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Chapter 241: Entering the Sealed Land


Suddenly the sky above the drill grounds turned dark. There were loud rumbling sounds. The crowd raised their heads and saw several huge bird-type Spirit Beasts.

When they spread their wings, they spanned a hundred meters. When the Spirit Beasts flew together, they covered the entire sky.

“These are the Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s guardian Spirit Beasts, Heavenly Wind Vultures. They are tyrants of Rank 6 flying Spirit Beasts. I did not expect all of them to show up,” everyone said in shock as they recognized the Spirit Beasts.

The huge Heavenly Wind Vultures created an intense wind. They circled before landing on the drill grounds.

Yun Kexin called the team over and quickly headed to one of the Heavenly Wind Vultures. Everyone quickly followed after her.

The huge Heavenly Wind Vulture resembled the red-tailed eagle from Earth. Its back feathers were light brown, and it was lighter on its belly. Its tail feathers were reddish-brown.

However, on both ends of its wings were sharp claws. They were extremely sharp and had reverse hooks. When it spread its wings, it would cover an area of several hundred square meters.

At the neck of the Heavenly Wind Vulture, there was an old man with a dark complexion. He was the Heavenly Wind Vulture’s coachman.

Xiao Chen and the others walked over. The old man stomped his foot on the Heavenly Wind Vulture’s back. The Heavenly Wind Vulture immediately cried out, created an intense wind, and rushed to the sky.

A strong wind blew from both sides, and a few weaker core disciples were nearly blown down; they were startled.

The Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s Main Hall’s Second Elder watched as the many Heavenly Wind Vultures flew off. He turned to Jiang Chi and said, “First Elder, do you feel at ease letting this group of young people go?”

Jiang Chi said indifferently, “What else do you want me to do? Repeat the mistakes of the previous generation? Despite advising him for so long, he was unwilling to sacrifice these young people. He would rather sacrifice himself. Look at what happened in the end?

“Since the ancient times, only those who lived could be considered geniuses. Regardless of how outstanding you were, after you died, you would no longer be a genius.”

The Third Elder beside them said, “Back then, Tianhe had indeed underestimated the strength of those demons. He was overconfident. Otherwise, there would not have been such a tragedy.”

Jiang Chi continued, “Indeed. As long as we get rid of these projections, the sub-space connecting to the Tianwu Continent will break on its own. Even if the Three Holy Lands do not send someone, we can deal with it ourselves. I am still quite confident in Lu Chen’s strength.”

Up in the clouds, the Heavenly Wind Vulture flew faster and faster. The strong wind made the crowd put in their best efforts, but even so, they could barely hang on.

Soon, Lingyun Mountain Range was far behind them. Xiao Chen observed his surroundings; there was a total of eleven Heavenly Wind Vultures. Of which, there was a core disciple leading them.

Lu Chen and Liu Ruyue were on the remaining Heavenly Wind Vulture. His Spiritual Sense also counted ten others.

Xiao Chen thought to himself, It looks like they selected one hundred core disciples as well as ten hidden geniuses like Lu Chen and Liu Ruyue.

After they traveled for an unknown period through the clouds, the Heavenly Wind Vultures slowed down. A desolate land appeared before everyone.

It was broad, flat land with limitless boundaries. There was no grass on the ground as far as the eye could see; it was completely bare except for rocks of all sizes. There were no signs of life at all; it seemed completely dead.

The eleven Heavenly Wind Vultures all cried out and landed rapidly. Everyone quickly jumped down and looked around their surroundings. They all had an uncomfortable feeling in their hearts.

Lu Chen had a gentle smile on his face as he gathered everyone to him. He said, “The place in front is the location of the seal. Everyone, please make sure you are wearing your identity tokens. If you do not have them, come here and get the spare tokens from me. Otherwise, you will be injured by the boundaries accidently.”

Everyone normally wore their identity token on them. They all checked themselves; no one forgot their identity token.

“En, very good. Then follow me under the lead of your team captains. Don’t run about on your own.”

The atmosphere was incredibly strange. Even without Lu Chen saying anything, they would not have run about on their own.

Everyone followed Lu Chen as they walked towards the front slowly. Soon, Lu Chen suddenly vanished before their eyes; the people following also disappeared.

Yun Kexin explained, “There is no need to worry. They have crossed the boundary. They are fine.”

After the team captains explained, no one panicked. The crowd continued walking, and soon, they felt like they had stepped through a formless barrier. Then, the scene before them suddenly changed.

An ancient well appeared before them. The people who vanished earlier were all there, all gathered beside the well.

The ancient well was no more than a meter tall, but it was very wide. It was about three meters in diameter. The clear water within was like a smooth mirror; there were no ripples on the surface.

Even when the wind blew, there were no ripples in the water. It seemed somewhat strange. It was like the ancient well was hiding some horrifying monster.

Around the ancient well were four old men dressed in black. They stood in the corners like wooden pillars. Further beyond, there was a group of bladesmen from the Divine Saber Camp. They were all standing there, expressionless.

When Lu Chen saw everyone had arrived, he nodded at only of the black-clothed old men. The wooden-pillar-like old man slowly raised his head.

His face had withered like a tree branch; it looked very scary. He said hoarsely, “The name of this well is Reincarnation. Those with bone-ages more than 24 years should leave immediately. Otherwise, you will be sent to an unknown space.”

Lu Chen said, “Senior, we have checked all their bone-ages. The numbers are right, too. You can rest assured.”

The old man glanced at Lu Chen. A bitter smile appeared on his withered face as he said, “I know your father. They are truly cowardly; they don’t even have to guts to make a trip here. I wish you all good luck!”

“I am going to open the seal. Remember, only ten people can go in together.”

The four old men turned around and faced the ancient well. They each took out a strip of jade and made all sorts of hand seals at a rapid speed.

This is the sealing formation from the Ancient Era, Xiao Chen thought to himself. Unfortunately, aside from the Three Holy Lands, the exact details of the formation have been lost in the Tianwu Continent.

“Zi zi!”

Suddenly, light appeared on the calm water surface; it was extremely dazzling. The calm water began churning. A huge whirlpool slowly appeared on the water surface.

The center of the whirlpool was a boundless black hole. It was unknown where it led.

When Lu Chen saw the situation, he immediately said anxiously, “Murong Chong, take your team down first. We will follow the order of the Wind Cloud List. Go, one by one.”

There was no hesitation on Murong Chong’s face. He took the lead and jumped into the whirlpool. The ten people of his team jumped in, one after another. There were no signs of activity; they were instantly sucked into the black hole.

These were the elites of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion core disciples. These people all had stronger mental states compared to other cultivators. When facing the unknown, they did not overly hesitate.

Soon, it came to Xiao Chen and his team’s turn. Yun Kexin took the lead and jumped in. Xiao Chen looked at that bottomless, spinning black hole, then followed after.

The instant he was sucked into the black hole, Xiao Chen’s body disintegrated into countless particles. However, he did not feel anything; his consciousness was a blur.

After an unknown period, perhaps forever or perhaps an instant, Xiao Chen felt his body reassemble itself back together. He landed firmly on the ground.

This was a strange space; the ground composed of black mud. He raised his head and saw a red moon hanging high in the air. It was utterly scarlet; it was incredibly queer.

Occasionally, there were strange black birds, about the size of crows, circling in the air. They were crying out repeatedly, making people feel frustrated.

After Xiao Chen landed, Mu Heng and the others slowly appeared. Nine of them gathered together and looked around. However, they did not discover Yun Kexin.

Zhang Lie looked around and felt it was odd. He said, “Why do we not see Yun Kexin? Where are the other people from the other teams?”

“Stop looking; I am here.” Suddenly, Yun Kexin appeared behind them, “I just went to take a look at the surroundings.”

Another one of the female disciples, Liu Jia asked, somewhat worried, “What about the others? Did we separate from them? What’s going on?”

Yun Kexin raised her head to look at the sky. A grave look appeared on her calm face. She said, “Wait for a while before asking me questions. Prepare for battle now.”

Xiao Chen had already placed his right hand on the saber’s hilt. The strange birds in the sky had an evil aura. They had been circling above their heads without leaving.

Yun Kexin said quickly, “These are Blood Crows. They are Rank 4 Demonic Beasts. They live on blood. Their rank should be higher in the Demonic World. The most important thing is they explode when they die.

“Ye Chen, I will leave these Blood Crows to you. Attacks with a lightning attribute can stop them from exploding when they die. Mu Heng, you are in charge of defense. If Xiao Chen is unable to kill them all, you just have to block them. There is no need to kill them. As for the rest, stay still temporarily.”

“Pu Ci!”

Right after Yun Kexin spoke, three Blood Crows in the air dove downward. When looking from afar, it looked like three scarlet arrows falling from the sky.

“Ka Ca!”

Xiao Chen did not wait for the Blood Crows to reach them. He immediately pulled out the Lunar Shadow Saber. A snow-white saber light appeared in the dark space.

Xiao Chen hacked out three times and three pure lightning-attributed saber Qi were sent out in a flash.

Scarlet blood filled the air. The three Blood Crows split into two halves and fell from the sky.

A black aura poured incessantly from their wounds. The electric light Xiao Chen left behind stuck to the wound, giving off a ‘zi zi’ sound.

Before he had the chance to take a breath, the sky turned dark, and several hundred Blood Crows flew over. The sound of their wings flapping was very loud.

Xiao Chen had a calm expression on his face. The instant the Blood Crows drew near, he shouted, “Flight On Wings, Disordered Dance of a Thousand Years!”

“Pu Ci! Pu Ci!”

Xiao Chen’s figure flashed in the air; saber light flew everywhere. A limitless number of saber Qi launched at the crowd of Blood Crows. Every time Xiao Chen changed a position, he sent out twenty streams of saber Qi.

Xiao Chen changed his position a total of 81 times and sent out 1620 streams of saber Qi. Each saber Qi took out a large group of Blood Crows.

When Xiao Chen landed, the ground was full of mutilated Blood Crow corpses. With the pure state of thunder, the electric light was stuck to the wound without scattering.

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