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Chapter 287: Tendon Refining Flower

The white-clothed bandit spurred his horse and trotted within ten meters of Xiao Chen. He said in a malicious voice, “Regardless of whether you took my Tendon Refining Flower or not, hand over your Spatial Ring. Otherwise, don’t blame me for killing you.”

Xiao Chen revealed a faint smile and said in a soft voice, “If you have the ability, then come get it yourself!”

“Reckless!” The white-clothed bandit pushed off with both his legs and dismounted. He headed for Xiao Chen in an instant.

The bandit’s killing intent merged together with a baleful aura. It was like a sharp sword piercing toward Xiao Chen’s mind. This white-clothed bandit actually knew some mental attacks.

Unfortunately for him, Xiao Chen’s mental strength was very strong. A mental attack of this degree was useless.

Playing with mental attacks? I shall play with you then. Xiao Chen’s lips curled up in a cold smile, and his huge Spiritual Sense turned into a divine being that wielded a keen sword.

It knocked away the sword flying over and rushed toward the white-clothed bandit. Suddenly, the bandit felt everything in front of him disappear.

The bandit felt like he was in a vast desolate land. There was a divine being up in the sky that looked down at him sternly. It cried out in a heavenly voice, “Still not kneeling down after seeing a deity?!”

The white-clothed bandit panicked and realized that this was a mental illusion. He bit his tongue hard and drew some blood. The pain that he felt woke him up.

This deity was an imitation of the imprint that the Sage left in the silver warship. This was only a casual move from Xiao Chen.There was not much practical use in combat as it could only captivate an enemy of the same cultivation realm for an instant.

However, an instant was already sufficient. By the time the white-clothed bandit woke up, he discovered that Xiao Chen was already in the middle of a kick.


The white-clothed bandit could not react in time, he could only get kicked while the other bandits watched on with stupefied gazes.

When Xiao Chen landed, he gently stomped on the back of the horse. The horse immediately felt a huge force and was unable to get up again.

Clouds started to gather in the sky, while bolts of lightning tore through the night and gave off resplendent lights.

Amidst the long streaks of light, Xiao Chen pushed off the ground with one foot and leaped into the air. He continuously gathered momentum as he quickly moved. Suddenly, a huge electric whirlpool formed in the sky. 

A large army of horses and men sprung from the whirlpool. The sound of their charge was extremely ear-splitting, resounding through a radius of ten kilometers.

“It’s him, he is that Purple Lightning Demon! Quick, run!” suddenly, one of the bandits shouted in horror. Then, the two-hundred odd bandits pulled on the reins of their horses and fled for their lives.

However, their ridden horses could not be controlled; they simply neighed frantically. The bandits abandoned their horses and fled on foot. No matter how the white-clothed bandit called out, they would not stop.

The white-clothed bandit saw most of his forces disappear, even a few of his core Martial Saints had started to flee. He sighed at the sight of this. Then, he turned around and started preparing to flee.

“Rushing Thunder Roars, Ten Thousand Horses Galloping!”

Xiao Chen pointed his saber downward and the countless knights on electric horses descended from the whirlpool They landed on the ground and started chasing the fleeing bandits.

In the middle of the night, the knights giving off an electric light turned into streaks of enchanting purple shadows. They galloped around on the Devil Savanna and looked very dazzling. 

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

An unending chain of explosions rang out continuously. There were no exceptions amongst the two hundred odd bandits, they were all struck.

The weaker bandits were immediately blasted to bits and died on the spot when the knights crashed into them.

Only the Martial Saint bandits were able to survive. Their complexions became pale and they vomited blood. They quickly fled into the distance without looking back.

Xiao Chen shook his head slightly, Its might is still insufficient. There are still improvements that can be made to the gathering of momentum. I have to think of a way to quickly gather the momentum to its peak.

Xiao Chen withdrew his gaze and ignored the fleeing bandits. Then, he focused on the white-clothed bandit.

Under Xiao Chen’s control, at least one hundred electric knights crashed into the white-clothed bandit. Although his opponent still had some strength, it was no longer sufficient to threaten Xiao Chen.

“Lightning Evasion!”

The electric light flashed and Xiao Chen arrived before the bandit. Then, he returned the bandit’s words from earlier, “Regardless of your motive, all I want now is the Spatial Ring in your hand. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

A struggle could be seen on the white-clothed bandit’s face before he removed his ring and handed it to Xiao Chen. He said in a cold voice, “Don’t look down on the Devil Savanna. This is not a place you can move around unhindered.”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and ignored him. He was not arrogant enough to think that he could move around unhindered in the Devil Savanna.

The Devil Savanna was vast and boundless. The surface area of the savanna was equivalent to half of the Xihe Province. Furthermore, this was only what was within the Great Qin Nation.

The area that extended out of the borders was even more vast. It could be said that the Devil Savanna seen so far was only the tip of the iceberg.

In such a huge area, there were countless bandits. Xiao Chen had already been cautious. If he discovered any strong bandit groups with his Spiritual Sense, he would immediately avoid them. He would not have any designs on them.

After all the bandits left, Xiao Chen figured out the direction of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion and prepared to continue traveling through the night. There was too much activity tonight, he was afraid that he had alerted some of the strong bandit groups. It would be safer to travel through the night.


At the location where the Tendon Refining Flower grew in the Devil Savanna, Murong Chong looked at the empty land. He frowned when he saw the corpse of the Spirit Beast that guarded it.

“Hu chi!”

A slight breeze blew behind Murong Chong, he acutely sensed it and quickly turned around. A mysterious person dressed in white had appeared before him. This person wore a white mask.

The white-clothed mysterious person said in a hoarse voice, “Murong Chong, you seemed to have forgotten our agreement for  you to never take a step into the Devil Savanna again.”

Murong Chong said sullenly, “I am only here to find the Tendon Refining Flower. I have no other purpose here. Aside from me, only you and your people know about it. I am willing to exchange it for one million Inferior Grade Spirit Stones.”

“The white-clothed mysterious person said, “Even if you offer ten million, it would be useless. It has been taken away by someone yesterday.”

Murong Chong’s expression changed as he emitted a fierce killing Qi. A killing intent was revealed on his face as he asked, “Who!”

“The same as you, a Qingyun Peak disciple. Wait, I forgot, you are no longer a Qingyun Peak disciple,” the white-clothed person said.

The killing Qi from Murong Chong quickly vanished; he was very adept at controlling it. There was a pondering look on his face as he said, “Since he took it, it’s all the same. I shall take my leave first.”


The white-clothed person suddenly moved. In an instant, he appeared behind Murong Chong and sent out a palm strike.

Murong Chong quickly turned around and retaliated with a palm strike in return. The huge force caused Murong Chong to move back ten steps. His face was somewhat pale and some blood had leaked out from the corner of his lips.

The white-clothed person moved back slightly, there was a mildly astonished look on his face. He said, “This palm strike is the price for breaking the agreement. An agreement is called an agreement because it is a promise that cannot be broken without any reason.”

Murong Chong glared at the white-clothed person and stayed silent. Then, he vanished from the vast savanna.


“Glittering Wukui!”

Xiao Chen shouted and a saber light flickered. A strand of saber Qi made from a Wukui Tree branch flew out at a group of bandits.

Blood spurted out and there were miserable cries. The dense purple saber Qi was extremely tyrannical. Several dozen bandits fell off their horses.

“Wukui Transforms to Qi!”

An ancient divine Wukui Tree materialized and soon turned into strands of saber Qi that filled the air. These strands flew around everywhere and chopped a large portion of the bandits in half at the waist.

“Qi Breaks Wukui!”

Xiao Chen shouted and all the saber Qi flying in the air gathered on his saber. Then, it turned into an extremely refined saber Qi. The leader of the bandits could not dodge in time and the saber Qi pierced through his chest.

When the bandit leader died, all the bandits dispersed in confusion, fleeing in all directions.

Xiao Chen ignored them. After he removed the Spatial Ring of the bandit leader, he quickly left the place.

Xiao Chen did not travel in an anxious manner on the Devil Savanna. He took this trip as an experiential training.

Xiao Chen killed strong Spirit Beasts and bandit groups in the day, then he used Medial Grade Spirit Stones to raise his cultivation at night. After Xiao Bai returned from gathering Spirit Herbs, Xiao Chen would refine some Medicinal Pills.

Xiao Chen’s strength soared every day. However, on this particular morning, Xiao Chen suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart.

Xiao Chen had been having this feeling for a few days already. However, it was just a mild feeling then so he ignored it. It was only when he got closer to the Heavenly Saber Pavilion that this feeling became more intense.

This feeling could no longer be ignored. Could something have happened in the Heavenly Saber Pavilion? Xiao Chen looked in the direction of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion and felt a bad premonition.

“Got to rush back at full speed, I can’t stay here any longer. Otherwise, without knowing what has happened, I will keep having this uncomfortable feeling in my heart, “Xiao Chen muttered to himself.

Xiao Chen executed the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art and turned into a purple shadow. He started leaping around the vast savanna.

Xiao Chen ignored all the strong Spirit Beasts and bandit groups that he met along the way; he simply avoided them.


Two days later, Xiao Chen was already halfway through the Devil Savanna. He would arrive at the Heavenly Saber Pavilion in another five days.

As he prepared to stop and rest, he saw a group of people with bare tops and only wore shorts.

Xiao Chen sat on the ground, took a gulp of water, and smiled faintly, “I wonder which bandit group ran into Fatty Jin this time.”

Fatty Jin’s group and Xiao Chen had different philosophies, they only sought wealth but not lives. However, the bandit groups that met Fatty Jin were put into a state worse than death.

This fellow’s stingy personality was exhibited to the extreme on the bandits. Aside from the shorts they were wearing, the bandits were left with nothing.

Such humiliation was worse than death. This was something only Jin Dabao could do.

Suddenly, Xiao Chen heard a familiar voice in the wind. Xiao Chen frowned slightly and stood up doubtfully. It seemed like he had heard Jin Dabao’s voice.

When Xiao Chen looked into the distance, the faces that he saw seemed to belong to the guards that were with Jin Dabao previously.

Xiao Chen put away his bottle and leaped forward quickly. After a while, he saw the figures in front clearly. What he saw had him taken aback.

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