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Chapter 289: Internal Injury

When the black-clothed man felt the force from Xiao Chen’s fist, he was somewhat astonished. Xiao Chen had actually gone head on against his palm strike yet was not pushed back.

Move back! The black-clothed man shouted in his heart. A hidden force came from his palm and a horrifying energy was transmitted. Xiao Chen vomited a mouthful of blood and was blasted back.

“Hu chi!”

Before Xiao Chen could stand firmly, the black-clothed man sent over his second palm strike. He did not give Xiao Chen any time to react.

Xiao Chen’s left hand took the stance of the dragon and his right hand took the stance of the tiger before he crisscrossed his arms. The tiger and dragon merged into his body. This was the third move of the Great Dragon Tiger Fist—Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon!

The Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon was able to withstand twenty five thousand kilograms of force. When the black-clothed man smashed his palm against Xiao Chen, it was like hitting a mountain. There was a loud rumble and the ground started to shake.

Xiao Chen did not hesitate, he knew that this person would play some tricks and use some hidden force to attack him. As such, he immediately moved back quickly.

The Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art circulated non-stop. By using the might of the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, he continued to gather energy. The tiger and dragon that circled above him looked very real. They both growled in a low tone continuously.

The black-clothed man revealed a smiled under his mask. He said, “Not bad, you have already received two palm strikes from me. There is one last palm strike. If you can withstand it, you may leave.”

Xiao Chen remained silent as he watched the black-clothed man fly over. Suddenly, he shouted and the roars of the tiger and the dragon came from his Dantian.

The sound was like thunder, reverberating in the surroundings unceasingly. Eventually, they gathered together and turned into a strong aura that rushed up to the sky. The clouds that were struck immediately scattered.

Dragon Roar Covering the World, Piercing through the Sky—unexpectedly, Xiao Chen’s Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art broke through to the peak state at this moment. It had rushed up to the sky and scattered the clouds in one breath.

Xiao Chen punched out, utilizing the energy stored up by the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. The air seemed to be pierced by this punch. A series of deafening sonic booms resounded non-stop.

However, the third palm of the black-clothed person was much stronger than his earlier two. Even if he had not used seventy percent of his strength, it was at least fifty percent.


A loud sound rang out and resounded through the vast savanna. It was like a roar that could shatter stones and shake the firmament.

All the nearby horses were startled and horrified by this sound. For a moment, there were all sorts of noises that merged together and the scene seemed incredibly chaotic.

The strength of Xiao Chen’s punch had far exceeded the black-clothed man’s expectations. It contained 12,500 kilograms of force, causing him to take three steps back.

Each step the black-clothed man took, a deep footprint was left. The surrounding earth shook and many knights fell off their horses as a result.

Xiao Chen was in an even more miserable state. The hidden force sent by the black-clothed man was incredibly terrifying. It poured into Xiao Chen’s meridians and moved around forcefully. It completely disrupted the flow of his Essence.

Xiao Chen vomited three mouthfuls of blood in the air and was blasted back by at least a hundred meters. After that, he landed on the ground violently and vomited another mouthful of blood.

The difference between an Inferior Grade Martial King and a peak Martial King is too great. Even though I can defeat the Inferior Grade Martial King Yue Mingshan, there is no chance of victory at all when facing a peak Martial King.

My current combat prowess is better than that of a peak Inferior Grade Martial King. I can even hold myself against a Medial Grade Martial King but if I run into a Superior Grade Martial King, I should quickly flee.

Xiao Chen thought to himself. These three palm strike gave him a more objective understanding of a peak Martial King’s strength. 

Xiao Chen pushed himself off the ground and stood up again. He swallowed a Blood Replenishing Pill and then he asked the black-clothed man, “May I ask for the name of your distinguished self?”

The black-clothed man tossed out boxes of Spirit Stones and said indifferently, “With your strength, you’re are qualified to know my name. It is Chu Jun. Here is one hundred thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Stones and one thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones. Take them and leave. Don’t come back to the Devil Savanna again.”

Xiao Chen slowly wiped the blood away from the corner of his mouth. He revealed a faint smile on his pale face, “Chu Jun right? I will remember these three palm strikes and return them to you in the future.”

“Rushing Thunder Roars, Ten Thousand Horses Galloping!”

It was unknown when but a large quantity of dark clouds had gathered above the heads of everybody. After Xiao Chen shouted, the lightning flashed in the dark clouds and a huge electric whirlpool was formed.

Countless electric knights flew out of the whirlpool. Xiao Chen hid himself among the electric knights and rushed at the black knights surrounding him.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

As they were caught off guard, the surging group of electric knights broken through a weak point in the encirclement. 

Xiao Chen did not continue fighting. After he broke through, he made all the electric knights explode to cover his escape.

After that, he activated the Windwalk Shoes and executed the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art to its limits. His speed broke the sound barrier as he quickly headed forward.

The other black knights in the opposite direction, as well as the ones in the sky, wanted to chase after Xiao Chen. Chu Jun raised his hands and stopped them.

One of the other masked men at the side asked, “Commander Chu, why did you not stop him?”

Chu Jun said indifferently, “Stop him? Stop him for what? To kill him? Are you not afraid of the Divine Saber Camp attacking us again?”

“This kind of genius is like Murong Chong of the past. He is definitely someone the Heavenly Saber Pavilion pays heavy attention to. If we kill him, there will be retribution.”


A purple light flickered and Xiao Chen turned into a purple shadow. He used his Essence without holding any back. He activated the Windwind Shoes at full force and dashed for four hours before he came to a stop.

Xiao Chen looked around and his pale face showed a mildly depressed expression. When he was fleeing, he had not discovered that he fled in the opposite direction from the Heavenly Saber Pavilion.

“Nevermind, I shall not think of all this now. I should heal myself first. That person’s energy is too ferocious. If I let it stay in my body for too long and ignore it, it will definitely leave behind some hidden injuries.”

Xiao Chen went to a desolated area and took out a Medial Grade Spirit Stone. Then, he started to recover his Essence.

Xiao Bai nimbly leaped out from the Spirit Blood Jade and stood guard beside Xiao Chen. It helped him chase away the fierce Spirit Beasts wandering around. This allowed Xiao Chen to focus on treating himself and recovering his Essence.

The vast amount of Spiritual Energy in the Medial Grade Spirit Stone quickly poured into Xiao Chen’s body. He had used too much Essence when he fled frantically. If he did not recover his Essence to its peak condition, it would not be easy to use his Essence to treat his injuries.

Hence, in order to treat his injuries, he first had to recover all his Essence. When Xiao Chen first started, he needed an entire night to completely absorb all the energy in a Medial Grade Spirit Stone.

Now, he only needed four hours to completely absorb all the Spiritual Energy in the Medial Grade Spirit Stone. However, because he was injured this time, his speed was slower than usual.

Eight hours later, Xiao Chen’s Essence was finally completely replenished. Then he started to carefully clear out all the hidden force the black-clothed man had left in his meridians.

The importance of the meridians to a cultivator need not be said. Xiao Chen would rather take the troublesome route and spend more time than to rush through it.

Xiao Chen took six hours to clear out all the hidden force the black-clothed man had left in him. When it was finally all cleared out, Xiao Chen immediately felt relaxed.

When Xiao Chen looked up, the sky was already dark. He decided to travel through the night. Then he hesitated for a while, before he gave up the idea of using the silver warship.

The silver warship was too obvious, it would easily reveal his identity as a result. Back in White Water City, many people had seen Xian Chen use it. If he was discovered, it would be problematic.

The noble clans had not let up on their search for Xiao Chen. During this trip, in every city he had been through, he could see portraits of himself.

Xiao Chen did not rest for very long and started rushing in the correct direction. Xiao Bai was following closely behind, he was not in the least slower than Xiao Chen.

Following that, Xiao Chen did not meet any obstructions along his way. A journey that would originally take five days became three with the aid of the Windwalk Shoes.

When Xiao Chen saw the outline of Lingyun Mountain Range, the unsettling feeling in his heart became more intense. Something must have happened to someone he cared about. Otherwise, he would not have such an intense feeling.


In Song Que’s room on Biyun Peak, urgent footsteps could be heard. The door of the room opened with a bang.

Song Qianhe said urgently, “Father, I already received some news. Ye Chen is about four hours away from the Heavenly Saber Pavilion.

The one-armed Song Que on the bed opened his eyes. A dense killing intent flashed by. He said, “Send a notice to the killers of Flying Snow Manor. After that, just ignore everything. As long as he dies outside the Heavenly Saber Pavilion, it would be none of our concern.”

When Song Que received the news that Yue Mingshan was killed by Xiao Chen, he was extremely astonished. He had not expected that Xiao Chen would be able to kill off the Inferior Grade Martial King Yue Mingshan.

Furthermore, Yue Mingshan had a very cautious nature. This caused Song Que to feel threatened. This fellow’s strength was growing too fast.

If Song Que waited for Xiao Chen to become a Martial King, his life would be in danger. This was especially so since he was now only left with one arm.

Hence, before Xiao Chen matured, he had to kill him. Otherwise, if he wished to take action in the future, it would be more and more difficult.

Along the way up the mountain, Xiao Chen looked at the peaks of Lingyun Mountain Range. Suddenly he stopped because he felt a faint trace of killing Qi.

Xiao Chen immediately extended out his Spiritual Sense. He immediately discovered that four Martial Kings hid in the bushes at the roadside. Xiao Chen frowned slightly and he placed his right hand on the Lunar Shadow Saber’s hilt immediately.

It is actually the people from Flying Snow Manor, Xiao Chen thought when he saw the get-up of the four people. No wonder they dared to take action below the Lingyun Mountain Range.

Xiao Chen immediately felt very angry. He was very anxious as well. Even though he knew the truth of the matter, he had not expected for there to be an ambush here.

Someone knew about his movements so well in the vicinity and had enough to hire Martial Kings to assassinate him. There was no one else apart from Song Que.

Damn it! I must find an opportunity to kill this person. Otherwise, he will cause me endless troubles. Xiao Chen thought coldly to himself.

When the four people who were hiding saw Xiao Chen suddenly stop, they knew that they had been exposed. They did not hesitate and they drew their swords.

“Chi chi!”

Four strands of dense sword Qi smashed through the bushes in front of them and headed for Xiao Chen. There was a qualitative difference between the sword Qi of a Martial King and a Martial Saint.

With Xiao Chen’s Essence, it would be difficult for him to block these attacks. However, Xiao Chen did not even think of dodging. His right hand drew his saber with lightning speed.

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