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Chapter 271: Ending the Battle Quickly 

“Who cares about that? Just watch the excitement. The three great sects will not yield to anyone. This is a good opportunity to see the strength of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion and the Night Spirit Palace.”

“The person leading the Night Spirit Palace’s group seems to be the daughter of the Second Palace Master, Mu Yanxue. She is already a Medial Grade Martial Saint. Who is the person from the Heavenly Saber Pavilion? Do any of you know?”

“I don’t recognize him. He should have only left the sect recently. He is probably here to attend the auction.”

The sounds of discussion amongst the crowd grew louder and louder; it was very lively. Everyone was excited.

Mu Yanxue pointed her sword at Xiao Chen and a melodious voice said, “Would this friend be willing to stay here for a period? I really do not wish to fight.”

Xiao Chen smiled, but he did not withdraw his aura. He mocked, “Why should I stay here? To wait for death? If you want me to stay, show me what you can do.”

Mu Yanxue blushed slightly; she did not expect Xiao Chen to be so discourteous. She shouted coldly, “In that case, let’s see what ability you have.”

“Pu ci!”

Right after Mu Yanxue spoke, the four people all sent out a strand sword Qi. They tore through the air and flew at Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen looked at the sword Qi flying at him, and he shook his head. Although each sword Qi had a lot of momentum, they were not sharp. When compared to the two old men on the merchant ship, they were significantly weaker.

Xiao Chen used his palm as a saber and brandished it around; his feet remained where they were.

Xiao Chen exhibited the Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art to its peak. When the sword Qi struck his palm, it gave off clear metallic sounds. Each sword Qi was neutralized directly by Xiao Chen’s physical body.

The four of them were startled; they did not expect Xiao Chen’s physical body to be so strong. They quickly gave up on using sword Qi attacks and released sword lights from their swords as they leaped toward Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen knew that these four people were not intending to kill him; they only wanted to delay him until the Shi Clan’s experts arrived.

I can’t continue to hide my strength. I have to quickly finish this battle. Otherwise, when the Shi Clan experts arrive, I will be in trouble. While it would be easy for me to leave, It would be difficult for Liu Suifeng to do so.

Xiao Chen waved his hand, and the Lunar Shadow Saber appeared in his left hand from nowhere.

Xiao Chen’s right hand paused on the saber hilt and a sharp light flashed in his eyes. The state of thunder merged into the saber, and within a short period of time, his state of thunder and aura raised to their peaks.

In that very instant, dark clouds churned in the sky above Liushang Pavilion. Thunder rumbled as the might of thunder formed instantly.

“Rushing Thunder Saber Technique, Drawing the Saber!”

Xiao Chen shouted, and fully displayed the state of thunder. A loud crash of thunder crackled in the sky, and in the next instant, everyone seemed to have seen a bolt of lightning jump out from the saber scabbard. 


The three people in front felt dazzled. A horrifying energy flew over as they immediately threw themselves backward. There was electricity running amok in their meridians, stopping them from executing any Sword Techniques.

Xiao Chen quickly turned around and swung his saber. Then, he placed his saber on the neck on the person behind him. This person did not have any time to react; the bright saber light on his sword paused above Xiao Chen’s head. He did not dare move any further.

Xiao Chen quickly withdrew his saber as he smiled. Then, he stepped forward and smashed his palm into the chest of this person, knocking him flying with a loud bang.

With no one blocking his way, Xiao Chen pushed his feet off the ground and turned into a purple flash of light as he headed for the hole in the fourth floor.

All this happened in the time it took a spark to fly. From the time Xiao Chen summoned the Lunar Shadow Saber to when he made his move, it was only within the blink of an eye. The situation immediately changed.

Xiao Chen’s speed was very fast; no one was able to react in time. Someone downstairs exclaimed, “What happened? Are the Night Spirit Palace’s people really that weak?”

Mu Yanxue did her best to suppress the explosive lightning-attributed Essence in her body. When she heard these words, her expression turned to rage. She shouted and moved quickly. It was unknown what Movement Technique she used. In a short period, her speed increased explosively, blocking Xiao Chen’s way.

Mu Yanxue looked at Xiao Chen and said coldly, “Your speed is very fast, but no one is faster than me.”

A sword light flashed as it pierced towards Xiao Chen. He quickly dodged and then spun before pushing himself off a wall. When he turned back, he hacked his saber at Mu Yanxue.


The saber clashed against a sword, giving off a metallic ring, reverberating through the hall. The moment their weapons met, they separated. They were extremely swift; people could only see afterimages in the air.

Two bright figures moved through the air, one purple and one black, exchanging blows continuously.

Both their Movement Techniques were exquisite. They flew around the top of the third floor, using the walls to give them purchase. They did not land on the ground at all, as if they were really flying.

The two of them endlessly exchanged blows, their speed very similar; they actually arrived at a draw.

However, a draw was not the result Xiao Chen wanted. The longer he dragged this out, the more disadvantages it was to him.

Ever since his Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art reached Small Perfection, Xiao Chen had not met anyone who could compare to him in terms of speed within the same generation.

Mu Yanxue should be using a peak Earth Ranked Movement Technique. Furthermore, she likely practiced it to Great Perfection. Otherwise, it would be impossible for her to move this fast.

“Hu Chi!”

Xiao Chen raised his speed to its peak and turned into a purple flood dragon, roaring fiercely in the air. However, he was still unable to shake off Mu Yanxue.

The black figure was like his shadow; no matter what he did, he could not shake her off.

Strange, why is it so similar to the Battle Sage Origin’s Sticky Character Formula? Xiao Chen wondered to himself. Xiao Chen had experienced such a situation at the hands of Leng Liusu in the past.

If you were fast, she would be faster than you. When you slowed, her speed would decrease slowly. It was not because you suddenly decreased your speed but because you managed to shake her off.

I have to think of something. Since I cannot defeat her with speed, I will have to look for another angle.

Xiao Chen shouted when he found an opportunity. He did a somersault in the air and stomped on the roof of the third floor. A large hole immediately appeared in the wooden ceiling.

Xiao Chen sent out some energy with his hand, and he nimbly escaped through the hole, appearing on the fourth floor of Liushang Pavilion.

A fierce fire burned in Xiao Chen’s right eye, and a huge ball of purple flames blasted out from the bottom of the hole below him.

Mu Yanxue, who followed tightly, was startled when she saw that surging purple fireball. She quickly dodged to the side.

“Bang! Bang!”

The flames did not lose any of their might as they easily burned through the floor of the second floor, heading to the first. The customers on the first floor were all frightened away.

Xiao Chen had temporarily escaped Mu Yanxue. With a quick glance, he found Liu Suifeng. Just as he was about to say something, he discovered Chu Chaoyun, standing by Liu Suifeng with a smile.

Chu Chaoyun smiled and pushed Liu Suifeng with his palm, “Let me send you off!”

A huge gentle force struck Liu Suifeng, and he flew out the window.

Xiao Chen did not have enough time to think; he could only follow after Liu Suifeng. As they left, he shot a suspicious glance at Chu Chaoyun; he did not know why did Chu Chaoyun help him.

The two of them landed on the street. Liu Suifeng asked, “What should we do now? Should we return?”

Xiao Chen felt a headache growing, as well. At the moment, he had no ideas; he was not sure where he should go. If he was alone, he would be fine. He could simply change his identity and hide for a few days.

After Xiao Chen thought for a while, he said, “Does the Heavenly Saber Pavilion not have any influence in Xihe City?”

As one of the three great sects, Xiao Chen did not believe they would fear a noble clan. The two of them were simply on a different scale of power.

If they were to fight, in terms of combat prowess, even ten Shi Clans would not be enough to defeat the Heavenly Saber Pavilion. With the Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s raw power, they would be able to defeat the Shi Clan easily.

Liu Suifeng smiled bitterly, “We really do not have any influence in Xihe City. The royal court has very strict control over the three province capitals. It is very difficult for the three great sects to infiltrated into them.

“Within the province capital, aside from the strongest power—the City Lord, the three noble clans have the greatest power. Hence, we are not currently in a very good position.”

Xiao Chen noticed that Shi Feng, who had collapsed on the street, had already got up and disappeared to somewhere unknown.

Actually, with their statuses as Heavenly Saber Pavilion core disciples, the Shi Clan would not dare do anything to them. Even so, they would not be able to avoid apologizing and suffering some loss.

Xiao Chen said, “Never mind; let’s leave the city before deciding what to do next. The auction will start in three days; we will come back for it then.”

Liu Suifeng nodded. That was all they could do now. Temporarily, there were no better solutions.

“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

Just as the two of them prepared to leave, the sound of horses rushing urgently came from the big street. A group of Shi Clan cultivations sped over aggressively.

Xiao Chen stopped and frowned slightly. He was thinking that the Shi Clan was extraordinarily fast. No wonder Shi Feng dared to be so savage in Xihe City.

An old man wearing tight cultivator robes leading the group dismounted the horse. He had a gloomy expression as he looked at them. He slowly came forward and displayed a strong physical body as he walked forward. There was a sharp look in his eyes. Just based on his aura, one could tell his cultivation was not low.

The old men said to the two of them, “Which of you two injured my clan’s Young Master.”

Neither of them said a word. A young cultivator from the Shi Clan pointed at Xiao Chen and said, “Fourth Elder, it is the fellow on the right. Many people in Liushang Pavilion saw it. Furthermore, he made the first move.”

A bright light appeared in the eyes of the Shi Clan’s Fourth Elder. He pointed his sharp treasured saber at Xiao Chen and said in a deep voice, “Can the people of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion bully the people of my Shi Clan?

“To think you dare to be so savage in Xihe City. I will allow you explain yourself in one sentence. If you can’t, I will take the place of your masters to discipline you.”

Liu Suifeng quickly said, “Senior, we did not have the intention of injuring the Shi Clan Young Master. He tried to humiliate us first. We were only…”

Xiao Chen raised his arm and stopped Liu Suifeng from speaking further. His gaze was as calm as still water. He stared at the old man without fear and said, “There is no need to explain. His skill is not up to par; there is not much to say.”

The Shi Clan’s people were clearly being unreasonable. If they were truly reasonable, they would make matters clear by asking the people around.

There was no need to speak so much nonsense. As for the so-called explanation, Xiao Chen felt that it was a joke. They were clearly not at fault.

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