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Chapter 224: Outstanding Hero Fighting Alone

“Senior Brother Yu Qian, this person is not easy to deal with,” a Biyun Peak disciple spoke to the person leading them.

Yu Qian’s expression became grave and he said, “There is no need to worry. The Peak Master has already said; as long as we can make this person fail the core exam, he will give each one of us a thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Stones.”

“With this thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Stones, it will not be an issue even if we fail the core disciple exam. The Spirit Stones will be sufficient for our cultivation. Furthermore, we still have another opportunity next year. There is no need to worry at all. If we have to, we will fail together with him.”

When the other person heard him, he gave Xiao Chen a purposeful glance and said, “That’s true. A thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Stones is sufficient for me to break through to Martial Saint. It would be easy to pass the core disciple exam next year.”

The two of them chatted in front of Xiao Chen, as though he was not present. Xiao Chen maintained a calm expression, grasping his Lunar Shadow Saber tightly. He was not shaken by their words.

“Ye Chen, be careful!” Liu Suifeng suddenly called out.

The two of them were actually provoking Xiao Chen on purpose, aiming to distract him. Seeing this situation as a chance, the person behind him quietly made a move.

He smiled coldly. By letting me get within three meters of you, you are finished! “Fall off! Mount Tai Suppression!”

A huge mountain appeared behind him. One could indistinctly see animals and birds on it.

Not bad! Executing the Mount Tai Suppression with such a mysterious phenomenon as a peak Superior Grade Martial Grand Master. Just purely considering the mysterious phenomenon, he is already equivalent to Song Que back then.

The corner of Xiao Chen’s lips curled up into a faint smile. His heart was incredibly calm as he evaluated this Martial Technique.

His Spiritual Sense extended for about 500 meters around him. All the movements of the four Biyun Peak disciples were within his grasp. There was no opening at all.

The mysterious phenomenon was pretty good. Unfortunately, a strong Martial Technique required great strength as a foundation. Only then can it bring out true might. Otherwise, it would just be superficial.

“Ka! Ca! Ka! Ca!”

The Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art circulated rapidly.Xiao Chen’s bones crackled continuously. He placed the Lunar Shadow Saber into the Universe Ring and clenched his right hand into a fist. He could feel a boundless energy in his body as he turned around and struck.

A huge image of a tiger appeared behind Xiao Chen. The tiger roared loudly and Xiao Chen’s aura was instantly raised to its peak, as though he became the king of beasts.


That mountain was shattered by a single punch. The instant the mysterious phenomenon was broken, the person who sneak-attacked Xiao Chen vomited a mouthful of blood. His complexion turned pale, as though he was drained of blood.

His body swayed like a kite with a broken string as he fell from the sky. Just as he was about to be pierced by a spear, a white figure flew out and caught him. And then, she landed outside the formation.

The Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art together with the Fierce Tiger Leaving the Mountains were sufficient to gather all of Xiao Chen’s physical strength and Essence. Just his physical strength alone gave him 6,000 kilograms of force.

This was not inferior to the abundant Essence of an Inferior Grade Martial Saint, who would have 5,000 kilograms of strength. When comparing these two, Xiao Chen’s fist now contained a total of more than 10,000 kilograms of force.

With such a horrifying strength, the so-called “Mount Tai Suppression” was a joke. An ordinary Inferior Grade Martial Saint would not dare receive this punch.

“No, Junior Brother Yao! I’ll kill you! Cutting Mountain Splitting Earth!

“Cloud Splitting Cross Chop!”

“Flipping Clouds Breaking Seas!”

When they saw their Junior Brother Yao’s sneak attack failed and he was left severely injured after his mysterious phenomenon, the remaining three people lost any trace of reason and frantically rushed at Xiao Chen.

All sorts of killing moves were executed, all mixed together.

Three peak Superior Grade Martial Grand Masters had all executed their killing moves; naturally, their might was not to be underestimated. The originally hot air now became suffocating.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and moved his left hand into the dragon stance and his right hand into the tiger stance. Then, he crisscrossed his arms and then the two beasts merged into him. A flood dragon and a ferocious tiger were now moving around his body.

When Xiao Chen circulated the Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art at the same time, a golden glow immediately surrounded his body; it looked very imposing. A boundless energy started to accumulate within him.

The might of the tiger and dragon continuously flowed in without being released. The Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, roars loudly, never fearing the mountains and rivers!

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Just before the three killing moves landed on Xiao Chen they loudly crashed into a formless barrier, not able to proceed any further.


Xiao Chen shouted and the energy he had been storing erupted like a spewing volcano. The tiger and dragon roared and countless ripples formed in the air, as if on the surface of water.

Facing this continuous torrent of energy, the remaining three people did not have any means to resist and were blown backward.

During this period of time, Xiao Chen had already cultivated the fourth layer of the Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art to Small Perfection so he was now able to exteriorize a portion of its energy.

When he reached Great Perfection, he would be able to output all the energy, making the Dragon Hisses Tiger Roars even more horrifying.

Mu Heng, who had his eyes shut and was standing tall like a pine in winter, suddenly opened his eyes; a strange light shone in their depth. What a strong physical body! The Dragon and the Tiger merging into the body… This physical body Cultivation Technique should be of the same rank as mine.

However, his physical body is not as strong. After my Purple Jade Body Tempering Art circulates at full force, my body becomes like Hundred-Year-Old Frost Iron, allowing me to cut through metal and break jade with my bare hands.

However, this is most likely not his trump card. Such thoughts kept flashing through Mu Heng’s mind; it seemed like there was one more competitor for the first place in this core disciple exam.

When the group of Tianyue Peak disciples saw the scene in front of them, they were astonished in their hearts. They were already barely hanging on, standing on the spear tips. They did not expect Xiao Chen to be able to exhibit such great combat prowess under such circumstances.

Wu Bing, who was beside Zhang Lie, thought for a while and said, “Junior Brother Zhang, should we gather some of the senior brothers together and make the first move? Given the strength he is exhibiting now, he will be the biggest obstacle to you obtaining the first place.”

Just then, ten of the stronger Tianyue Peak inner disciples came over. Like the few people from Biyun Peak, they were able to move about the top of the spear tips freely. Their strength placed them amongst the top.

The person leading them looked at Zhang Lie. “Junior Brother Zhang, if you want to, you can tell us. The Peak Master had instructed us beforehand that if anything unexpected happened during the exam, Junior Brother Zhang may take up the mantle and command us.”

When Zhang Lie heard this, he felt joyful. He did not expect the Peak Master to trust him so much. However, after mumbling for a while, he gave up on this thought. He cupped his fist in respect and said, “Senior Brothers, thank you for the offer. I will definitely live up the the Peak Master’s expectation; I will definitely take the first place in this exam.”

“However, that Ye Chen is not the enemy that we need to deal with first. If he only possesses the strength he is showing now, I can easily deal with him. Our biggest opponent is him!”

Right after Zhang Lie spoke, he turned around and pointed at the low-key Mu Heng of Beichen Peak. When Mu Heng felt Zhang Lie’s gaze, he looked over and smiled calmly, not caring too much about them.

The people beside Zhang Lie were somewhat surprised. Mu Heng was only an Inferior Grade Martial Grand Master. Was there a need to care so much about him?

Zhang Lie did not explain, instead, he said, “The situation might change later. Wait here first. If my guess is wrong, then we will make a move immediately.”

The four Biyun Peak disciples’ attack had been too sudden, causing the disciples of the other peaks to be more cautious. What if someone attacked them from behind as well?

A cultivator from Qianduan Peak, with a huge saber on his back, quietly stood on the spear tips. The huge saber on his back was almost two meters long, 7 centimeters wide and about 1 centimeter thick. Its size was worthy of the term ‘huge saber’; its weight alone being 250 kilograms.

He stood on the spear tip with such a heavy saber, yet he did not move at all, carrying it as though it was as light as a feather. It seemed like there was no pressure on him; this caused people to feel astonished.

When someone beside him saw the people from Tianyue Peak discussing something, he quietly told him, “Senior brother Gao Yang, there seems to be some activity at the Tianyue Peak’s side. Should we do something?”

Gao Yang had a very broad face with thick eyebrows, when looked upon, it gave off a heroic impression. He glanced at the group of people from Tianyue Peak and said indifferently, “We will watch quietly and act as per situation. There is no advantage for us, Qianduan Peak disciples, to fight on top of the spear tips.”

Similar words were being spoken by the disciples of other peaks. Every peak had at least one arrogant disciple. Even though they were not as strong as Zhang Lie and the others, they were outstanding amongst the group.

Everyone was discussing countermeasures to prevent the unexpected, to prevent someone from sneak-attacking them.

Liu Suifeng watched Xiao Chen easily deal with the four Biyun Peak disciples who attacked him. He could not help but feel sorrowful. They were both Superior Grade Martial Grand Masters, yet there was such a great difference in their strength.

“Ye Chen, is everything fine?!” Liu Suifeng asked.

Xiao Chen replied, “Not a problem, I only exhausted some of my Essence. Be more careful, there is still one more person from Biyun Peak who have not made a move yet.”

After Xiao Chen knocked the three people off, he had been using his Spiritual Sense to monitor the remaining disciple of Biyun Peak. He felt that this person had a strong aura, he was stronger than the people earlier; he had hidden himself very well.

Xiao Chen originally wanted to rush over and force him off. However, when he thought about it, there was still a Zhang Lie watching him. There was no need to reveal too much of his strength so he let it go.

Time slowly passed by; in a blink of an eye, half an hour went by. Half the time required to pass the exam had passed. There were still slightly more than 80 disciples left in the spear formation.

If nothing unexpected happened, these 80 people should have no problems surviving for half an hour.

Zhang Lie frowned slightly, he had a nagging feeling that this exam would not be so simple. Now that half an hour had passed and yet there was no activity, some people started to feel suspicious.

Never mind, I can’t be bothered anymore. I shall make the first move. A murderous intent flashed in Zhang Lie’s eyes. His eyes were like lamps as they looked at Beichen Peak’s Mu Heng. A boundless saber intent condensed in the depths of his eyes.


Several strands of saber Qi appeared in the air. They were like sharp sabers, easily slicing through the air and creating shockwaves as they headed for Mu Heng.

Mu Heng had already anticipated Zhang Lie’s sudden move. However, he did not expect Zhang Lie’s saber intent to be strong enough to launch saber Qi from thin air.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Mu Heng used his palm as a saber and hacked at the saber Qi heading towards him. With a metallic ‘keng qiang’ sound, Mu Heng easily shattered the saber Qi.

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