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Chapter 251: Demon General

The life of a cultivator is like an ant’s. If they cannot become strong, they will only become cannon fodder for other people, Murong Chong thought to himself. That means that aside from becoming strong, there is no other choice. Otherwise, I will become like these people.

On an overhanging cliff, in a magnificent castle. The Blood Demon General draped in a scarlet cloak sat on a scarlet throne. He held a golden wine cup and sat there expressionlessly.

Without looking carefully, the face of the Blood Demon General was no different from a human youth’s. However, the scarlet eyes on his pale face were filled with a boundless killing intent that would cause one to tremble.

Below the great hall, there were twelve pillars on the two side. Beside each pillar, there were ten Blood Demons dressed in scarlet.

The Blood Demon General raised the golden wine cup and took a gentle sip. A scarlet stain was left behind on his lips.

Apparently, this was not actually some magnificent wine; it was a cup of fresh human blood. It was very possible it came from a captured Heavenly Saber Pavilion disciple.

The Blood Demon General wiped the blood away from the corner of his lips and revealed a drunk expression. He said, “What delectable fresh human blood. I have not tasted it for twenty years in this space.”

“Dang! Dang!”

Suddenly, a Blood Demon covered in blood came into the great hall anxiously. He walked forward and knelt below the throne.

He respectfully said, “Lord Demon General, the Shadow Demons you sent out were all eliminated. According to your instructions, I have sent out all the Blood Demons within the palace six hours ago.

“Because Lord Demon General was in closed-door cultivation, I could not report until now.”

A faint smile was revealed on the Blood Demon General’s face. He placed the golden wine cup on the table beside the throne and said, “Not a problem, it is something within expectations. They are just like dogs, I don’t expect them to be of much use. Furthermore, we are just projections here, they can’t even be compared to dogs. Even more reason to not care about them.”

“Take your leave first, you have done a good job. As long as we can obstruct that group of people for one day and finish the ceremony, everything will be fine.”

The person that knelt on the ground got up and gave thanks before he quickly left the great hall.

The Blood Demon General picked up the wine cup again. A frightening glow appeared in his scarlet eyes. He finished all the blood in the wine cup before he coldly spoke, “One day of time. All I need is one day and I can turn the Heavenly Saber Pavilion back into ruins.”

“Is that so? I’m afraid you won’t have such an opportunity!” A cold mocking voice suddenly resounded in the great hall.


In the dark forest, Xiao Chen’s group of four continued forward. The Scarlet Demonic Snake occupied a huge territory in this forest. Despite walking for an hour, they did not run into other Demonic Beasts.

After they walked out of the Scarlet Demonic Snake’s territory, they met other Demonic Beasts again. The weakest of them were early Rank 5 Demonic Beasts. Occasionally, they would run into middle Rank 5 Demonic Beasts.

They even met a peak Rank 5 Demonic Beast. Fortunately, it was not a Rank 6. Although the fight was hard, they were not in any real danger.

Along the way, there would be the sudden attacks from Shadow Demons. The group had to deal with them even though they were tired. It could be said that danger was present at every step of the journey.

After they walked further, they finally met with the masters of the Shadow Demons. They were Demons that were composed of blood. Blood Demons had many insidious tricks up their sleeves, they were more horrifying than Shadow Demons. Their attacking methods were even more strange and varied.

The most important thing was that their bodies were formed by liquids. Ordinary methods would not be able to kill them. They were not afraid of their heads exploding or being chopped into several pieces.

Fortunately, Xiao Chen had lightning attributed Essence, it was the nemesis of these beings. After they were injured, the Essence that contained the state of thunder would stay on the wound without dispersing. This resulted in them being unable to reform.

Yun Kexin’s Heavenly Melody Saber Technique was even more horrifying. When the sound waves entered their bodies, it could instantly enter into every drop of blood in the Blood Demon and explode them into oblivion.

“Lonely Peak's Fatal Blow!”

Zhang Lie shouted and formed a mountain, crushing a Shadow Demon. Then he retrieved the Demon Core with a ‘shua’ sound.

“Senior Sister, how much longer before we can get out?” Zhang Lie had finished his task. He leaned on a big tree and panted.

Along the way, they had been fighting non-stop. Aside from the various Demonic Beasts, they had to be wary of the sneak attacks from the Shadow Demons and the Blood Demons. The group was constantly on a high state of alert.

Furthermore, the road in the forest seems unending. The scene in the front was always the same: lots and lots of black trees.

Even though Zhang Lie had comprehended saber intent and had a stronger mental state than regular cultivators, he was still starting to get frustrated.

Yun Kexin tossed an Inferior Grade Spirit Stone to Zhang Lie and Mu Heng each. Then she said, “Should not be for much longer. We have been walking in a straight line. We should be able to exit the forest by dusk.”

Yun Kexin seemed to have an inexhaustible supply of Medicinal Pills and Inferior Grade Spirit Stones. After every fight, she would hand out pills for treatment and recovering Essence.

If the Essence exhaustion was too high, she just directly gave out an Inferior Grade Spirit Stone. If not for Yun Kexin’s supply, even if the group wanted to continue fighting, they might not be able to do so.

Mu Heng sat cross-legged and smiled faintly. “Just treat it as cultivating. After one day of continuously fighting, I feel that my strength has increased by fifty percent.

“I even made some breakthroughs in some Martial Techniques that I could not comprehend before. It is better than cultivating bitterly in the back mountains for three months.”

Indeed, when compared to cultivating alone, a training session where your life was on the line had a significantly faster speed of training and cultivation.

However, both had its advantages and disadvantages. Cultivating alone was stable and does not include any life threatening danger. Experiential training could quickly raise one’s cultivation but it was very dangerous and there were too many uncertainties.

In summary, both methods had to be used, alternating between bitter cultivation and experiential training. Only by achieving a good balance could one’s cultivation grow the fastest.

“Pu Ci!”

Xiao Chen, who was scouting out the situation in front, jumped down from a tree. He said, “We can rest for a while, there are no Demonic Beasts in the surroundings. The nearest Demonic Beasts are about one thousand meters in front of us.”

“They are early Rank 5 Demonic Wolves. If they were alone, they would be easy to deal with. Unfortunately, this kind of Demonic Beasts has a pack mentality. They are about five in number so there will be a hard battle later.”

Yun Kexin muttered for a while before speaking, “Same method then. The three of us will deal with the Demonic Wolves. Ye Chen will be on the defensive, preventing any sneak-attacks from the Shadow Demons and the Blood Demons.”

After an hour, everyone had completely recovered their Essence and they started their journey again.

“Spinning Mountain Destroys Clouds!”

Zhang Lie shouted and a strong wind blew. A mysterious phenomenon was created, a lone mountain was formed. Then he rushed at the pack of Rank 5 Demonic Wolves.

“Swift Horizontal Saber Strike! Seven Stars Transposition!”

Mu Heng did not want to lag behind. A purple light lit up his body and he was like a saber. He flickered around the pack of wolves. Each time he appeared, his palm would slash once and a wolf head would be sent flying.

Within the wolf pack, the huge wolf king stared at them with scarlet eyes; it was howling furiously.

Like soldiers getting into a tactical formation, every time it howled, the formation of the wolves would change. After a while, the irresistible force that was Zhang Lie and Mu Heng received a strong counter attack under the lead of the Wolf King.

The wolves had blocked the attacks of the two and then counter-attacked without care for themselves. This left a few wounds on the two of them.

“Chi! Chi!”

A piercing sonic boom was heard on the battlefield. A white figure moved in an arc in the air and landed before the Wolf King.

The Slender Saber in Yun Kexin’s hand trembled and the Wolf King’s huge body was knocked backward. The formation of the wolves became very messy. When Yun Kexin distracted the Wolf King, the pressure on Zhang Lie and Mu Heng decreased.

Xiao Chen held onto the Lunar Shadow Saber and shut his eyes. He used his Spiritual Sense to cover every corner of the battlefield, especially the area where the three of them were fighting.

They were now wary of the Demon’s attacks. When compared to Demonic Beasts, they knew how to hide themselves and play tricks. The crafty Demons were the biggest threat to the group.


In the world of his Spiritual Sense, a figure different from Demonic Wolves and humans appeared. It was a pool of blood flying very quickly toward Yun Kexin.

Xiao Chen suddenly opened his eyes and executed the Lightning Evasion. A bolt of lightning tore through the dark night sky.

“Huang dang!” Xiao Chen drew his saber. The light on the Lunar Shadow Saber was even more resplendent than lightning, it was very dazzling.

“Pu Ci!”

There was a flash of cold light and the blade struck into the blood on the ground. Its speed was very fast, even the lightning in the sky had not disappeared yet.

A mournful and miserable shriek came from the ground. The blood on the ground took a human form. Both its hands grabbed the Lunar Shadow Saber that glowed with an electric light as it howled non-stop.

“Despicable human beings! I will feast on your blood sooner or later. I will make you suffer the most painful torture in this world.”

“Xiao Chen smiled faintly as he said softly, “My apologies, you do not have that chance anymore. Explode!”

The Lunar Shadow Saber stabbed into the Demon’s heart erupted with a horrifying electric light. There were arcs of electricity jumping around and crackling.

The Blood Demon’s body was blasted into tiny droplets of blood before eventually vanishing.

Suddenly, four Shadow Demons flew over and launched themselves at Zhang Lie and Mu Heng, who were in the middle of an intense battle. The timing of the Shadow Demons was very good. They chose the moment they were occupied by the wolf pack and were unable to react.

A fierce flame started burning in Xiao Chen’s right eye and it soon condensed into a purple electric flame. The flame elongated rapidly and turned into a sharp arrow.

“Pu Ci!”

The arrow tore through the air like a bolt of lightning, illuminating the dark forest. It surpassed the speed of sound as it pierced the bodies of the four Shadow Demons.

The Shadow Demons exploded and turned into a rain of black blood that covered the sky.


In the palace on the overhanging cliff, the Blood Demon General was stunned when he heard that sudden mocking voice.

There was someone who had evaded his perception and infiltrated his palace.

“Pu Ci!”

The ten Blood Demons standing below the throne in the great hall all cried miserably and exploded, turning into a mist of blood.

Lu Chen, Liu Ruyue, and their team slowly appeared in the great hall. They had completely unleashed their auras. Their gazes were as sharp as sabers as they stared at the Blood Demon General on the throne.

This was the Demon that had once brought a calamity to the Heavenly Sabar Pavilion.

The Blood Demon looked at the ten people and his lips curled up. He revealed a faint smile on his face. “There I was thinking how high your cultivations were for you to be able to hide from my perception. Actually, you used an Aura Concealing Talisman.”

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