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Chapter 280: Wukui Saber Technique

Everywhere Xiao Chen moved, he left behind afterimages. The afterimages only slowly faded away after a long time.

“I really achieved the speed of sound!”

Xiao Chen stopped and revealed a joyous smile. After he achieved the speed of sound, his body started to become one with the air. The generated friction would naturally be lost in the wind without creating any loud sonic booms.

Xiao Chen withdrew his smile and said, “A regular cultivator can only reach the speed of sound after advancing to Martial King. These Windwalk Shoes allow me to achieve the speed of sound while I’m a Medial Grade Martial Saint. This two hundred thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Stones is worth it.

“If Murong Chong’s state of wind does not advance, then I am already faster than him. I would no longer be at a disadvantage as a result of his speed.

Without wasting any more time, Xiao Chen continued to test how long his Essence could last if he operated the Windwalk Shoes at its maximum.

After two hours, Xiao Chen noted that he still had half his Essence left. He said, “It looks like there should be no problems maintaining this for four hours. However, I would be exhausting my Essence on other things as well during a fight.

“I can probably maintain this for only three hours realistically. However, that is not bad either.”

Xiao Chen took out two Inferior Grade Spirit Stones and held one in each hand. Then he sat cross-legged on the ground and slowly started to recover his Essence.

After an hour, the glow on the Spirit Stone completely disappeared. Xiao Chen’s Essence was completely filled up again before he slowly stood up.

When Xiao Chen looked toward the gate, he was surprised to find Yun Kexin. It was unknown when she had arrived. He quickly went over to welcome her, “Senior Sister Yun, why are you looking for me?”

A strange light flashed in Yun Kexin’s calm gaze. She said, “Ye Chen, you broke through again?”

Xiao Chen nodded and smiled, “En, this is all thanks to the aid of the  Essence Gathering Pills. It probably saved me about two months of time.”

Even without the Essence Gathering Pill, with Xiao Chen’s talent and the cultivation speed of the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation, he would not remain a peak Inferior Grade Martial Saint for long.

However, it was a great help to Xiao Chen to be able to save two months of time. The thing Xiao Chen lacked the most now was time.

Yun Kexin’s expression became calm again. A trace of a smile appeared on her delicate face. She said, “Congratulations. I was just coming to see you since I was nearby. Since you are cultivating, I shall not disturb you any further. I’ll take my leave first!”

“Wait for a while!” Xiao Chen called out to stop Yun Kexin.

Yun Kexin turned around and asked, “Is something the matter?”

Xiao Chen nodded, “En, I would like you to help me test the defensive power of my Secret Treasure. Use your strongest attack on me.”

The jade pendant was different from the Windwalk Shoes. It was a defensive Secret Treasure. Xiao Chen was sure he could not test it out by himself. He had to find someone to help him.

Yun Kexin teased, “So you want me to labor for you. I originally thought you had something important to say. I won’t labor for free you know?”

Xiao Chen could not help but laugh. He discovered that after he got familiar with Yun Kexin, she was not as indifferent as she presented herself to be. She also had a cute and mischievous side.

However, such a Yun Kexin was more genuine. Xiao Chen found it easier to interact with her like this. He said, “How about one Essence Gathering Pill?”

Yun Kexin laughed, her face was as refreshing as a flower. She said, “I was just joking. Just prepare yourself, ok? I heard it can withstand a full powered strike from a peak Medial Grade Martial King, so I have to put in everything I have.”

Xiao Chen took out the jade pendant and placed it on this chest. He immediately felt refreshed, like the Windwalk Shoes, the formations within instantly connected to Xiao Chen’s mind.

It was extremely convenient to operate. After Xiao Chen adjusted to it, a cautious expression appeared on his face as he said, “Come! I am ready!”

Yun Kexin had a calm expression as she entered a tranquil state. She slowly drew the Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapon—Roaming Dragon Saber. The resplendent saber gave off a light under the sun’s rays.

Yun Kexin’s aura quickly rose and her peaceful gaze became as sharp as a saber. The saber in her hand started to tremble.

The sound of the saber trembling grew from soft to loud. It continuously reverberated in the surroundings. Ripples spread out in the air, creating strong winds.


The neverending noises suddenly merged together and made one loud sound, rushing to the nine heavens.

It scattered a large patch of clouds in the sky. Without the clouds blocking it, the sun shined down brightly, it was so dazzling that it hurt the eyes.

Yun Kexin’s aura had finally risen to its peak and turned into a sharp saber. She fired it at Xiao Chen and her figure flashed through the air as she launched herself at Xiao Chen together with the aura.

Yun Kexin had not shown any mercy. As Xiao Chen watched Yun Kexin throw out her strongest strike, a transparent shield surrounded him with a thought.


The Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapon struck the defensive shield and gave off a loud sound. The light shield rippled like water.

Xiao Chen, who was behind the shield, felt a strong force. He took two steps back but did not suffer any injuries.

Instead, Yun Kexin was struck by the rebound of the shield and was knocked back several steps. Her complexion was incredibly pale, like she had been completely drained of blood.

Xiao Chen quickly retracted the light shield and went over. He asked somewhat worriedly, “Are you fine? It was just a test, you did not have to put in that much effort.”

Yun Kexin did not reply to Xiao Chen immediately. She stabilized her chaotic Essence her surging Qi and blood.

After a while, Yun Kexin’s complexion started to slowly recover. Then, she revealed a smiled on her face as she said, “I’m fine. Since it was a test, I had to do my best. That way, you would have an idea of its strength. In the future, when you fight with people, you won’t have to feel worried.”

Yun Kexin paused for a while before continuing, “I used the Heavenly Melody Saber Technique and it was coupled with a Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapon. A full power strike from me is equivalent to an Inferior Grade Martial King’s. The light shield did not show any signs of breaking when I struck it. It should be able to withstand the full powered strike of a Medial Grade Martial King.”

A Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapon could raise Yun Kexin’s offensive power by fifty percent. Furthermore, it could raise the power of a Saber Technique as well. Yun Kexin’s offensive power was as she said, equivalent to an Inferior Grade Martial King’s.

Xiao Chen took out an Essence Gathering Pill and tossed it to Yun Kexin. “Many thanks!”

Yun Kexin stretched her hand out to receive the Essence Gathering Pill. She smiled and said, “I just found out today that my full powered strike is so valuable. It can be used to exchange for an Essence Gathering Pill worth thirty thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Stones.

“It looks like I should come down here more often when I have time. I will become rich within a few days.”

Xiao Chen sweated in his heart as he smiled gently, “In that case, I will become a pauper.”

The two of them laughed as they exchanged a glance. They chatted for a while and stopped only because someone from the Yun Clan called for Yun Kexin.

After Yun Kexin left, Xiao Chen continued to try to use the jade pendant on his chest. However, he was unable to make the connection. It was as Linlang Pavilion had said, it could only be used once a day.

After resting for a while, Xiao Chen took out some dry rations from the Universe Ring. After he ate, he took out the high ranked lightning-attribute Martial Technique, Wukui Saber Technique, from his Universe Ring.

The Wukui Saber Technique has a total of nine moves. It was a typical lightning-attributed Martial Technique. It was originally an incomplete Heaven Ranked Martial Technique from the Ancient Era. Later, someone filled in the incomplete parts and its might became weaker than before.

Actually, many Martial Techniques in the Tianwu Continent were derived from ancient Martial Techniques. Only a small portion was created after the Ancient Era.

Fixing an ancient Martial Technique and adding in their own insights was also another way of obtaining a Martial Technique. However, this method was rarer than the earlier two.

The reason was obvious. The Martial Technique that was fixed would definitely be an incomplete Martial Technique. To fix a Martial Technique was harder than deriving a Martial Technique or creating one. 

Furthermore, to merge in one’s insight and harmonize it was even more difficult. These two reasons combined made this type of Martial Technique extremely rare.

Xiao Chen carefully read through the Wukui Saber Technique under the blazing sun. After the first look, he was deeply engrossed in it. He continued reading until dusk, at this time, he had read most of the book.

Xiao Chen closed the manual, he was feeling very moved as he muttered, “The person who fixed this was truly a genius. Not only had they comprehended the thoughts of the ancient people, they even corrected some errors. That person took their comprehensions and the wisdom of the ancient people and merged them together.

“If this person did not just receive an incomplete copy, the might of this Wukui Saber Technique would be similar to the original.”

When Xiao Chen closed the book, he accidentally noticed a small line of blurry words on the last page. The row of words was written using the ancient text, that was the same as the Traditional Chinese Characters of Earth.

Because the words were blurred and it was the Traditional Chinese Characters of Earth, most people would not notice it.

Xiao Chen read them out softly, “The original work was not clear. Sang Mu fixed this in the 689th year of the Great Qin. If there are insufficiencies, would the later generation please point them out.

Thunder Emperor Sang Mu!”

After Xiao Chen read that line, he was completely stunned. The person who fixed this Martial Technique was the Thunder Emperor Sang Mu. If he recalled correctly, in the 689th year of the Great Qin, the Thunder Emperor was only twenty.

He already had such a terrifying talent at twenty, accomplishing something others have not managed to do even with a hundred years. What kind of peerless talent was the Thunder Emperor of a thousand years ago?

Xiao Chen’s thoughts moved very fast. He thought of his fate with this person. Back in the past, when the Thunder Emperor taught him the Battle Sage Origin’s Changing Character Formula, he only said one sentence: One move to break ten thousand moves, one Qi to shake the world.

Unfortunately, Xiao Chen’s talent was poor, even till this date, he still did not understand this completely. As for using the Battle Sage Origin to imitate Martial Techniques, there was too much that he still had to improve on.

When Xiao Chen thought of the Thunder Emperor, he remembered that promise again. Not to let her cry. His gaze fell onto the Lunar Shadow Saber and he gravely nodded.

Collecting his thoughts, Xiao Chen placed the Wukui Saber Technique manual back in his Universe Ring. Then, he started preparing to practice the Wukui Saber Technique.

The Wukui Saber Technique had a total of nine moves. The first three moves were the basics, they were the foundations of the Wukui Saber Technique. In order to practice the last six moves, one must completely comprehend the foundational moves first.

The fourth to sixth moves were killing moves. After executing them, it would cause the opponent to be pushed into desperate straits. The seventh to ninth moves were sure kill moves. As it implied, the moment the sure kill moves were used, the opponent would definitely die.

Of course, while that was how it was described, the so-called ‘sure kill’ did not really mean that the opponent would definitely die, it was just a concept.

Xiao Chen placed his right hand on the saber hilt and closed his eyes. His mind was calm as he entered into a state of silent comprehension.

It was unknown how much time had passed but the sky was already completely dark. There was no moonlight on this particular night. The courtyard was shrouded in darkness. When one extended their hand, they would not be able to see their fingers. The small courtyard was completely silent.

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