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Chapter 246: Horrifying Saber Strike

Gao Xiang revealed a surprised expression, he could not figure out what was going on. During the instant he was feeling suspicious, a face suddenly appeared on huge tree trunk. It opened its mouth and cried out in pain.

The tree shook violently and three branches moved down and picked up Gao Xiang like hands. Then they carried him toward its huge mouth.

Gao Xiang could not react to it in time. He struggled heavily in midair, making a lot of noise. However, there was nothing he could step on.

Xiao Chen found such a scene funny. He had chopped down hundreds of trees and yet he not run into any Tree Spirits. The moment Gao Xiang made a move, he found a Tree Spirit. He did not know if such luck was good or bad.

“Lightning Evasion!” Xiao Chen shouted and a bolt of lightning struck somewhere beside Gao Xiang. Xiao Chen appeared and there was a flash of cold light on his Lunar Shadow Saber as he chopped off the two branches grabbing onto Gao Xiang.

Gao Xiang immediately landed, his expression furious. His huge saber lit up with a fiery red glow and he hacked toward the Tree Spirit’s dark mouth.

“Hu chi!”

Suddenly, two roots extended out from the ground. They caught the inattentive Gao Xiang’s foot and hoisted him back into the air.

“Boom!” The surging saber light changed direction and hacked on another tree. That tree instantly went up in flames and turned into ashes.

This showed how horrifying the might of his saber was. However, Xiao Chen could not be bothered with him. This person was typical of a muscle brain; strong combat prowess, but insufficient intelligence.


A scarlet tree branch shot out from the Tree Spirit’s mouth and pierced through the air. It caused a sonic boom as it arrived before Xiao Chen in an instant.

Xiao Chen had experienced this move back when he was in the Gloomy Forest. At that time, he could only dodge. However, this move was now no longer worth mentioning in front of him.

“Drawing the Saber!”

There was a flash of cold light and the faster-than-sound tree branch was chopped in half down the middle. Even though it was fast, Xiao Chen was faster.

“Flight On Wings, One Line Chop! Break for me!”

The light on the snow-white saber blade was withdrawn. Xiao Chen moved very fast in the air. The few tree branches that were grabbing at him only grabbed thin air.

Xiao Chen flashed by the Tree Spirit. After a moment, the Tree Spirit was broken down the middle with a loud boom. Then, it turned back into an ordinary tree.

After the Tree Spirit Died, the tree roots grabbing onto Gao Xiang fell down with him. He removed the two tree roots on his ankle, feeling very depressed.

However, when he saw Xiao Chen continuing to move around, he could only perk himself up and stand up.

After that, the two of them continued to use the same method to chop down all the trees in the surrounding. They found the hidden Tree Spirits hiding amongst the trees one by one.

After the previous experience, Gao Xiang had learned his lesson. Before he attacked, he would pay attention the the tree branches on the ground and in the air. Only when he got near would he strike with all his might.

Fire-attributed Essence was the natural nemesis of the Tree Spirits. In addition to the ferocious Martial Techniques of Qianduan Peak, Gao Xiang could easily kill a Tree Spirit on his own.

As for Xiao Chen, it was even easier for him. He was moving around in the air tracelessly. The branches of the Tree Spirit could not catch him at all. After he got near to them, he would split them in twain with his saber.

Although Tree Spirits were hard to deal with, they were only peak Rank 4 Demonic Beasts. If they were not hidden, they did not have much advantage over a Martial Saint.

Soon, Yun Kexin and the others joined in. After four hours, the surrounding Tree Spirits were all flushed out and completely destroyed.

When a Gangyu Peak disciple saw the two dead disciples, he had a sullen expression on his face. “That is unfortunate…Senior Brother Liu and Junior Brother Wang…They died an undeserved death.”

Their deaths were indeed undeserved; if they had not let down their guards, they could have dodged the sudden attack of the Tree Spirit. Unfortunately, that was just an if.

After they rested a while and recovered their Essence, the team continued on. This time, everyone took Yun Kexin’s words to heart, they kept their guard up at all times. After all, there was already an example of what could go wrong earlier.

Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense turned into a halo and expanded out into the surroundings. It scanned the surroundings, but did not discover anything. He muttered to himself, “That’s strange, why did that black figure not appear?

“Never mind, he will turn up in the end. I just have to keep an eye out,” Xiao Chen muttered as he withdrew his Spiritual Sense.

The instant he withdrew his Spiritual Sense, a ball of black smoke came out from the ground. A incredibly pale person slowly appeared.

He muttered to himself, “What a strong perception, I was nearly discovered. I have to be more careful, otherwise, I would not be able to accomplish master’s mission.”

Another nine balls of black smoke appeared from the ground again. One of the Shadow Demons could not resist asking, “Big Brother, it is just some human Martial Saints. Is there a need for us to be so cautious?”

The first Shadow Demon to come out revealed a look of anger on his face. He scolded, “Shut up! I already said this before, before they run into the Scarlet Demonic Snake, you are not allowed to make a move. Yet, you still dare to disobey my orders and controlled the Tree Spirits to make a move.”

A horrifying killing Qi was emitted from this being The Shadow Demon who spoke could not help but tremble; he did not dare to speak again.

In the dark forest, then Shadow Demons appeared before a man dressed in blood-colored clothes in an extremely deferential manner. However, when the clothes were observed carefully, they were not clothes at all; they were blood that was squirming around. His face, even his entire figure, seemed blurry.

The scarlet man said in a hoarse voice, “I remember saying to make a move when they were at the Scarlet Demonic Snake. I only left for a while… who made this decision?”

One of the Shadow Demons could not help but feel dread. He knelt on the ground and said in a trembling voice, “Master, I acted blindly without thinking. I wanted to take all of them down and present them to Master. It is not Big Brother’s fault.”

The scarlet man said, “Never mind, hand me the two corpses. When they reach the Scarlet Demonic Snake make a move. These people are not ordinary humans. If you do not have complete confidence, don’t reveal yourselves.

“Remember, within this space, every one of you that dies weakens the Lord Demon General. You are all living for the Lord Demon General, not for yourselves.”

The Shadow Demon kneeling on the ground thanked the man repeatedly, like he was being given a general pardon, “Thank you Master, thank you Master. Here are their bodies. After we dug them up, we used a secret technique to preserve them, they are very fresh.”

The scarlet man laughed a few times then he pointed at the corpse with his finger. After a while, the blood in the corpse poured out and moved the the body of the man.

A red glow flickered incessantly. The blood on the surface of the man was bubbling relentlessly.

After a while, the two corpses stood up slowly.

The scene was incredibly weird. These two were originally Heavenly Saber Pavilion core disciples. Yet, they faced the scarlet man and said in a trembling voice without focus in their eyes, “Mas… ter…”

“Pretty good material, it was worth my effort to remold you.” The scarlet man laughed strangely. He shot out two scarlet beads of blood at the two of them.

“Blood Clan’s Secret Technique—Small Demonic Change!”

The scarlet bead of blood entered into their foreheads instantly. The originally pale faces of the two could be visibly seen gaining luster, the light in their eyes was turning brighter.

The wounds on their bodies melded together, they were indistinguishable from ordinary people. Their eyes were full of respect as they looked at the scarlet man and said, “Master, what are your orders?”

The scarlet man waved his hand and said to the leader of the Shadow Demons, “I will hand over control of these two blood corpses to you temporarily. After you complete your mission, bring all of them back.

“Especially the girl in white cloth and the man with purple light on his body. The two of their bodies must be complete. They must not be missing arms or legs. It would be best if you can capture them alive.”

“Yes Master, I will complete definitely Master’s instructions.”


After Xiao Chen and the rest dealt with the Tree Spirits, they drew closer and closer to the core area of the forest. Eventually, they were obstructed by Demonic Beasts. However, with the aid of Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense, they were prepared in advance. It could be said that they were not in any real danger.

Gao Xiang used his saber to retrieve a Rank 5 Demonic Core from a Demonic Beast. There was a satisfied expression on his face. He laughed and said, “Even if I can’t kill any demons, these Demonic Cores are enough already, there will be no problem in changing these for more than a thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Stones. If only there were peak Rank 5 Demonic Beasts.”

The value of a Demonic Core was no lower than that of a Spirit Core. In fact, it was even slightly higher. Furthermore, the higher the rank of the Demonic Core, the difference in price would be greater than the increase for a Spirit Core of the same rank.

A normal complete Rank 5 Demonic Core was worth a hundred Inferior Grade Spirit Stones. A peak Rank 5 Demonic Core was worth a thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Stones. As for a Rank 6 Demonic Core, it was worth ten thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Stones.

Then the price of a peak Rank 6 Demonic Core would increase explosively to a horrifying level. It would require a hundred thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Stones.

However, along the way, they only met with early Rank 5 Demonic Beasts. They were about as strong as a human Medial Grade Martial Saint. There were also some middle Rank 5 Demonic Beasts as well. However, they did not run into any peak Rank 5 Demonic Beasts.

Mu Heng cursed, “You really have a foul mouth. A peak Rank 5 Demonic Beast is about as strong as an Inferior Grade Martial King. Furthermore, they are even stronger in this space. They would be as strong as a Medial Grade Martial King at the very least.

“If we really ran into one, it is unsure if we could escape safely. Yet you are thinking of killing it. You must be tired of living.”

Gao Xiang put away the Demonic Core and smiled in embarassment, “I was just saying it. We won’t really run into one. Even if we really ran into one, my huge saber is not there for nothing.”

The Demonic Beasts they met along the way allowed Gao Xiang an avenue to exhibit his strength. It had to be said that the Qianduan Peak’s Martial Techniques were indeed extremely ferocious.

Even a middle rank 5 Demonic Beast found the full powered strike of the Medial Grade Martial Saint Gao Xiang difficult to deal with. When a early Rank 5 Demonic Beast was struck by him, it would be severely injured.

His all-out battle style changed everyone’s impression of him, it was not as bad as it was before.

Xiao Chen laughed and ignored the bickering of the two. He had also received a pretty good harvest. He had killed twenty early Rank 5 Demonic Beasts by himself and a middle Rank 5 Demonic Beast. If he changed all the Demonic Cores for Spirit Stones, he would have two or three thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Stones.

When Xiao Chen saw Yun Kexin standing at the side at high alert, he felt it was strange. He asked, “Senior Sister Yun, are you not extracting any Demonic Cores?”

Yun Kexin said indifferently, “Rank 5 Demonic Cores cannot be changed for a lot of Spirit Stones. Just distribute it amongst yourselves, there is no need to care about me.”

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