the aftermath for him. Then, she asked Ying Yue to invite him to join the Imperial Dragon Legion, wanting to help him regain his true identity, one that surpassed that of a normal person.

Each and every one of these incidents resulted in a great debt of gratitude. Yet, Feng Feixue helped him unconditionally. This caused Xiao Chen to feel a strange suspicion.

There was no such thing as unconditional love in this world, nor was there hate without a reason. For every result, there was a cause.

A stunned expression appeared on Feng Feixue’s pretty face. However, she was not too surprised. She had anticipated Xiao Chen’s question long ago.

When Feng Feixue looked at the resolute gaze in Xiao Chen’s dark eyes, a melancholic expression appeared on Feng Feixue’s delicate face. She said, “Helping you is equivalent to helping myself. As for the specific reason, it is really not convenient to tell you now. Wait till you can truly control your own fate, then the answer will appear on its own.”

It seems like Feng Feixue was still not willing to tell him the reason, the secret of why the Azure Dragon disappeared, or why Xiao Chen had to be chased out of the clan.

These secrets had been bothering Xiao Chen for a long time. It seemed like it would be rather difficult to obtain these answers from Feng Feixue.

What did ‘truly control his own fate’ mean? Were he and Feng Feixue not controlling their own fate now?

Seeing the silent Xiao Chen, Feng Feixue said gently, “If you really want to know, you can make a trip to the Imperial Capital. However, I hope that before you go, you will have obtained absolute strength. Otherwise, even if you go, your fate will end up being controlled by someone else.

“As the final inheritor of the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit, your existence threatens the benefits of too many people. The dangers involved are akin to having great perils at every footstep.

“Back when your father chased you out of the Xiao Clan, one of the main reasons was the implications of these benefits. This would be unbearable, even for the entire Xiao Clan. All you can do now is become stronger, and then, become even stronger. There is no other path you can take.”

Feng Feixue’s words caused Xiao Chen to feel a slight headache. It concerned the existence of the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit.

Xiao Chen had always had a vague guess. The power that the Azure Dragon contained was far greater than he had imagined. However, he had never dared to think too deeply about it.

Xiao Chen had even downplayed the relationship he had with the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit. This was because with great power came great responsibility.

Xiao Chen was merely an ascended. There was no need for him to get involved with all this scheming and plotting.

Xiao Chen only had to live for himself. He just had to slowly walk the path of a cultivator, taking step after step to the peak.

However, Feng Feixue’s words verified some of Xiao Chen’s guesses.

Since the day Xiao Chen condensed the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit, whether be it actively or passively, willing or unwilling, he had already been dragged into these matters. No matter what he did, he would not be able to escape.

Xiao Chen picked up the teacup on the table and emptied it in one gulp. Then, he placed the teacup back on the table. He calmed down and said, “Regardless of the truth, I will live for myself and the people I care for. Fate is something that has to be fought for by myself after all.

“The kindness you showed me, I will pay it back in the future. I will not shrink away from this duty. Goodbye!”

After Xiao Chen spoke, he immediately left. As Feng Feixue watched Xiao Chen leave, there was an astonished expression on her face.

After a long time, a secret door opened in the living room. A beautiful lady wearing red robes appeared there.

This beauty was very elegant. She was about thirty years old, but with her exquisite face looked like she was eighteen or nineteen. Age did not leave any of its marks on her face.

If one looked carefully, perhaps one would discover this lady somewhat resembled Xiao Chen.

When Feng Feixue saw this beauty, she said softly, “Aunt, he was just right before you. Don’t you want to meet him?”

A heartbroken look appeared in this lady’s eyes, the corner of her eyes seemed slightly wet. She said softly, “There is no need. I owe him too much. It is enough for me to be able to hear his voice.”

Feng Feixue walked to the window in that high floor room. She looked outside and watched Xiao Chen, who had turned into a beam of purple light and was moving very fast. She said, “I believe he is the person I am waiting for. I will do my best to resist the decision Father and the Elders made. We have already held up the agreement for a thousand years; naturally, we have to continue passing it down.”

There was still one more thing in her heart she did not say. It was as Xiao Chen had said, Fate is something that has to be fought for by myself, after all.

The person Feng Feixue addressed as Aunt looked at Feng Feixue before her. The younger woman reminded her of herself in the past as she let out a long, drawn-out sigh.


After Xiao Chen left the Victorious Chief, he rested in his inn for two days and started to complete the remaining Black Rank Sect Missions.

While Xiao Chen was completing the missions, he heard the news Feng Feixue spread: The Dragon Phoenix Cauldron had landed in the hands of the Feng Clan, and they invited everyone to come and take a look.

When Xiao Chen first heard this news, he was slightly stunned. However, he understood the reasons behind it. Feng Feixue and pulled over all the attention that was placed on Xiao Chen onto the Feng Clan.

The Dragon Phoenix Cauldron was a hot potato that attracted everyone’s attention. No matter where Xiao Chen went, close attention would be placed on it. Furthermore, such attention would be filled with malicious intent.

Xiao Chen could only escape from it if he delivered the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron to the Heavenly Saber Pavilion, and had the protection of a strong power. By doing this, Feng Feixue had helped Xiao Chen immensely.


One month later, Xiao Chen had completed all the high-leveled missions that he had taken. He started to make his return to the Heavenly Saber Pavilion.

Without any missions delaying him, he was able to return to the Heavenly Saber Pavilion in half a month while moving at full speed. When he arrived, he immediately headed for the Hall of Contributions on the Heaven Viewing Platform.

On the second floor of the Hall of Contributions, the person who checked the missions verified all the mission contracts Xiao Chen handed over.

“I did not expect for you to be able to complete all the Black Rank Missions within three months,” the attendant of the Hall of Contributions said in astonishment when he finished checking the contracts.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and did not say anything else. He had only picked out these missions after careful calculations and cautious consideration.

Without absolute confidence, Xiao Chen would not have taken so many high leveled missions in one go.

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