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Chapter 283: Scene of the Armageddon 

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

The saber Qi and the Black Tuna Whale’s swords of water clashed, giving off an intense explosion. The waves generated by the shockwaves created multiple pillars of water.

The river water flew up into the sky. Xiao Chen nimbly avoided the shockwaves and the large pillars of water as he pierced toward the Black Tuna Whale.

“Pu ci!”

The sharp saber pierced the huge body of the Black Tuna Whale. A long wound appeared on its body and blood immediately spurted out.

On the river surface, the Black Tuna Whale did not have any advantages over the speedy Xiao Chen. When it felt pain, it immediately tried to sink into the water.

The Black Tuna Whale was about the same size as the huge merchant ships. It would be impossible for Xiao Chen to try and stop something that large from sinking. All he could do was leave a few more bleeding wounds on the beast before it was completely submerged.

The electricity infused in the saber poured into the Black Tuna Whale through its wounds. Even though it was submerged in the water, the electricity still flickered non-stop as waves rippled below the surface.


Suddenly, a huge whirlpool appeared below Xiao Chen’s feet, trying to pull him in. Xiao Chen, who had experienced this once before, naturally would not be caught by this again.

“Lightning Evasion!”

After comprehending the state of thunder, Xiao Chen’s use of Lightning Evasion became even more adept. He was able to travel a distance of a hundred meters in a single breath.

A bolt of lightning tore through the air and Xiao Chen immediately appeared a hundred meters away, avoiding the huge whirlpool.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Suddenly, four loud sounds came from the previously calm water surface. Four two-hundred-meters-tall waterspouts appeared in Xiao Chen’s surroundings.

The waterspouts were spinning rapidly on the river’s surface, pulling more water into the sky. They surrounded Xiao Chen quickly, sandwiching him in the middle.

Every time they spun around, the waterspouts visibly grew. By the time they gathered together, they had already reached a frightening height.

Xiao Chen was blocked on all four sides; he had no path of retreat. He could not even fly up to the sky.

Xiao Chen tried using Lightning Evasion but discovered that the four waterspouts were like some kind of barrier. The Lightning Evasion that could move him a hundred meters was unusable.

Each of the four waterspouts seemed to carry several tens of thousands of kilograms of force. When added together, it was at least a horrifying hundred thousand kilograms of force.

The situation was dire but Xiao Chen maintained a calm expression. He did not panic because he still had two trump cards that could help him out of this situation.

However, Xiao Chen did not plan to use them. The real enemy had not shown up yet, it was not the time to use them.

“Three Flowing Cloud Images!”

Xiao Chen drew a circle with his left hand and held the Lunar Shadow Saber with his right. Then he created a blurry mark in the air. His heart was at peace and he immediately entered the state of Perfection like Water.

Xiao Chen’s figure immediately became blurry and flowed around on the water surface. He was like a small brook merging into the ocean and his entire body turned into water.


When the four waterspouts merged together, they gave off a loud sound. The surface of the entire Black Dragon River started fluctuating.

Not far away, the merchant ship was rocked left and right by the huge waves. The crowd on the deck was doing their best to maintain their balance.

“We are finished, added together, the four waterspouts contain at least one hundred thousand kilograms of force. This fellow is going to fall here.”

When the people on the deck saw Xiao Chen being swallowed up by the waterspouts, they felt incomparable regrets.

The huge merged waterspout rushed up to the sky, it was now at least five hundred meters high and was much stronger than any waterspout that existed before. After creating such a strong waterspout, the Black Tuna Whale had definitely exhausted a significant amount of Essence.

“Hu chi!”

Just when the crowd was feeling sorry for Xiao Chen, a human figure appeared from the top of the waterspout and jumped out unharmed.

“How could this be? That is one hundred thousand kilograms of force. Even a Medial Grade Martial King would be crushed into mush. How can he, a Medial Grade Martial Saint, be fine?!” the people on the deck exclaimed.

Xiao Chen indeed could not withstand a hundred thousand kilograms of force. Even fifty thousand kilograms of force would be able to severely injure him.

Unfortunately, this force was not dealt by a fist. Instead, it was the result of four waterspouts merging together. After Xiao Chen entered the state of Perfection like Water, he had merged together with the water. How could waterspouts hurt him then?

Up in the sky, the dark clouds churned even more intensely. Bolts of lightning tore through the sky occasionally.

Xiao Chen fired his Spiritual Sense into the water like an arrow. Soon, it found the Black Tuna Whale that had sank to the bottom. Xiao Chen laughed coldly and started to gather a boundless momentum.


When Xiao Chen’s aura was gathered to the peak, a large whirlpool of electricity appeared in the sky. Powerful bolts of lightning flickered around the whirlpool.

A horrifying scene was formed, like it was the Armageddon.

At this moment, Xiao Chen’s heart was as still as water. He was planning to try a move that he had only imagined in the past. That was to merge all the moves in the Rushing Thunder Saber Technique into a brand new move.

In the past, Feng Feixue had told Xiao Chen that there was as a Rushing Thunder Third Chain Chop after the Rushing Thunder Second Chain Chop. Every since then, Xiao Chen had never given up on trying to comprehend the Rushing Thunder Third Chain Chop.

However, regardless of what Xiao Chen had tried, the momentum built up by the Rushing Thunder Saber Technique was completely exhausted after the Rushing Thunder Second Chain Chop. There was no way to link the Rushing Thunder Third Chain Chop.

Since Xiao Chen had realized that, he got an idea. Perhaps, the true Rushing Thunder Third Chain Chop was not linked to the Rushing Thunder Second Chain Chop.

Instead, it was a completely new move. When Xiao Chen comprehended the state of thunder, he was even more sure about his idea.

The so-called ‘Rushing Thunder Third Chain Chop’ was actually the merge of all the moves before it. It merged all the momentum that would be gathered by the five moves and released them all together.

Suddenly, Xiao Chen shouted and countless war horses made of electricity came galloping out of the huge electricity whirlpool. It looked incredibly mighty.

The sound of ten thousand horses stampeding and a thousand soldiers marching came from the sky. This sound merged with the rolling thunder, raising Xiao Chen’s momentum significantly. 

This was the true Rushing Thunder Second Chain Chop—Rushing Thunder Roars, Ten Thousand Horses Galloping!

In the next moment, Xiao Chen led the huge army and rushed into the water. A huge and dense purple saber Qi spilt the vast Black Dragon River into half with a loud bang.

Xiao Chen’s falling body paused in the air. His ordinary face looked incredibly grave.

The brilliant Lunar Shadow Saber quickly pointed at the Black Tuna Whale. The army of electric horses and soldiers immediately launched themselves over.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

When each of them crashed into the Black Tuna Whale’s mountain-sized body, an intense explosion occurred before they turned into purple electricity that lingered in the air.

The shockwaves created as a result of the explosion caused the river to be unable to fill back up. The Black Tuna Whale lay on the waterless river bottom, unable to move.

There were more than ten thousand explosions. The Black Tuna Whale was blasted until its skin was torn and its flesh flew out into the air. It was unable to resist the chain of unending attacks.

The instant all the explosions quieted down, Xiao Chen swung his saber in the air and all the electric hovering around gathered and entered the saber.

The snow-white Lunar Shadow Saber gave off an intense purple light, it looked extremely strange.


Xiao Chen shouted and his figure flashed in the air before arriving beside the Black Tuna Whale. The Lunar Shadow Saber easily created a three meter deep dark hole in the body of the Black Tuna Whale.

Xiao Chen waved his hand and generated a huge suction force, drawing out the beast’s Rank 6 Spirit Core from the dark hole. The Black Tuna Whale that had caused so much fear to the group of merchants died just like that.

When Xiao Chen saw the water closing up from both sides, he pushed his feet off the river bottom and leaped out of the river.

Xiao Chen was holding the crystalline Black Tuna Whale Spirit Core; it was giving off a gentle glow. A dense water-attributed Spirit was contained within it. This was a war trophy that belonged to the brave.

“I can’t believe this. This Black Tuna Whale has been plaguing the Black Dragon River for so many years. It was actually killed by a youth. That beast was the nightmare of many merchant ships.”

“Indeed. When it is in water, it was difficult for even Martial Kings to stop it from fleeing. This youth was able to think of the way to make the Black Tuna Whale stranded. How astonishing.”

“Qingyun Peak’s Ye Chen…this name will spread through the entire Xihe Province soon. Just like Qingyun Peak’s Murong Chong.

“Back then, Murong Chong also rose to fame in a similar manner. He challenged the big bandit groups in the Devil Savanna alone. He killed them to the point where they felt fear at the mention of his name. At that time, Qingyun Peak enjoyed fame for a period of time. However, it was unknown why but Murong Chong left Qingyun Peak.

“That last move…aside from the weakness of needing time to gather momentum, it is impossible for Martial Saints to break. However, he is still young, the move will become more perfect in the future.”

When the people on the deck saw Xiao Chen completely kill the Black Tuna Whale, they all sighed and talked about the rise of another genius youth.

The thunder clouds in the sky scattered and the sun appeared again. When the sunlight shone on Xiao Chen, it bathed him in golden light, casting a long shadow on the water.

The wind blew and Xiao Chen’s clothes and hair fluttered around; it looked faintly discernible in the early morning.

“Hu chi!”

Just at the moment, a boundless killing Qi came from the sky above. The moment this killing Qi appeared, it covered the sky without any delay. It was like a relentless gushing river charging at Xiao Chen.

Up in the sky filled with killing Qi, Yue Mingshan appeared from a cloud. He sent out a boundless and sharp hundred-meter -long saber Qi at Xiao Chen.

The saber Qi gave off piercing sonic booms as it rubbed against the air. Everywhere it passed, the winds stilled and the clouds scattered. Ripples expanded out in the air like it was water.

Someone on the deck recognized Yue Mingshan. He exclaimed, “It’s Yue Mingshan! What is he doing?!”

On the water surface, Xiao Chen placed the Black Tuna Whale’s Spirit Core into his Universe Ring. He felt the killing Qi coming from behind him but there were no changes in his expression. He was not astonished as he smiled faintly and said, “The person I have been waiting for finally appears!”

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