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Chapter 235: Face Slapping Again! Pa! Pa! Pa!

A bright light exploded out of the snow-white Lunar Shadow Saber, condensing into a resplendent saber light.


The instant the two weapons met, an intense whirlwind appeared with the saber in Lin Feng’s hand as the center. It had swallowed the howling wind and torrential rain from earlier and gushed out with an even more violent aura.

“Ti Da! Ti Da!”

The sound of a torrential rain started to sound beside Xiao Chen’s ear. Every time a drop of rain was heard, the energy in Lin Feng’s saber increased.

Toward the end, the sound of rain became more intense. There were gray clouds covering the sky; it had actually started raining for real.

Furthermore, the energy in Lin Feng’s saber had risen to a horrifying level. Xiao Chen had some difficulty blocking the energy from the saber, and his body could not resist moving backward.

The torrential rain soon made Xiao Chen’s clothes and hair wet. Lin Feng revealed a pleased expression, “You are very fortunate, you are my first opponent since my Torrential Rain Saber Technique reached Great Perfection. I even gave up on the top ninety spots.”

“The might of this move—Swallowing Cloud Drinking Rain—can grow infinitely without limits. The longer you defend against it, the stronger the pressure on you will be. In the end, your injuries will only be more severe. I advise you to admit your defeat early.”

Xiao Chen moved back slowly in the howling wind and torrential rain. His expression did not change when he heard Lin Feng’s words. Instead, he revealed a faint smile, “Grow infinitely without limit? I said I will give you the chance to execute five moves. As before, I will not attack you for this move!”

Unless it was a Great Perfection mysterious phenomenon, no one else would dare to claim their strength could grow infinitely without limit. Even a Great Perfection Mysterious Phenomenon could be broken through with force.

To be able to manifest such a realistic mysterious phenomenon, Lin Feng’s move was very shocking. However, to Xiao Chen, it was full of holes—it would be easy to break it.

However, Xiao Chen did not intend to do so. Xiao Chen placed his left hand on the saber hilt, changing the way he gripped the saber into a two-handed grip. He immediately stopped moving backward and shouted, “Self Appreciating Lonely Mountain!”

The illusion of a thousand-meter-tall mountain appeared behind Xiao Chen. The summit was shrouded in clouds and pierced through the layer of dark clouds in the sky. After that, it poured into Xiao Chen’s body.


The instant the mountain entered Xiao Chen’s body, a majestic aura poured out from within. Xiao Chen stood up straight on the arena, as though he were a majestic mountain.

The winds may howl, the rain may torrent against me, but I will still not move. Infinite growth without limit? Screw that. I shall not fear, I shall simply stand here and admire myself!

This move was the strongest defensive move in the Lingyun Saber Technique. When it was executed, Lin Feng felt a huge pressure. No matter how much the strength increased, he was not able to move Xiao Chen.

In his eyes, it was like his saber had hacked a majestic mountain—there was no effect at all.

“Retreat!” Lin Feng withdrew his saber and retreated backward urgently. The mysterious phenomenon in the air disappeared instantly. The Swallowing Cloud Drinking Rain could indeed grow without limit. However, it would still require sufficient Essence to support it.

Covering the entire arena with the mysterious phenomenon was already the limit of Lin Feng’s abilities. If he maintained it for a long time, he could lost as a result of Essence exhaustion without Xiao Chen having to do anything.

Xiao Chen smiled lightly and dissipated the energy from the Self Appreciating Lonely Mountain. He looked at the retreating Lin Feng and said, “There are three more moves, let’s see what kind of ability you have.

Lin Feng saw that Xiao Chen’s expression was that of having all this planned, to play with him in the palm of his hands. He shouted angrily and his Qi and blood surged. Lin Feng did not bother to use any Martial Technique and simply rushed at Xiao Chen.

“Sou! Sou!”

Quick Saber Lin Feng… even though he did not use any Martial Technique, his speed became even faster. A strand of saber Qi flashed by before Xiao Chen, causing him to be mildly surprised.

In the time it took for a spark to fly, Xiao Chen moved his body back. Two strands of hair on his forehead were chopped off. He had narrowly dodged this saber strike.

“Two more moves!” Xiao Chen pushed his feet off the ground and retreated backward by more than a hundred meters, increasing the distance between him and Lin Feng.

Xiao Chen’s words were like a demon plaguing Lin Feng, it make him feel very frustrated. He felt extremely helpless and uncoordinated, and he had no idea how to attack Xiao Chen.

Wanren Peak’s Wang Qinian revealed a disappointed look as he looked at Lin Feng on the arena. He turned to Luo Kedi, who was beside him, and said, “Let’s go, I don’t wish to continue watching.”

Luo Kedi shook his head as well and followed after Wang Qinian, slowly walking out of the pavilion. The result was already decided, there was nothing much to watch.

“Your five moves are over, you can go down now.” Xiao Chen said gently as he dodged a cluster of saber Qi from Lin Feng.

Lin Feng laughed coldly and said, “Don't speak as if you can casually defeat me at any time. You are currently being suppressed by me, stop finding excuses for yourself.”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and did not argue. He executed the high leveled technique in the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art—Roaming Dragon’s Nine Transformations. Nine illusions that were difficult to differentiate from real ones appeared on the arena.

“Hu Ci!”

The nine figures attacked at the same time, turning into cool breezes, blowing at Lin Feng from all directions. The cool breezes blew gently; it was very refreshing.

Lin Feng did not feel any killing intent or pressure at all. Instead, he even felt comfortable. By the time he realized something was wrong, there were nine deep cavities in his chest. Suddenly, he felt pain and blood spurted out.

The nine figures merged back together and the Lunar Shadow Saber returned to its scabbard. Xiao Chen stood behind Lin Feng and said indifferently, “My apologies. I can, indeed, defeat you casually. Regardless be it in the past or now.”

“Pu Tong!” Lin Feng collapsed to the ground and he muttered, “Clear Wind Chop. Seeing only the cool breeze and not the saber. One of Qingyun Peak’s seven Secret Techniques. I should have thought about that long ago.

The chief examiner removed Lin Feng’s identity token and waved his hands. Immediately, someone came and carried Lin Feng off the arena, bringing him away for treatment.

The large crowd remained silent even after they saw this scene. Although they knew that it was possible Lin Feng was not a match for Xiao Chen, they had not expected Xiao Chen to be able to play with him like he was in the middle of his palm.

With only one saber strike, the second strongest core disciple of Wanren Peak was defeated. This display of strength was similar to that of the top ten core disciple rankers.

Then, they remembered that Xiao Chen was currently only a peak Superior Grade Martial Grand Master. If he managed to become a Martial Saint, his name would certainly appeared on the top ten of the Wind Cloud List.

Mu Heng stood beside Zhang Lie and whispered, “Do you still think Ye Chen does not have the strength to challenge the top ten?”

Zhang Lie revealed the trace of a bitter smile, as he discovered he was not able to see through Xiao Chen’s strength. He seemed to have an endless amount of trump cards. First, it was the Lingyun Saber Technique’s seventeenth move. Now, it was Qingyun Peak’s Secret Technique.

“I take back what I said earlier. He does indeed have the strength to challenge the top ten of the Wind Cloud List. However, I will personally defeat him in the true Ranking War at the end of the year.”

Mu Heng laughed and did not say any more, although he felt that Zhang Lie was somewhat naive.

In this world, there were some people who would only go further and further after they overtook you. No matter how hard you work, eventually, you would not even be able to chase after their backs.

In Mu Heng’s opinion, Xiao Chen was one such person. He was neither arrogant nor impatient. He kept himself hidden but once he revealed himself, even the heavens would be startled.

In the highest part of the pavilion, the top ten core disciples each occupied a spot to themselves.

Murong Chong maintained a calm expression all the while. When he saw Xiao Chen execute the Clear Wind Chop, he could not help but be slightly moved emotionally. He looked at Liu Ruyue’s figure in the distance and muttered, “Clear Wind Chop! Ruyue, have you not given up yet? Regardless, I will make you realize that aside from me, no one else can help you revitalize Qingyun Peak.”

After that, Mu Heng and Zhang Lie easily defeated their opponents. The battles had finally ended. Including Lin Feng, there were seven people who permanently lost their status as core disciples.

The chief examiner looked at the crowd and said, “You may disperse. Mu heng, Ye Chen, and Zhang Lie… stay for a while.”

After the chief examiner led the rest away, he said to them, “According to the intentions of the those above, the three of you have the right to participate in this mission as well. Don’t ask me about the mission, you will find out about it three days later.

“What you need to do within these three days is to try and do your best to improve yourselves.”

The three of them glanced at each other. From their looks, there were traces of surprise.

The round full moon hung high in the sky, gently giving off a quiet glow. This glow shone on every piece of land in Qingyun Peak.

Xiao Chen was seated cross-legged on his bed in his personal courtyard.

It is time to break through to the fourth layer of the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation, Xiao Chen thought to himself. There was three more days’ time. He had to make use of them to improve his Cultivation Technique and Cultivation Realm.

The whirlpool in his body span very fast, and the Essence slowly circulated through his meridians according to the circulation pathway of the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation. The surrounding lightning attributed Spiritual Energy rapidly gathered toward Xiao Chen.

As the Spiritual Energy poured into Xiao Chen, the Essence in his meridians slowly turned from transparent to a crystalline translucent purple.

The Purple Thunder Divine Incantation had a threshold every three layers. After every three layers, there would be a qualitative change. The first three layers were only the foundation of the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation. Only when the fourth layer was reached could one then be barely considered to have been inducted.

At the fourth layer, not only could one practice higher leveled Immortal Spells, the Purple Thunder True Fire Origin Flame would be improved by another step.

The most important thing was that the Essence in his body would generate some lightning energy. In the future, the moves he made would generate a strong lightning attribute electric light.

When he cultivated lightning attributed Martial Techniques, it would be able to be accomplished with less effort. The Rushing Thunder Saber Technique, which required a fortuitous encounter to advance, might even be improved. He might finally be able to practice the final move of the Rushing Thunder Saber Technique—the Rushing Thunder Third Chain Chop.

Hence, breaking through to the fourth layer from the third was harder than breaking through to the previous layers. Fortunately, Xiao Chen had made ample preparations.

Regardless, be it the twenty auspicious signs from the underground world, or the Immortal Grade Flowing Light Marigold, they all raised the odds of successfully breaking through to the fourth layer.

Time slowly went by, and after an hour, the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation had completed a great cycle.

The crystalline translucent purple Essence slowly returned to the whirlpool. Xiao Chen sent his consciousness down and saw some purple colored arcs of electricity appearing at the bottom of the whirlpool.

Although there was very little of it, the energy contained in them made Xiao Chen mildly astonished. After a while, the arcs of electricity condensed into a purple liquid and slowly dripped down.

When I condense 361 purple electric lights, my Purple Thunder Divine Incantation should be able to advance to the fourth layer. Xiao Chen thought to himself.

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