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Chapter 230: The Shy Xiao Bai


Xiao Chen, who was high in the air, pointed the tip of his saber at Zhang Lie and locked on his Spiritual Sense. His body moved downwards in a diagonal line, flying at Zhang Lie like a meteor.

Everywhere Xiao Chen passed, the image of a mountain started to materialize slowly, starting from the summit to the foot; Xiao Chen’s body seemed to be drawing out the mountain in the air.

There were very rarely seen plants on the mountain peak. The trees formed forests. There were birds and beasts, flying or walking about. If one looked carefully, there were even countless buildings in the middle of the mountain. One could even faintly see countless human figures in the buildings practicing Martial Techniques with loud voices.

The bigger the mountain, the faster was Xiao Chen’s speed; the increase in speed was quite obvious.

On the high platform, all the elders and Peak Masters were shocked. “This is the Small Perfection mysterious phenomenon. There is practically no way to break it.”

The lights flying at Xiao Chen were all buried in the illusion of his mysterious phenomenon, vanishing without a trace.

However, the lines of light fired in other directions exploded. They were like claps of thunder, discharging endlessly as they headed for the clouds.

The air seemed to have split in half, like a waterfall splitting. It only came back together after a long time. Unfortunately, that was not where Xiao Chen was; it was useless.

“Hu Chi!”

The mountain formed completely. Xiao Chen’s speed instantly broke the sound barrier. A sonic boom rang out by Zhang Lie’s ear. This all happened in an instant. Afterward, Xiao Chen landed about two hundred meters behind Zhang Lie.

Zhang Lie stretched out his hand and touched his forehead gently; there was a small wound there. To him, it was negligible.

“I lost!” Zhang Lie knew that Xiao Chen had shown mercy. Otherwise, this saber strike could have pierced through his forehead. Although he felt dissatisfied, he still jumped down from the spear tip.

“Boom!” Zhang Lie staggered and fell over. The final saber strike had completely exhausted his Spirit, Qi, and mind. In the end, he still failed; he could no longer hold on.

The Jade Maiden Peak elders quickly rushed over and carried Zhang Lie out, starting treatment on his wounds.

“It’s your turn!” Xiao Chen said as he looked at Mu Heng, who was not far away.

Mu Heng smiled faintly and jumped down from the spear tip. “There is no need. Your final move has a Small Perfection mysterious phenomenon. I am not able to block it. You have expended too much Essence already. I will not take advantage of you. I will defeat you fair and square in the future.”

“Twisting Road Around Peak… So that is what the seventeenth move of the Lingyun Saber Technique is like. No one has managed to execute it for several hundred years.”

“Indeed, Zhang Lie’s ability to execute the sixteenth move, Everlasting Startling Cloud, is horrifying already. However, it is nothing in the face of the seventeenth move.”

“Mu Heng is quite magnanimous; he gave up immediately. He did not take advantage of his opponent’s situation. With such a bearing, his future accomplishments will not be few. Senior Brother Mu raised a good son.”

The crowd and the Peak Masters on the platforms were all expressing their opinions on the earlier fight. There was only one person who remained silent; he had a gloomy expression.

Without having to say it, this person was, of course, the Biyun Peak’s Peak Master who had used his position to guarantee Xiao Chen’s loss. Right after he spoke, Xiao Chen used the Twisting Road Around Peak and slapped Song Que’s face. It was truly the Twisting Road Around Peak.

“Junior Brother Song, it looks like you should be careful about what you say. Haha!” the Qianduan Peak’s Peak Master joked.

Before Song Que lost his arm, he conducted himself in a domineering manner; he was extremely arrogant. He did not have a good relationship with the other Peak Masters. Now that they saw him making a joke of himself, they could not help but make fun of him.

Song Que snorted coldly, “What ability? Mu Heng gave up. If Mu Heng did not give up, this brat would have lost the right to continue with the exam.”

When Liu Ruyue heard this, she immediately said mockingly, “All the Biyun Peak disciples have been eliminated already. What are you still doing here? Aren’t you just asking to be mocked?”

Song Que flushed red. He smacked a wooden table violently and said, “Since when have you controlled my movements?.”


Just as the two of them were arguing, the First Elder, Jiang Chi, who was on the tall platform, threw another black dart at the chief examiner.

“Is there another change to the situation?” Everyone stopped their discussions and felt suspicious.

On the drill grounds, the chief examiner caught the black dart and opened the note on it. After a while, he looked at the crowd and said, “Mu Heng and Zhang Lie, the Elders’ Assembly decided to make an exception and declare that the three of you passed the second stage. We will now stop the exam temporarily and start the arena battles in three days. You can disperse now!

“Furthermore, I believe everyone has also guessed it. This particular exam is different from the past. There are only ten core disciple spots this time. However, the rewards will be five times those of the past. I hope everyone will continue to do your best after you go back.”

Mu Heng, who was originally prepared to leave, could not help but stop when he heard those words. Thus, he shook his head and said, “If I can’t get the first place, there is no point in taking the exam.”

On the spear formation, Xiao Chen held the flag as he jumped down gently and looked at the elders on the high platform. He pondered, What is the purpose of these three days?

In Xiao Chen’s courtyard, the moonlight was shining through the window.

Xiao Chen was sitting cross-legged on his bed and circulating the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation. He was slowly recovering his Spirit, Qi, and mind, which he exhausted during the day.

The whirlpool in his dantain was spinning without stopping. Drops of crystal clear fluid slowly fell out.

Xiao Chen felt the speed of his Purple Thunder Divine Incantation circulating. He thought to himself, Looks like I am going to breakthrough through to the fourth layer of the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation. Something major is definitely going to happen after his exam. I should make some preparations.

If I have the opportunity to breakthrough to the fourth layer of Purple Thunder Divine Incantation, I should give it a try, in case of a rainy day.

Around midnight, a white light flashed silently in the Spirit Blood Jade in front of Xiao Chen’s chest. Under the moonlight, Xiao Bai’s completely white body quietly appeared. Then, it went through the window and headed out of the courtyard.

Xiao Chen opened his eyes and looked in the direction Xiao Bai left. He laughed for a bit and did not bother with it.

In the past few days, Xiao Bai would go out almost every night. Initially, Xiao Chen was somewhat worried. However, he discovered that it did not go far. It would steal a bottle of wine from Shao Yang before going to the back mountains to cultivate. Before the sun rose, it would always return.

Since it was so, Xiao Chen relaxed. To the active Xiao Bai, the place it liked the least was the Spirit Blood Jade. Xiao Chen was quite happy to let it roam around safely.

Recollecting his thoughts, Xiao Chen continued to circulate the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation; he was making his final preparations to break through to the fourth layer of the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation.

Xiao Bai, who was outside the courtyard, turned into a white shadow as it ran out happily. It made its way to Shao Yang’s room; it was very familiar with the way.

Xiao Bai dexterously opened the window to Shao Yang’s room without making any sound. When it came out, it was carrying a bottle of wine, elatedly drinking.

When Xiao Bao finished the contents of the bottle, there was a trace of redness on its face. Under the moonlight, it looked very beautiful; its intelligent eyes were very charming.

Xiao Bai quickly ran to the back mountain and found a place with dense Spiritual Energies. It sat down in a cross-legged fashion like humans. The dense Essence in its body slowly circulated the Mysterious Nine Heavenly Revolution Transformation.

There was a drizzle; the surrounding Spiritual Energy fell like rain. Under the moonlight, the drops of Spiritual Energy had a certain unexplainable grace and beauty.

The rain instantly entered Xiao Bai’s body. Its white body started to turn transparent. In the lower parts of its body, there was a vague spot of light; it was exceptionally obvious.

Xiao Bai leaped around happily and absorbed the Spiritual Energy drop by drop. As the amount of Spiritual Energy absorbed increased, the spot of light grew bigger.

After a short while, the spot of light… no, it was no longer a spot of light. Instead, it was a small ball of light giving off a warm and gentle glow.

The small ball of light repeatedly changed into all sorts of different forms. Finally, it struggled to form the shape of a tiny human. However, it was not able to maintain it for more than a minute. The human figure scattered into countless motes of light before turning back into a light ball.

The Mysterious Nine Heavenly Revolution Transformation was a highly ranked Immortal Grade technique for Demonic Beast cultivation in the Immortal World. According to the records in the Compendium of Cultivation, simply the cultivation speed would be faster than Xiao Chen’s Purple Thunder Divine Incantation, not to mention the other benefits.

If Xiao Chen were here and discovered what Xiao Bai was doing, he would be shocked. This was because Xiao Bai was trying to change its form.

The Spirit Beasts of the Tianwu Continent could only change their form when they reach the level of Martial Monarch. Furthermore, the process was very painful. It was an intensely hair-raising experience, and the failure rate was extremely high.

However, once it succeeded, it would be a qualitative change to the Spirit Beast. Not only would their appearance change, but they would also be no different from humans.

Furthermore, their Spiritual Intelligence would increase drastically. They would be able to learn the human’s Cultivation Techniques and Martial Techniques. For a Spirit Beast who could only fight using its physical body, their strength would increase by at least two times.

The path of changing forms had too low a success rate. Once they failed, they would turn into ash and disappear. Although many Spirit Beasts yearned for it, few would choose such a path.

Furthermore, even if they succeeded in changing forms, they would not be able to assimilate into human society completely. Most would choose to go to the sect of the Fiend Race—Myriad Fiend Palace. It was a sect that was passed down by the ancient Fiend Race. It was only there that they were able to fit in.

The rain made from Spiritual Energy slowly scattered. Xiao Bai stopped cultivating and looked up at the night sky. There was a melancholic look in its eyes.

Under the soft and gentle glow of the moon, Xiao Bai hugged its wine bottle and walked back to Xiao Chen’s courtyard unsteadily.

Three days flew by in a flash. The Purple Thunder Divine Incantation was already stable at the third layer. As long as Xiao Chen wanted to, he could make a breakthrough to the fourth layer at any time.

On this particular night, Xiao Chen was in the courtyard practicing the Lingyun Saber Technique, consolidating the Twisting Road Around Peak he recently comprehended.

There was a cool breeze in the courtyard. The leaves flew everywhere, and all sorts of illusions of mountains appeared and disappeared repeatedly. Xiao Chen withdrew his saber and thought carefully about that fight.

The path I walk is different from Zhang Lie. I internalize the mysterious phenomenon and focus of the energies within. However, on that day, I was only able to materialize the mysterious phenomenon. I was not able to perfectly merge it in.

If I can perfectly merge it into the Saber Technique, its might should raise by another level. Even if it were a Small Perfection mysterious phenomenon, it is not without flaws. In front of a true bladesman, it could easily break.

So, I have to think of a way to make the mysterious phenomenon merge into my saber.

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