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Chapters 323: What is Mine Will Eventually Come to Me

The moment those words resounded, several daring people took the lead and attacked. Then, the several outstanding talents on the ground followed.

Various resplendent weapon Qi and killing Qi fired out, surging from every direction.

The corner of Xiao Chen’s lips curled up into a cold smile. He said in a grave voice, “How reckless! Your strengths are insufficient! No matter how many of you attack, your efforts will be fruitless!”

“Wukui Transforms to Qi!”

Xiao Chen shouted, and an ancient divine Wukui Tree appeared from nowhere. It turned into strands of dense purple saber Qi, flying into the surroundings.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

The purple saber Qi clashed with the various weapon Qi controlled by the crowd below. Explosion sounds reverberated as the incredibly dense saber Qi shattered most of the weapon Qi. Then, without its might decreasing, it flickered with electricity and fired at the crowd.

There were a few strands of weapon Qi that had managed to slip through. Xiao Chen brandished his saber, and a saber light flickered, easily blocking these weapon Qi.

Xiao Chen stayed on top of the cauldron without moving. He seemed incredibly at ease. The Saber Techniques infused with the state were not something these people could block.

The horrifyingly dense purple saber Qi immediately threw the group into confusion. The saber Qi broke through the Essence shields of a significant number. They suffered deep wounds as blood flowed.

Xiao Chen frowned. He could acutely feel, with his Spiritual Sense, three people flying at him from behind. They revealed a killing intent, and their weapons pointed at his back.

“Qi Breaks Wukui!”

The remnant purple energy in the air gathered on the Lunar Shadow Saber immediately. Xiao Chen spun around and hacked down with his saber with lightning speed.

“Ka ca! Ka ca! Ka ca!”

There were three crisp tinkling sounds. Xiao Chen’s extremely precise saber strike shattered the weapons of these three people.

The energy on the saber surged restlessly. Xiao Chen shouted, and the purple saber light exploded.

The shockwave threw back the three; they grew pale as they vomited blood.

Xiao Chen held his saber and stood proudly. He had an extremely grave and stern expression on his face as he said indifferently, “You many may take any Secret Treasure you want from the ground but do not have any designs on the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron. Otherwise, you will have to ask my saber for permission.”

Xiao Chen’s incredible saber stunned everyone present. They all stopped what they were doing, and the place fell utterly silent.

“How arrogant! I, Hong Yundu, from Nanling Province, want to see exactly how powerful you are,” a disdainful voice came from the crowd. A cultivator in white robes, holding a 2.33-meter sword, leaped out from the crowd.

Hong Yundu’s sword sent out sword lights as he moved through the air. His body seemed ethereal, and his movement was erratic. In a short moment, he sent hundreds of sword lights at Xiao Chen.

Clouds appeared beside Hong Yundu. This person had comprehended the state of cloud. It was no wonder his Sword Technique appeared ethereal. He had a trace of the charm Murong Chong possessed.

Xiao Chen’s expression did not change. Lightning suddenly appeared around him, illuminating the massive refinery. Occasionally, the electricity gave off crackling sounds.

When Xiao Chen looked at the hundreds of sword lights before him, he did not flinch. He guarded himself with his saber and took his time making his move.

Initially, Xiao Chen’s speed could be clearly seen by the others. However, after a while, the speed slowly increased. Soon, he became so fast they could not even see an afterimage.

“Dang! Dang! Dang! Dang!”

The sounds of weapons clashing echoed through the refinery. The crowd could only occasionally see sword Qi and saber Qi clashing. They created intense explosions, making the air surge.

Within the thousands of clouds, Hong Yundu’s figure seemed as ethereal and elusive as before. However, an anxious expression started to appear on his face.

This was because Hong Yundu had discovered, at an unknown point, that Xiao Chen had taken the combat initiative he initially possessed. Instead, he was the one defending. 

Hong Yundu’s opponent clearly stood in the same spot he started in; he had not even taken a step. However, though he made his move later, he had completely suppressed Hong Yundu’s aura.

Hong Yundu’s opponent’s saber grew faster and faster. He felt it was becoming harder to block.

Sweat poured down his forehead. His originally ethereal figure started to show weak points.


A bright light flashed in Xiao Chen’s eyes. He shouted, and a resplendent electric light appeared on his saber.

Xiao Chen twisted his waist and thrust his saber forward. The strong energy in the electric light instantly knocked away the sword Hong Yundu used to block.

Without losing any power, it easily broke through the opponent’s Essence shield, leaving a huge wound on Hong Yundu’s chest.

Hong Yundu cried out miserable and fell from the air. He landed painfully, his face incredibly pale.

“Nanling Province’s Hong Yundu’s strength is at the very peak of Superior Grade Martial Saint. He is quite famous within the Nanling Province. Yet, he did not even have the strength to force Ye Chen back a step,” someone below whispered.

“We three brothers want this Dragon Phoenix Cauldron! Brat from the Heavenly Saber Pavilion, get down!” Three youths stepped in from another corridor of the refinery.

The weapons the three of them used were different from each other. The middle one used a sword sheathed at his waist; the left carried a massive saber, and the right actually held a folding fan.

“These three are the heirs of the Imperial Capital's Lou Clan; they are blood brothers. The Luo Clan holds great power in the Imperial Capital. It looks like they will obtain this Dragon Phoenix Cauldron.”

“However, didn’t the three of them chase Chu Chaoyun earlier? Why are they back here?”

“Who knows? Let’s just watch in safety while they fight, then reap the rewards when both sides are exhausted. In Ye Chen’s previous fight, he must have used his full power for sure. He should have exhausted a significant amount of his Essence.”

The three Luo Clan brothers quickly stepped forward. When they were about a hundred meters from the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron, the third brother, his back facing the crowd, revealed a sinister smile as he said, “The thing I hate the most is someone looking down at me from above. Get down here!”

After the third brother spoke, he violently kicked the ten-odd-meters-tall Dragon Phoenix Cauldron. The kick contained a horrifying force as it landed on the cauldron in an instant. A dull gong rang throughout the refinery.

“Weng! Weng! Weng!”

The sound shook everybody’s eardrums and reverberated in their ears. The Dragon Phoenix Cauldron trembled unceasingly. However, its three legs did not move at all.

Instead, the force of this kick rebounded back to the Third Luo Brother. This caused his leg to go numb. He muttered and said, “That’s impossible. My casual kick can break the city walls. How can this broken cauldron remain unmoved?”

When the Third Luo Brother looked at Xiao Chen on the cauldron, he thought to himself, It must be this fellow’s doing. He said ferociously, “Again! I don’t believe I cannot kick you down.”

The Third Luo Brother shouted and spun 180 degrees. Then he kicked. The wind from this kick caused the air to tremble.

Suddenly, Xiao Chen’s expression changed, and he raised his right foot; he stomped heavily on the cauldron lid.


The three legs of the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron sank into the floor of the refinery and stuck firmly in the ground.

A boundless force immediately struck the surrounding ground, causing the ground to break and fly up around the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron, rushing toward the ceiling.

The Third Luo Brother had just rushed over and did not have the time to act. The force blasted him into the air.


Xiao Chen held the scabbard in his left hand and quickly swung it. The tip of the scabbard pierced through the countless rubble and struck the Third Luo Brother’s chest.

The Third Luo Brother vomited a mouthful of blood and flew back. His complexion was incredibly pale; he suffered severe internal injuries.

“Third Brother!”

The Eldest Luo Brother and the Second Luo Brother exclaimed as they caught the Third Luo Brother. They had not expected Xiao Chen to injure him heavily in one move.

“How dare you injure my Third Brother! No one can save you today!” The two of them drew their weapons, and a gust of wind blew as they leaped toward Xiao Chen with blazing killing intents.

“Wukui Shakes the Heavens!”

Xiao Chen could not be bothered to compete with them. He simply executed the killing move of the Wukui Saber Technique. An ancient divine Wukui Tree quickly grew in the air.

It was like a lone mountain carrying a tremendous force. It contained Xiao Chen’s state of thunder as it soared up before descending.


In front of absolute force, the two had no way to resist. The massive tree fell on their heads.

Their bodies sank into the rocky floor below them. The berserk lightning-attributed Essence smashed throughout their bodies, turning their Essence chaotic.

Xiao Chen had easily defeated the three brothers. This caused the crowd, who waited to take advantage of the fight, to feel horrified. The cultivators chasing after Xiao Chen completely gave up on the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron and retreated. Instead, people streamed in from the entrance Du Hao had used, challenging him.

Xiao Chen did not feel afraid. He protected his front with his saber as he stood proudly. His hair fluttered as he stood on the cauldron and defeated each challenger with a single move.

Xiao Chen stood on the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron and held his saber with one hand. He looked at the other outstanding talents in the refinery with an expressionless face.

Then, he said indifferently, “I stand by my words. You may do as you wish to the Secret Treasures on the ground, but I want this Dragon Phoenix Cauldron.”

There were about fifty or sixty people who came to the Fire Li Sect remnants. Aside from the few chasing after Chu Chaoyun, the others had gathered here.

The Dragon Phoenix Cauldron was one of the necessary items for refining Secret Treasures. Standing behind every individual here was a huge power. If they grasped the method of refining Secret Treasures, it would aid the powers behind them immensely.

The Dragon Phoenix Cauldron was especially important to them. This was why people endlessly challenged Xiao Chen. Even though they kept failing, they refused to give up.

It looks like I have to start killing people, Xiao Chen thought to himself. He initially planned to activate the Windwalk Shoes the moment he placed the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron in his Universe Ring.

However, Xiao Chen discovered that he could not fit the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron in the Universe Ring. This made Xiao Chen even more determined to think of a way to remove the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron.

Secret Treasures could be stored in the Universe Ring. However, if it could not go in, it proved that the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron contained a spatial force, conflicting with the space within the Universe Ring.

This was proof that this Dragon Phoenix Cauldron was very valuable despite it being a fake. Perhaps the legend was real.

“Damn it! Attack together! I don’t believe his Essence is inexhaustible. After we kill him, we can decide who obtains this Dragon Phoenix Cauldron,” Hong Yundu, previously defeated by Xiao Chen, said furiously.

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