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Chapter 284: Killer Revealed, Panic

Xiao Chen was not surprised by Yue Mingshan’s appearance as it was something within his expectations.

One of the main reasons why Xiao Chen killed the Black Tuna Whale in such a high key manner was to lure this person out. This was because he knew that this person was an extremely cautious cultivator.

If Xiao Chen did not reveal any weaknesses or expend a large amount of Essence, this person would definitely not make a move.

“Pu ci!”

That dense and surging saber Qi arrived before Xiao Chen in an instant.

“Glittering Wukui!”

Xiao Chen turned around and shouted. A tree branch of the divine Wukui Tree appeared from nowhere and turned into a strand of majestic purple saber Qi that flew forward.

“Rumble…!” The instant the saber Qi was sent out, Xiao Chen also used the state of thunder. The sound of thunder crackled continuously.

When the thunder roared out, the purple saber Qi grew larger. In the blink of an eye, it turned into a similar surging saber Qi.


When the two saber Qi clashed together, it created a loud explosion. A large pillar of water rose up into the sky.

Yue Mingshan descended from the sky and landed on the water surface firmly. He felt it was somewhat strange. Xiao Chen’s earlier Rushing Thunder Roars should have exhausted a large amount of Essence.

How does he still have so much excess Essence left to defend against the killing move I have prepared so meticulously? Could he have been holding back all the while?

Xiao Chen watched Yue Mingshan quietly. A light flashed in his eyes as he asked in a deep voice, “Who sent you to kill me? You are really patient, you have been following me since the Devil Savanna.”

Yue Mingshan said in a cold voice, “There is no need for a dead person to ask so many questions.”

A blue light was flickering on the saber in Yue Mingshan’s hand. His killing Qi filled the sky and ripples appeared on the water below him.

Xiao Chen laughed, “Kill me? You think that you can escape today?”

“Wukui Transforms to Qi!”

Xiao Chen pushed his feet off the water and leaped into the air. He condensed some saber light and the ancient divine Wukui Tree appeared from nowhere, turning into strands of resplendent saber Qi. This saber Qi headed for Yue Mingshan like rain falling.

The Wukui Transforms to Qi was infused with the state of thunder. Every strand of saber Qi was like a bolt of lightning tearing through the sky. It was synchronized with the thunder in the sky, turning into an unusual Mysterious Phenomenon.

A strange look appeared in Yue Mingshan’s eyes. He knew that he had fallen for his opponent’s trap. The opponent had lured him out on purpose.

However, the experienced Yue Mingshan could not afford to lose his calm here. Otherwise, his aura would diminish and he might really lose his life here.

When Yue Mingshan saw the purple saber Qi filling the sky, he snorted, “Insignificant tricks!”

Yue Mingshan waved his saber and sent out multiple dense saber Qi. These saber Qi flew at the purple saber Qi and smashed them into chaotic electrical currents.

In terms of saber Qi quality, Xiao Chen, who was only a Medial Grade Martial Saint, was worse than the Inferior Grade Martial King Yue Mingshan. Even when the state of thunder was used, Xiao Chen did not gain any advantage.

When Xiao Chen saw the Wukui Transforms to Qi not being very effective, he decisively withdrew. He shouted and all the purple saber Qi paused in the air before they all returned to the Lunar Shadow Saber.

A bright purple light blossomed out on the Lunar Shadow Saber. Thunder crackled in the sky, it was like the saber was brewing up a storm.

In the next moment, the light on his saber became so bright that it hurt one’s eyes. Then, it was fired out with a lot of force.

“Qi Breaks Wukui!”

The storm that was brewing in the sky also let out a loud crackle of thunder at the same time, creating a huge wave several dozens of meters tall.

“Pu ci!”

A strand of purple saber Qi pierce through the huge wave and headed for Yue Mingshan quickly. The light of the saber Qi was withdrawn, making it looked very ordinary.

Yue Mingshan had a contemptuous expression as he laughed. He casually sent out a strand of saber Qi and laughed again, “You are overestimating yourself. You are just a Medial Grade Martial Saint. Instead of thinking of other ideas, you actually want to compete in terms of saber Qi.”

There was a qualitative difference between the saber Qi sent out by Martial Kings and Martial Saints. A Martial Saint had only just learned how to fire out saber Qi. In terms of density, it was like the difference between heaven and earth when compared to a Martial King.

“Rumble…!” Something that made Yue Mingshan pale happened. The saber Qi that he sent out was easily pierced through by Xiao Chen’s purple saber Qi; his saber Qi was not able to resist at all.


Yue Mingshan did not dare to spend too much time thinking. He quickly layered an Essence shield around his body. Then he quickly tried to dodge. However, by the time that he wanted to move, he was already too late.

The purple saber Qi seemed very ordinary but it was extremely fast. It broke through his Essence shield and left a bleeding wound on his right arm.

If Yue Mingshan did not lay down an Essence shield earlier, his right arm might have been directly chopped.

The huge wave crashed down and Xiao Chen leaped into the sky. His aura was blazing, rushing to the nine heavens.

Yue Mingyue’s face sank as he kept gathering blue light on his saber. He said, “Do think you can win because of your state? Go and die!”

Yue Mingshan shouted and there was a loud sound. Eighteen pillars of water rose into the sky. The water pillars merged together and turned into a sharp blue saber. Then, it merged into the saber in his hand.

A waterfall-like saber Qi gushed out at Xiao Chen.

What a strong state of water, Xiao Chen thought to himself. It looks like this was also one of the reasons why my opponent chose to act here. When he uses the might of the state of water while on the water surface, it would be even more horrifying.

However, it seems like my opponent’s state is not as strong as mine. He had just gained an insight into his state of water. If his cultivation was not higher than mine, it would not be possible for it to be so mighty.

“Roaming Dragon’s Nine Transformations!”

Nine cool breezes blew at the surface of the water. The instant Xiao Chen executed the Roaming Dragon’s Nine Transformations, he immediately executed the Clear Wind Chop. Xiao Chen flickered around and nine figures appeared; it was difficult to differentiate the real from the fake. He managed to quickly avoid the waterfall-like saber Qi and successfully approached Yue Mingshan.

Xiao Chen’s killing intent immediately vanished, leaving only nine gentle breezes on the water surface. Yue Mingshan’s expression turned grave. He was very clear about the might of the Clear Wind Chop.

Yue Mingshan stomped on the water and a ten-meter-tall screen of water appeared around him. The screen of water moved out in all directions after that.

When Xiao Chen’s body went through the water screen, the other eight figures disappeared as a result of a mysterious energy in the water.

Yue Mingshan had used his strong state of water to break Xiao Chen’s state of wind. The strong Clear Wind Chop was immediately broken.

A sinister smile appeared on Yue Mingshan’s face when he saw only one Xiao Chen remaining. He said, “Let’s see how you are going to get near me without the Clear Wind Chop.”

When a Martial King fought against a Martial Saint, their biggest advantage was speed. Even a peak Martial Saint could only be moving at almost the speed of sound. Furthermore, without a flying Martial Technique, they were not able to fly.

However, a Martial King was different. Not only could they move faster than the speed of sound, they could easily fly in the air. A peak Martial King could even reach the speed of sound with one step.

In terms of speed, there was no way for a Martial Saint to compete with a Martial King. After they got close, a Martial King could finish the fight in a few moves. This was because the Martial Saint would be unable to even touch the Martial King. This was why Yue Mingshan would say that.

“Chi! Chi!”

Xiao Chen executed the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art to its limits. His body gave off piercing sonic booms as he moved in the air. He sent out saber Qi after saber Qi at Yue Mingshan, hacking at him relentlessly.

The purple electric light filled the air, like a web of electricity. Yue Mingshan had a relaxed expression. He moved very quickly, like he had merged with the cool breeze. He did not make any sounds and easily avoided Xiao Chen’s moves.

When the two of them moved, Xiao Chen seemed to have a blazing aura and his movements were like thunder. However, his speed was slower so he was not able to come into contact with Yue Mingshan’s body.

Occasionally, Xiao Chen would be able to get his saber in front of Yue Mingshan. However, it would be immediately brushed away. Slowly, the pace of the fight was controlled by Yue Mingshan.

Xiao Chen had wanted to retreat several times but he was blocked by a phantom-like figure. Xiao Chen was not able to withdraw. It was only at this point that Yue Mingshan breathed out in relief.

As long as he could control the pace, it would be fine. He would first slowly torture Xiao Chen and when his aura was at its lowest, Yue Mingshan would make a quick strike and completely defeat him.

Yue Mingshan dodged Xiao Chen’s attack again and taunted him, “Give up. Your hands are tied and you’re just waiting to be captured. I will give you a quick death. Perhaps you do not know. The biggest difference between a Martial Saint and a Martial King is speed. This is a gap that cannot be overcome unless you are a wind-attributed cultivator. Unfortunately, you are not. Haha!” 

This was not the first time Yue Mingshan had taunted his opponent while fighting. This was especially so when his opponent was at a disadvantage.

The lashing of words could cause some weak-willed cultivators to become berserk and reveal a big weak spot, saving him a lot of effort.

When fighting with humans, always hold back. This was Yue Mingshan’s principle. This was because there could always be some unexpected accidents. So if he could save some strength, he would do so.

After Yue Mingshan spoke, he saw a weak point and quickly moved. His saber left a small wound on Xiao Chen’s chest and he smiled faintly, “This is the difference. I can attack you easily but you cannot touch me at all.”

Xiao Chen’s expression did not change. The instant his opponent spoke, he pierced out with his saber at a weird angle, piercing toward Yue Mingshan’s chest.

Yue Mingshan was startled and quickly moved back, avoiding the blow. The saber pierced through his Essence Shield and left a tiny injury.

Yue Mingshan’s expression changed, he thought to himself, I cannot be too careless. Even though he is slower than me, it is just slightly slower.

After that, Yue Mingshan became more cautious. Occasionally, he would leave a wound on Xiao Chen. Meanwhile, Xiao Chen was doing his best but he was unable to make his attacks reach Yue Mingshan.

The two of them moved very quickly on the water surface. Saber lights flashed and created many water pillars. After half an hour, a light appeared in Yue Mingshan’s eyes. It is time, there is no more need to drag this on. His state of thunder is weaker than before by at least half.

“Die! Water Dragon Burst!”

Yue Mingshan shouted and a hundred-meter-tall wall of water appeared behind him. Waves surged and the merchant ship rocked very hard. The ship looked so insignificant, like it would capsize at any moment.

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