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Chapter 227: The Capital to be Arrogant

Although the identity of core disciple is very tempting, such tragic competition caused one to feel frightened.

“Hu Chi!”

Suddenly, a strong wind blew, causing sand to fill the air. Five black flags flew over from afar, heading towards the spear formation.

When they felt the number of flags, the seven people could not help but feel anxious. There were only five flags… that meant that out of them, two would be eliminated.

Gao Yang was frowning heavily; he was nineteen-years-old already. If he did not succeed this time, he would have no more opportunities to become a core disciple; he could not afford to lose here.

It was not that he did not want to snatch one of the earlier fifteen flags. However, he knew that with his strength, if he made the first move, he would encounter fierce attacks.

Even if he got the flag, he would expose his trump cards; it would not be good for the arena battles.


The remaining disciple from Jade Maiden Peak, Wang Mei, made the first move. Her petite body left behind a white shadow in the air. She managed to grab a flag instantly and headed for the ground.

“Senior Sister Wang, sorry for the offense,” the remaining disciple from Gangyu Peak, Zhao Heng, said to Wang Mei. He immediately flew forward and snatched the same flag.

The two of them wasted no time speaking nonsense; they simply started fighting in mid-air as each held a corner of the flag.

Xiao Chen did not look at the two of them; he did not even bother to look at the flags in the air. He flashed by in the air and rushed at the final Biyun Peak disciple on the spear formation.

“Clouds around the Peak!”

He pulled the Lunar Shadow Saber from its scabbard with a ‘huang dang’ sound. The snow-white blade contained the intent of the Lingyun Saber Technique without revealing it. It was like a lonely mountain peak piercing through the clouds, pointing at the sky in anger.

Although this saber strike did not create a mysterious phenomenon, its might was incomparable. When compared to what Zhang Lie executed, regarding pure force, it was significantly stronger. However, it was somewhat weaker regarding aura.

“Cutting Mountains and Splitting Stone!”

Contrary to what Xiao Chen expected, Liu Jun did not choose to dodge Xiao Chen’s mighty saber strike. Instead, he chose to meet it head-on.


The sabers clashed; two streaks of resplendent saber light gave off an intense explosion. Where the weapons struck, the air trembled.

The huge force radiated through the saber blades and transmitted into the two of them. They each retreated a step back, moved onto another spear tip, and stabilized their bodies; they both suffered equally.

If they were to examine this carefully, Xiao Chen’s saber strike was actually at a slight disadvantage. The grade of Clouds around the Peak was higher than Cutting Mountains and Splitting Stone, yet, he was only able to achieve a draw.

Liu Jun reveal traces of a proud smile, “You did not expect that, right? I cultivate the Pure Yang True Art; it is a peak Earth Ranked Cultivation Technique. In terms of the quality and density of Essence, there is no one within the same cultivation level who can surpass me.

“I will defeat you openly. Go and die! Three Flowing Cloud Images!”

Liu Jun’s body shook, and three images of him appeared in front of Xiao Chen. Each of these images sent out a saber strike. The saber lights came one after another, like a gushing river rushing at Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly, “You added your own comprehensions into the Three Flowing Cloud Images. Furthermore, you chained them perfectly. You really do have the capital to be arrogant!”

“Spinning Mountain Destroys Clouds!”

The illusion of a mountain appeared before Xiao Chen. He moved in a flash and the mountain merged into his body. Suddenly, his aura changed; he was like a mountain rising high from the ground, piercing the sky.

Xiao Chen performed a side flip, and the Lunar Shadow Saber moved from top to down, sending out an intense wind. This caused the three images Liu Jun created to blow back.

“Pu Ci!”

By the time Xiao Chen completed his side flip, a horrifying gash had appeared on Liu Jun’s chest. Blood spurted out of his wound.

Liu Jun looked at his wound in disbelief. He pointed at Xiao Chen and said, pained, “You…”

“Bang!” Xiao Chen whipped out his leg, and there was the sound of an intense wind; he mercilessly kicked Liu Jun out. “Unfortunately, sometimes having more Essence does not guarantee a win.”

Not far away, Zhang Lie was watching the two of them, dumbfounded. It was like a bomb exploded in his mind, The Lingyun Saber Technique could actually be used this way.

My Lingyun Saber Technique manifests the mysterious phenomenon externally and then supplements my Martial Technique. However, his mysterious phenomenon is withdrawn, stored in his body without unleashing it, focusing on his strength.

One is internal, and the other is external. However, they are simply different means to the same end. There was no difference in which is stronger or weaker. The most important thing is our individual comprehension, Zhang Lie thought to himself; many thoughts flashed through his mind.

However, I have comprehended saber intent. I did not infuse saber intent into the attack I exhibited earlier. When I infuse my saber intent, its might will be stronger than his for sure.

After Xiao Chen dealt with the final Biyun Peak inner disciple, he waved his hand, intending to pull the black flag flying by him over with a suction force.

“Chi! Chi!”

However, before Xiao Chen could obtain the flag, a few strands of saber Qi appeared out of nowhere and sliced the black flag into five pieces, destroying it.

Xiao Chen’s face sank, and he looked at Zhang Lie, who was two hundred meters in front of him. He did not expect his opponent to be so vicious. To think he actually destroyed one of the last five flags.

When Zhang Lie felt Xiao Chen’s gaze, he laughed confidently, “I will deal with you thoroughly in this stage. Let’s see who’s Lingyun Saber Technique is better.”

“Zhang Lie actually destroyed a flag! What is he doing?”

“This fellow is overconfident. There are seven people vying for five flags. There were not enough in the first place, yet he destroyed one.”

Many of the inner disciples in the spectator stands were unable to understand Zhang Lie’s actions. This was because there was no need to push themselves to such drastic straits before the final stage.


Just as everyone’s gaze was attracted to Xiao Chen and Zhang Lie, the previously silent Gao Yang suddenly made his move. An eye-piercing saber light lit on his huge, two-meter-long saber instantly.

“Berserk Dragon Burst!”

He shouted angrily as explosions occurred continuously under his feet. Every time there was an explosion, his speed would increase. After five such explosions, his speed reached an unimaginable level.

Furthermore, the target of his attack was quite surprising. It was actually Wang Mei and Zhao Heng, who were having an intense fight. This was the crucial moment of their fight; they were not able to dodge.

“I will be taking this flag!” Gao Yang laughed. He used his huge saber to sweep across the air, and a massive force knocked Wang Mei and Zhao Heng off without mercy.

The two of them vomited mouthfuls of blood and fell towards the ground. They looked at Gao Yang with extreme dissatisfaction and cursed out, “Gao Yang! You are too shameless!”


Gao Yang snagged the black flag and ignored livid cursing of the two people. He revealed an excited expression as he said, “Everyone, I shall be taking my leave first. You can take your time and have fun!”

Gao Yang leaped across several spear tips, the effects of his Berserk Dragon Burst had not worn off yet. After a few explosions, he was several hundred meters away; he was just a step shy of reaching the ground.

Just at this moment, a figure suddenly appeared in front of him. That person revealed a faint smile as he blocked Gao Yang’s path, watching him silently.

“Mu Heng, what are you doing? There are still three more flags, enough for each one of you. What is the point of blocking me?” Gao Yang asked sullenly as his expression changed.

Mu Heng did not waste time speaking nonsense and went straight to the point, “Put down the flag and scram!”

“In your dreams!”

Gao Yang roared, and an explosion erupted under his feet again. His speed was now so fast his after-image was not even visible anymore; he was very close to the speed of sound.

Mu Heng’s expression did not change. An intense purple light suddenly engulfed his entire body; all his muscles and skin were like translucent jadeite. It felt like they were translucent.

Suddenly, Gao Yang appeared behind Mu Heng. His enormous saber carried an immense force as he hacked violently at Mu Heng, who did not seem to react at all.

Everyone who saw this felt as though their hearts were in their throat. The Martial Techniques of Qianduan Peak were famous for being berserk and forceful. In regards to physical strength, they were the undisputed leader amongst the seven Peaks.

If this saber strike landed, even if one were not chopped in half, he would be severely injured. He would at least be bedridden for half a year. To any cultivator, wasting half a year like this would be unacceptable.


There was a metallic clang. The purple light on Mu Heng’s back trembled. He received this saber strike without suffering any damage.

Gao Yang was stunned; Mu Heng quickly spun around and moved his right hand. He grabbed the huge saber that Gao Yang was attempting to pull back. However, with Gao Yang’s strength, he would be unable to beat Mu Heng’s right hand.

“The extreme speed of the Berserk Dragon Burst is indeed shocking. Unfortunately, you are unable to break through my defenses. Everything is for naught,” Mu Heng said indifferently as he looked at Gao Yang, whose forehead was continuously dripping with sweat.

I fell into his trap. If I had attacked him continuously from the start, he would not be able to catch me given my speed. Before my Berserk Dragon Burst ends, I might be able to break through his defense.

Sometimes, a moment of hesitation would mean the difference between victory and defeat.

“How hateful!” Gao yang shouted lividly. He let go of his saber and retreated quickly, using a few more Berserk Dragon Bursts while he still had the Essence to support it.

“Ka Ca!”

Mu Heng casually broke Gao Yang’s saber. The massive saber broke into countless metal bits as though it were fragile, falling to the ground with a ‘ting ting dang dang’ sound.

When Mu Heng saw Gao Yang fleeing, he smiled faintly. His body vanished from the air and appeared before Gao Yang in the next instant. He said indifferently, “The game ends here.”

His right palm was flashing with purple light as he used it to hack at Gao Yang’s chest in a demonic fashion. This palm looked very ordinary, but in fact, it was backed by a horrifying physical strength; it was no weaker than Xiao Chen’s full powered strike.

“Ka Ca Ka Ca!”

One could hear the sound of Gao Yang’s ribs breaking. Then, he vomited mouthful after mouthful of blood. Gao Yang’s face was tightly scrunched up in pain. He pointed lividly at Mu Heng and accused, “You lied to me!”


Mu Heng kicked Gao Yang’s shoulder; he used the counter force of this kick to push himself back into the spear formation. He held the flag and watched Gao Yang, who landed on the ground. He laughed heartlessly, “That’s right. I was messing around with you.”

Gao Yang was intelligent and played many tricks. However, in the end, not only had he lost his right to continue, but he was also played by someone else. He was so angry, he trembled. He could not accept this and fainted.

“The move Mu Heng used earlier was the Secret Technique of Beichen Peak—Seven Stars Transposition. It instantaneously moves one a short distance.”

“This Gao Yang received his just deserts; he sneak-attacked several people. In the end, he got played like that. It serves him right.”

“You can’t really say that; this round of competition is simply too cruel. Playing a little trick is nothing! His skill is probably not up to par!”

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