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Chapter 239: Divine Flame Talisman

The instant the saber slid out of the scabbard, Xiao Chen felt an extremely complicated formation within the Lunar Shadow Saber. The formation markings were very dense, like a spider web.

There was a resplendent light in the middle of the formation. It looked like it could explode at anything. Xiao Chen immediately understood what Liu Tianyu meant by ‘You will know how to execute that move when you open your eyes.’

The secret lay in the center of the formation. Once he made the resplendent light explode, he would probably be able to execute that move. Xiao Chen tested it a little; he extended his Spiritual Sense into it and touched that light gently.

“Chi! Chi!” A horrifying energy immediately rushed out of the center of the formation, extending into its surroundings. The spider-web-like formation markers started to glow a little.

Xiao Chen was startled and quickly withdrew his Spiritual Sense. The energy on the formation immediately scattered like a receding tide. “So, that is how one uses this. Using my Spiritual Sense is like a spark lighting explosives, just a little will set it off.”

Xiao Chen sheathed the Lunar Shadow Saber back into the scabbard, immediately breaking the connection between his Spiritual Sense and the strange formation. Xiao Chen looked at the scabbard and shook his head as he muttered to himself, “What a strange scabbard; I should change to a new one in the future.”

When the sky turned bright, Liu Ruyue came to Xiao Chen’s courtyard, looking for him. Then, she told him the purpose of her visit.

Xiao Chen was somewhat astonished. He said, “Elder Sister Ruyue, you have to participate in this mission as well?”

Liu Ruyue laughed and said, “The rule for this mission is: all experts under the age of 24 in the Heavenly Saber Pavilion have to participate. I happen to meet the requirement barely. I’m getting old. This mission mostly consists of people like you, people around the age of eighteen or nineteen.”

Xiao Chen rubbed his nose and said, “Elder Sister Ruyue… actually, you look like you are still seventeen or eighteen. Furthermore, you have a disposition that those little girls do not have.”

Liu Ruyue blushed slightly and looked at Xiao Chen in surprise. She said, “That is surprising. I do not think I have ever seen you praise a girl before. You practically spend all your time cultivating; you barely even speak.

“You have to pace yourself in cultivation; don’t get too engrossed in it. Otherwise, you might develop a heart demon in future.”

When Xiao Chen heard this, he was slightly stunned. His character had always been more on the reserved side. In his original world, he did not engage in long conversations. After he arrived in this cruel world, his character became even more apparent.

There was no need to discuss anything unnecessary there was no need to do anything unnecessary. This had always been his principle on how to deal with other people. Today, he said something unprecedented and praised Liu Ruyue’s looks so boldly. Even he was surprised at this.

Xiao Chen did not wish to waste too much time on this, so he changed the topic and said, “What exactly are the details of this mission? Elder Sister Ruyue, have you received any news?”

Liu Ruyue shook her head and said, “I am not clear on it either. I only know that the person heading this operation is Lu Chen. It is the Lu Chen you met in the Returning Cloud Hall.”

“Lu Chen?” Xiao Chen had a pretty deep impression of this person. “He is only 24 years old? Is he even stronger than Elder Sister Ruyue?”

Since Lu Chen was the person-in-charge, then his cultivation must be the highest among the crowd. Liu Ruyue’s cultivation was horrifying already; was Lu Chen even more horrifying than Liu Ruyue.

Liu Ruyue nodded and said, “His cultivation is about the same as mine. However, the Martial Techniques he practices are quite special. So, his combat prowess is slightly stronger than mine. However, he is one year younger than I am.”

Xiao Chen blushed with shame in his heart. He was only 23-years-old, and he was very close to becoming a Martial King. Originally, Xiao Chen thought that, aside from Liu Ruyue, there were no other geniuses on the same level.

It looked like it was as the Executive Elder of the Hall of Contributions said. Talent was worth the least in the Heavenly Saber Pavilion.

When Liu Ruyue saw Xiao Chen feeling dejected, she consoled him, “There is no need to be discouraged. Lu Chen is being nurtured to be the next leader of the Divine Saber Camp. He has enjoyed the best conditions within the Heavenly Saber Pavilion. Medicinal Pills, Spirit Stones, Secret Techniques, and there are deathsworn soldiers for him to cultivate a killing Qi. That’s all too much to compete with.”

Xiao Chen understood the terror of the Divine Saber Camp long ago. They could be called the true elites of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion, the final line of defense. It was normal for their future leader to have such strong cultivation.

“Zi Zi!”

A green bird circled above them in the sky before landing. Liu Ruyue signaled Xiao Chen to leap on. Then, they headed to the Heaven Viewing Platform.

Liu Ruyue’s skills of piloting the bird were significantly better than Liu Suifeng’s. They only spent a quarter of the time traveling to the drill grounds of the Heaven Viewing Platform.

There were not many people on the drill grounds yet. No one could be seen in the surrounding spectator stands; it seemed so empty.

Not long after they landed, an elder led away Liu Ruyue. Xiao Chen watched as she left. He thought to himself, It looks like Liu Ruyue will know some of the details in advance.

“Ye Chen! How long have you been here?” Not long after Liu Ruyue left, two familiar people walked over to Xiao Chen. They were Mu Heng and Zhang Lie, who arrived much earlier.

Xiao Chen was somewhat surprised that they were together, “I just arrived. Have you guys heard anything about this mission?”

Liu Tianyu revealed little information to Xiao Chen. Xiao Chen felt quite uncertain. The statuses of these two were not ordinary; they should have received some inside news.

Mu Heng had a somewhat grave expression as he said, “My father did not reveal much information to me. However, he used a phrase to describe this mission: nine deaths out of ten, only one will live.”

That was not much information; Xiao Chen was somewhat disappointed. It was not more than what he knew, “Since it is so dangerous, why does your father dare send you?”

When Mu Heng heard this, he took out a talisman, “This is a Divine Flame Talisman. It can pierce through space in an instant. Zhang Lie has one as well.”

Divine Flame Talisman… Xiao Chen had heard of this before. It was extremely expensive. It originated from the Great Jin Nation and frequently lacked supply. Usually, once one appeared in the Great Qin Nation, it would be taken immediately. He did not expect each of them to have one.

With the Divine Flame Talisman, they would be able to preserve their lives during a crucial moment. No wonder they dared to participate in this dangerous mission. They had prepared their escape route long ago.

Mu Heng continued to say, “The news I received mentioned that there is a limited number of Divine Flame Talismans. Aside from the top ten core disciple rankers on the Wind Cloud List, the Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s Elders’ Assembly have not issued the others a Divine Flame Talisman.”

Xiao Chen could understand why it was so. This was simply natural selection. The more outstanding people would have preferential treatment. This would be the same regardless of wherever you were.

With Liu Tianyu’s status, he was able to obtain a Divine Flame Talisman. However, why did he not give one to Xiao Chen? The reason was not difficult to guess.

[TL note: It is not specifically mentioned in the raws, but I believe the reason is that Liu Tianyu gave it to Liu Ruyue, his daughter.]

Zhang Lie, who had been silent all the while, suddenly spoke, “Ye Chen, you broke through to Martial Saint?”

Xiao Chen nodded and smiled gently, “Didn’t you do the same as well?”

When Zhang Lie heard this, he smiled bitterly, “I thought by reaching Martial Saint, I would be able to surpass you slightly. Who knew you became a Martial Saint as well?”

People arrived at the drill grounds one after another. The Elders’ Assembly took away the top ten on the Wind Cloud List the moment they arrived. It was likely that they were distributing the Divine Flame Talismans.

The three of them continued chatting for a long time, exchanging their experiences and understanding. They had quite impressive talents and some unique understanding of Saber Techniques.

After they chatted, the three of them felt they benefited greatly. There were many questions which they could not figure out the answer to normally, but they managed to after that.

This was especially true for Xiao Chen and Zhang Lie. The two of them had practiced their Lingyun Saber Technique to Great Perfection. However, they comprehended it differently. After they exchanged their experiences, they gained further comprehensions.

“Ye Chen, come over here for a while. I need to speak to you!”

Liu Ruyue’s melodious voice came from ahead. Xiao Chen took his leave from the two and quickly walked over.

Liu Ruyue had an exceptionally grave expression. She led Xiao Chen to a deserted place. Then, she took out a Divine Flame Talisman. “This is a Divine Flame Talisman. It can save your life at a crucial moment. Take it.”

Xiao Chen was somewhat stunned; he did not expect Liu Ruyue to give him her Divine Flame Talisman. However, since Liu Tianyu did not give him a Divine Flame Talisman, he probably had other intentions.

Xiao Chen shook his head and refused it. “You should only have one Divine Flame Talisman. You should keep it for yourself. I have my Movement Technique to escape; it should be more than enough.”

Liu Ruyue frowned and said somewhat angrily, “Are you saying your Movement Technique is better than mine? Now that your strength has improved, you are looking down on your master?”

Xiao Chen did not know what to do, he quickly explained, “No, that is not what I meant. I am saying that…”

“Stop explaining yourself. If I tell you to take it, then take it. Otherwise, I really will get angry,” Liu Ruyue’s temper began to flare.

Xiao Chen could only helplessly receive the Divine Flame Talisman Liu Ruyue passed to him, “Thank you, Elder Sister Ruyue!”

After Liu Ruyue saw Xiao Chen take the Divine Flame Talisman, her expression immediately turned warm. She said, “That’s the way. I cannot be with you on this mission. I just received some news. There is a total of a hundred people participating in this mission.

“You will be divided into ten teams; each team will consist of ten people. The top ten core disciple rankers on the Wind Cloud List will lead them. This mission is very dangerous; you have to be careful.”

After Liu Ruyue spoke, she left Xiao Chen in a hurry. It was obvious she was in a rush.

Xiao Chen thought to himself, It looks like Liu Ruyue already knows about the details of this mission. Given how much of a rush she is in, this mission should be more dangerous than I originally thought.

When Xiao Chen returned to the drill grounds, Mu Heng and Zhang Lie immediately waved to him, indicating for him to come over. Xiao Chen nodded and quickly walked over.

On the drill grounds, all hundred people who were participating in the mission had gathered. The Elders’ Assembly’s people seem to be discussing something anxiously on the tall platform in front.

Suddenly, Zhang Lie asked in a whisper, “Ye Chen, did your master reveal any information? I saw her standing with the elders; she should know something, right?!”

When Mu heng heard that, he watched Xiao Chen curiously. Xiao Chen shook his head, “She did not say anything. She only gave me a Divine Flame Talisman. Anyway, we are about to depart; they will reveal the answer to us soon.”

Mu Heng nodded and said, “That’s true; there is no point in us making any wild speculations. We will not be able to obtain any answers. We might as well wait calmly.”

After waiting for a long time, there was still no news. The people in the drill grounds were starting to grow impatient. When all the sounds of discussion were combined, it was extremely noisy.

Xiao Chen tilted to the side and listened for a while; they were all guesses as to the contents of the missions. What surprised him was that many people managed to make a correct rough guess.”

Up on the tall platform, the discussion had ended. The Main Hall’s Elders’ Assembly’s First Elder, Jiang Chi, heard the noise from the drill grounds and frowned slightly, “Silence!”

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