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Chapter 285: Counter-kill

Suddenly, the horrifying screen of water started spinning and it turned into a huge water dragon. At this moment, the might of Yue Mingshan’s state of water was raised to its limits. It scattered Xiao Chen’s state of thunder in an instant.

The dark clouds above scattered and sunlight shone down once again. When it illuminated Yue Mingshan’ sinister face, the corners of his lips were curled up into a cruel smile.

The dragon’s head moved, it was faster than the speed of sound as it merged into the wind. It left behind a series of formless shockwaves. Before it got close, the huge shockwaves knocked Xiao Chen back.


The water dragon moved quickly and chased after Xiao Chen, who was tumbling backward non-stop. When it crashed into him, the vast force created a huge and strong whirlpool in the water.

With a loud ‘boom,’ Xiao Chen sank into the depths of the river; it was unknown whether he was alive or dead.

There were surging shockwaves on the Black Dragon River. The merchant ship rocked around for a long time before it slowly stopped.

“It’s over. After Ye Chen’s state of thunder got dispersed, he received the full power strike of Yue Mingshan. Even if he doesn’t die, he would be severely injured.”

“The most important factor is that the might of the Water Dragon Burst would be greatly increased in water. Its might was similar to that of a Medial Grade Martial King’s already.”

“How unfortunate. Qingyun Peak only managed to gain another genius after so many difficulties but before he could grow, he was killed by Yue Mingshan. Old ginger is still spicier.”

“Anyone knows why Yue Mingshan wants to kill Ye Chen? The two of them don't seem to have any grudges between them!”

The cultivators on the deck all shook their heads and sighed. They felt it was very unfortunate. In their opinion, there was no chance of Xiao Chen surviving.

The sunlight shone on the clear water. The calm Black Dragon river was gleaming, reflecting the sunlight; it was very beautiful.

Yue Mingshan stood on the water surface and released his perception, scanning and checking the situation under the water. However, after he searched for a long time, he still could not feel Xiao Chen’s aura.

“It looks like he died immediately and his body was blasted into oblivion by the Water Dragon Burst. This places me in a slightly difficult spot, I have no idea how to explain this to Song Que.” Yue Mingshan frowned slightly and shook his head. Then, he turned around and prepared to leave.

Just at this moment, layers of dark clouds suddenly engulfed the bright sky. In the blink of an eye, the sky suddenly became dark and thunder roared again.

Yue Mingshan stopped and his expression changed, “Why did it turn out like this?”


Waves churned on the water surface and Xiao Chen leaped out of the water unharmed. The saber in his hand was flickering with an electric light and a killing intent was directed at Yue Mingshan.

Yue Mingshan said in disbelief, “Why? How are you unharmed after receiving my full power strike?”

It is just a Secret Treasure, Xiao Chen smiled thoughtfully to himself. Of course, he would not tell Yue Mingshan that, he would just let him guess blindly.

Yue Mingshan’s sharp eyes noticed the jade pendant on Xiao Chen’s chest and he quickly understood everything. He said, “So, it is a Secret Treasure. However, this kind of Secret Treasure always has a limit to its usage. Your speed is slower than mine, I am undefeatable.”

Xiao Chen smiled coldly, “Is that so?”

“Windwalk Shoes! Activate!” 

The instant the Windwalk shoes were activated, Xiao Chen’s figure flashed on the water surface. He did not give off any sounds as he arrived before Yue Mingshan like a bolt of lightning.

There was a flash of purple light and thunder roared in the sky. The state and the move merged perfectly together, startling Yue Mingshan.

Yue Mingshan quickly moved his saber to his front and hurriedly blocked the attack. However, because he was caught off guard, he was knocked back by five or six meters.

What a fast speed! How did he break the sound barrier in an instant? His speed is more or less comparable to mine.

Yue Mingshan stomped on the water surface and caused waves to splash up. Eventually, he managed to stop his backward motion. However, he was feeling horrified in his heart.

“Wukui Shakes the Heavens!”

After spending a lot of effort, Xiao Chen finally got a grasp of Yue Mingshan’s strength. It was time for his counter-attack.

Xiao Chen shouted and the saber lit up with a fierce electric light. The ancient divine Wukui Tree spontaneously appeared on the water surface. After a while, it turned into a tree of electric light that was several hundreds of meters tall as it smashed at Yue Mingshan violently.

This was the fourth move of the Wukui Saber Technique. Killing move. Even if this move was the first one executed, it could still cause the opponent to be forced into desperate straits.

Yue Mingshan’s expression changed again. The huge Wukui Tree made him feel a horrifying pressure. His Essence circulated continuously and eighteen beads of water appeared behind him and rushed upward.

They gathered and became a sharp saber. Then, it gushed forward like a waterfall.


When they came into contact, the ancient divine Wukui Tree completely shattered the waterfall-like saber Qi. The comprehension of their states was not on the same level.

Xiao Chen’s state of thunder was already close to the peak of Small Perfection. He could infuse the state into every move he made. However, Yue Mingshan had only recently comprehended his state, he could only use it to increase the might of his Martial Technique.

However, once Xiao Chen executed the peak Earth Ranked Martial Technique and used the same amount of Essence as his opponent, it would be incomparable when he additionally infused his state of thunder.

The divine tree struck Yue Mingshan with a ‘boom,’ breaking the Essence shield. It turned into a berserk energy before flowing into him. Then, it moved around violently through his meridians.

Yue Mingshan vomited a large mouthful of blood and tried to suppress the chaotic Essence in his body. His face was somewhat pale as he said, “Damn it! Even if this old me ends up half dead, I will kill you! Twin Dragon Burst!”

Yue Mingshan shouted angrily and a huge horrifying wall of water rose up from the water surface again. Then, it turned into two huge water dragons and were launched at Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen maintained a calm expression, there were no fluctuations on his face. If his opponent had started with this, Xiao Chen would not have been able to block it.

Unfortunately for Yue Mingshan, he had been overly cautious. He had already lost sight of what it meant to be a cultivator. There was no brilliance left in him. He only thought of how to win perfectly without daring to get injured.

Now, Yue Mingshan had lost his chance. When he executed this move while heavily injured, its might would be significantly reduced. Even without Secret Treasures, there was nothing to fear!

Xiao Chen shouted and the streams of purple light started circulating under his feet. Soon, it became a strange flower bud that wrapped up around Xiao Chen.

“Bang! Bang!”

The two water dragons smashed into the purple flower bud and gave off two loud sounds. It caused waves to form and shockwaves spread out. A screen of water several meters tall appeared in the surroundings of the flower bud.

When the water screens fell back down, the river surface became calm again. The purple flower bud looked as perfect as it was before, there were no signs of damage on it at all.

“Wukui Blossoms!”

Within the flower bud, Xiao Chen shouted and the petals started to open up. It was glistening and beautiful. Then, Xiao Chen jumped out of the flower petals. 

Immediately, the petals scattered into the air and countless Wukui flowers blossomed. Xiao Chen pierced through the countless flower petals and quickly arrived before Yue Mingshan.

Xiao Chen stabbed out. It was so fast that there was no time to think. The petals filled the sky, this saber strike was incredibly beautiful.


Yue Mingshan was knocked far back by this saber strike. He created a large temporarily gorge in the water as he was blasted back by at least a thousand meters.

All the petals that filled the sky quickly chased after Yue Mingshan. A whirlwind formed in the air and all the petals gathered and formed a strange Wukui Flower.

Then, it flowed into Yue Mingshan’s body through the wound that Xiao Chen had created.

Xiao Chen stood motionlessly on the spot. He held his saber upright and then slid two fingers on his left hand across the back of the saber blade slowly. He shouted, “Wukui Supporting the Heavens!”

A Wukui Tree trunk grew out of Yue Mingshan’s chest as he struggled to get up. As Xiao Chen slid his fingers along the saber, the tree branches grew larger at a visible rate.

After a while, countless tree branches grew out of the tree trunk. Then, countless twigs grew out of the tree branches and purple Wugui Flowers blossomed.

It was merely just the time of a few blinks. The tree trunk on Yue Mingshan’s chest became like a tree supporting the heavens. It was more than two hundred meters tall, while leaves and flowers covered the tree.

This was the true mystery of Wukui Blossoms. First, insert one’s energy into the enemy’s body. While there was no visible might initially, the next move—Wukui Supporting the Heavens—would erupt out completely.

Even if you were a Martial King, you would completely lose your combat prowess after being struck by this move. Yue Mingshan stared at the big tree on his chest in horror as he stood on the water surface.

Yue Mingshan could feel that the roots of this big tree had already infiltrated his entire body, grasping onto his internal organs tightly. All his internal organs were already damaged, it would be impossible to heal them without a year of rest.

There was an indescribable pain coming from his entire body. A boundless electricity was torturing him non-stop.

However, this Wukui Supporting the Heavens exhausted too much Essence, Xiao Chen could not maintain it for too long.

When the Wukui Tree completely vanished, Yue Mingshan was already half dead. There was an extremely pained look on his pale face as he watched Xiao Chen slowly walk over.

Yue Mingshan was extremely started. He pushed his feet off the water surface and started flying in a wobbling fashion.

Xiao Chen laughed as he watched the miserable Yue Mingshan. He took out the Soul Slayer Bow from his Universe Ring. Then, he drew the bow without an arrow.

“Bang!” The bow resounded out and Yue Mingshan fell into the water and was completely submerged.

“Yue Mingshan was actually beaten down by a youth until he became like a bird startled by the twang of a bow. How lamentable!” someone on the deck sighed.

[TL note: A bird startled by the twang of a bow: This is a Chinese idiom that means being frightened easily due to a past experience. Like he had lingering fears. I am not sure if this bit meant that the sound of the bow actually frightened him or was there some actual attack and this idiom was used as coincidentally to describe the kind of fear Yue Mingshan felt.]

“First, he killed an evil beast and then he defeated a Martial King. This Qingyun Peak’s Ye Chen is truly horrifying. I originally thought he would still need a period of time to grow. Seems like he has already grown. The experts of the older generation can no longer do anything to him.”

“Indeed, he is probably as strong as Murong Chong. Defeating opponents with higher cultivation realms…only these geniuses are able to do something like that.” 

“The Nanling Province has Ji Changkong and Mu Chengxue. The Dongming Province has Hua Yunfei, Duanmu Qing, and the stronger Chu Chaoyun. Our Xihe Province finally has another genius that can compete with these geniuses.”

“These are top grade geniuses. If placed in any of the previous eras, their potential would be unlimited. However, since so many of them have appeared at the same time, there is definitely going to be a fierce fight in the future.”

“Don’t forget the experts from the Royal Court. The people from there are all geniuses. Furthermore, there is the demonic Princess Yingyue. If they are all added together, there really are too many young geniuses in our Great Qin Nation.

“With so many geniuses, I wonder who is the one who will stand out in the end. Currently, it seems like the Royal Court’s Princess Ying Yue. She is able to suppress the outstanding heroes, I wonder how the future will be like?”

“Princess Ying Yue cannot be considered. Her lifespan is particularly limited. She will fade away eventually.”

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