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Chapter 245: If There is a Next Time, I Will Kill You Personally

The sky remained gloomy forever, no one was used to it. After being constantly on the move for the whole day, the injured people had all entered dreamland long ago.

Xiao Chen, Zhang Lie, and Mu Heng did not dare to sleep. They looked for some wood to start a fire, then started to chat with one another.

The dancing flames shined a flickering light on their faces. Zhang Lie looked at the distant red full moon above him. Suddenly, he said, “Do you guys feel that the moon is slightly brighter than when we first arrived?”

When Xiao Chen and Mu Heng heard this, they raised their head to take a look. Indeed it was as Zhang Lie said. Initially, the full moon was only dark red. Now, it had turned scarlet. The scarlet glow looks extremely horrifying.

Mu Heng retracted his gaze and his lips curled up. He said with indifference in his voice, “How is whether the moon is red or not important? How ridiculous.”

Zhang Lie smiled and said, “I was just saying it casually. This is not ridiculous. Damn it! Give me a Demon to practice on! It's better than sitting here.”

However, Xiao Chen’s gaze was fixed on the full moon hanging in the sky. This was his first time looking clearly at the round red moon. In the end, he felt that it was somewhat strange.

That red felt like it was alive. However, it was too far away, that feeling was too vague. Xiao Chen did not dare to be sure about it.

“Sha! Sha!”

Suddenly Xiao Chen heard the sound of movement. Xiao Chen retracted his gaze and said, “Something is happening! The two of you stay here first, I’ll go take a look.”

By the time Mu Heng and Zhang Lie heard that, Xiao Chen already vanished completely. Zhang Lie sighed and said, “His strength is getting harder and harder to see through. His speed is no slower than your Seven Stars Transposition!”

Mu Heng shook his head and said, “That is different. The Seven Stars Transposition technically cannot be a Movement Technique; it should be a kind of Martial Technique. Hence, there is no way to compare them.”

Within a few breaths of time, Xiao Chen arrived at the place where the sound came from. A familiar white figure appeared within his vision, it was Yun Kexin.

Xiao Chen heaved a sigh of relief. The Blood Crows were indeed not a threat to her. He rushed in front of Yun Kexin and was about to say something. However, she started to fall forward.

Xiao Chen was mildly startled. He quickly rushed forward to support her and discovered a ghastly wound on her back. A long bleeding wound stained her white clothes scarlet.

Yun Kexin was now unconscious. Xiao Chen had no other choice than to carry her and rush back.

Zhang Lie looked at the unconscious Yun Kexin. He said in astonishment, “Yu Kexin is actually so heavily injured. A peak Rank 4 Demonic Beast should not be able to do this to her!”

Everyone had seen Yun Kexin’s strength for themselves. Furthermore, what they saw was only the tip of the iceberg. Xiao Chen himself did not dare to say he could defeat Yun Kexin.

A Demonic Beast that Yun Kexin could not handle… even Xiao Chen would find it difficult.

Mu Heng muttered, “What do we do now? What should we do next? Aside from her, none of us know the details of this mission. Will we be stuck here?”

Xiao Chen was currently dealing with Yun Kexin’s wounds. When he heard this question, he felt a headache coming on. He had agreed to Liu Tianyu’s request to kill the Demon General. However, he would not be able to do that if he was stuck here.

Xiao Chen crushed a Blood Replenishing Pill and applied it on Yun Kexin’s wounds. Then he took out another Blood Replenishing Pill.

Xiao Chen was about to place it in Yun Kexin’s mouth when the girl his in embrace suddenly moved. She opened her eyes and said weakly, “Thank you!”

Xiao Chen was happy when he saw her wake up. He smiled and said, “Deal with your wounds first. We can speak about other things later.”

After four hours, Yun Kexin stopped circulating her energies. Some color returned to her face. Without waiting for the team to ask, she said, “After I killed the Blood Crow King, I was sneak-attacked by a Demon.”

A strange light flashed in Zhang Lie’s eyes. He quickly asked, “What about the Demon?”

“Killed by me.” Yun Kexin took out a Shadow Demon’s corpse from her Spatial Ring. “This is a Shadow Demon. It is one of the subordinate clans under the royal Blood Demon Clan in the Demonic World.”

After that, Yun Kexin spoke about the Shadow Demon’s specialties in combat, introducing them all one by one to everyone.

Then she answered some questions Zhang Lie had regarding Demons. Yun Kexin took the map back from Xiao Chen. After that, she pointed to the foot on the mountain behind the forest. “We need to go through that forest by tomorrow evening and gather with the other teams at the foot of the mountain.”

Zhang Lie felt it was strange, so he asked, “Senior Sister Yun, where did you get this map from? Did someone enter this sub-space before we did?”

Yun Kexin put the map away properly before saying, “We can see the situation of the sub-space from the Reincarnation Well. However, we are only able to observe the rough situation. We can’t see what Demonic Beasts are in this forest.”

They spent the night in silence. When the sky was bright, or at least the sky of the Tianwu Continent was, the injuries of the group had more or less recovered after resting for a night and with the aid of the Blood Replenishing Pill. In this sub-space, the sky was always dark red, causing their perception of time to be a little hazy.

Gao Xiang had just opened his eyes and saw Yun Kexin looking at him expressionlessly. He was startled and muttered, “Senior Sister Yun… I…”

Yun Kexin interrupted him in a cold voice, “If there is a next time, I will kill you personally.”

At this point in time, the others had already risen and saw this scene. They were not compassionate to Gao Xiang. If it were not for Gao Xiang’s recklessness, they would not be in such a miserable state.

Xiao Chen stopped cultivating and opened his eyes. He looked at Yun Kexin and said, “I will scout forward and check the situation out. All of you should wait here first.”

Yun Kexin stopped Xiao Chen and said, “Don’t go out there alone. We will move together. This forest is extremely weird. It is best for us to stay together.”

That seems to make sense. If anything happened suddenly, I might not be able to deal with it alone. Thinking of this, Xiao Chen did not argue about it.

Under Yun Kexin’s lead, everyone moved carefully in this dark forest. After recovering their combat prowess, everyone was able to move much faster. In one hour, they managed to reach the end of the path Xiao Chen carved out yesterday.

Xiao Chen drew his Lunar Saber Shadow and sent out a few strands of saber Qi. The electric light flickered in the forest. It immediately turned a large patch of bushes in front of them into powder.

Everyone was astonished, they did not expect a few casual strands of saber Qi from Xiao Chen would have such destructive power. He was much stronger than a regular peak Inferior Grade Martial Saint.

Xiao Chen said, “I scouted this far yesterday. I am not clear of the situation from here on.”

Yun Kexin nodded and said, “This should be the boundary between the core area of the forest and its peripheries. We cannot afford to be careless from here on. Ye Chen, continue to open a path for us.”


Xiao Chen’s saber Qi reduced the bushes and thorny undergrowth in front of them to dust. Just like that, Xiao Chen forcibly carved a path out for everyone.

After walking for another five hundred meters, the crowd did not run into any danger. The expressions of Zhang Lie and the others could not help but relax a little. However, Yun Kexin’s expression turned even graver.

“Be careful, do not be careless. Otherwise, you might lose your life at any time.” When Yun Kexin saw that there were people letting down their guard, she reminded them.

However, they did not meet with any danger along the way. The team did not take Yun Kexin’s words to heart, they only became a little more alert.

“Pu ci!”

After they walked several kilometers, when the team’s guard was at its lowest, countless scarlet tree branches broke through the air like sharp swords. The headed for the team very quickly.

Yun Kexin, who had always kept her guard up, immediately drew her saber and hacked the tree branches into half. The broken tree branch fell to the ground.

The sudden change in situation caught the others unprepared. Two people who died as a result of the tree branches glowing with a red light piercing through their hearts.

The instant the tree branches appeared, Xiao Chen immediately extended out his Spiritual Sense. He saw a black figure flash back behind a tree five hundred meters away.

Xiao Chen withdrew his Spiritual Sense and looked at the group. He executed the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art and sent out an arc of light in the air. The purple saber Qi destroyed most of the surrounding tree branches with a ‘shua’ sound.

Yun Kexin was not slow to react, either. Her saber trembled in the air and the tree branches flying over in the air seemed like they were stopped by a formless energy. Then, they all fell to the ground noisily.

Xiao Chen was no stranger to these strange branches. He moved to Yun Kexin’s side and said, “There are Tree Spirits in this forest. Furthermore, they are here in great numbers.”

“I know,” Yun Kexin said calmly. “We have to quickly find the position of the Tree Spirits. Otherwise, they will be very difficult to deal with.”

Tree Spirits were very difficult plant-type Demonic Beasts to deal with. They were hidden within the forest. If they did not attack, it would not be possible to differentiate Tree Spirits from ordinary trees.

Gao Xiang revealed an anxious expression, “How hateful, there is no way to locate the Tree Spirits. We are going to get trapped here and die.”


Suddenly, Xiao Chen made a move. A dazzling saber light condensed on his snow-white saber. Then he hacked a tree next to him in half with a loud boom.

“Ye Chen, what are you doing?” Zhang Lie stood at the side and asked, feeling doubtful.

Xiao Chen kept moving, soon, four or five big trees on both sides were completely hacked into half.

After that, Xiao Chen chopped down more and more trees. The crowd, who originally did not understand what was going on, finally understood what Xiao Chen was doing.

Since he could not differentiate them, then he would chop down all the surrounding trees. He would be bound to meet a hiding Tree Spirit.

After a while, all the trees in the group’s surrounding were all chopped down. However, they did not encounter any Tree Spirits. However, the group’s field of vision improved.

When Gao Xiang saw the situation, he could not help but want to go over to help. However, this time, he was not in a rush to make a move. He asked Yun Kexin for her opinion first.

Yun Kexin thought for a while, then nodded to indicate agreement with Gao Xiang’s thoughts. Gao Xiang was not weak. Furthermore, the characteristics of his Martial Technique was very suitable for fighting with Tree Spirits.

After he discovered a Tree Spirit, he could rely on the ferocious Martial Techniques of Qianduan Peak to kill the Tree Spirit.


Gao Xiang drew the huge saber from his back and revealed an excited expression. He pushed his feet off the ground and shouted before landing beside a huge tree.

The huge saber carried a huge force as he hacked it toward the tree.


There was a loud sound, but strangely enough, this tree was not broken by Gao Xiang.

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