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Chapter 272: He Whose Fist is Bigger is Right

In the end, they even made it look like they were the victims, asking Xiao Chen and Liu Suifeng for an explanation. If the two were unable to give an appropriate explanation, then they would take action. This was simply the logic of robbers, not in the least humane at all, there was no sense of reason.

However, Xiao Chen already learned to not hold any hopes for being able to use reason to settle problems in this world. Human lives were like ants in his world, he whose fist is larger is right.

At this moment, the Shi Clan had the larger fist, hence, they were in the right. The experienced cultivators surrounding them stood there silently without saying anything. No one spoke up for Xiao Chen and Liu Suifeng. This was a classic example of this world.

Xiao Chen had an incredibly calm expression as he enunciated every word clearly, “I injured Shi Feng. If you want to attack then just go ahead. As long as you are not afraid of inviting a disaster onto your Shi Clan, by all means come and fight!”

It was easy to live in this world. However, not many people would be able to live with dignity.

Xiao Chen was always of the opinion that the brilliance of a cultivator does not have to be revealed. However, they must have spirit. Regardless of the circumstances, this spirit cannot disappear.

This was the principle of not being arrogant but having pride.

If Xiao Chen lowered himself to explain and apologize, given the position of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion, the Shi Clan would not dare to do anything to the two of them.

However, if that happened, a precedent would be set and it will happen a second time. Eventually, they would lose their spirit as cultivators.

Once a cultivator’s brilliance lost its spirit, no matter how high his talent used to be, he would never climb to the peak of cultivation.

At this moment, Xiao Chen did not cover up any of his brilliance. His aura was very bright and blazing, revealing a killing intent. His entire being was like a treasured saber being unsheathed.

This ‘treasured saber’ was extremely sharp. It pierced through the barrier of air and shaved away at their spirits.

Suddenly, boundless clouds started churning in the sky. There were rumbles coming from the sky; the might of thunder had been formed.

“What’s going on? Why did the sky become so dark?”

Suddenly, the surrounding cultivators discovered that the dark clouds above had already blocked out the sun. The sky instantly became gloomy.

“This is the state of thunder. I did not expect this fellow had comprehended the state of thunder to such a deep level at such a young age. He is already able to make use of the might of thunder.”

“This is the mark of a state in Small Perfection. I had once seen this from an Inferior Grade Martial King. Without a certain level of comprehension abilities, one would never be able to comprehend this.”

“However, even with his Small Perfection state of thunder, he is still not a match for the Shi Clan’s fourth elder. This old man already reached the peak of Martial Saint many years ago. Although he is not a Martial King, it is rare for anyone in the Martial Saint realm to be his match.”

When the Shi Clan’s Fourth Elder saw Xiao Chen with his surging aura, he felt that this was a matter that he could no longer withdraw from.

As for dealing with the younger generations of the various powers, the older generation had a tacit understanding with each other. As long as no one ended up dying, they would not make a move.

The Shi Clan did not originally plan to make a move. However, they heard that Shi Feng was cast out onto the streets from Liushang Pavilion from the Heavenly Saber Pavilion.

As one of the three noble clans, the Shi Clan Head felt ashamed. If this news spread out, it would badly damage the reputation of the Shi Clan in Xihe City.

Hence, he allowed the fourth elder to lead a group of people to deal with this. This matter would have been settled as long as Xiao Chen was willing to admit to his mistakes and apologize.

However, the Shi Clan’s Fourth Elder had not expected Xiao Chen’s character to be so unyielding. He was not willing to explain the matter at all and challenged him in front of everyone. This made moving forward or backward difficult for him, he did not know what to do.

After a while, the Shi Clan’s Fourth Elder knew that if he took a step back, they would be truly humiliated.

The Shi Clan’s Fourth Elder made up his mind and said in a cold voice, “Just an insignificant junior and yet you dare to speak such savage words. You truly do not know the heights of heavens. I shall discipline you today.”

The Fourth Elder waved his hands and drew his sword. Then he sent a sharp sword Qi at Xiao Chen. This sword Qi was much sharper than ordinary sword Qi. It quietly sliced the air like it was water.

A crackle of thunder resounded in the air. Xiao Chen had similarly sent out a purple saber Qi formed from lightning at the sword Qi the Fourth Elder sent out.


The sword Qi and saber Qi clashed. Neither gave way and they pushed against each other intensely. The state of thunder Xiao Chen infused into the saber Qi flickered with resplendent electricity, giving off ‘zi zi’ noises.

By relying on the advantage of the state, Xiao Chen’s saber Qi was able to force a draw with the sword Qi that was practiced to the limits.

The Shi Clan’s Fourth Elder was mildly startled. He smiled and said, “Before a state reaches Great Perfection, it is only an unorthodox method. I will take you down within ten moves!”

After the Shi Clan’s Fourth Elder spoke, he took a step forward. He swung his sword upward and sharp spikes protruded out of the ground and headed for Xiao Chen.

Each sharp spike was two meters long and was incredibly sharp. If it struck Xiao Chen, even if he was not severely injured, his skin would be shredded. The speed of the stone spikes was very fast. In the blink of an eye, it had arrived before Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen noticed the height of the stone spikes, they were only about two meters tall. Although the stone spikes had extended for a long distance, if he used the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art, he would be able to leap across them easily.

Xiao Chen pushed his feet off the ground and soared into the air. He scattered the state of thunder and launched himself at the Shi Clan’s Fourth Elder.

When the Fourth Elder saw Xiao Chen in the air, he revealed a pleased smile. He said, “I knew you would definitely leap into the air and not choose to retreat.”

“Pu ci! Pu ci!”

The moment the Fourth Elder spoke, the stone spikes on the ground came out and launched themselves at Xiao Chen. They were very fast, almost at the speed of sound and they gave off a loud howl as they flew.

Xiao Chen was startled, he had not expected such a change. There was no time to think, he shouted and the illusion of a mountain appeared above before merging into his saber.

“Lonely Peak's Fatal Blow!”

Xiao Che hacked out and a spinning energy was launched into the air. It was like there was a real mountain falling from the sky with a lot of force.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

There was a loud sound and the stone spikes in the air were all hacked into pieces. The stone fragments flew around and fell to the ground like rain.

A figure with a sword pierced through the rain of stone. Everywhere he passed, the stones were shattered into powder, filling the sky with dust.

Xiao Chen’s eyes were very sharp. When he saw the dust filling the air, the Lunar Shadow Saber pierced out like lightning.


It seemed like the Lunar Shadow Saber had struck a hard rock. When Xiao Chen pierced out, he was rebounded with a lot of force. He immediately lost his balance in the air as he fell toward the ground rapidly.

The Fourth Elder’s voice came from the dust. He laughed coldly and said, “My Martial Spirit has already reached Great Perfection. It’s a fool’s dream if you want to break my defense with your weak state of thunder.

“Rock Splitting Arrow!”

The Fourth Elder shouted and countless cyan rock lines spread throughout his sword. In the next instant, all the lines gathered at the tip of the sword.

There was a loud explosion. A huge cyan whirlpool appeared at the sword tip. From the center of the whirlpool, a cyan rock flew out as a sharpened arrow. It then flew rapidly at the falling Xiao Chen.

“Chi! Chi! Chi!”

As the arrow pierced through the air, it gave off piercing sonic booms. The explosions in the air created many fluctuations. Many ripples appeared in the air like the surface of water.

Xiao Chen slowly descended and watched the cyan arrow. His expression was as calm as before.

“Everlasting Startling Cloud!”

Xiao Chen circulated his Essence and used the state of clouds. After a while, large patches of clouds drifted around Xiao Chen.

“Boom!” A crackle of thunder resounded. A tiny thread of purple saber Qi parted the layers of clouds, flying very quickly at the cyan arrow.

The fine thread moved in a flash like a multicolored light. It was so fast that it seemed unreal.

The next moment was very calm, nothing happened at all. The cyan arrow the Fourth Elder sent out was still making piercing sonic booms in the air as it flew at Xiao Chen. It looked like it would soon hit Xiao Chen, who had already landed.

The Fourth Elder snorted and said, “I thought you were some powerful character. You are just merely so-so. Even if I killed you, the Heavenly Saber Pavilion will not make a move for you.”

As the surrounding cultivators watched the cyan arrow draw closer, they all thought it was very unfortunate.

At this point in time, Xiao Chen no longer had any way to flee. He could only defend passively against the full powered strike of this peak Martial Saint.

This was something even a Martial King would not dare clash against. No matter how strong Xiao Chen was, as an Inferior Grade Martial Saint, it would be foolish to try and block this move; it was simply impossible.


The cyan arrow was already less than a meter away from Xiao Chen’s face. The wind from the arrow caused Xiao Chen’s hair to be blown back.

Xiao Chen raised the Lunar Shadow Saber in his hand and shouted, “Explode!”

The purple thread that had originally disappeared suddenly reappeared. The instant Xiao Chen spoke, the fine thread expanded out like a screen of water.

The cyan arrow in front of him exploded and filled the air with stone fragments, vanishing from the air.

At the end of the fine thread was the Shi Clan’s Fourth Elder who was in the air. He had not expected that Xiao Chen would have such a move.

“Pu ci!”

The Fourth Elder vomited a mouthful of blood. The clothes in front of his chest were blasted to oblivion. There was a tiny hole in the cyan rock that covered his entire body. Blood was flowing out from the hole unceasingly.

Although the wound was small, the electricity on it was strangely strong. It gave off ‘zi zi’ sounds, preventing the wound from healing.

Purple electricity moved around chaotically in the air. Occasionally, some of it would fall on the ground and explode, creating a deep pit.

Xiao Chen stomped on the ground, his body unharmed. He waved his hand and all the remnant electricity in the air gathered at his palm.

The gathered electricity turned into a purple ball of electric fire that burned very fiercely. After that, Xiao Chen threw the ball that the Fourth Elder.

The Fourth Elder was injured and could not dodge in time. He could only toss aside his sword and make a circle with his hands. A cyan whirlpool was condensed.


When the electric fire met the whirlpool, it gave off a resounding sound. A strange energy came from the whirlpool and sucked in the horrifying electric fire.

The Fourth Elder dispersed the whirlpool in his hands before falling to the ground with a pale complexion. Blood kept spurting out of the wound in his chest.

“Damn it! I underestimated this kid’s state of thunder. If I used a little more Essence, I would have been able to block that earlier attack.” The Fourth Elder said to himself, feeling very hateful.

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