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Chapter 309: Ink Mountain Range

Fortunately, there was only a trace of this will. If it were stronger by a few times, Xiao Chen would not even have the courage to fight it; he would simply prostrate himself on the ground.

As Xiao Chen looked at the flickering flame, he could not help but remember the Dragon Flame he saw on Ying Yue in the past.

Although the might of this Heavenly Flame was not comparable to that Dragon Flame, it significantly surpassed it regarding aura.

Suddenly, a thought struck Xiao Chen. If one can infuse a will into the Heavenly Flame, then can I infuse my state into the Purple Thunder True Fire?

A fierce purple flame burned in his right eye. When one looked at it, it looked as if it had turned into a boundless sea of flame. The Flame quickly compressed together and formed a strand of purple fire. The Purple Thunder True Fire’s Origin Flame flew out of his right eye and flickered as it hovered above Xiao Chen’s fingertips.

With a thought from Xiao Chen, the peak Small Perfection state of thunder infused into the Origin Flame.

“Zi zi!”

Endless purple electricity immediately appeared behind Xiao Chen. The purple light instantly expelled the golden light from Chu Chaoyun’s Heavenly Flame.

Success! Xiao Chen thought excitedly. He could actually infuse his state into the Purple Thunder True Fire. This meant he should be able to contend with the Heavenly Flame now.

Before this, Xiao Chen did not even dare release the Purple Thunder True Fire in the presence of the golden Heavenly Flame.

Within the great hall, one side was lit by a resplendent golden light; the other side, a strange purple light. The two lights seem to be having an invisible battle in the air.

All of the items on the table floated up without any reason at all as the two auras fought.

Chu Chaoyun smiled and said, “You learn fast. Let me test its might.”

After Chu Chaoyun spoke, he flicked his finger, and all the golden light in the great hall retracted back into the Heavenly Flame.

In an instant, that tiny strand of flame became extremely dazzling like a miniature golden sun.

The aura of supremacy raised to the peak. A strong wind blew from behind Chu Chaoyun, fluttering his clothes and hair. It was like the Tianwu Emperor had possessed him; he seemed dignified and imposing.

Xiao Chen’s expression changed. He quickly gathered all the scattered purple electricity into the Origin Flame. He exhibited the state of thunder to the limit. The strange purple flames gave off an extremely resplendent light.

Xiao Chen flicked his right hand forward in a similar manner, welcoming the other flame without hesitation.


The two flames crashed into each other. A loud explosion occurred in the great hall, and shockwaves reverberated. The floating objects in the hall all turned into powder.

It was so horrifying that, as the energy reverberated in the great hall, the entire Profound Ice Palace trembled. This startled everyone within.

Xiao Chen was somewhat pale as the huge energy surged over and knocked him back by ten meters before he landed heavily.

On the contrary, Chu Chaoyun only took three light steps backward. Against an incomplete Heavenly Flame, Xiao Chen’s full-force Purple Thunder True Fire lost in terms of strength.

A golden light flashed in Chu Chaoyun’s eyes. The Heavenly Flames scattered in the air immediately vanished.

Chu Chaoyun looked at Xiao Chen with a grave expression. He said, “Don’t treat me like your enemy. Sooner or later, you will understand that our purpose is actually the same.”

“Chi! Chi!”

The ice palace stopped trembling, and four streams of icy water appeared on the floor of the hall. The icy water took the form of four humans. Then, it became four delicate and pretty women.

“The two of you, next time you test your moves for no reason at all, you will be tossed off the Profound Ice Palace, regardless of your identity.”

One of the woman spoke coldly with an expressionless face.

When Chu Chaoyun saw the other cultivators rushing down, Chu Chaoyun bent his back slightly and smiled, “My apologies; there will not be a next time.”

On the journey of the Profound Ice Palace, Xiao Chen and Chu Chaoyun’s exchange of moves was just a small incident. The huge Profound Ice Palace continued to move at two times the speed of sound and flew towards the Ink Forest.

In the room on the second floor, Xiao Chen continuously tried to merge his state with the Purple Thunder True Fire. The might of the legendary Heavenly Flame was indeed horrifying.

The first time Xiao Chen merged his state, he could barely pull a draw with the Heavenly Flame. Although that strand of Heavenly Flame was probably not even a tenth of the true Heavenly Flame, Xiao Chen was quite satisfied already. 

However, Xiao Chen’s Purple Thunder True Fire still had untapped potential. The Purple Thunder Divine Incantation had a total of twelve layers. Currently, he was only in the fourth layer. Every time he broke through a layer, the Purple Thunder True Fire grew stronger. In the future, he might be able to contend with a Heavenly Flame.


As it turned dark, Xiao Chen noticed the clouds outside his window darkening. This made one feel depressed.

Xiao Chen stopped what he was doing and got up. He looked out the window and saw a neverending mountain range.

A black fog covered the entire mountain range, moving around the peaks. When the cool breeze blew, the black fog acted as if it were solid; it did not move at all.

“Is this the Ink Mountain Range?” Xiao Chen asked with a grave expression.


Just at that moment, the entire Profound Ice Palace trembled. Although it did not tremble heavily, it was long and continuous. 

“There is a large number of Rank 7 flying Demonic Beasts. The Profound Ice Palace will active its combat formations. Would everyone please stay in your rooms. Don’t wander around. We will settle this.”

A melodious voice rang in everyone’s ears on the second floor. It explained why the Profound Ice Palace trembled.

“They are actually Rank 7 flying Demonic Beasts,” Xiao Chen muttered to himself. “The strength of a Rank 7 Demonic Beast is the equivalent of a Superior Grade Martial King. I wonder how the Duanmu Clan will deal with them.”

“However, I can try to check out the combat formations of the Profound Ice Palace. Who knows; maybe it will be helpful for the repairs of the silver warship’s combat formations.”

Xiao Chen looked at the room’s window; he could fit his body through it. Without hesitation, he pushed his feet off the ground and jumped through.

Xiao Chen flew towards the front. There was a rather large space between the ice palace and the ice bird’s head. Xiao Chen decided to go there and carefully observe the Profound Ice Palace’s combat formations.

Xiao Chen’s body transformed into a beam of purple light in the air. When he landed, there were several ‘sou’ sounds. Ji Changkong, Hua Yunfei, and several other people also arrived.

They all exchanged glances with each other, clearly feeling uncomfortable. They did not expect other people as well.

Ji Changkong smiled faintly and said, “It seems like everyone had the same idea. We all want to see what exactly is going on with these combat formations. Let’s go together then.”

The powers behind these people all had one or two flying Secret Treasures. However, their combat formations had already broken and could not be used. This was a good opportunity for them to observe.

A round white Qi Shield enveloped the Profound Ice Palace. Flying Demonic Beasts crashed into the shield relentlessly.

Under the attack of the Demonic Beasts, the Profound Ice Palace trembled continuously. The light of the white Qi shield slowly weakened.

Hua Yunfei said sullenly, “Rank 7 Demonic Beasts are indeed horrifying. If Superior Grade Spirit Stones are not used to replenish this defensive formation, it will not last much longer.”

One of the members of the Royal Court said excitedly, “Superior Grade Spirit Stones? How could they be easily obtained? They will probably activate the combat formations soon.” 


Right after he spoke, a resplendent ball of light condensed in the beak of the ice bird. In the next instant, the ball of light elongated and turned into a pillar of light, piercing through the Qi shield. It swept across the Rank 7 Demonic Beasts, turning them into ice fragments.

Xiao Chen looked up. He only saw that mysterious expert continuously making hand-seals on the top floor of the Profound Ice Palace. As his hand-seals changed, the ice bird fired light pillars in another direction.

None of the Demonic Beasts could block the light pillars. They all instantly turned into ice statues and shattered into countless shards of ice.

“Hu chi! Hu chi!”

Halos appeared in the surroundings, starting from the third floor and climbing. These halos all consisted of dense mysterious talisman characters.

The countless talisman characters moved in a certain pattern without stopping, as if they were attempting to form something.

Eventually, the mysterious person at the top floor shouted, “Break!”

All the talisman characters quickly gathered. After a while, they transformed into miniature living ice birds. The ice birds cried out and flew forward.

The countless ice birds immediately crashed into the surrounding Rank 7 Demonic Beasts. These Demonic Beasts’ bodies were immediately covered with a layer of frost. In the next instant, they turned into huge ice sculptures.


The person on the top floor of the ice palace controlled the huge bird to crash into the ice sculptures, shattering all the ice sculptures in front of them.

When all the Demonic Beasts died, Xiao Chen and the others took a deep breath of cold air. They did not expect the might of the Profound Ice Palace to be so powerful. It managed to kill several hundred Rank 7 Demonic Beasts so quickly.

Xiao Chen thought to himself, Those mysterious talisman characters were probably the location of the secrets of the combat formation. However, without a complete study, there is no way to grasp these kinds of talisman characters.

After the Demonic Beasts died, the view in front became clear again. Horrifying screeching came from ahead. When everyone looked, they saw a group of even more Rank 7 Demonic Beasts.

One person’s expression changed. He said in horror, “The scary thing to do in the Ink Mountain Range is flying in the air. There was one Inferior Grade Martial Monarch who flew over the Ink Mountain Range. In the end, he had to escape from the limitless flying Demonic Beasts. Furthermore, he ended up severely injured.

“This Profound Ice Palace may be powerful. However, if the usage of Spirit Stones cannot keep up with the expenditure, we will be in danger.”

Just at that moment, everyone suddenly felt the temperature around them decrease significantly. Furthermore, the temperature fell without stopping. Soon, the chill seemed to penetrate the bones. Everyone had to circulate their Essence to resist the cold.

“What’s going on?!”

The crowd was startled. They saw a boundless cold Qi appear in the surroundings of the ice palace. The golden talisman characters turned hazy in the midst of the cold Qi after the mysterious person on the top floor shouted.

All the cold Qi gathered and formed a huge icy figure. When looked at carefully, this figure was that of a woman.

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