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Chapter 225: Mysterious Phenomenon Manifested

“Do it! Finish him first!” Zhang Lie had also expected that Mu Heng would not be easily defeated by a few strands of saber Qi. This was just an appetizer.

The moment Zhang Lie spoke, the ten strong Tianyue Peak disciples pushed off against the sharp spear tip and launched themselves at Beichen Peak’s Mu Heng.

“I will deal with them, you don’t have to do anything,” Mu Heng told the Beichen Peak disciples behind him who were about to help him.

Mu Heng stomped heavily on the spear tip below him. Under the heavy force, the body of the spear started bending and it sprang back up with a ‘xiu’ sound; Mu Heng flew up into the air instantly.

Mu Heng, who launched himself into the air with the aid of the spear, pulled out a spear tip as he was flying up. He smiled faintly at the people leaping over to him from his front and threw the spear tip at them.


The spear tip exploded halfway and turning into countless metal shrapnel. The shards were moving at a high speed, creating shockwaves and turning into sharp weapons of slaughter.

“Clouds around the Peak!” Zhang Lie shouted and executed the first move of the Lingyun Saber Technique—Clouds around the Peak.

Suddenly, clouds and mist appeared on the spear formation. The summit of a mountain rose up and blocked all the shrapnel. Numerous ‘dang dang dang’ sounds rang out.

When the cloud and mist scattered, everyone realized that mountain image was actually the saber in Zhang Lie’s hand. The saber had ferociously struck down all the shrapnel instantly.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Mu Heng, who had already moved about a hundred meters, casually pulled out another spear and chopped it in half with his palm. With a ‘xiu’ sound, he threw the halves out.

The broken spear halves were spinning in the air quickly. As they flew out, they pulled in the air from their surroundings, creating three-meter tornados around themselves.

I can’t carry on like this! Zhang Lie shouted, “Help me block this move, I’ll chase after him!”

“Sou! Sou!”

Four inner disciples leaped out from behind him. They moved in different directions, two on each side. They pulled their sabers out at the same time, each creating a ten-meter high saber light to hack at the tornados.

Zhang Lie did not care about the results of their moves. He did not hesitate at all as he moved through the space between the tornados and charged rapidly at Mu Heng.

When Mu Heng saw Zhang Lie coming after him alone, he revealed a smile. He stomped on the spear tip and there was an explosion. The spear tip immediately turned into countless pieces as he flew backward.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Every step Mu Heng took would result in an explosion of the spear tip below him. They turned into countless shards of metal shrapnel, moving at high speed and creating shockwaves. Like the rain of a torrential storm, they fired at Zhang Lie who was following him.

Zhang Lie took a look and saw a wave of lethal shrapnel obscuring his vision. There were so many they were uncountable. If he wanted to continue the chase, he would have to breakthrough this storm of shrapnel.

In order to do so, he would have to use a significant amount of Essence. He felt like he had fallen for Mu Heng’s trap. Zhang Lie thought to himself, However, it is impossible for him to know that I cultivate a Superior Grade Earth Ranked Cultivation Technique. The amount of Essence I have in reserve is definitely much more than him.

When Zhang Lie thought of this, he revealed a mocking smile as he shouted, “Spinning Mountain Destroys Clouds!”

This was the second move of the Lingyun Saber Technique. A mysterious phenomenon was condensed, a mountain appeared from nowhere. To everyone’s surprise, the mountain actually started spinning.


The mountain spun, and the entire drill grounds started shaking. There were a few unfortunate inner disciples who immediately fell from the spear tips.

When Xiao Chen saw that both the Lingyun Saber Technique moves Zhang Lie executed had mysterious phenomena, Xiao Chen was secretly astonished. He did not expect Zhang Lie’s talent to be so high.

“However, being able to create mysterious phenomena does not mean that his comprehension of Lingyun Saber Technique is deeper than mine,” Xiao Chen said to himself indifferently.

Mysterious phenomena were a kind of supplement for Martial techniques. However, if the mysterious phenomenon was not complete and was recklessly manifested, there would be a huge backlash on their Essence when it was broken.

Back when Xiao Chen was fighting Chu Chaoyun, he had suffered a huge disadvantage. His opponent only used half a move to destroy the mysterious phenomenon of his Moon Bright Like Fire. This resulted in a backlash to his Essence, and he completely lost his combat abilities.

Hence, Xiao Chen had always been very cautious of using mysterious phenomena after that.

There were two ways to destroy mysterious phenomena. The first was to find the weak point of the mysterious phenomenon—like Chu Chaoyun did back then.

The second was to break it forcefully; to use absolute power to shatter the opponent’s mysterious phenomenon—like Xiao Chen did earlier. No one knew which method Mu Heng would choose to use.

The spinning mountain was a few hundred meters tall, with an unknown width. There were turbulent winds as it covered the sky, turning the place dark. The brightly burning sun was completely covered by it.

The rain-like small metal fragments struck the mountain peak with ‘ding ding dang dang’ sounds. They were completely useless, and fell to the ground.

Mu Heng turned around to take a look, his expression not surprised in the least. He stared at the illusion of the spinning mountain peak; it was the only thing he saw, nothing but that.

As the mountain drew nearer, Mu Heng still did not have any change in his expression. It was as though he did not know he could be easily crushed by it when it got near to him.

I still can’t find the weak point. It is too difficult to find the weak point of the mysterious phenomenon, Mu Heng mentally shook his head and sighed.

Although the mysterious phenomenon Zhang Lie exhibited was not perfect, it was not easy to find its weak points.

“Since I cannot find it, then I will smash you to bits!”, Mu Heng shouted, and leaped into the air. A purple glow appeared on his skin, like the glow of jade.

“Break for me!”

A plain palm smashed on the spinning mountain. With a loud bang, the revolving mountain finally came to a stop.

The instant the mountain and his palm came into contact, they generated a surging shockwave. There were ripples in the air, spreading in all directions. It was like surging waves of the ocean.

The shockwave did not differentiate between friend or foe. If it swept across the spear formation, a significant number of people would be knocked off the spear formation. The disciples of every Peak could no longer stand still and simply protect themselves; they all made a move.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Immediately there was a string of explosions on the drill ground. When the people in the spectator stands saw this, they were all astonished. This exam was even more fierce and intense than the one before it.

“Hu Chi!”

Xiao Chen hacked out with his saber and split the surging shockwave into two, easily resolving the danger. He continued to stare at the two people in the air.

The illusion of the mountain in the sky already vanished. Zhang Lie held onto his saber and blocked the seemingly ordinary blow from Mu Heng, who soared through the air at him. It appeared that this ordinary blow, when augmented with his strength, was somewhat stronger than Zhang Lie.

The mysterious phenomenon was not broken, but it could be considered to be blocked. He had forced Zhang Lie to a point where he did not dare to maintain the mysterious phenomenon.

The two of them were not using their full power when fighting each other. After all, they had not reached the climax of the match, and were still testing one another out. Of course, if there was a chance, they would happily knock their opponent down!

Zhang Lie held his saber and retreated backward. He jumped onto several spear tips before he stabilized himself. Coincidentally, he landed somewhere not far from the Qianduan Peak disciples.

When Zhang Lie saw Mu Heng landing firmly, he was rather shocked. When they were testing each other out, he was the one at the disadvantage. Although he had only used 30 percent of his strength, it was hard to say whether his opponent was doing the same.

Mu Heng’s attacks were not fanciful at all; he did not even use Martial Techniques. The few moves he made were straightforward attacks relying on the pure strength of his physical body.

“Do you still wish to continue fighting? I am willing to accompany you at any time,” Mu Heng spoke for the first time, as he looked at Zhang Lie.

Continuing to fight like this was not a wise action, they still had not reached the final arena battles yet. If both of them were injured, it would only benefit others. Zhang Lie considered the implications of this.

“Pu Ci!”

Before Zhang Lie could say anything, Qianduan Peak’s Gao Yang, who was carrying a huge saber, drew the huge saber with his right hand. He left an afterimage in the air and made a move against Zhang Lie.

There was a loud boom in the air, the speed of this person was actually close to the speed of sound. He crossed a distance of a hundred meters in an eyeblink.

The huge and heavy saber hacked out at Zhang Lie. It was completely unexpected, Gao Yang had not revealed any killing intent earlier.

By the time Zhang Lie felt the killing intent and heard the sonic boom, the huge saber was only one centimeter away from the back of his head.

Zhang Lie, who had comprehended saber intent, had a more sensitive perception than regular cultivators. The moment the huge force was about to strike him, he stomped his foot on the spear tip below him violently. The spear sank down with a ‘hua’ sound.

Zhang Lie’s body also sank downward together with the spear. His fluttering hair was cut by the saber. His hair was now flying all over the place, he had narrowly avoided this saber.

When Gao Yang’s move did not succeed, he quickly withdrew his saber and retreated. He returned to where the other Qianduan Peak disciples were. There was a calm expression on his face, no signs of any disturbance at all.

“You dared to sneak attack me!” Zhang Lie turned around and shouted angrily at Gan Yang.

“Junior Brother Zhang, are you alright!?” Wu Bing asked anxiously after he led the other Tianyue Peak disciples over quickly.

Zhang Lie landed on another spear tip and tidied his shortened hair. He was revealing killing intent with his eyes towards Gao Yang as he said indifferently, “I am fine. However, someone will be in trouble soon.”

Gao Yang was not afraid nor panicking. His heroic face revealed a crafty smile as he pointed at Mu Heng and Xiao Chen. He said, “I am not your opponent. It is him, and him!

“If you do not wish to expose all your trump cards before the arena battles, you can fight with me.”

Underneath his heroic background, Gao Yang had acute senses. He was able to see the pros and cons, reading the situation clearly.

Zhang Lie snorted coldly, “Trump card? Are you even worthy of me revealing my trump cards?”


A few strands of saber Qi appeared in the air silently, hacking the air apart and creating shockwaves. They were fired at Gao Yang’s head.

“Dang! Dang!”

The huge saber moved quickly, shielding Gao Yang’s front like a wooden plank. It blocked the offending saber Qi, but he had underestimated their strength.

When the saber Qi struck his blade, the blade vibrated continuously. Gao Yang felt his arm go numb, and he almost dropped his saber. Hence, he quickly gripped the hilt with both hands.

When Zhang Lie saw the situation, he laughed coldly, “With so little strength, you dare to say you will expose my trump cards? You overestimate yourself!”

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